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共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想 Symbols of Freedom

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Washington DC Monuments 华盛顿的纪念建筑

艾未未“Fuck”天安门 Ai Weiwei Fucks Tiananmen


Symbolism after Communism/Some Thoughts

Truth, Justice, Liberty, Dignity

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

中共政权的末日即将来到。 一个重大的、急切的任务是在后共时代建立新的崇尚真理,正义,自由与尊严的文化和政体。 反映这些新的价值的标像符号及语言词汇是绝对必要的与迫切的。 这需要人的正向的清晰的道德标准和人的广博的想象力。 反映负向价值的标像符号及语言词汇一定要尽快消亡。 反映正向价值的标像符号及语言词汇一定要尽快建立。

The beginning of the downfall of the China's communist regime has already arrived. An urgent task of an utmost importance in the post-communist era will face us very soon. We must establish an entirely new form of government based on an entirely new culture that values Truth, Justice, Liberty and Human Dignity. To do so means first to establish a set of new symbols and a set of new vocabulary, possibly based on a new language. It is not easy but it must be done.

To establish this new culture and a new form of government, one must have moral clarity and abundant imaginations. Nonetheless, old symbolism, vocabulary and language that reflect the values of despotism and tyranny must be replaced by a new set of symbols and vocabulary, by a new language that reflects human yearning for freedom and happiness. And this must be done as soon as possible.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 7/20/2011)

We can all sense the coming demise of the Chinese communist regime. And they, the communists themselves, know as well that their reign of tyranny is coming to an end soon. We must now ask ourselves that whether or not we are ready for a new society, a new set of human values, an entirely new kind of culture and an entirely new form of government. We must ask ourselves whether or not our own mind is still controlled by the old symbols, old vocabulary, old language, old habits and old patterns of behavior. If we are not aware of the fact that the poisons in us by our slave masters from the past still effect the way we think and behave, we are doomed to repeat the history.

I now want to establish a survey here to arouse your own imagination, to challenge your own old habits, to question your own mindset and to cleanse your own cultural poisons by generations and dynasties of despotism. By doing so, you may start a new culture yourself here. You may live in a new state of consciousness. You may finally embark on your own journey, away from the vicious Chinese dynastic cycles, toward human dignity, human freedom and human happiness.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯


[b]下面就是新标像符号与语言词汇的普查 (请贴回复):

The following is a survey, as well as my own view, on what you would like to establish in terms of symbolism and language in the post-communist era: (You can post your response)


1. 国号:
The New Nation's Title:

My Own View: United Federation of East Asia (UFEA)


2. 国歌:
The New Nation's National Anthem:

My Own View: It must be newly composed. It must reflect the meaning and values of the new nation -- freedom, human yearning for dignity and happiness.


3. 国旗:
The New National Flag:

My Own View: It must reflect the values of Freedom (color blue must be added). It must reject despotic unity and social hierarchy (no big and small stars). It must reject racism (no color yellow)

象征自由的蓝色一定要有。 反映等级与专制大一统的标志(大小)一定要拒绝。 反映种族主义与狭隘族群心态的标志(黄色)一定要拒绝。

4. 政府建筑:
Governmental Structures:

My Own View: New governmental structures must be built to reflect the principles of "Separation of Powers" and "Checks and Balances" within the government. Absolutely no past palaces and old structures can be used for new government.

新的政府一定不能在旧宫殿与旧政府建筑中执政。 新政府建筑一定要体现新的分权,相互制约与服务于人的基本原则。

5. 天安门广场:
Tiananmen Square in Beijing:

My Own View: Old communist symbols on the square must be entirely eliminated. Tiananmen Gate can only be part of the old museum and can not be used for political purposes. Tiananmen Square must be a giant garden and lawn for people to enjoy life.

天安门广场上的共产时期的标像符号一定要被销毁。 天安门城楼将被立法成为非政治文物,成为只是故宫博物院的一部分。 天安门广场将被改为一个大花园与草坪供人们休闲消遣。

6. 法律与教育语言:
Language to Establish the Constitution and laws. Language for a Foundation of New Educational System:

My Own View: Constitutions and laws must be written first in English and any confusion in the vocabulary must be clarified by English first. English must be the base language in reestablishing the educational system. Chinese language must be secondary and gradually fade away to become only an art form.

以英文为底书写宪法与法律,以英文为底建立新的教育系统。 中文将逐渐从社会中淡化,至终只淡化为一种艺术。

7. 新标像符号取代旧标像符号:
New Symbolism Replacing Old Symbolism:

My Own View: The Chinese Statue of Liberty in 1989 should be the new symbol on Tiananmen Square and nation-wide in general. New symbols reflecting Truth, Justice, Liberty and Human Dignity, such as statues, arts, buildings, etc. must be erected nation-wide.

1989 的天安门自由女神像一定要成为在东亚大陆上人们新价值的标志。 反映真理,正义,自由与人的尊严的雕像,艺术与建筑一定要在东亚大陆各地大量广泛地建立。

8. 各独立联邦体自立称号,自立标像符号:
Each Political Entities Establish Their Own Symbolism:

My View: Each political entity under the constitution within the Federation must be independent to establish their own set of symbols such as anthems, songs, flowers, animal, flags, etc..


9. 禁毛像与共产标像符号:
Ban Mao's Image and Communist Symbols:

The new nation's legislature should legislate to ban public display of Mao's image and symbols of communism such as sickle and hammer/communist regime's flag.

My View: The new nation's citizens will be fined or sentenced to public services for displaying Mao's image and communist symbols.

新国度的个体如在公共场合展示毛像与共产标志应按法律受到罚款、劳役服务 (Community Service) 等处罚。

Reply by Sue Jason 14 hours ago

"The beginning of the downfall of the China's communist regime has already arrived. An urgent task of an utmost importance in the post-communist era will face us very soon."

Kai, what's causing the downfall... economy collapsing, uprising by the people? Both?

Reply by Kai Chen 14 hours ago


No Chinese dynasties can escape the cyclic downfall. Communist Patry-Dynasty is the same. The end is coming soon, due not just to the economic collapse (inflation, unemployment, etc), but mostly from people's including party officials' realization that this immoral/amoral system just cannot go on. People simply feel degraded toward a morass all the time. People simple cannot live in a lie forever. Most Americans fail to appreciate the morality in the American culture (social trust based on a Christian value). So most Americans only focus on the economic issues nowadays. This is a huge mistake which can imply severe consequences.

USSR's downfall was not anticipated by the West, due to the failure to understand the role of morality in a society. China's downfall will be because of the same issue. It has already begun: If you go to Vancouver, you can see the real estate market is pumped up to overpass NY, due to the Chinese "escape money" pouring in. Officials have already sent their families overseas with their corrupt money. They know the end is near.

Best. Kai Chen www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

Reply by charles royer sr. 14 hours ago

As we say here in America "how ya gonna keep em down on the farm after they've seen Paris."

Reply by Douglas G. Pollard Sr. 13 hours ago

I of course being American cannot help with you're questionnaire except in one sense. We had the Kings of Europe to break away from. The Chinese have communism and kings before that. My early American ancestors were subjects of the King of England. They could never be anything else. No matter where they went or settled in the world that would always be the kings Subjects as would their children and Grand children. I would still be a kings pawn. The only way the could end that was a revolution and the force of arms. They would become Sovereign individuals living in sovereign states. The constitution was written to protect that condition. The country was to be a republic and a Democracy only as the second condition of the people in the hope that we individuals would protect the republic from the Democracy that was sure to become corrupted. We are always trying to get other countries to become Democracies and with out there having a Republic based on their own history they generally fail. China must build a Republic for their Great Great Great grand children to protect. It is the dedicated protection of the rights by the Chinese people that can make the Chinese people free for generations. We Americans had our own devils to escape from and china has hers. Only China can decide how and when they will do that. God love them, I hope they are successful. Freedom is a wonderful thing as we here in America are now remembering,


Reply by Luis522 13 hours ago

Great post, Mr Chen!

I'd like to say that this part of your statement stood out: "old habits and old patterns of behavior".

That does seem to be a HUMAN PROBLEM in general, doesn't it?! Getting people to change a century of behavior is a large task -- especially in a nation such as China, where tyranny and oppression has been ingrained so profoundly.

Communism had been conceived in the American society decades ago. At the rate that we've been going, over the past decade-plus, the USA may be feeling its OWN BIRTH PANGS of communism easily within the next two decades.

The only visible difference between the Rs and the Ds is that the Rs want to get us there slowly (They're so kind!), and the Ds are in a MAJOR HURRY to get to their Godless "social paradise"!

More power to you, Mr Chen!
God Bless

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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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National Symbols and Values

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:

从中国的方块象形单音节文字到 “龙凤图腾“ 到 “毛像林立”(毛魔钞票、僵尸祭堂) 到 ”戏剧脸谱“ 到 ”金瓦红墙紫禁宫”到 “狰狞金刚”到 “五星红旗” 到 “血肉长城”、、、, 中国人的精神世界早已被专制奴役的标像符号的灭绝人性的无尽苦海而淹没。 无灵、无智、无目、无骨、无勇、无睾、无德、无创造的“宦奴娼”文化就此有了外在的代表与象征。

From the Chinese character-based syllabic language to the image of "Dragons and Phoenix", from the various masks in the Chinese opera to the omnipresent Mao portraits and statues, from golden tiles and red high walls of the Forbidden City to the Great Wall, from the scary faces of the Chinese gods/saints in the temples to the Confucius statue on Tiananmen Square..., the Chinese spiritual world has long been inundated and stifled by the oceans of despotic symbols that materialize a dehumanizing culture. Soulless, mindless, vision-less, gutless, boneless, soulless, ball-less, creativity-less Chinese "Eunuslawhores" (eunuchs, slaves, whores) who have roamed China since the first emperor/dynasty are the necessary origins of and products from such exterior symbols.


A Nation's Symbols and Values

Why the Despotic/Communist Symbols Must be Destroyed before A New China Can Finally Emerge

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

by Kai Chen 陈凯

Written Monday, May 8, 2006 5:40:48 AM (Reprint 1/21/2011)

【本文是《SYMBOLS AND A NATION’S VALUES》一文的中文版,http://www.youpai.org/read.php?id=646】

有人说过一个国度所建立的标像符号可以代表一个国度的人们的价值体现,品德状态与心理特征。 在一九八九年六四天安门大屠杀二十一年后的今天,在深深的反思反省之后,我不能不说这个说法是非常确切的。


坦克、机枪、火、烟、死伤的人们、眼泪、血、哀嚎、共党罪魁们的无情的无动于衷的木雕式的脸孔、自由女神像、中国歌颂“血肉长城”的国歌、天安门城楼上毛泽东像的无情的、冷漠的,残酷的眼光、、。 二十一年之后,所有的与那一天有关的信息与形象都被中国党朝当局从人们的眼睛中与记忆中清除掉了。 “自由女神像”只在香港与美国幸存延续了下来。 怪诞的与令人难解的是中国的人们似乎也想将那些血腥的景象和那一天从他们的知觉中与灵魂中永远地消除。 中国的人们今天所谈的都是如何挣钱,如何把自己的儿女送到海外就读,如何在中国的官途权途上向上爬,如何不要扰乱由中共党政所维持的死水臭水秩序(如何维护“和谐”与“统一”)。 是的,去记忆起那些惨痛的黑暗的时刻,并用良知与理性做出结论与鉴别却实让人痛苦难受与心神不定。 是的,去承认是我们自己在几十年中赡养了,纵容了与支持了一个罪恶的与压迫我们自身的政治文化与政体制度只能使我们感到自身的渺小、卑贱、内疚、无助于无望。

当一切都过去了之后,只有那些最压迫我们,最凌辱我们的形象永存了下来: 高挂在天安门城楼上的魔鬼般的暴君的毛泽东挂像的注视,贮存毛魔僵尸的压人对专制暴政顶礼膜拜的毛纪念堂,血红的天安门城墙和那城楼上悬挂着的象征专制集权的五星国旗与国徽、、。 现在又加上了一座弘扬古典专制暴政的腐儒孔子塑像。 真可谓砒霜加氢化钠 -- “毒上加毒,不能再毒”。

我经常想到当中国的人们每一天从那个死神般的毛泽东的注视之下,在猩红色的五星国旗下走过,或骑着他们的单车,或在他们的汽车和公共汽车里通过长安街的时候,对那些剧毒的标像符号他们是怎么想的和感觉的。 我经常想到当人们掏出钱包抽出那带着毛像的“人民币”钞票的时候,他们是怎么想和感觉的。 我经常想到人们将如何在毛泽东的伪上帝般的塑像下告诉他们的后代他们在毛泽东的时代经过了些什么,做了些什么,鉴证了些什么。 我经常想到人们在六十多年的共产党统治中会记忆什么,学到什么,延续些什么、、。 他们会告诉他们的后代那些被他们自己的军队,坦克消灭压碎的人体与形象符号吗? 他们会用什么语言去形容那“自由女神像”呢? 他们怎么去解释中国的国旗、国歌代表着意味着什么呢?

