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爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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Kai Chen Interview/China's Sports System is Slavery 陈凯访谈/中国的体育奴役制度

China's Bayi Team players beating American Georgetown University Team players in Beijing


Sports Perversion in China

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Sports transcends nations and races. Sports is about manifestation of human kind's greatness. Any sports that is built upon nations and races is by definition a perversion of sports and a corruption of human soul. Chinese sports is just such.

体育运动是超越国度与种族的。 体育运动旨在体现人的伟大精神。 任何建筑在国度与种族上的体育运动都是对体育运动原义的歪曲与玷污,都是对人的灵魂的腐败。 中国的体育运动就是这样一种玷污与腐败。


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/9/2011)

Love of sports and athletics is in our human bones. Athletic competition is in our human blood. The only rightful reason someone plays sports is for the sheer love of the sport and for the thrill of competition. The glory comes only because one demonstrates his talent, dedication, love of the sport, courage, work ethic, consistence, perseverance, etc. Sports is one venue that shows a person's innate character the most. Any wavering, hesitation, inner conflict and contradiction and cowardice will certainly doom the participant to failure.

Yet, in Chinese sports and athletics competition, loving China, NOT loving the sport, is propagated and instilled and force-fed to all the athletes. Only those who can resist the corrupt sports culture can survive and achieve. Some indeed did. Those who are buying into the so called "patriotic sports" are doomed to be the victim of it.

I have seen much of it and now I can say with great certainty: It is not because the Chinese sports culture and institutions, or the government programs aimed at legitimize an illegitimate communist government, it is because the dedicated individual athletes who have overcome the impediment and corruption of the Chinese sports establishment, in their own often painful and courageous endeavor, for their true love of the sport, that they have achieved.

As one who went through the process and struggle, I deeply sympathize with those who are still immersed in the corrupt Chinese sports establishment. I wish them the best luck, and at the same time, I hope they eventually understand only when this corrupt communist sports machine stopped functioning that each and every individual athlete can return to their true self and dedicate themselves to their true love of the sport. Then and only then, Chinese sports can gradually become healthy venue, not for officials to gain power and recognition, but for the athletes to achieve their own potential.

No matter how many gold medals China has now, they only add to the dehumanization and alienation of human beings and they are acquired with athletes' blood, tears, pain and suffering, and tremendous psychological perversion. And they will never dispel the persistent image of China: The Sickman of East Asia.

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

陈凯博客: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

China’s Olympic Moment Same as Hitler’s


Friday, 26 Oct 2007 09:11 AM

By: Lev Navrozov

"The dictatorship of China holds Olympics for the same purposes Hitler held them in 1936."

The 1936 Olympics took place in Germany. In 1938, Hitler was generally regarded in the West as a cofounder of the Munich “peace in our time” agreement.

So in 1936, the peaceful Munich he envisioned still lay ahead. The 1936 Olympics were to bring about warmer social ties between him and the victims of his forthcoming attacks. No wonder President Roosevelt attended the Games.

Three years later Hitler was waging a world war for world domination. To prevent his subordinates’ betrayal of him to the English-speaking countries, after his debacle near Moscow, he secretly ordered them to begin the extermination of Jews. This way, in the eyes of the U.S. and the British, his subordinates were seen as the heinous criminals, while he was to be seen as having known nothing about the “final solution.”

Fortunately for his enemies, he ran out of resources to continue his development of nuclear weapons, the key to global domination.

Such was the post-history of the 1936 Olympics.

As for the 2008 Olympics in China (Aug. 8-24), Human Rights Watch began its section of Aug. 2, 2007, in Yahoo! (see http://china.hrw.org) with the following utopia in big type: “The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are a historic opportunity for the Chinese Government to show the world that it has the confidence to make tangible and sustainable progress in ensuring basic human rights for its 1.3 billion citizens.”

I feel that this utopia is so utopian that any sarcastic remarks of mine in the past decades concerning the march of China’s dictatorship toward “basic human rights” would be anticlimactic.

The dictatorship of China holds Olympics for the same purposes Hitler held them in 1936.

On Oct. 11, 2007, at a special conference of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, Bob Dietz, the Asia program coordinator of the Committee to Protect Journalists, spoke about the persecution of China’s journalists in China.

He gave no statistics concerning the journalists tortured by the dictatorship of China. But he said that China had been leading the world since 1999 “in the number of jailed journalists.” Yet despite this “world record” (by no means Olympic), “in 2001, the International Olympic Committee awarded the Games to China.”

The public communications in China are not created by journalists themselves. Certainly, Zhao Yan did not create either The New York Times or its Beijing bureau, or his job as a researcher in that bureau. Yet he was imprisoned in 2004 for a New York Times (correct) prediction that Jiang Zemin would retire as the head of the military commission.

Kai Chen, a former Chinese national basketball player, now in Washington, D.C., published on Sept. 28, 2007, in Chinaview and The Epoch Times (both “dissident publications”) a letter to President Bush, calling him to “join our Olympic Freedom Run,” to “clarify your moral standing and solidarity with freedom-loving people in China”:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Kai Chen's Blog: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

Dear President Bush:

As the 2008 Beijing Olympics fast approach, we as freedom-loving people realize as that time comes, we are standing at the threshold between human freedom in our future and human despotism from our past. Having learned that you had accepted an invitation from Mr. Hu Jintao to attend the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I like to extend my invitation to you to join our “Olympic Freedom Run” in Washington DC on September 30, 2007 from the Memorial of Communism Victims to the Lincoln Memorial.

As a former Chinese National basketball-Team player, I feel compelled by my conscience to speak out — not just to speak out against oppression, slavery and human degradation, but to speak out for human freedom, for hope, for a better tomorrow. I am speaking out not just for those innocent lives perished under the communist regime, not just for those who still suffer under the same oppressive regime of the Chinese communist government, but also for those who are suffering under all kinds of despotism, old and new, in the world.

Kai Chen recalls the 1936 Berlin Olympics:

History should not repeat itself, and we as free people will make sure that Olympic spirit is nothing but the spirit of human freedom, but not opium to induce illusions for despotism and tyranny. Any government that wants to use the Olympics for its own oppressive and reactionary policies against human freedom should be put into the spotlight and have evil exposed. The 2008 Beijing Olympics should be an example of how the cause of human freedom is pushed forward by the Olympic movement, not pushed backward.

As an athlete with a conscience, I call upon all athletes, all coaches, all people in the athletic establishment in the world, all sports fans and all tourists who will participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to awaken your conscience, pluck up your courage and listen to the call from the deepest recess of your soul to join our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt” global movement.

Kai Chen correctly assumes that President Bush will not be tortured or even just imprisoned for “x” years, for wearing an “Olympic Freedom” T-shirt. Certainly not now — not yet.

When you stroll on the Tiananmen Square, under the stare of the giant portrait of Mao — the biggest mass murderer in human history, when you remember those who died in the 1989 Tiananmen massacre, wear our “Olympic Freedom T-shirt.”

Mr. President, we do not advocate boycotting the Beijing Summer Olympics. We hope that you use your presence in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to spread the message of Truth, Justice, Liberty and Dignity to all human beings on the planet earth. We want to see you use your moral conviction, your appreciation of the human yearning for the eternal values of mankind to spread the message of hope and human freedom.

I, as a Chinese athlete with a conscience, call upon the voice in your conscience; call upon your moral courage, your action and your prayer for freedom for the Chinese people, for freedom for all the people in the world. In wearing our “Olympic Freedom T-shirt” and joining our “Olympic Freedom Run,” you are expressing your solidarity and your support for the freedom-loving people in China. You are indeed building a better tomorrow for the world.

Hereby I cordially extend my invitation to you to join our Washington DC “Olympic Freedom Run.”


Kai Chen

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


反竞争的体育- 中国文化缩影
China's Anti-Competition Sports

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Anti-competition sports, anti-market trade, anti-intellect education, anti-human society, anti-logic thinking, anti-essence form, anti-freedom law and government, anti-mind face, anti-soul flesh and skin, anti-meaning existence, anti-joy and happiness philosophies, anti-individual democracy, anti-morality morals, anti-Christ religions, anti-life living.., pretty much sum up what Chinese culture is.

反竞争的体育运动,反市场的贸易,反知识的教育,反人的社会,反逻辑的思维,反实质的表象,反自由的法律与 政治, 反头脑的脸面,反灵魂的血肉,反意义的存在,反幸福的哲学,反个人的民主,反道德的说教,反基督的宗教,反 生命的存活..., 这就是中国文化的写照。


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/9/2011)

Confucianism is anti-human, anti-Christ in nature, due to its preaching on hierarchical human existence. And because of this exact nature of hierarchy in a Confucian societies, anti-freedom, anti-competition is the necessary outcome of such a pseudo-philosophy.