见过天安门“自由女神像”的人们都会承认那个槊像是根据美国的自由女神槊像而仿造的。 两像都是女性。 两像都将火炬高举在她们头上。 两像都有美丽与尊严的外表。 但在两像的不同之处上却体现了两个社会与两种人们深刻的截然不同,甚至相反的价值取向。 美国的自由女神有着强烈的不容否认的宗教信仰内涵。 自由女神的头冠和其手中的圣经告诉我们她那不可动摇的对天良,对真理,对正义的精神信仰并确立它们是自由的基石。 她手中的象征着对未来的希望的火炬如果没有这些基石便只能是暗淡无光,毫无意义的。 只有在这火炬与圣经的联合体中,自由的象征才是真实的与有内涵的。

对照美国的自由女神,六四天安门前的中国“自由女神”即没有头冠也没有圣经。 她只用双手擎着火炬。 由于对“自由”这个字眼的避嫌与恐惧,中国的自由女神被“中国人”安上了一个“民主”的头衔:许多西方的价值词汇在中国(中文)都有着负向的内涵。 自由只是其中的一个。 信仰是另外的一个。 个人,资本主义,西方,理性,逻辑,推理等等,在中国都有着不同程度的贬义与被排斥的倾向。 然而,中国的人们完全没有理解在这自由女神手里的火炬,如果没有坚强的对真理,正义,自由与个体神圣的人权的精神信仰,决不会成为给与人们希望的光明。 在毫无精神信仰的、非理性无逻辑的人群中,这把火炬只能成为毁灭未来的手段和专制暴政的借口与遁词。 它决不会指引人们走向进步。 相反,它只会在盲目的愤怒和非理性的病态行为中,将不论新旧正邪的所有存在一起销毁。

对“中国人”对个体与自由的恐惧,鄙视与排斥,我们可以再追述的远一点,追述到中国古专制文化的标像符号 -- 那个无所不在的“龙”:

如果说当我们看到基督教的象征--耶稣被钉在十字架上的形象,我们会深感自身的不完美,我们会深切的悔过自身,深切的反省我们自身的失行失德,并由之认识到天良与进步只有在我们真实的认识自身的作为人的缺陷,但不挠的去追求那些永恒价值的时候才会真正来到人间。 当我们看到中国的象征--“龙”的时候,我们所感到的只是我们作为个体的渺小与无助,和那不容置疑的,无所不在的,无所不能的国家、族群与政治机器的的强权。 我们从那“龙”的形象中所看到的和感到的是一个我们今天都在相信的伪真理:那就是无边无际的国权、政权、皇权、族群权是我们在道德上唯一的,去鉴别是非,好坏,真假与正义与否的准则。 正因如此,我们所见所感所接受的是软弱无力的个体意志与无法定义的群体利益对个人自由的肆无忌惮的践踏。

我们自然而然的会由中国的“龙”联想到那代表中国的,到处皆是的“长城”的形象。 这两个形象都反映了那“族群一统的皇权”在每一个“中国人”头上的巨大淫威。 这两个形象都建立在为了那个“神秘的黄色种族的存在”而必取的人的道德的沦丧、人的无穷无尽的痛苦与受难上的。 这两个形象都体现了那深刻的狭隘,闭塞,排外的群体压个体的心态情结。 这两个形象都依存在那座写着“‘我’什么都不是,‘我们’才是一切”文化碑石上的。 这两个形象对每个个人所产生的情态只有一个: 那就是强烈的恐惧感与恐慌感。 这两个形象企图对每个个人所影响而产生的行为取向只有一个: 那就是个体对群体的绝对屈从、绝对随和与崇拜。

我曾在1978年随中国国家篮球队来美比赛并访问了五个城市,其中之一是美国首都华盛顿。 几年以前我又再度游览了这个城市。 我深思了在华盛顿的那些政府建筑与纪念美国国父们的标像符号。 我不光对它们的魅力与辉煌而惊叹不已,我更欣赏由它们的造型而代表的、无形的深刻意义与内涵。 就是那些深刻的意义内涵使我今天骄傲的宣称: “我是个纯粹的美国人。 我生来就从不是一个“中国人”(党朝奴)。 我生来就已经是一个“美国人”(自由人)。 只是我生错了地方。”

白宅 (the White House) (并不是由“中国人”专制意念曲解而译为的“白宫”)与美国国会大厦是用一种开放的形式而建立的:它们反映了美国宪政政体的合法性来自自由的个体与民主程序。 它们的大门是向民众敞开的。 但美国最高法院建筑却截然不同:它并不自开放形式而建,也不对公众开放。它反映了宪法与法律绝不应受公众数量和公众政治的影响。 宪法与法律应是正义的与客观的,并只对上苍/绝对道德与良知/理性负责的。 由此社会才有道德指南,历史才有“向前演进”的方向(而绝非“原地打转”的“驴拉磨与抽陀螺”)。 华盛顿纪念碑的简单设计使我联想到美国首届总统决立新律而拒绝了那些劝他称王称帝的所有建议。 林肯纪念堂用它那独特的风格向人们大声宣告着美国的价值--“所有人被(上苍)创来平等”。 杰弗逊纪念堂使我联想到美国的宪政精神与它所倡导的人类永恒的价值--“生命,自由,与对幸福的向往与追求”。 面对这些美国价值的象征,不论你来自何方,你都会感到你个体人生的宝贵与存在的意义,你都会感到人的创造精神的伟大,你都会对人类走向未来与进步充满希望。

只瞟一眼美中两国的国旗你便看出两种国度所代表的两种截然相反的价值:美国国旗的红蓝白三色与其五十个同样大小的星代表着联邦精神,代表着平等(在上苍与法律面前),自由,正义与勇气。 中共党朝的国旗则用它的猩红色,用它的四个小黄星围绕着一个大黄星宣扬着它的专制族群价值: 流血杀人,国家强权,民靠政府,种族(大汉)优先,个体服从群体,等级至上,盲目屈从、、。 一个有灵有智的人不能不问: 如果一个政府能将其执政机构建在像(俄国)克林姆林宫或(中国)紫禁宫里的时候,这将给与其民众及其心态什么样的信号与影响呢? 除去使其国度的民众感到这个政府与其前权贵者的沙皇与皇帝毫无区别,还能有什么呢? 这真是一个公正与残酷的公断与结局:斯大林与毛泽东正是这个无情的逻辑的必然引申。


混淆与混乱,非理性,残忍,迷信,朝代循环,无尽的流血,专制,绝望,消极与无奈,遐想与逃避,病态幻觉,无法无天,头脑奴化,群压个与个依群,拆墙脚与毁灭,压抑智慧天才,打击创造 ,盲目追从,欣赏糊涂与无知、、。 我还可以列出许多,这里就不多叙。

且不说中国传统专制的标像符号,就从1949年起自中共党朝掌权之后所建立的标像符号谈起,不能不让人哀叹不止: 毛象林立,红旗招展,魔尸纪念堂,百万人大广场,大阅兵,大会堂,大字报 ,大游行,大跃进,大革命,大标语,人民二字满天飞、、等等。 这些标像符号进一步强化了中国人的病态心理情结,使他们更感到个体的渺小与无奈无助。 对现实、对自我的憎恶与对过去的幻觉憧憬使他们走到了“默默绝望”的深渊。

我一直认为即使在中共倒后,中国的人们仍面临着重大的重建一个健康道德的政治文化与经济结构,重建“个体认同”的良知心态的挑战。 被中国古代与现代的各种专制标像符号所强化的腐朽的病态文化心理情结是不容忽视的,在建立新的自由社会时的重大障碍与阻挠。 事情在变好之前可能会变得更坏。 这绝不意味我支持中共党朝的继续延喘:中共党朝必先倒,中国才有可能有转机的希望与“向前演进“的机会。 中共党朝不倒,不光没有转机的可能,中国人们的事态、心态、德态必然每况愈下。

“倒共”只能是一场“革命”: 销毁去除毛像、毛尸、国旗、国徽、国歌等专制极权的标像符号不可能不是一场深刻的“文化心态的革命”。 “共后”的新政府决不能放置在“紫禁宫”。 天安门广场也决不能再成为“群压个”的炫耀武力与流血的政治广场。 恶性“朝代循环”(驴拉磨、抽陀螺)决不能在中国再重演。 “三权分立”的联邦宪政一定要用全新的标像符号与建筑群来完整地体现。 新的“自由文化”主导的社会一定要建立新的标像符号(歌曲、口号、旗帜、色彩、服装、标志、塑像、建筑、等等)。

当一个“中国人”站在天安门前毛像下的时候,不管他怎样否认,在他的良心深处他都会承认他眼前的那个形象就是人类与中国历史上最大的、反人类的、杀害了迫害了无数无辜的罪犯。 在毛泽东与中共党朝的罪恶统治下,人的灵魂与心态受到了极大的摧残与扭曲。 今天“中国人”已堕落到不识好坏,不辨真假,不知是非,毫无正义感,胆小如鼠的、灵智至残的怪物。 当人们在毛的邪恶僵尸前尊敬地、小心翼翼地走过时,你能说他们的灵魂与理性是健全的吗? 当五星血旗飘扬在你头上的时候,你在想什么? 当你面对那个张牙舞爪的中国“龙”的形象的时候,你又感到了什么? 是爱吗? 是进步吗? 是宽容吗? 是幸福吗? 是创造吗? 是自省自悟吗? 你作为一个“中国人”在看到、想到我所提及的这些标像符号的时候,感觉如何呢?

事实往往与我们想象的逻辑结果所不同: 大部分“中国人”在看着国旗,听着“血肉长城”的国歌的时候感到热血沸腾,骄傲无比。 但一个有良知,有思维,有逻辑理性,有正义感与尊严的个人本应对此感到巨大的耻辱,巨大的反悔,巨大的悲哀,巨大的愤怒,并由此而产生巨大的动力去摈弃旧文化、旧心态以开拓新的道路。 不言而喻,在此“婊子牌坊”的两极心态与“人鬼情结”导致着“中国人”的精神分裂症与双重人格: 他们可以在白天向美国大使馆扔石头表愤怒,但在晚上去美国大使馆排队签证,奋勇争先。 这是一种什么样的人? 这是一种什么样的心态? 他是一个存在还是一个虚无? 世人可见。

醒醒吧,人们! 意识到我们灵魂中的堕落与腐败吧! 只有首先意识到这种堕落与腐败我们才有可能重新建立人的天良与尊严,回到“造人造物的上苍”面前。 只有在中共党朝消亡之后(历史已清楚证实没有一个专制政权可以自己改革、改良。)我们才能最终将那天安门城楼上的屠夫罪犯的魔像,和那具在天安门广场上的被人血浸泡的罪恶的魔尸,才能将那专制血旗与“血肉”国歌,以及由它们所代表的专制暴政在我们灵魂中的污染与压迫统统送进历史的垃圾箱里去。 那时,当我们消除了那些象征腐朽压迫、专制极权的标像符号以后,我们才能开始清洗素毒我们的心态,才能开始谈论未来,才能决然抛弃恶性专制朝代的循环,在道德指南之下向前、向未知、向希望迈进。

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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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"May-not“ vs. "Will-never" (in Chinese & English)

Stop Spinning, Start Progressing!

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯博客: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:


If the Chinese refuse to abandon their "circular stagnant thinking" and as a result the vicious cycle they have mired themselves in for the last two thousand years, and if they refuse to whole-heartedly adopt the "linear progressive thinking" the West has been engaged themselves in since Christ, China will have no hope.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 11/4/2007, Reprint 7/30/2011)

(我在此用一系列的“不一定”与“一定不”来说明什么是“虚无的恶性循环”与“价值方向的线性进步”。 望读者们清晰自身的思维与道德方向,并深思自身每一刻所作出的举动与决定。)

(I will list many "May-nots" and "Will-nevers" here to illustrate my point above, so you will have a better grasp about what is "circular stagnant thinking based on nihilism" and what is "linear progressive thinking based on absolute moral values". )



Being good is more than being nice/kind. Being good means standing up for freedom and justice everywhere.


Tolerance of difference doesn't mean one does not tolerate evil. Tolerance of evil does mean one will never tolerate difference.


An individual with freedom may not always find his happiness; but an individual without freedom will never have a chance to find his happiness.


A drug addict may not be devoid of pleasure from time to time; but a drug addict will never experience true joy and happiness.


Election may not necessarily lead to democracy with individual freedom; but without election there will never be democracy with individual freedom.

资本主义不一定导致自由社会。 自由社会一定导致资本主义。

Capitalism may not lead to freedom; but freedom will always lead to capitalism.


Those who believe may not have conscience and morals; those who don't believe will never have conscience and morals.


With logic one may not reach a correct conclusion; without logic one will never reach a correct conclusion.


Freedom of speech and press may not lead to honesty and trust; but without freedom of speech and press, honesty and trust will never apprear and be honored in a society.


With individual freedom, a society may not necessarily have law and order; without individual freedom, a society will never become a society of "rule of law" with order.


With strong will, courage and ability, one may not always succeed in life; without strong will, courage and ability, one will never succeed in life.


With an objective view of history, one may not always have a vision for the future; without an objective view of history, one will never have a vision for the future.


Honesty may not always lead to freedom and happiness; dishonesty will never lead to freedom and happiness.


A person merely breathing may not be a person of true existence; a person of true existence will never be a person who is merely breathing.


Those who hate the Chinese communists may not be all good people; those who support the Chinese communists will never be good people.


Those who support America may not be all good people; those who hate America will never be good people.


There may not necessarily be a free society after the Chinese communists perish; there will never be a free society if the Chinese communists are still in charge.


I only list a few "may-nots" and "will-nevers" for you to think about. You may also find your own "may-nots" and "will-nevers". But always remember the Christ teaching:

这里我只列出一些“不一定”与“一定不”。 你尽可以用你的良知线性思维去发现你的“不一定”与“一定不”。 但请牢记基督的教诲:

"Only truth shall set you free." -- Jesus Christ

只有追求真实才能使你自由 -- 耶稣基督

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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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Thoughts From "Righting the Name"

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯 Kai Chen
(Written 8/31/2010, Reprint 8/7/2011)

今年 (2010)六月四日我参与了在中共(党奴)国洛杉矶领事馆前的纪念抗议活动。 一些著名的六四参与者们也出席了这个活动。 在抗议的人群中人们举着“平反六四”的标语牌。 扩音器里持续地播放着“血染的风采”(一个中共宣传电影中的主题曲)。

我猛然感到极不协调,有一种要呕吐的感觉。 作为一个六四的见证人,我在1989 的天安门广场上有过同样的感觉: 当我听到学生民众们唱着“国际歌”与“国歌 – 义勇军进行曲”的时候,那种极不协调的令人恶心发笑的感受使我头皮发麻,马上想从人群中的麻木、虚幻、奴性的肮脏中逃出去。 然而我没有逃出去。 我懂得人们不可能再长期的奴役中马上找的自己的语言与表达。 人们需要时间、需要意愿、勇气与理性智慧去理解正在发生的一切。

然而二十一年过后,我看到的是同样的语言,听到的是同样的音乐歌曲。 我的心中脑中仍旧充满着同样的恶心与不认同。 难道人们在这二十一年中没有一点自省进步吗? 难道人们的灵魂与理性 – 上苍赋予每一个人的内在所有都被某种邪恶的文化惯性所彻底地阉割了吗? 难道人们仍旧拒绝承担每一个个体在中共邪恶政体持续作恶杀人中的道德责任吗? 难道我们真是行尸走肉般的“宦奴娼”吗? 难道每一个毒瘾成性的“鸦片白面”徒们只是想用铲除“贩毒制毒者”来医治所谓群体与自己的吸毒症吗? 难道这种理性与自省力的完全缺失不会导致“寻找救星与新的更强力毒品”的另一个悲剧性的邪恶专制吗?

我决定我不能沉默。 我要讲几句。 我不能成为这种令人作呕的麻木文化中的一员: 我拿起了麦克风用英语阐述了我的如上看法。 可是在我还没有完全讲完的时候,那些打着“平反六四”口号的人们就不耐烦地宣叫着打断了我的发言。 奴隶们用“反皇帝而保卫皇权”誓死捍卫着奴役自身的奴役制。 这一次我在“血染的风采”的崇尚专制奴役的乐曲中快步离开了现场。 我彻底地懂得了“中国”不光是“不可救”的,不光是“不能救”的,也是“不应该救”的。

当人们拒绝用对上苍(良知)的尊崇去拯救每一个个体自身的灵魂的时候,“国家”、“民族”、“百姓”、“人民”等等虚无的概念口号不过是每一个族群奴隶逃避个体自由与个体道德责任的盔甲与借口罢了。 在中王朝奴役文化中,每一个奴隶早就习惯了被“环境”、“族群”、“祖宗”、“文化”、“政府”、“强权者”定义。 在一个没有信仰与对上苍的(相信人是被上苍所创、人的不可被剥夺的权利是被上苍所赐)的尊崇的奴役文化中,人们(每一个个体)当然要从群体、民族、强权与奴役或被奴役中寻找生命的意义。 “平反六四”自然地成为了中奴朝的人们在群体与强权中寻找自身意义的引申。 这并不奇怪。 奇怪的与令人作呕的是二十一年过后的今天,人们仍拒绝去寻找奴役制的基点原因。 人们仍旧对真实逃避与恐惧而不是追求。

追求真实不光需要意愿与智慧。 追求真实更需要勇气与付出代价的精神: 基督的最伟大的铭言是“只有(追求)真实才能使你自由”。 中文语言系的人们: 你真的想追求自由吗? 如果你真想追求自由与随之而来的得到真实幸福的可能,你就要首先驱除自身的恐惧感。 真实会将你来到你从未涉足的未知的海洋中去。 人类的希望绝不是在你的专制祖先制造的千疮百孔的、即将倾覆的破帆船上。 鼓起你的勇气,摈弃那个奴役的破帆船,跳到未知的希望的海洋中畅游探索。 你会碰到危险因为追求意味着探险。 你会呛水、疲劳与烦恼,因为你的理性肌肉与良知道德的自省已经在奴役的破帆船上萎缩的太久了。 但生命、自由与对真实幸福的追求在召唤着你。 那个最强大的、人的不懈的冲动是上苍植在每一个被造个体的心中的。 没有这个对真实的追求,你会永远陷在无奈绝望的泥潭中,渴望着新的救世主们为你制造新的精神鸦片与白面。 你只会在幻觉迷梦中寻找“为国捐躯”的伪高潮。 你的内在、灵魂、良知、智慧与理性只会默默地继续萎缩与死亡。


加速中共党奴朝的死亡,而绝非“救国救奴救主救族”,是每一个追求真实的、崇尚自由的人的、理性与良知的唯一希望之路。 “平反六四”—“让杀你父母强奸你妻女的刽子手去为你恢复名誉地位”不光暴露了你的理性的混乱、迷茫与精神错乱,也暴露了你道德与良知的腐败与完全的缺失。 也许中文语言系的人们更应该问的是: 你是否愿意鼓起勇气清晰你自身的理性、拯救你自身的灵魂?!

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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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US China Policies - A Discussion with a Friend

Please note that some of this material is Copyright (c) 2010 by Howard Hyde, All Rights Reserved. -- Kai Chen


Indeed, China and US are not in a open cold-war as USSR and US. Yet the need of the US officials, from Bush to Clinton, to cower China's favor for political purposes with the way they conveyed this sick/pathetic need from an illegitimate communist regime is beyond moral comprehension, beyond what a free country like US - the leader of the free world is supposed to have behaved.

I bet FDR never denounced Japan (in a moral sense) openly before Pearl Harbor. US only quietly sanctioned Japan over the issues such as Manchuria occupation. Such behavior from US will always be seen as weakness in the eyes of tyranny. Morally denouncing despotisms/tyrannies in the world is an unshakable responsibility, even duty, for the US to manifest the purpose of this great country. Yet, such manifestation is entirely missing in recent decades. Economic interest in the US somehow overwhelms her moral responsibility. How many times have you heard Presidential candidates openly espouse the value of Freedom and human dignity in the last couple of elections, since Ronald Reagan?

This is what my message to America:

America's wealth has never come from her pursuit of wealth. America's wealth only comes when she focuses on Freedom for individuals in the world. Bill Gates becomes wealthy not because he single-mindedly pursuits money, but because he pursues his own interest and passion (Freedom). More than anything today in America, Freedom needs to be espoused and the values America stands for needs to be loudly spread around the world. The US Presidents' first and foremost responsibility is not some economic schemes to put more money in people's pockets. Their first and foremost responsibility is to be moral giants in the world to advance human freedom. Material wealth is only the result of such a manifestation of great moral purpose, never the goal of any US government under any president. (ie, Limited government is never an economic scheme to expand US economy. Limited government is a moral responsibility of a free country.)

Since Ronald Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama have all failed miserably in their disregard of their foremost moral responsibility as leaders of the free world. This is exactly why we are facing such unprecedented crisis - a moral crisis to the core, today.

I hope I have made myself abundantly clear on my points. Best wishes to you and your family. Kai Chen

(Hope you don't mind my forwarding this message to everyone, for this point must be understood in today's America.)


In a message dated 9/5/2010 10:56:49 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,

Howard writes:


I believe you are mostly correct. In formulating, garnering electoral support for and executing policy, leaders must not only be correct; they must be effective.

If a US President of any party (Republican, Democrat or Bull Moose) came out today and denounced China as the ‘Evil Empire’ the way Ronald Reagan did the Soviet Union in the 80’s, he would be jeered off the stage by members of his own party. Democrats tried to do that to Reagan and failed, but even Republicans are not currently ready to go with such a hard-line condemnation today.

What might be effective, while being adequately offensive to the chinese regime, would be such actions as declaring (and backing up with action) our unwavering support for our friends in such places as Tibet and Taiwan, and to give full diplomatic relations to the same.
Remember Theodore Roovelt’s (leader of the Bull Moose Party) dictum: ‘walk softly and carry a big stick’. The ‘walk softly part’ is barrier-free and open trade to the extent that that is possible. The ‘big stick’ part is the will and ability to confront China on any geo-political expansionist ambitions, and to hold the line on our own interests and principles.

I do not believe that the ‘walk softly’ weakens us or compromises our position at all. To the extent China is co-dependent with us in the peaceful ways of commerce, the less likely a major conflict is to explode. It’s not a guarantee, but a significant influence in a positive direction.

While China is one threat from outside, the greater immediate threat to America today comes from politicians like Obama, Reid and Pelosi who are hell-bent on converting us into an emasculated bunch of nanny-state wards, while spending every printed dollar in sight. We won’t have the wealth, strength or will to stand up to evil in any context if we destroy ourselves from within. That can’t be blamed directly on China.

Below are some facts and stats I’m am drafting for inclusion in my chapter on free trade and globalization, as it pertains specifically to China. Please let me know which points you disagree with.

20% of humanity lives in China, and trade with China constitutes 15% of all US foreign trade. The USA spends about 2% of its GDP on goods imported from China; $260 billion in consumer goods and $60 billion in industrial goods. Two-thirds of that are products designed in the US, manufactured in Japan, Gernany, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and/or the US, and finally assembled, at the end of the chain, in China. Think Apple iPod.

The percentage of the world’s population living in ‘absolute’ poverty ($1.25/day or less) has decreased from over 50% in 1981 to 25% in 2005. Before the modern capitalist era started 260 years ago, that percentage was 90% or more. In China, 600 million people have climbed out of absolute poverty in the last 30 years.

American companies employ 10 million workers outside of the United States. Fewer than 5% are in China; an equal number are in Germany, a country with 1/17th the population of China.
Meanwhile, manufacturing output – productivity – increased by about 60%. We’re making more stuff, producing more value, with fewer people, just as we did in agriculture in past generations.

America (or put another way, 250 thousand American companies aggregated) is the world’s #1 exporter. We make stuff. The Top 10 by value are high-end products like semiconductors, civilian aircraft, vehicle parts and accessories, passenger cars, industrial machines, pharmaceutical preparations, telecommunications equipment, organic chemicals, electric apparatus and computer accessories. That’s about $380 billion’s worth there; even more stuff accounts for twice again as much. Not too shabby for a country that ‘doesn’t make anything anymore’.

When imports go up, so do exports. When imports go down, so do exports. Anti-trade / pro-protective tariff theory predicts the opposite.

Price discrimination, like charging different prices for tickets to occupy the same movie theatre seats to adults, seniors, children and students, is a perfectly economically rational and legal practice. Yet when a foreign company sells in the US market below average cost, we call it ‘dumping’, call the international police and slap fines on the ‘criminals’. Someone please tell BMW I would like a 2011 740iL ‘dumped’ in front of my garage with the key in the ignition and a blue bow on top. In return I promise: 1) I’ll send a check for $100 to satsify the ‘below average cost’ requirement (including shipping, handling and gift-wrapping), and 2) I won’t sue or lobby my congressman for a redress of grievance.

The US Congress approved permanent normal trade relations with China in 2000. Trade has grown 23% anually since then, twice as fast as before, and four times faster than trade with other countries.

The US, with 5% of the world’s population, produces 21% of the world’s output, 2.5 times as much as China, a country 4 times as populous.

Trade with China increased 5-fold in 11 years, from $60 billion in 1996 to $300 billion in 2007. China is definitely America’s fastest-growing trading partner, by a factor of more than two and a half; it is the fourth largest customer (they BUY stuff from us) behind the EU, Canada and Mexico (a.k.a. the NAFTA villains).

China tends to provide lower-tech, labor-intensive services; that is its comparative advantage to the high-tech, capital-intensive mode of the US and other more advanced countries.
90+ percent of products imported from China are consumer electronics: personal computers, CD/DVD/media players, cell phones etc.

Reducing our trade with China by slapping protective or ‘national security/sovreignty’ tariffs on imports from China will not make us richer, safer, more secure or less likely to enter into conflict with China or any other rival.

There have been cases of defective or dangerous products being imported, in particular from China, like lead in toys. But this is not a trade problem, and it is not unique to China or any other country. There have been samonella, E. coli bacteria and other contaminants found in American products in recent years. Health and safety regulators have to be vigilant regardless of where products come from.

American de-industrialization does not threaten our national security, because it does not exist.

China’s central bank is the single largest foreign owner of US Treasury Bonds; $600 billion in 2008. That’s about 15% of the US debt, and six one-hundredths of one percent of the value of all US assets. The dependency created by this investment position is a two-way street; the more invested China is in the US economy, the less incentive it has to cause it harm. Still unacceptable? OK, then let’s buy the bonds back (a forced transaction which by definition makes us poorer) so that they can’t dump the bonds on the market, forcing us to buy them back. Let’s pre-empt the situation by doing with certainty to ourselves what we fear (with low real probability) them doing to us. Then explain how that makes us more prosperous and secure.

Best regards,


P.S. Happy Labor Day!


On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 10:18 AM,

Kai Chen wrote:


Moral clarity with moral courage to confront evil is a must. If we want to deal effectively with China, we must be clear about the illegitimacy and the criminal nature of the Chinese communist regime. Reagan once put USSR in its place by defining the nature of the regime - Evil Empire.

China is the current Evil Empire. But I find very few Americans have the courage and clarity to define such a regime. The US is selling China the rope to hang herself. Only by knowing this fact and reality, effective policies can be designed to counter the increasing menacing China threat. Someone must come out to define China as the "Sworn Enemy of Freedom". The cold war has never ended as some US intellectuals believe. The war from Islam and from the Chinese has always been going on. Only the US does not want to recognize it, with fear that such recognition will be a self-fulfilled prophecy. But the reality will not change, regardless what US is doing or not doing.

I can give you some suggestions about economic policies toward China. But they will be futile without such a definition of the regime's nature. That is why I am doing everything in my power to wake up American public to the nature of the Chinese regime - a criminal party-state aimed to enslave humanity.