The night before,I watched a basketball game held in Guangzhou between the Chinese national team and the USA national team, in their preparation for the up-coming World Championships in Japan. The Chinese team lost to the US by 46 points. No surprise. 

I observed and detected many things that was familiar during my stay with the Chinese national team and the August 1st Team. Things have never changed in China, not as many people told me, for the culture remains anti-individual, hierarchical, stagnant…. And anti-competition sports/athletics is a logical outgrowth from such a sick culture.

The Chinese sports establishment remains anti-individual, anti-competition, anti-capitalism as ever before. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon:

The long-standing national team itself is anti-competition in nature, for all the top players are siphoned from provincial and army teams, all for the sake of Chinese "face". In NBA, it is the opposite, the weakest teams get the first chance to draft the best players, thus to ensure a higher level of competition and development of the sport/game itself.

Most players in the Chinese national team are only motivated by how to maintain their social status, NOT by their love of the sport. Therefore, doing everything and anything to ensure their longer stay on the national team, by following the orders, by NOT offending the leaders, by NOT showing any initiatives and individuality (not rocking the boat) so as not to disrupt the current order of things is the mode most players try to adhere. When I was in China, I had to fight the coaches and the leaders in order to play MY style of basketball, to initiate and create. And they did everything they could to stop me from playing MY basketball. Against many who assume that the Chinese government and sports establishment rear and develop top athletes, the truly outstanding athletes in China have to constantly break shackles and chains just to elevate their performance and raise their games. When they indeed have achieved a high level of performance, all on their own against the existing order, they immediately become a threat to the system. And everyone knows in China the despotic system has always been, is and will be more important than any one individual. Human lives and achievement mean nothing in China. It is the “Big Family” that will be honored. So the gang-rape of those who initiate and create will begin, as always.

There is no medical insurance or any other insurance for professional athletes in China, not to mention NBA style of contract with the Chinese government. Pro-athletes are viewed by all as the tools of the government and the system, tools to shine the face and message the vanity of all the Chinese. As soon as you are used up, injured or diseased, you are abandoned and disappeared without trace. No Chinese, with their despotic cultural inclination, cares what happens to these individuals. This is in sharp contrast with players in NBA, in America. So you can understand no one on the Chinese national team would be foolish enough to play with an individual love and passion for the game. “Why do I dive on the floor or sacrifice my body to draw a charge risking my health and future status on the team for a bunch of idiots I despise and a system I hate?” Every Chinese athlete secretly harbors this doubt and unsolvable conflict between his/her love of the sports and his/her hatred of the system.

Some players and athletes in China are often artificially and arbitrarily promoted and prompted up by the authorities, not because of their excellence in their respective sport, but because their obedience to the authorities. Consequently when they reach to the level of the August 1st Team and National Team, they simply stop improving their own game. Culturally, love of the game has never been their motivation to play sports, social status in others’ eyes are. This is the lethal feature in China’s Confucian mindset and it is fatal for a pro-athlete to achieve his/her true potential.

As I have often mentioned in my numerous essays such as "中国儒家宦官小男人“ – Chinese man himself, due to the defect of Confucian hierarchy, lacks the spirit of struggle and competition to achieve the objective and fair result. Taking short cut by cultivating relations with authorities and others, manipulating others to get ahead is the standard behavior mode in China. Chinese men especially are ill equipped to deal with the real world for they somehow by Confucian hierarchy assume they have certain privileges because they have a penis. So the usual case is that the Chinese women often work harder than the Chinese men, for the society has always put someone with a virgina on the bottom of everything.

Many basketball players in China have never played the game for fun and love of it. They are chosen to play the game by others because they are tall or talented. Seldom you see a Chinese player plays for himself/herself. Wang Zhizhi is a typical Eunuslawhore player in such a case. He has never exhibited any passion for the game, not even after he joined the NBA. Unsure what China stands for, value-wise, all the people in China as well as the athletes have an instinctive moral uncertainty as to why they should do anything for their country – one fewer motivating factor.