Free market capitalism is not working if your trading partner is never free to begin with. You end up with a perverted market that only benefits the powerful party elite in China. And their first task is to use the newly gained economic power to diminish US influence in the world, in order to maintain their own power. Defining China as what it is, by facts and by reality, is crucial. Everything is only secondary. I can design a million strategies to deal with China, but with out political will to confront reality I am only wasting my breath.

Thanks for your questions though. It is always appreciated. Best. Kai Chen


In a message dated 8/20/2010 8:20:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, howard.a.1c writes:

Thanks Kai,

This is all very good information. If I could trouble you for a few more bullets, please give me 5-10 each specific economic/trade policy points as well as geo-political/military/foreign policy points you would give if you were advising Congress, the president and/or the citizens of the US. Or put another way, what are your practical recommendations for the State, Commerce and Defense departments as to how we should deal with China?

By the way have you seen this movie?



On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 8:25 AM,

Kai Chen wrote:

Thanks Howard for the question.

China has not changed whatsoever in term of its oppressive and despotic nature. Chinese lives are better today not because the regime is really for human beings. Human lives are better today because of technological progress such as internet and the instinct of the regime to protect and preserve its own power and privileges.

The Chinese way of preserving despotism is a little different from others. It aims to castrate human beings of their will, courage and ability to think and act on their own, using not just guns but narcotics and hallucinogens, much like voodoo witches. It is partly due to its cultural remnants which are not based on logic and rationality but on rituals from an imperial order. Confucianism is based on such an order and an illogical Chinese character-based syllabic language. Communism survives longer in China, because of such a language and such an illogical and irrational culture. China basically has no history, for the history is written by the power elite and for the power elite. The culture of China is such that people tend not to learn anything at all from their own history. Endless, vicious dynastic cycles are the only result.

Today's China is only another dynasty under the title of communism. Tomorrow's China may yet be the same under a different name. Without individual freedom and a strong Christian faith, China may never pull itself out of the vertex of dynastic despotism. To use a temporary material gain to measure progress in China is a huge mistake. Things can come and go, but eternal ideals represented by America for the world and humanity will remain. I do have the belief that world history is directional, not cyclic - from the collective to the individual, from irrational to the rational, from voodoo tricks to true faith, from slavery to freedom....

About distribution: China is not a capitalistic economy, not as many here in America believe. China is a bureaucratic mercantilism. Material betterment in society is not for human beings, but for the government's power gain/grab. Wealth distribution through a capitalistic system is the only just system, for it is through God's invisible hands. Any other way through human agencies to distribute wealth is unjust and will never sustain itself, as in the case Obama administration perpetrates on American people. Playing God is the worst way for one to destroy human freedom.

The points I sent you earlier are just some from the top of my head. Some may be redundant. If you will we can meet sometimes to discuss all the issues, American and the world. Best to you and your family. Give a big hug for me to Nonie. America needs people like her and Wafa now, in light that they want to build a mosque at ground zero. All despotisms are the same: Islamists want to use "religious freedom" to gain a foothold to destroy such a freedom in the world/America. Chinese communists want to use "cultural diversity" to implement "Confucius Institutes/classrooms" in the world/America to legitimize despotism/tyranny. They all have a political agenda - to gain power by guns, violence, deceptions, perversions and castration of humanity.

Best. Kai Chen

In a message dated 8/18/2010 10:21:40 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, howard.a.1c writes:

Thank you so much Kai,

I will consider all of these points carefully.

Can you comment specifically on Most Favored Nation trading status and what it means for China and for the US? Do you think that China is really no better, no more humane today than it was 20 or 30 years ago? Is the distribution of wealth as unjust now as it was then?



On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 4:31 PM,

Kai Chen wrote:


I just sent you a good article, "Living without Freedom in China". Now I will answer your question to the best of my ability. I may not list 20 threats. But I will list most serious ones.

Threats from China:

1. Ideological threat to Western concept of freedom/democracy with a free market capitalism:

Because most people in the world don't have a faintest notion about living under a Confucian despotism coupled with a communist bureaucratic infrastructure, China now corrupts most of the countries in the world with its own version of development - a total control of the population's mindset with information distortion, brainwash, nationalism and a fast growing economy under a despotic mercantilism. Dehumanization of the population into zombies who depend on devouring each other is a necessary result.

2. The threat of internal instability due to accumulation of moral debt from the Chinese government to its own people:

No one has ever answered to 80 million Chinese being murdered and Tiananmen Square Massacre. History is fake in China and the communist regime depends on lies at every corner of changing tide to hold power. With no moral fibers that is necessary in any society to hold people together, guns and coercion become the only means to retain and stabilize power by the communist regime. No one can depend on adrenaline rush to live a life. Sooner or later it will wear out and the fissure and unrest will come. In China such an unrest will be unprecedented in the world history and the entire world should brace for its arrival.

3. Military threat: China spends un-proportionate among on it military spending:

Its aim is not so much to dominate the world, but to stabilize its own population. People and the government have always been enemies since the ancient time, for no Chinese governments have ever had any legitimacy. Resorting to nationalism against US and the West has always been used by the communist regime in times of uncertainty and instability. Korean, Taiwan, India and South Chine Sea are all potential flash spots.

4. Poisonous products, defected products due to counterfeiting, contagious diseases due to pollution of water and land pose another serious threat to the world:

Fast growth to stabilize the population that is simmering with discontent and anger is a top priority for the Chinese authority. As a result, extreme environmental damage is deepening with each day passed. Humans are not humans in China but tools for the government. Such a wicked culture will spread with the Chinese products around the world.

5. As China accumulates more and more foreign currency, it will use the leverage to seek more influence in the world, with the poor countries seeing China as an alternative model of development to the West:

China has already effectively defeated Human Rights argument, using UN's many poor countries votes. Many poor countries with their own despotic government will use China as a pacifier to their own restless population. Freedom for individuals is thus serious threatened. Human dignity is inevitably put on hold.

6. Infiltration of the Chinese despotism into the West and US poses another serious threat:

Confucius institutes and classrooms popped up everywhere in the world. China boasts 1,000 such establishments in the world by 2020. Dangling money to the West public schools what lack funds proves to be irresistible to many. These establishments have effectively become the breeding ground for the Chinese government to identify corruptible foreign officials and potential China supporters in the infiltrated governments. Spying is only a natural outgrowth of such a development.

7. Economic, military, political espionage has already inundated most of the world by China:

Piracy and counterfeiting have already become China's cultural traits. Most Chinese overseas live in isolated social environment and Chinese government knows how to use such an isolation to control these overseas Chinese, ie. Most Chinese student associations in the US college campuses are funded and controlled by the Chinese Consulate General. After they graduate, they are easy prey for the Chinese government for recruitment to spy.

8. China is the biggest source of moral corruption in the world:

After the Chinese government determine certain foreign businessmen or government officials as beneficial to the communist regime, it will find a way to invite them to China. Dinging and wining and women will be offered and red carpet will be rolled out. Most Western government officials have never seen such ego-booster. They will come home emulating what the Chinese government is doing and yearn for the same power over its own people. Most leftists in the West and US secretly struggle to attain the same kind despotic power over the people, having been lavished over by the Chinese.

9. Energy grab and natural resources control pose another serious threat to the world by the Chinese government:

China has no moral constrain (not like the US) in doing business with the most brutal regimes in the world. Therefore China has a leg up to beat the US and the West in its energy grab and natural resources control. Darfur is only one such example.

10. Assimilation with moral corruption (using human weaknesses) has always been the Chinese' most potent weapon:

Quite a few dynasties in China were from foreign land. But they all end up assimilated and corrupted by the Chinese culture. I wonder now with a lot of money in the Chinese regime's hands, that assimilation and corruption will be brought to the entire world.

OK Howard. I think 10 threats are already quite handful for the world to deal with. Without a strong Christian faith (weakened by the leftists in recent years in the West and America), I can see the Chinese may well succeed in Zombifying the entire planet. Not a pleasant scenario. Best. Kai Chen (I didn't proof-read my message, forgive me.)


In a message dated 8/15/2010 9:54:28 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,

Howard writes:


I am drafting my chapter on international trade, and I need some insight re: China. I've received a lot of emails from you and we have spoken on a few occasions about this. But I wonder if you could summarize the top 10 to 20 challenges or threats that you believe China poses to the West in general and the US in particular. What are the implications of 'most favored nation' trading status for China?

Here are a few economic statistics I dug up (maybe you can add to this list):

20% of humanity lives in China, and trade with China constitutes 15% of all US foreign trade.

· The USA spends about 2% of its GDP on goods imported from China; $260 billion in consumer goods and $60 billion in industrial goods. Two-thirds of that are products designed in the US, manufactured in Japan, Gernany, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and/or the US, and finally assembled in China. Think Apple iPod.

· American companies employ 10 million workers outside of the United States. Fewer than 5% are in China; an equal number are in Germany, a country 17 times smaller.



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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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“求同存异”vs. “求真助异灭邪恶”
“Pursuing Unity” vs. “Pursuing Truth”

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

By 陈凯 Kai Chen (Written 9/15/2010, Reprint 9/2/2011)


“只有(追求)真实才能使你自由”(“Only Truth Shall Set You Free.”)。 基督的铭言奠定了人类道德的指南,导致了世界从人吃人的恶性漩涡中解放了出来,走上了漫长曲折的但由于道德方向与绝对价值的指引而不断进步的2010年。 可是在中文系文化的人群中,人们仍旧停滞在“求同存异”、“不患寡患不均”的专制文化心态中。 专制的“求同”而贬“求真”、“求均”而贬“价值”、“求统”而贬“道德方向”的群体心态不光导致了人的奴化、儒化、鬼化、虚无化,也是今日中共党奴朝维系其政权伪合法性的基点与万金油。

我在一些反共的媒体上常常看到、听到这些由于中文本身的专制特质与中文系人们被习惯的专制词汇奴役而产生的病态语言,如“大家”、“百姓”、“民族”、“弱势群体”、“公平”、“大同”等等。 “求同存异”与“不患寡患不均”等腐儒共产口号也常常被人们无意识地或下意识地挂在口头。 对绝大多数的中文系人们来说: 存在的就是合理的,传统的就是应被继承的,真实与正义并不是被上苍(神)与其本身鉴定的而是被多数人、被传统与祖宗造出的习惯文化、被强权与枪杆子决定的。

用专制的语言词汇与专制的概念去将自己从奴役中解脱出来犹如“揪发助飞”一样,是一个自欺欺人的蠢行。 我在“最佳社会的四大要素”(个体价值、基督精神、联邦宪政、英文语言)(Four Essentials - Individualism, Christianity, Constitutional Federalism/Republic and English Language) 一文中所阐述的“起飞”的自由人与自由社会所必备的基本条件绝不是凭空而造的。 没有自身产生能量的“发动机”(个体)、没有燃烧所必需的“氧气”、“光”与“方向仪”(基督精神)、没有翅膀机翼(联邦宪政)、没有燃料(英文语言),那些奢望着自由幸福而不愿付出代价的、善走捷径而误入歧途的人们只能在做着“画饼充饥”的美梦中,在寻求由吸食古代与现代专制者们精心炮制的“精神白面与鸦片”所产生的幻觉高潮中,在被虐与虐人的奴性的“斯德哥尔摩症”的朝代循环中无望与绝望地苟存下去。 在“自杀他杀”的“绝望崖”下,中文系的人们像“活死人”一样世世代代地遵循着孔儒的反“道德万有引力”的“只要你一跳起来就可以飞”的蠢人、懒人、伪人的伪逻辑: 那“绝望崖”下堆满了中文系人们的尸骨。 然而,人们不断地告诫着自己(那些拿着鞭子敦促他们跳崖的主子们也不断地呼吁着他们)“我们没有飞起来并不是因为我们的祖宗们没有发现“道德的万有引力”并因此发明了飞机;我们没有飞起来只是因为我们跳崖的姿势还不完美;只有我们心诚并尊崇祖宗的教诲,总有一天我们会飞起来”。 那崖下的尸骨由此越堆越高、、。

无怪乎中共政权的每次危机都可以在中文系人群中的“求同求均求统求祖”中找到共鸣与维系其统治的民族主义、种族主义的排外狂热而缓解。 “保钓鱼岛运动”、反美反日(尽管美日是自由社会)、返古复祖弘扬中华、孔子学院课堂、反台独藏独、爱国教会、等等都是中共党奴朝极为有效的、鞭笞人们跳下“绝望崖”的、抱住专制集权的良方妙药。

“求同”伪价值是与“求真”的真价值背道而驰的。 “求均”的伪价值是与“求创造”的真价值背道而驰的。 “求统”的伪价值是与“求自由”的真价值背道而驰的。 “求脸面”的伪价值是与“求尊严”的真价值背道而驰的。 “求爱国爱民族”的伪价值是与“求正义”的真价值背道而驰的。 用反价值与伪价值去反对共产专制有如用HIV去治疗艾滋病,有如用白面鸦片去治疗脑残,有如用砒霜去治疗血毒症。

走入“个体价值,基督精神,联邦宪政与英文语言”的四大要素去“求真、求自由、求正义、求尊严、求创造、求真实道德与价值”绝不是可以用“走捷径”的“揪发助飞”来实现完成的。 通向自由与幸福的路是真实的、曲折的、漫长的和要付出重大代价的。 但通向自由与幸福的路的方向只有一个、也是你可以在一秒钟就可以决定的。 你要是真的想飞起来,那你一定要遵循上苍(神)的“道德万有引力”,用你艰辛的努力去创造与运用飞起来的必要条件:飞行器、指南针、发动机、光与氧、导向盘与纯的燃料。 “作奴作主”还是“作自由人”, “在绝望的陀螺中永远旋转下去”还是“勇敢地在未知的海洋中向希望进发”,选择是你的,责任是你的,代价也必须是你自己要付的。

请记住: 这世界上没有任何其它的存在能比真实的自由与幸福使你感到振奋、感到价值与成就、感到爱与永恒。

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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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“Saving Face” vs. “Saving Soul”

From Collective Mindset of “Saving Face” to Individual Values of “Saving Soul”

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/5/2011, Reprint 9/2/2011)

许多“反共人士们”常常用“丢中国人的脸”去诅咒中共党奴朝的丑态恶行。 孰不知正是因为中共为了“保‘中国人’的脸”才要腐蚀消灭所有人的良知/灵魂与理性/逻辑。 要脸灭灵的“中国人”本应该感谢中共党奴朝的“繁荣、强大、昌盛”的当代盛世才对。 中国历史上没有一个盛世王朝能与当今的中共党奴朝所堆积的“强权盛世”相比。 按“中国人”的族群为本的、“要脸”的、价值虚无文化传统心态,那些“反共人士们”本来应该“拥共赞共”才对。 良知与理性告知我们:在我们的价值体系中着实有着一个重大的腐败与误曲。

腐败邪恶的族群观念产生着腐败邪恶的语言词汇。 腐败邪恶的语言词汇又进一步腐蚀、混淆、扭曲着人们的心态,把“中国人”推入到“无限恶性朝代循环”的价值虚无的悬崖火坑。 “丢脸”、“丢人”、“丢面子”早就加入了“人民”、“大家”、“民族”、“国人”等具有专制剧毒的语言词汇,成了消灭、腐蚀人的良知,阉割人的理性逻辑的特效工具。 由此说中文语言本身就是邪恶专制的媒介与同伙是绝不为过的。

在有一次我与一位同仁发生原则冲突的时候,让我恶心反胃的是我周围的华语系人们竟把一个道德原则的冲突说成是“一山容不下二虎”。 所有的冲突在华语系人们的面前都成了“胜王败寇”的“权力斗争”(Power struggle)。 “吵架”、“打架”、“惹祸”、“出麻烦”等等众多的词汇成了追求“和谐”、“繁荣”、“昌盛”、“大同”、“统一”的“宦奴娼”们的非正义、无价值、苟同求生的托辞与常用语。 “一个屋檐下的肉体庸和”、“一个饭桌上的无灵嘻笑”与“一个专制王朝中的因恐惧与混乱的鸦雀无声”成了“中国人”习以为常与共同诉求的伪价值。

那些在美国教育制度与文化(基督精神与个体价值)的熏陶中成长起来的华语系人们都会感到鲜明的价值与反价值、道德与伪道德、存在与虚无的中美两种文化与价值体系的对差。 在美国的学校中、社会中,任何一个人们中的冲突与矛盾都会被用绝对的价值/道德指南所鉴定与判别。 任何一个发生都有价值方向的绝断。 任何一个冲突都有对错、真假、好坏、是非的良知与理性的评判。 我在美国抚养我的女儿们的经历与经验就使我进一步认知到“正义”绝不是“各打五十大板”的虚无/反价值的“中庸”。 对错、真假、是非、好坏也绝不是按亲疏、性别、年龄、辈份、内外、等级、家庭背景、职业,官职、学历、履历、经验与多数少数等而分辨。 一个“不可分割的国度“是基于每个”不可分割的个体“而立。 一个伟大的国度也首先/只能是一个道德的国度 – “在上苍之下的、保证人的自由与正义原则”的国度 (One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all),而决不能是在人造的“伦理/伦礼”的虚无、反价值的文化心态中苟存的国度。 迷恋“要脸丢脸”的人们也绝不会追求“保灵追理”。 腐儒的族群文化也绝不会产生追求“真实、正义、自由与尊严”的基于个体价值/个体认同的道德社会。

那些大多数的褒扬刘晓波的人们不过是褒扬刘晓波的“脸”与“皮”而已。 他们的“要脸”心态导致他们回避/摈弃刘晓波的精神实质 – 灵与理,而只认同刘晓波的“国籍”、祖宗、母语、肤色、种族的外在。 那些大多数反、贬刘晓波的人们也只是担心刘晓波的获诺奖抢了他们的噱头、官途、权力与代表“中国人”的“脸”与“族群”的“共后的地位”罢了。 “脸”、“面”、“族”、“群”是“中国人”价值虚无心态的实质。 “灵”、“良知”、“理性”、“逻辑”只不过是“中国人”用来“保脸保面”的工具而已。 由此“中学为体”,“西学为用”的传统(中庸中央)腐儒专制口号也就不难理解了。 “脸为质”,“灵为虚”,“理为患”,“自由为灾”也就被中国的“宦奴娼”们沿袭为“中国特色的朝奴主义”而永世发扬光大。 屎虼螂滚屎球的“中国人”的文化传统也就被“不以为耻、反以为荣”的“文化奴、祖宗奴、环境奴”们继承与传播到他们的下一代。

将“丢脸”、“丢人”等专制剧毒的,价值虚无与反价值的语言词汇抛弃,建立“丢灵”、“丢理”、“丢良知”的新的价值词汇是刻不容缓的,改造“非/反价值文化”的第一步。 我在此只希望人们对自己所用的“中国成语”与“惯用表达”进行深刻的反思反省并“从我、从现在做起”去用上苍所赋予的良知理性建立新的、道德的、个体的自由文化。 如果我可以做到,我相信每一个“中国人”也都可以用自己的信念、努力与勇气使自己回归到上苍的面前 --- 作一个有良知,有勇气的自由人。

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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Where did Mao come from without China's first emperor!? Where did the Chinese communist regime come from without the Chinese ancient despotic culture!?

没有秦始皇何有毛泽东!? 没有中国专制文化何有中国共产暴政!?

All despotisms in the world are essentially the same, be it called Confucianism or Nazism or Communism headed by an emperor or a Chairman. All of them aim to destroy an individual's self identity and force individuals to adopt a collective identity based on racial, hierarchical, economic and religious groups, etc. The result is the same as well -- never ending cycles of man-eating-men-eating-man... --- Kai Chen

世界上所有的专制性质上并无区别,及时它们的名字会不同: 有的叫儒家皇权,有的叫国家社会主义,有的叫共产主义,有的叫皇帝,有的叫元首,有的叫主席等等。 它们的目的只有一个: 那就是去消灭所有个体的自我认同而强迫每个个体去建立种族认同,等级认同,阶级认同,宗教认同等等的群体认同。 这种强制群体认同的结果也都是一样的 -- 永无止息的人吃人的恶性循环。 --- 陈凯


From Chinese Despotism to Chinese Communism

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 11/13/2006, Reprint 9/25/2011)

The most common misconception and misperception among the Chinese majority is that the communists in China are against Chinese cultural tradition. And they often use Mao and his Cultural Revolution as an example, citing the fact that Mao and his cohorts had destroyed much of the Chinese cultural relics.

However, a new dynasty destroying the relics of the previous dynasty has never been uncommon in China. When a new dynasty was established, even people's last names would become an issue, a liability or an honor. Mao merely modeled his new dynasty after the previous Chinese dynasties, except that he added some new elements from Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany. Mao had collected all the most despicable human garbage, the most despotic practices, present as well as past, in China and the world to build his own new dynasty. Mao was never an iconoclast. He was only another peasant rebel, another Monkey King with illusions and a big stick to destroy everything as he pleased, just like what is in the "Western Journey". He was the most traditional Chinese despot to the last drop. Only his monopoly of power was more complete than any of his predecessors. Only his poison was more potent than all the poisons accumulated altogether through the centuries of Chinese despotic rules. (Mao himself admitted that he killed more Chinese intellectuals and others than the first Chinese emperor.) From "Politburo" to "City Residential Registration" to "Control of the Military" to "Manufacturing lies to confuse and manipulate others" to "Using terrorists to eradicate opponents" to "Mob politics" to "Bandit mentality", Mao had exhibited a wide range of knowledge he learned about how to maintain his despotic power. His favorite books were not "Das Capital" of Marx as the confused Chinese claimed, but the traditional Chinese classics such as "Three Kingdoms", "Bandits in the Mountains" and "Dreams of Red Chambers" and of course the "Western Journey", and other Chinese classics he had confiscated during the raids of Red Guards on people's homes.

So where does this "communists destroying Chinese culture" come from? -- From a typical Chinese confusion and unwillingness to face the truth.

The Chinese reality has always been from one source -- authorities with power. The Chinese themselves are not only force-fed with fake reality by their own government and eunuch intellectuals bred by the despots such as Confucius, they are seeking it. Truth and reality scare the hell out of the Chinese, for truth and reality are putting individuals at the forefront to bear their own personal responsibility. But the Chinese would rather blame others for everything: They blame the foreigners for their own backwardness. They blame Mao for their own suffering and misery. They blame times and fate for their misfortune. They blame the overpopulation. They blame China's lack of resources. They blame the communists. They blame the Chinese cultural tradition.... They blame everything under the heaven, but themselves. They refuse to believe they have to be the ones to change things and bear the consequences of the changes. They are just waiting, waiting for fate to rearrange themselves, waiting for a savior to save them.

Somehow the Chinese have never believed that they are free individuals from the day they were born. They have never believed that they can determine their own fate by taking control of their own destiny. They have never believed that they are ultimately responsible themselves for their own lives and China's future. They have never attempted to empower themselves as individuals. They are too busy in classifying and describing people and circumstance. They have never had the tools to analyze, understand and formulate, and they refuse to look for and adopt new tools from overseas, simply for the fear of being called "betraying their own ancestors", or "abandoning their own cultural tradition".

So they blame the communists alone, now. And they are still unwilling to see the truth: It is they who had supported the communists in the first place and banished Western capitalism altogether in the first place. It is they who are still lack of self-identity for each Chinese individual and have to look to their ancestors for their own place in history. It is they who still fear and loath freedom. It is they who still worship power by despots.

The impotent Chinese individuals who are controlled by their own fear of truth have led to today's China, have led to all the dynasties, have led to a faithless, confusion-worshipping culture that dooms all of their offspring, generation after generation. Unless each and every Chinese realizes this single truth -- We are free individuals to master our own fate, to create our own future, to change our own culture, to decide who we are and what we want to be, we will forever be mired into helplessness and hopelessness, into a never ending nightmare and illusion.

So when you are fighting against something, you must come up with what you are for. When you want to destroy something, you must first formulate a blue-print to state what you are building. When you blame someone or something, or complain about your own environment and circumstances, you have to realize that you as an individual can do something about it. The moment you shirk your own responsibility to improve your own life and future is the moment you have effectively castrated yourself to have become a Chinese eunuch whose only goal in life is to deny others' happiness.

What are you doing now? Are you just like all the pathetic Chinese crying babies - infantile "a hundred names", waiting for some saviors to save you from the bitter sea? Or are you a dignified, decent and responsible free being actively going out there to make a positive difference in your own life, as well as in this marvelous world of ours? The choice is yours.

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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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人 vs. 人民
Human Being vs. People

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

"人, 人民"与“Human Being, People”
- Contrast Chinese Character in Its Implications on Humanity with English Meanings of Being Human -

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/23/2006, Reprint 9/29/2011)

In China, the mail is addressed in following fashion:

People’s Republic of China 国(党朝)名
Name of the Province 省名
Name of the City 城市名
Name of the Work Unit 单位名
Street Address 街道名
Name of the Recipient 个体名

In America, a charp contrast:

Name of the Recipient 个体名
Street Address 街道名
Name of the City 城市名
Name of the State 州名
United State of America 国名

The above illustration of two different and contrasting ways to address an envelope is a simple, but very telling/powerful example of how individuals are viewed in China and in America. In China on the left, the individual name is pressed at the bottom of the information columns, while in America, the individual name is always on top of the others, be it a company, a city, a nation.

Some say this is only a cultural habit. Who cares as long as the recipient receives the mail? But one has to admit this simple illustration reflects the deep seated philosophical contrast of two opposing values. Individuals at the bottom vs. individuals on top, individuals oppressed, enslaved and burdened by all kinds of collective, invisible, somehow seemed sacred entities vs. individuals as primary, undeniable, indivisible, absolute unit of free existence above all what his mind has created. This simple arrangement of priority is not a trivial difference that most leftists tend to assert and dismiss as such. It is the deepest contrast between two entirely opposing forces in interpreting how an individual lived, has lived and should live in his or her social, cultural and political environment. And the implications of the Chinese arrangement of priorities often carry profound, deadly and devastating consequences. Human mind is chained and shackled to a daily, moment to moment, unbearable state of enclosure which separates the individual from the true state of living and the true state of mind of his existence from himself, isolating himself from his own nature. Not only he is never viewed as a free being, he is conditioned to submit himself and accept that all mentioned entities from his own mind are above him, are more valuable than him, and are the masters of him. He as a human being is only the subject of these entities; he has no rights, no claims to his own property and creation, nothing to call his own. He is a virtual nothingness.

This thinking pattern and mode of perception of reality is further reinforced, solidified and legitimized by the very tools he uses to comprehend and interpret his surroundings – his own written and speaking language. The alienation is thus extreme.