An athlete’s social status in a Confucian society is artificially and culturally kept low. So is the status of performing artists such as opera singers. Only government officials and scholars are put on top of the society. Artists and athletes are viewed as short-lived creatures with no future. They are there to be laughed at, to be sneered upon, to be demeaned and belittled when bad things happen. They are treated as animals, freaks, monsters and whores for others to entertain themselves, to feel something about their own existence otherwise so empty as a blackhole. Personal integrity, honor and dignity are often discarded in this vicious cultural environment. Pleasing others and higher authority becomes a preoccupation and the only goal for everyone. Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi as examples, the low social status of the Chinese athletes are on display by the sheer fact that a Chinese basketball player often marries another basketball player, simply because he/she is too tall for their own choices. So the “freak” culture continues.

Unlike American athletes in a sport system via educational establishment, for the Chinese pro-athletes, they have no chance to get a full education. They are there to serve others, to serve China, not themselves. And because of this lack of education, the Chinese athletes have little knowledge and comprehension of the world and their surroundings. This also limits their performance level. They simply lack independent thoughts and ideas. Wang Zhizhi stated himself: “I am simply lost in America without the communist party and the motherland (the Confucian culture with a certainty in an ascribed social status).” Thus, the Chinese athletes always have a tremendous “athletic inferiority complex”, viewing themselves not as individuals with integrity and dignity, but someone always dependent on the government and the collective, someone with a handicaps and a defect.

There has never been such a thing as sports history in China, not to mention NBA style of “Hall of Fame”. The existing sports history, like China’s official history, is fake in nature. Only those approved by the authorities in China will enter their fraudulent record book. History book to the Chinese government, like everything else in China, is only a tool to control the population by brainwashing them into a zombie-like existence. The most creative basketball players I know in China has never been recognized and recorded as such, for their individuality has always created embarrassment for the authorities. They just disappear into an eternal oblivion, like they have never existed. Only the Great Wall exists and has meaning, the bricks to build it has never existed with a meaning. How weird is it and how wicked is it?! In the end, only the dictators and emperors remain, never individuals with honor, dignity, creativity and integrity. How nihilistic can a culture ever be?!

Raising the level of a particular sport through pure and unadulterated competition is never the goal for the Chinese government and the Chinese people. Shining their “face” using whatever means – illegal drug use, bribe, cheating, shaving points, lying about age…, is the essence of the Chinese sports and athletics. There is no reason to expect the Chinese sports and athletics to improve and change, as long as the communist regime is in charge, as long as everything and everyone in China is viewed by such a regime as nothing but a tool and a slave.

I hope all of you take a serious, deep and meaningful look at the Chinese sports and athletics, at the Chinese existence itself. Then you can make your own judgment as what to do as an individual in your own life. Make your choice. Virgin-whore does not exist.

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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Love for Sports and American Spirit

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

体育将客观,法制, 与自由竞争的概念传给人间。

Sports and athletics propagate the concepts of objectivity, rule of law and free and fair competition.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (8/9/2011 Reprint)

NBA semi-finals are in full swing. I have watched most of the games like I always did. But every time I watch these athletes exhibit their athleticism and their competitive spirit, I marveled over the greatness of mankind. I understand only in America, through pure and unimpeded competition, through a completely capitalistic, logical and open market, sports and athletics can retain a healthy and progressive essence.

Surely these NBA players make a lot of money, but the professionalism they have exhibited throughout the season and the playoffs shows that they are not playing for money alone, they are playing for the pure love of the sports, and through these games, they are burning like bright stars, bringing energy, optimism, respect and dignity to all of us.

Miracles happen in America all the time and I am so amazed that ordinary people here can display extraordinary courage and effort, and make sheer miracles happen. Phoenix Suns are not a talented team, but they have gone this far, and in their first game in Dallas, they defeated the host team, though great team work and effort. I am always moved by the courage and dedication they have displayed. It is as if their heroism tells me and all the people who are watching: If I can do it, with the limited talent I have, you can do it as well.

Think about what they have to go through to get to this point: fatigue, injuries, distractions, family obligations, relationships with teammates, audience, referees, coaches, management, opponents..., 82 games throughout the regular season, and playoffs with bigger games. It is only in America, athletes and players can have such a dedication.

I remember someone in European media once commented, back in the Jordan years:

"Just to witness the greatness of Michael Jordan, we can all rest assured that America system and society are healthy and thriving, for only in a great system, an individual like Jordan can fully exhibit his greatness, and hence all of us can experience unprecedented joy over limitless human potentials."