Take the Chinese character “Ren” 人 as an example. It is written and composed by one front slash and one back slash (人). It was originated from the pictorial description by our ancestor – two legs as a human figure. There is no head, there are no arms. There are only two legs. The simplicity of this character cannot simply be viewed as a matter of utility. It carries far-reaching implications affecting culture, philosophy, societal and political institutions. We often sense and complain, even protest against the cultural tendency that the Chinese lives are cheap. And in China humans are not treated as humans. They are too often trampled only as animals that can speak. They are only numbers that can be added or eliminated in a governmental scheme. Mao openly and proudly claimed that he was willing to sacrifice 400 million Chinese lives to fight against Russians and Americans. And somehow, no one in China ever questioned the legitimacy of his claim on any moral basis. Somehow people in China passively accept that the culture, the power of guns, the prestige of his personality though a cult, gave him his legitimacy to do such a thing. If deaths fell upon them through Mao-a living God backed by guns and violence, then so be it. Everyone has to die someday, somehow, anyway.

The connotation of the Chinese character “Ren” (人) directly and indirectly conveys that a human is only a physical existence, only flesh and blood. It has only two legs with no mind and no meaning of its own. It is only an image, only a shell, only a fleeting illusion without any substance and significance. Most ancient Chinese literature clearly reflects this nihilistic tendency. Only governments, the emperor, the officials with titles, the invisible collective entities have mandate from heaven to be endowed with meaning, and often carried with it, absolute, arbitrary and unquestioned power. This phenomenon is much symbolized by the Chinese character “Guo” – Nation (for much of the Chinese history meaning the domain of the Emperor). The character is composed with an enclosed rectangle and in it there is the character meaning “Jade” (simplified). Only “Guo”-the nation gives individual his meaning of existence. All the Loyal officials and brave generals who died in ancient times died for “Guo” and in defending “Guo”. Most literatures of the past are ones singing in praise of them.

Even today, very seldom one sees a Chinese person without an official title, or cultural titles. It is impolite to call someone just by his or her name. A title must be added because with the title, an artificial meaning is instilled into this individual life. Otherwise, he or she is a none-existence.

Contrast to Chinese, English has many words that related to the concept of human. I will list them and interpret them by meaning below.

- Human (s) – A term related to Humanoid, as a differentiation from other life forms.

- Person (s) – A term that differentiates one from the collective, the masses.

- Individual (s) – A term that implicitly and explicitly conveys the meaning that such an entity is indivisible and inseparable – a finite form that has its own beginning and end.

- Human Being (s) – A term that carries the connotation of a state of existence. “Being” itself means a state of awareness to one’s own life.

- Man (Men) 人 – A term that has deep philosophical and even religious meaning. (Ayn Rand used this term extensively in her works) It implies a sacredness of a living being.

Imagine all these meanings are simplified, belittled, demeaned, denigrated, degraded and condensed into a character (人) with two legs and no head and no arms. How do you expect the Chinese take human lives, take human conditions, take human beings as sacred entities with meaning endowed upon them by only God and themselves. All the bloodshed, the atrocities, the violence and sadistic treatment of individuals are no surprise if you truly comprehend how the Chinese view humanity. It is ironic, laughable, and even hilarious to think that today the Chinese have the gall to debate and discuss something like “Government by Laws” or “Government by Men”. In a society that has no “Man”, how can you have government by “Men”? Today’s reality is that the Chinese government is not governed by “Men” at all. It is governed by Power, by meaningless Titles, by omnipresent Officialdom, by omnipotent walking dead. There is no “Man” in the first place to even begin to talk about “Democracy”.

“Democracy” 民主 – in Chinese “MinZhu” has a twisted meaning from the original concept of “Self-Government” (beside other positive definitions). It means “People Rules”, or “People Dictate”, or “People are the Masters”. A simple glance of this distortion makes one shudder at the thoughts if people carry this superficial interpretation to its logical conclusion that would happen. No wonder no one questioned the Communists when they initiated the term “Democratic Dictatorship” and used it extensively to legitimize their cruel and sadistic practices toward the Chinese people during their rule.

“People” 人民 – “Renmin” in Chinese, is the extension of “No Man” rule. “People” in English is used only as a secondary expression and description. It means a (plural) congregation of individuals. In China, it is used as a primary expression and description. Thanks for the features of Chinese character, “People” has become the indivisible, inseparable, and paramount concept to dictate individuals. People’s Money, People’s Bank, People’s Hall, People’s Republic, People’s Park…, everything belongs to this monolithic and God-like entity called People. Individuals are only the subjects of “it”. “People” is used not as a plural as in English, in China “People” is always used as singular, much like what Nazis described their “State”, as something alive and needing a constant feeding of human individual corpses.

“Guo” (国,国家) - the Nation, and “Renmin” 人民 - the People have become the constant, absolute, sacred, omnipotent and omnipresent expression of the Chinese values. Somehow the Chinese have managed to have completed the intricate and painstaking work to invent these terms to enslave themselves, to enslave their own mind. People are now judging their own worth and daily conduct according to these two terms. Their happiness, their meaning of life, their physical existence is now all dependent on these absolutes. “Serve the People”! 为人民服务!Mao’s famous call for all the Chinese to be absolute obedient tools for the use of this entity is only the logical manifestation of this absolute value. It has long become the sacred altar for the individuals to sacrifice themselves. It is still dominating the Chinese vocabulary today.

Not so curiously and not so surprisingly, with these two dominant terms over the Chinese heads and lives, “Quan” 官 - Power, has become the preoccupation in all the Chinese endeavors and has long dominated Chinese lives. Everyone realizes that without “Quan” 官 they will have no status in the hierarchy defined exclusively by “Renmin” and “Guo”. All of ancient Chinese literature is about struggles for power. Thanks again for the indefinable, imprecise and confusing nature of Chinese language; “Quan” merges the two opposing components, two distinctively conflicting elements “Power 权力and Rights 权利” into a single character. With such a confusion, (which is deliberately done that way,) of course the Emperor’s power is endowed and given by Heaven and therefore legitimized forever by not a philosophical validity, but by a deliberate confusion of mind and by the Chinese language.

With all the ill effect and negative connotations intrinsic in the Chinese language, Chinese lives are reduced to nihilistic emptiness. People’s lives have no substance. Activities have no essence. Physical existence has no meaning. Concern of saving face dominates people’s mind. Image oriented, descriptive and none-judgmental arts and literature have inundated the entire intellectual and artistic landscape. Human portraits never have emotions and inner feelings (contrast to Western oil paintings and portraits of human beings). Conformity becomes normal and valued. Creativity suppressed. Joy is sin. Hollow shells of human bodies are the preeminent presence in society. The movie “To Live” describes the Chinese life with the unforgettable ending of four members of the family sitting by the table sipping small bowls of porridge. Somehow the movie legitimizes such existence as “living”. Yet, I would never call such a condition “living” if one understands the meaning of the English word. “To Survive” would have been much more appropriate in interpreting the Chinese words “Huozhe” 活着.

No wonder the famous Chinese ancient literature “Dream of Red Chamber” ends with the famous, undeniable nihilistic, saying by a priest named “Nothingness”:

“All human struggles and endeavors, all the heroes and romances, all the stories ever existed are for nothing but the joke and pastime story-telling of common folks after they eat and drink.”

I often ponder on the phenomenon when debating a Chinese person (on any issues) that they somehow possess a magic trick to escape their own Identity, much like the famous “Monkey King” who can change his physical forms hundreds times a second, so no one ever knows who he really is. (I call it, with a scientific term, accurately nonetheless, a Bipolar Disorder, or Schizophrenia) One moment he is a human being trying to survive. A second later he becomes a loyal, fierce fighter defending the Chinese “Guo” and “Renmin”, willing to sacrifice himself for the collective, willing to be the New Terracotta Warriors to be buried with the Communists. Then and only then I can sense their eyes start to spark, a genuine emotion shown, as they finally have found the meaning of their lives.


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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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Four Essentials for Best Society

Supreme worth of the individual
Constitutional Federalism/Republic
English Language

陈凯一语 Kai Chen's Words:


纵观世界,美国是人类历史上最自由,最进步,最繁荣,最道德,最具有活力与创造力的人的社会。 个体主义与个体价值,基督精神与终极道德感,联邦宪政与小政府大社会,英文作为法律教育科学的最佳用语是美国社会的四大要素。 世界上其它社会有的只有这四大要素的某些部分,如欧洲的大部分社会,亚洲的一些社会。 中国社会则根本没有任何的这些要素。 世界上人和社会的进步程度也都取决于它们在多大程度上与意愿上试图取得这四大要素。

If you study all the societies in the world, you will find that America is the freest, the most progressive, the most prosperous, the most ethical, the most lively and the most creative and productive country on earth. Individualism with God-given rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, Christianity with awareness of existence of moral absolutes, constitutional federalism founded on the principle of limited government, and English language as the communication tool used in law, education and sciences are the four essentials for all the achievements in American society. In comparison or contrast with other parts of the world, some such as those in Europe and some in Asia only have parts of the four elements. Others like China have none. Not surprisingly, the degree of freedom, prosperity, creativity and productivity, and the speed of progress of all the societies in the world vary according to whether or not any particular country has and is willing to acquire these four essentials.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 7/21/2011)

* Individualism with God-given rights for each to pursue life, liberty and happiness

* Christianity with awareness of existence of moral absolutes

* Constitutional federalism founded on the principle of limited government

* English language as the communication tool used in law, education and sciences

I list these four essentials of a progressive society for all of you to ponder and examine. Those societies who measure up to these four fundamental elements are those who are doing well and progressing toward a better tomorrow. Those who do not measure up or those who reject these four essentials are those societies mired in stagnation and perpetual turmoil. They are going nowhere and they are going down the drain.

Let us examine these four essentials for a society's positive direction toward progress:

1. Individualism with God-given rights for each to pursue life, liberty and happiness:

On this 50th anniversary of publication of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", we will remind ourselves that Ayn Rand, like almost everyone in America, was an immigrant from Russia. She, much like Copernicus and Galileo in the realm of physical science, pointed out that in the realm of morality and human society it is the individual, NOT the society or any collective, that is the fountainhead of creativity and productivity. It is the individual, NOT the collective, that is the sun where the energy is produced and emitted. A society thus must be revolving around the individual, not the other way around. Hence, without this correct awareness of the objective reality, any society will never progress for it will suppress the very source of the energy and creativity.
2. Christianity with awareness of existence of moral absolutes

To interpret Ayn Rand's works mistakenly by injecting moral-relativism is a common mistake among the liberals and the American left. Absolute power, not truth, thus becomes the focal point of contention with the liberals and the left in large, much like the socialists and communists anywhere else in the world. America is never a nation with NO God like a communist country. America is never a nation OF God like a theocracy. America is a nation UNDER God, not men. Christianity thus establishes the moral foundation of America. The origin of life, the origin of consciousness, the origin of morality thus are explained via a life\freedom -affirming, happiness\joy oriented belief. Freedom will triumph over tyranny; truth will triumph over falsehood; life will triumph over death; good will triumph over evil; progress will triumph over stagnation; joy and happiness will triumph over misery and suffering.... By focusing on today's human behavior under a moral compass, a better tomorrow becomes a goal and possibility. Hope is thus instilled and inculcated into the human psyche.

3. Constitutional federalism founded on the principle of limited government

Separation of power, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, inner checks and balances and the principle of limited government all mark the American style constitutional federalism. Presidential election, not a parliamentary system with a prime minister, ensures a constant element of change and innovation in governmental reform and policy initiatives. Thus American society is endowed with a rare vitality and risk-taking innovations. Constant but limited human experiment by the government to ensure a freer society is thus implemented via a written constitution. Stagnation and rigidity hence are diminished. Small government and big society with powerful individuals are ensured.

4. English language as the communication tool used in law, education and sciences

Compared with other languages, English language lacks the rigidity and complexity which often constitute barriers in educating a society's population. It often has Latin roots, Greek roots, German roots, French roots.... It has no human restrictions put on it in its constant evolution and development, not like some other European languages such as French. English language is simple to use, free to create, and easy to understand. The best legal, literal and scientific minds of human history had mostly been written in English. And English-speaking countries lead the world in all the aspects of human endeavors. English language as a tool to conceptualize and interpret natural and human phenomena has greatly contributed to the history of human progress. Failure to recognize the contribution of the English language is to deny the simple fact and the truth all together.

The four essentials I list here are essentials for any human society to progress toward hope and a better tomorrow. I hope all of you think deeper into this issue and post your own opinions here on my forum.

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RE: 共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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by fountainheadkc • 1.397 Posts

Universal/Eternal Human Values vs. “Chinese Characteristics”

Establishing a “Free Culture” is more important than “Overthrowing Communist Regime”

“自由人” 对抗“中国人”序列
“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 11/22/2011 www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

许多“海外反共人士们”常常哀叹、诧异中共的“迟迟不倒”。 他们也常撰写文章分析其中的原因。 殊不知他们自身的“用中国的传统专制倒共”的逻辑使他们自己成为了“中共不倒”的主要原因。 他们自身的逻辑与道德的虚无与混乱正是问题的症结,而绝非解决问题的“对症下药”。

当人们高喊“民主”、“人权”的时候,他们从不意识到中共在反国民党取得政权之前喊得是同样的口号。 被长期欺骗的中国的人们自然地会做出一个无奈的但逻辑的结论 – “有什么用?”(言外之意:谁也不是什么好东西。) 迷恋于“追求完美的专制”而从不相信有普世终极的“人的价值”导致了中国的人们对一个“不可能完美但永远向前的‘自由社会’”无动于衷。 甚至有人常常撰文抨击美国的自由宪政文化,指责其“太自由了”。 “太自由社会就会大乱”,“有了枪那还得了”,“我们中国就是要有中国的特色”,“中国人就是要有人管”、、,如此论调比比皆是。

中共当局也乘机、乘乱、乘糊涂而入,不断用什么“新文化”洗脑运动告诉人们: 世界上没有什么“好与坏”、“真与假”、“对与错”、“进步与落后”,“正义与邪恶”,更没有什么普世终极的“人的价值”。 既然世界上一切都是“黑”的,都是以“强弱”、“内外”、“你我”、“上下”的利益而定的,那一个人的选择就是在“你的黑”与“我的黑”之间,在中国的“邪恶”与西方/美国的“邪恶”之间,在我们的“枪杆子/强权”与他们的“枪杆子/强权”之间。 当然了,在“龙的传人”的道德虚无的心态中,选择中国的与祖宗的“黑”与“邪恶”是理所当然的了。

我常说: 在西方/美国不是没有邪恶,但西方的基督文化告诉人们邪恶绝不是良德。 在一个自由社会中,人们认知自身的“原弊/不完美”也懂得“人是绝成不了神”的。 由此人们从不期待“有原弊的人”会建立一个“完美”的社会与制度。 人们只基于普世终极的价值去着力建立与维护人的“生命、自由、尊严”与“对个体幸福追求的权利”。 基于对普世终极的价值的存在的信仰,西方/美国的人们不断地用“基督精神”的指南走入未知、创造求新、走向未来与希望。 这是一个“方向性的(向前行的)文化心态”。

在中国,人们的文化心态则是与西方/美国相反。 在几千年的“驴拉磨”、“抽陀螺”的“专制朝代文化”的心态中,人们用“道德虚无/道德相对”的心态建立与维护了一个“好就是坏”、“真就是假”、“黑就是白”的“强权/杀人决定一切”的“人鬼文化”。 “繁荣富强”、“为国为民族”、“和谐小康”等“用群压个”“用权压值”“用多压少”“用枪/强欺弱”成了“中国人”的“普世终极”的“具有中国特色”的反价值的病态迷恋。 在中国,邪恶被认为是良德,精明的欺骗被认为是智慧, “偷抢骗”被认为是“赚钱”,“愤青报国”被认为是勇敢,抄袭、剽窃、模仿被认为是创造,“送红包、拍马屁、受贿行贿”被认为是有“中国特色”的“关系学”,“强奸、诱奸、卖淫”被认为是“爱情”的同义语,没有尊严的“混日子”被认为是“生活”。

对照一下这两种文化心态,你还能说希望与绝望、存在与虚无是一回事儿吗? 你还能说在尿盆里扑腾的“黄色文化”与在自然界的大海中畅游的“蓝色文化”是一回事儿吗? 你也可能会说: “有什么不一样? 都是液体,都是咸的,尿盆里的尿撒多了(GDP)人就可以浮起来。 只不过我们是中国特色 – 黄的。” 你也可能会说: “有什么不一样? 在西方/美国也一样:有时左、有时右、有时快、有时慢。 驴拉磨/抽陀螺与‘向前行’的感觉不都是一样的吗?” 最终你也可以说: “反正人总得死。 死与生没有什么本质区别。 下辈子又是一个人。” 无怪乎“中国人”活着的时候好像他们永远都死不了,死的时候又好像他们一分钟都没有活过。

中共党朝不倒,事情只能越来越坏。 中共党朝倒了,事情也不一定就会变好。 伊朗与埃及就是例子。 共产党曾高叫: “只要打到了蒋家王朝,中国就会有希望/民主”。 真的吗?!

中国的共产王朝就如同中国的历代王朝一样,都逃不过衰败、腐朽、灭亡的朝代规律与命运。 它的末日就在眼前。 一个被蛀虫蛀空的,腐烂的树是没有生机的,必然倒塌的死木头。 像中国专制的许多王朝一样,中共党朝的倒台很有可能并不是由于外部力量的推挤,而是在于内部的腐败与分赃不均而引起的。 这就说明共后社会的心态与价值的准备(“用什么来取代中共党朝?”这一命题)比“倒共”本身重要一百倍。

“中共必倒”这一事实绝不等于说“共后的社会”就自然是一个自由的道德社会。 人们今天更需要将注意力放到“共后社会”的建立上: 但至今我还没有看到一点迹象表明人们在对未来有设想、准备与行动。 我曾在“共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想”一文中表达了我的观点。 我也希望更多的人们将注意力集中到“共后自由社会”的建立上。 什么样的文化心态、政治构架、宗教信仰、宪法法律、语言艺术、标像符号等等是人们要从头开始建立的? 什么样的文化心态、政治构架、宗教信仰、宪法法律、语言艺术、标像符号等等是要被彻底摈弃的? 人们是否还想用“追求完美专制”的心态去“自上而下”地“走捷径”而再误入“驴拉磨”“抽陀螺”的“专制朝代的无奈循环”的歧途? “中国人”对邪恶的无限容忍与对良知真理漠视的能力总是能让我膛目结舌。

共产王朝比国民党邪恶一百倍。 谁又能保证“返祖复古”的“共后王朝”不比共产王朝再邪恶一百倍呢? 为什么人们总是在“坏与更坏”之间无奈徘徊而拒绝建立“方向性”的,基普世终极价值而在“好与更好”之间做出个体的选择并承担后果与责任呢? “婊子牌坊”的中间道路是没有的。 你必须选择。

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RE: 共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:03 am
by ksk

“1. 国号:
首先,我不认为有重新强制性设立一个新的被迫合并的国家的需要。即使按照现在支那任何除北京之外的多数个体的真实意见,亦是互相仇恨,互相排斥,互相基于小圈子如家门,街道,乡,县,市,省,甚至不同companies(or corps.),不同兴趣爱好,来划分亲近关系和拉拢打击欺压的居多。

The New Nation's Title:

My Own View: United Federation of East Asia (UFEA) ”
因此,命名上应该改Federation为States。如果新的政治实体们的确是以英语为official language,那么它们应该,也必须培养各国意识,那么如果用这个词,可以使它们在文化上培养新的各国意识。

另外,还是关于这个east asia。我认为这个名字要不得。因为太广了。支那一向有大中华(大支那猪圈)主义,包括这种主义相关的政治策略和文化。这种主义,不但想把现在的支那纳入其统治,亦想将整个东亚纳入其统治。而此种命名,将会在文化上为新政治实体们继续埋下这一文化毒根。举个例子,对于相当多的普通支人来说,“南支那海”的这个名字已足以让其在文化上觉得南支那海(包括其岛屿们)天生即是支那的。这也是为什么前几个月www.change.org 有个投票,主要是东南亚国家人,想改“南支那海”为“南亚洲海”的原因。同样,“东支那海”须改为“东亚洲海”。
3.既然是英语为official language,那么cina或china皆可

“9. 禁毛像与共产标像符号:”
一个人不能一边不断的宣扬言论自由,but meanwhile以某种理由来宣扬限制言论自由。这本身即是一个逻辑混乱的问题。



4.the faith to free competition in speech field

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RE: 共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

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by fountainheadkc • 1.397 Posts

Kai Chen's response to ksk's message:

Dear ksk:

Thanks for your thoughtful message. I appreciate it. I now respond to each point you make here. Please see the response following each point:

RE: 共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想
in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Today 9:03 am

by ksk• ( Guest )

“1. 国号:

首先,我不认为有重新强制性设立一个新的被迫合并的国家的需要。即使按照现在支那任何除北京之外的多数个体的真实意见,亦是互相仇恨,互相排斥,互相基于小圈子如家门,街道,乡,县,市,省,甚至不同companies(or corps.),不同兴趣爱好,来划分亲近关系和拉拢打击欺压的居多。

The New Nation's Title:

My Own View: United Federation of East Asia (UFEA) ”



因此,命名上应该改Federation为States。如果新的政治实体们的确是以英语为official language,那么它们应该,也必须培养各国意识,那么如果用这个词,可以使它们在文化上培养新的各国意识。



另外,还是关于这个east asia。我认为这个名字要不得。因为太广了。支那一向有大中华(大支那猪圈)主义,包括这种主义相关的政治策略和文化。这种主义,不但想把现在的支那纳入其统治,亦想将整个东亚纳入其统治。而此种命名,将会在文化上为新政治实体们继续埋下这一文化毒根。举个例子,对于相当多的普通支人来说,“南支那海”的这个名字已足以让其在文化上觉得南支那海(包括其岛屿们)天生即是支那的。这也是为什么前几个月www.change.org有个投票,主要是东南亚国家人,想改“南支那海”为“南亚洲海”的原因。同样,“东支那海”须改为“东亚洲海”。

3.既然是英语为official language,那么cina或china皆可

(Dear ksk: Most of your points are well made. Using Chinese language to formulate titles and names is often misleading. All the Chinese words must be backed by English definitions. As far as using "Federation" or "States", I think both can be considered. I appreciate your opinion on this important issue and I welcome everyone's imput. By the way, to comment on what you don't want is NOT enough. You must present your vision of what kind future China should have. What is your suggestion of the title for the new nation? Best. Kai Chen)

“9. 禁毛像与共产标像符号:”





(Dear ksk: America is established by people seeking freedom. China is formed by people seeking "perfect despotism". The premises of both countries are opposite. To allow Mao's image (the biggest mass murderer in human history) to exist after the downfall of the communist regime is a travesty of universal proportion. In a country that is founded on freedom, America allows the existence of Nazi Party and Communist Party, for the deep seated culture of freedom will never allow such perversion of human mind/soul to flourish in America. Yet in China the case if opposite. The entire history and culture of China is founded on despotism/tyranny. To foster the seedling of freedom, the poisonous soil must be replaced/cleansed. To legislate banning of Mao's image and communist symbols is a must. Along with such banning, all the communist officials that committed anti-humanity crimes/atrocities must be brought to justice in the court of law. Thus legistation of such laws in the first place is also a must. I cannot see a picture that the trial of communist officials is held under Mao's portrait of the Chinese red flags. Best. Kai Chen)


一个人不能一边不断的宣扬言论自由,but meanwhile以某种理由来宣扬限制言论自由。这本身即是一个逻辑混乱的问题。


(Dear ksk: I once wrote an article on "You don't have anti-freedom freedom". If you think Mao is worse than Hitler, you have to agree with my point. The banning of communist symbols in Eastern Europe after the downfall of the USSR is never pointless or unnecessary. Even right after the downfall of the USSR, there was a brief period of banning the Communist Party. To think that after the downfall of Nazi Germany, Hitler's image and Nazi symbols are still displayed in public is a gross demonstration of moral confusion and outright corruption. You cannot have Mao's image/communist symbols coexist with the Memorial of Communist Victims (which must be built around China after the downfall of the communist regime.) Your premise that anti-freedom can coexist with freedom is an erroneous one. This is not about "authoritarianism". This is about safeguarding freedom, especially right after the downfall of PRC.

By the way, "Community Service" 劳役服务 is often used in America to punish those who violated the laws. Thanks for your point though. Kai Chen)



(Dear ksk: There is no American freedom or German freedom. There is only "Human Freedom". There is no double standard in my reasoning. There is only the recognition of China's reality after the most extreme tyranny under Mao/Communist regime. To equate China's reality with America's is a huge mistake. To compare China's reality with Germany after WWII is more appropariate. Best. Kai Chen)

4.the faith to free competition in speech field


(Dear ksk: To simply foster a culture of freedom in China is already a daunting but necessary tast. Most Chinese have no idea what freedom means. They view freedom as "free to depend/harm others". Yet freedom's only meaning is "free from others". One can never try to free from oneself's mind, soul, physical desire, conscience, etc. Please read my article "On Freedom". Best. Kai Chen )

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RE: 共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:54 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.397 Posts


You Have No Anti-Freedom Freedom

价值一语: Words of Value:

存在是价值; 虚无是反价值。 一个人有自由的自由,但没有反自由的自由。 --- (陈凯)

Existence is a value; Nothingness is an anti-value. One has freedom to be free, but has no freedom to be anti-freedom. --- Kai Chen

自由的人首先发明了轮子; 吃人者首先发明了辩证法。 --- 安、兰德。

A free man first invented wheels; a man-eater first invented dialectics. --- Ayn Rand.


Dear visitors:

The "Ying Yang" mindset of the Chinese compells them toward Marxism and his Material Dialectics. Both are none-value or anti-value. Both are against Freedom and the concept of human free will.

I have heard many times from the Chinese, due to their dialectic mindset, that because Democracy means diversity, China should be different from America in its values: If America values freedom, China should value unity and despotism, just to be different, just to have diversity. Many in China mention, as some Beijing University student demanded Bill Clinton, that the United States should respect China's freedom to value despotism, for the Chinese chose to be under oppression.

Does diversity mean the world has to have anti-freedom to counter the principle of freedom, or anti-value "Nothingness" to counter value and existence? Only the addicts of cultural and spiritual narcotics, such as many in China, can have this idiotic and patholocial explanation of the universe and its values.

Should we put matter and anti-matter together to have diversity, or mix gas with water to power the engine, or castrate a man to impregnate a woman, or kill everyone to have freedom?? Believe it or not, this is what a typical Chinese mindset comes up with. They have claimed that if the world becomes just like America, it will be wrong and boring, or it will be anti-democratic, or anti-freedom, for the Chinese want their anti-freedom freedom, and want their anti-democratic democracy, and want their anti-life livelihood...

This sickness has permeated the Chinese society, prompting a feverish anti-West nationalistic movement, represented by people like 郭飞熊. The dialectic mindset, initiated thousands years ago, and reinforced by Marxist Material Dialectics, poisons everything the Chinese touch.

There is no such thing as moral absolutes and objective values such as freedom, life, pursuit of happiness, justice, truth.., in a Chinese mind. Everything is twirling around in a Chinese mind, the history of China is cyclic, right is wrong, black is white, just is unjust..., everything is relative. But relative to what??? To Power. In the Chinese mind, only Power can get their attention, only Power determines outcome of everything, only Power makes the earth turning, only Power makes kings out of winners and bandits out of losers...

Power is God to a Chinese. With power, they have freedom to kill, rob, rape, humiliate, persecute. With power, everyone can be God. With power, freedom and value become relative. With power, they are free of law of nature. With power, even Nothingness can be of value. With power, even slavery can be freedom....

The cyclic nature of the Chinese despotic culture has repeatedly shown us that "Ying Yang" dialectics is center in the Chinese complex and worship of Nothingness. Combating the Chinese dialectics, combating Chinese worship of Nothingness, combating Chinese addiction to Power, have to be prerequisits in the arduous journey the Freedom-loving people in China are about to embark on.

Being aware of this insidious and powerful ingredient in the Chinese cultural narcotics is so important in formulating the map for the Chinese toward progress and directional history.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

Zitat von CK

存在是价值; 虚无是反价值。 一个人有自由的自由,但没有反自由的自由。 --- (陈凯)


首先一个人有放弃自己自由的自由,其次,一个人也有反对自己自由的自由。那么,一个人有没有反对别人自由的自由呢?我认为有。 如何人都可以用和平的方式反对我的自由。他们的反对归反对,他们的反对能不能起到作用不取决于他们的反对;最终的决定权在我这里。因为我自由的权利没有被剥夺。所以,我认为,任何人有权反对别人的自由,但是,没有权利限制和剥夺别人的自由。我们反抗中共独裁是因为中国人民的自由权利被剥夺了,被侵犯了,而不是遭到反对。自由遭到反对的时候,正是自由存在的时候。 我们争取自由正是因为中国人民还没有得到自由。如何人都有自由反对我们争取自由权利,但是,没有剥夺我们争取自由的权利。
Dear Bianli:

If you have read my essay "On Freedom", you will understand my definition of "Freedom".

A person "free from his own Freedom" is not a person, or a true existence, so to speak. He is defined as "Nothingness". Freedom is only meaningful when it is attached to individuals, specifically, an individual's "self". There is no "other's freedom", or "self-freedom". There is only "Freedom", period.

If a person cannot respect Freedom manifested on any particular individual, he is not only against so called "others' freedom", he is against freedom, period. A person who is against freedom is not a free person. He is an Anti-Freedom person, period. Or we can call him "a man-eater".

Your definition of Freedom tends to confuse people. And it verges on traditional Chinese circular thinking. Directional (linear) history only occurs when people stop thinking in a circular fashion. This pattern of thinking is crucial in the concept of "Progress". And this indeed separates Chinese dynastic cycles with Western directional history and Human Progress.

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

Best. Kai Chen

你可以注意到“反对“和“限制“的区别。 “反对“是个观点和言论的概念;而“限制“是行为的范畴。言论自由的原则是公民有思想的自由,有持有不同观点的自由,有发表自己观点的自由。既然“反对自由“是个人的太度,这个态度又可以以言论的方式表现出来,本着言论自由的原则,这个人的反对自由的言论应该允许自由地表达。即是“有反对自由的自由“。 我说“反对自由“这个观点可以自由表达并不意味着我赞同这个观点。言论自由核心是:经管我不同意你的观点,可是我尊重你持有和表达你的的观点的权利。尽管我不同意“反对自由“这个观点,但是,“反对自由“这个观点有自由表达的权利。自由不会因为被反对而丧失;自由只会在受到限制,被剥夺的时候才会失去。

Our difference is: You think when a person declares that he is a devil, he still is a person. I think when a person declares he is a devil, he is a devil, and he must be responsible for his declaration, and he must be treated as a devil.

While you think preaching hate and murder is OK, I think otherwise. Words carry responsibility and consequences. This is why being parents is not easy, and being a responsible, true free being is never easy. We must be aware of what we say and do and be ready to take the responsibilities and consequences.

To demand everyone to be responsible for his words and actions is to treat him as a free being, to respect him and his choices. To demand everyone to be responsible for his words and deeds is to demand ourselves to be the same. Logic is simple.

A free being is a being with great power, and along with that power it comes tremendous responsibility. If we treat our words and deeds as jokingly and lightly as we treat others', we are not truly free, for we are not ready to take the trememdous responsibility attached to that true Freedom. This is what I mean "You don't have freedom of anti-freedom". The moment you do that is the moment you cease to be a Free being, and you logically invite others to trample on your own freedom. The dire consequences is that No one is free.

How one defines freedom will form one's attitude toward freedom. Either you fear and loath freedom, or you treasure and appreciate freedom. Either you have hatred toward freedom, or you have love for freedom. Either you are enslaved by your own confusion and fear, or your are free because of your will, courage and ability. The ones who want to walk the middle will cease to exist. You must choose.

Thanks for the response.

Best. Kai Chen

Existence exists. Nothingness is not a value. Slavery is not the opposite of existence. It is a perverted existence. The opposite of existence is nothingness. Oriental nihilism is at the bottom of every Chinese vice and at the bottom of the very evil of the Chinese existence.

I often say that one has every right to be free, but no right to be anti-freedom. Now in their perverted state of mind, from Europe to Mid-East to Asia, many want to assert their right to be anti-freedom. They want to assert their right to be nothingness - a blackhole to swallow everything in existence. They view their anti-freedom freedom as the ultimate state of "being free".

In such an anti-freedom existence, humans lower themselves to the state of not only sub-human, but sub-animal. This is why when the Chinese start eating their own babies alive, they feel no moral guilt or remorse, they feel nothingness. Their own excuse was, is and will be that they are hungry. Not even animals do that to their offspring.

So it is no surprise that there have been countless atrocities and anti-humanity crimes committed by the Chinese, from ordinary people to the government authorities. They are still continuing their anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-existence thinking and behavior today without a shred of self-awareness, without a shred of moral fiber and moral standard.

Another tragedy, another atrocity, another human disaster is brewing on the horizon and it will manifest itself very soon.

Best. Kai Chen

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RE: 共后时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:51 am
by ksk

"As far as using "Federation" or "States", I think both can be considered."
用F亦可。然而,如果用federation的话,需加个s,i.e. United Federations of XXX,这很重要,这里federations指的是各小entities,因为这样可突显各小entities的主权性和主体性,instead of支那这个大联邦‘s。同时,这亦可以强调新的支那是一个自由加入自由退出的国际组织,而非邦联或联邦。另一方面,由于前面一句话所讲的原因,整个名称前须加一个the Organization of,变为the Organization of United Federations of Cina,这样可从文化上不让人觉得这是一个国家。
“What is your suggestion of the title for the new nation?”
“America is established by people seeking freedom. China is formed by people seeking "perfect despotism". The premises of both countries are opposite.
“To equate China's reality with America's is a huge mistake. To compare China's reality with Germany after WWII is more appropariate.”
虽然我常强调责任只来自个体的主动承担,但是,如果要促使未来支那各国走向life,instead of neon destruction,首先知识阶层主流必须先自己对个体主义和西方文明的优越性和必要性ponder好,以及对【3】【4】的deconstruction做好。
2.当新的政治游戏规则建立的时候,最重要的是在一开始时,即要【1】互相建立对规则的信任,【2】双方皆按规则办事,【3】规则能及时体现真实政治关系和政治需求的变化,即能及时随着真实政治关系和政治需求的变化来修改【4】也是最重要的,规则自己不能自相矛盾。四者在inter-relationship上互为充要条件(Necessary and sufficient condition),只有同时满足四者才能使新的政治的主要部分不会重新变为旧支那的说一套做一套,背后使小辫子的共同烂的所谓“权谋术”。无论你用什么excuses或者是reasons来解释,然而这些人仅仅是因为宣扬某种思想,并没有去真正的做(这亦是现行美国法律对言论自由判断的分界点),然而你已经主张去对其进行罚款甚至forced labour,这本身已让新规则itself关于言论自由的部分陷入了一种自欺和虚伪。这对新的政治游戏规则形成初期造成的冲击是巨大的,也将significant影响新规则的成功。

3.当然,你关于新支那诸国的文化缺陷的论述(我Quoted的部分)是现实的。然而,这不是我们用ban这种逃避的手法的理由。这种困难,只是增加了解决问题的难度,但不应以此影响我们解决问题的决心,这是重点。因为一旦问题被解决后获得的利益(benefit,中性词)是远远大于不解决问题的利益的,因此我们必须想办法解决之,即使是难度增大亦一样;我的思考逻辑just这么accurate。而人类不断将自己和与自己相关联事务利益最大化的mentality在某种perspective上,是最值得肯定的mentality之一。所以,compare with forbid,in the contrary,我们应该进行1.所述的大论战。我们应在遵守政治游戏规则(包括言论自由的游戏规则)的前提下,进行论战。规则的建立和尊重很重要。你不能让别人遵守规则不耍小辫子,while yourself are trying to break the rule and doing cheat。对规则的信任和遵守不能靠互相指责或互相欺骗获得,相反必须靠真实行为来赢得。
4.在言论自由上设置禁区最容易造成黑箱操作,亦最容易造成权力的迫害。这里的迫害,不仅是指那些的确发表了communism言论(但并没真的去做,没有真的去law breaking)的人受到的以言迫害,更指那些并没发表communism但被权力当局以发表communism言论名义来进行迫害的人所遭到的迫害。
5.今天其可以以communism是XXX(XXX请自想,如“过去的毒素”)为借口(或理由)ban一切与communism相关事务,那么明天其亦可以以conspiracy theory是XXX(XXX请自想,“如散布谣言,扰乱社会秩序”)为借口(或理由)ban一切conspiracy theory相关,后天亦可以以gore scene是XXX(XXX请自想,如“危害儿童健康成长,毒害成年人心智,增加社会暴力”)为借口和谐一切gore scene相关,包括games,virtual reality simulators,films,paints,music videos。第三天则ban porn。第四天ban 反现政府言论。第五天ban weapons,等于解除了个体的反击能力。一旦开了第一个口子,有了一则有二,有了二则有三。结果:1.政府权力将会越来越大2.整个文化和文明将会逐渐受到毁灭性打击,最后变成个新authoritarianism国家或totalitarianism国家。虽然时间可能会长一点,但结果和支那河蟹社会一样。你所推崇的德国现在已经ban了枪,去年,有德国人跟我说,他们甚至连airsoft gun都开始打算ban了;我说,你赶快移民了吧。

“I once wrote an article on "You don't have anti-freedom freedom". If you think Mao is worse than Hitler, you have to agree with my point.”
I do think Mao is worser than Hiltler.However 这是两个话题from different categories(不同的范畴)。我自己亦是共奴支奴出生,personally 我亦against communism,totalitarianism,collectivism,authoritarianism,nationalism;然而我们需理性客观的分析问题,而理性思考问题,分清权利和义务的界限,这正是共奴支奴出生的人所缺少的。
还是前文所述,如果其只是宣扬communism,但没真的去做,并没有law breaking,那么仍属言论自由范畴。这是其的权利。

钢炮哥:An article in the newspaper Pravda in 1988 claimed the word derives from the Old Georgian for "steel" which might be the reason for his adoption of the name Stalin. Сталин ("Stalin") is derived from combining the Russian сталь ("stal"), "steel", with the possessive suffix -ин ("-in"), a formula used by many other Bolsheviks, including Lenin.

“By the way, "Community Service" 劳役服务 is often used in America to punish those who violated the laws. Thanks for your point though. Kai Chen)“

“There is no American freedom or German freedom. There is only "Human Freedom".”
请不要用宏大概念代替实际讨论,亦不要用抢占道德制高点(不过你是有意或无意)来代替理性讨论。支那出生的人和美国左派特别喜欢这种方法。上次在美国candidates电视讨论非法墨移大举涌入的问题时,几个candidates本来各述观点,相对而言较理性而有逻辑,然而轮到某democrat发言时,其一抢过话筒即大声吼一句:“There is no Illegal Human!”底下愚人们立刻呼声一片,因为这正中其ethic orgasm的G点。另几个原先发过言的candidates看到这种热烈情况,亦只好苦笑。等于本来一个理性而实际的讨论被这democrat给搅黄了,现在变成抢占道德制高点(moral high ground)和扯宏大概念的谈的竞争了。
而这传统英国右派的观念,是包括monarchy cult和等级制在内的,以及对authoritarianism的崇拜,这在美国传统右派中是不可接受的。
另外,英国国教提倡忠君,欧洲catholic教会的结构为威权主义(authoritarianism)的一级压一级体制,同时提倡对pope的personal cult,在实际操纵中将pope当成demigod一样来朝拜,有时甚至有十多万人一起朝拜pope的情况,这在美国抗议宗们尤其是baptist的世界(教会里人人平等,人人有解释god的权利)里亦是不可想象的。
英国现在仍还有等级制的礼仪文化,即如一个无爵位的人与一个有爵位的人相见,无爵位的人在社交活动中地位低于有爵位的人,需表示更多敬意给有爵位的人;爵位低的地位在社交活动中低于爵位高的人;而当一个人面对Queen the Parasite,不管有无爵位,都不能直呼其名,还要根据这个人的身份地位对Queen行复杂的礼。这在美国亦是不可以想象的。
至于现在的德国,其柏林的中心仍竖立着一个巨大的马克思恩格斯雕像(当年两德时期柏林亦是西德最左的地方),多条街道以communists的名字命名,左派思想是社会主流,社会主义和communism仍大有市场,至于你谈到的ban nazi的问题请去看此post前面的“5.”。nazi其实是communism的一个分支,zi = socialist,而socialism是马克思定义的communism的一个过渡阶段,丘吉尔亦是这样认为的。同时USSR亦曾大力支援Nazi Germany,包括传授其propaganda和Concentration camp技术。更多:纪录片 The Soviet Story (2008)


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