I solute America and American athletes, and proud of their achievements. I, as an former pro-athlete, will never take my life in America for granted. I have been through yesterday, I treasure today, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Let's all be grateful for the country we live in and for God to have created such a great country for free people: America -- My love.


Supplemental Thoughts

As I watched the US -- China basketball game in Guangzhou, I also realized how important for players to have the right chemistry with one another on the same team.

In the NBA, because players have freedom to move around according to which team and what players they want to play for and play with, a team will have much better chance developing the right chemistry among the players. The owners and the managers also know that players who hate one another (or the coach or the management) will not perform well on the court.

However, in China because of this lack of freedom by the players to move around according to their own personal liking and interests, quite often you have players on the same team who dislike and hate one another. Yet they have to play together for they have no choice on which team they are on. Players may dislike the team, the coaching, the other players, the location of the team.... But they are forced together under one umbrella much like what China is today. So there is a tremendous inner-exhaustion with in-fighting and grudges among players and coaches and managers (leaders).

I remember that I had to force myself every day and every moment to be on the court with players I never wanted to play with, and with the coaches and leaders I never wanted to play under. This caused a lot of stress and unnecessary waste of energy for everyone. And I know for sure that unhappy players and coaches having to be together will not perform well. The team always suffers.

It is no surprise that China lost by 46 points to the US. The Chinese players are simply too exhausted in thinking about other things than basketball.

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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Goodbye, Coach Qian - A Sonata to a Good Man

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

My Eulogy for Coach Qian:

如果你看过“窃听风暴”,你就知道即使在极端的专制暴虐之下人的良知也不会全部泯灭。 我在中国的幸存与成功也有这些良知尚存的人们的保护的因素。 钱澄海教练就是那些良知尚存的人们之一。 --- 陈凯

If you have seen the movie "The Lives of Others", you will know that even under extreme tyranny and repression, human conscience will survive in one way or another. It will spark somehow in a most unexpected place and in a most unexpected time. My story of survival and success in China had certainly had such an element. Coach Qian was one of those with conscience who in his way protected me from total destruction by the evil regime. --- Kai Chen


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/9/2011)

I only learned that my former National Basketball Team Head Coach Qian Chenghai passed away on April 24, 2008, when a friend called me from China.

I had known Coach Qian for a long time. I stayed in the National Team both in 1971 when Coach Qian was an assistant coach and in 1978 when Coach Qian was the head coach of the National Basketball Team.

I had known that Coach Qian was battling bone cancer for some years, though I had not seen him for many years. Before almost every time he came to the States, he would come and stay in my house. He was the Head Coach for China in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and my wife Susan was the interpreter for the Chinese National Basketball Team.

I write this piece as a eulogy to Coach Qian, not because he was my coach, but because he was a good man with conscience.

In 1971 when I was put into solitary confinement for my crime of escaping to Guangzhou from the National Team without the Party Organization's permission, I was in total isolation, writing my confession under supervision and surveillance. No one wanted to talk to me or had anything to do with me as if I had some deadly contagious disease. No one showed any sympathy toward me, a 17 years old kid whose only crime was having Taiwan relatives, and because of that I was expelled from the National Team Program. But one day I had a very unexpected visit from Coach Qian. He came to me and consoled me with soothing words: "I come to tell you that you will be OK. They will not destroy you entirely. Some people have similar cases. Don't worry too much."

Just a few words to inform and to sooth is enough for me to remember him forever. He did not have to come to do that. But he did it out of kindness and conscience. Later on I learned that Coach Qian also had relatives in Taiwan. His sister's husband was even serving in the same KMT's air force with my uncle. Maybe that was the reason why he showed sympathy toward me. But nonetheless, I will always be grateful toward him for that single act of kindness out of conscience and good heart.

I had called him once, having learned that he had cancer. But he maintained a great positive outlook on life. That was probably the reason why he had survived for seven years having had many operations. He lost two legs and part of his lungs.

As I peruse through the official eulogy in China today for Coach Qian, my stomach turns. The state is still using him to rally the crowd for China-loving. The official press has listed many of Coach Qian's former titles, positions, party membership, and other achievements. But as for me, the most defining moment of Coach Qian's character came in that dark afternoon in 1971, in a most depressive era, under the most oppressive circumstances. Just a few kind words. Just a soothing gesture.

Goodbye, my coach. I will always remember you, not for some glamour or glory in the official books, but for that single shining moment - a spark in the total darkness. In that moment, I learned what goodness is.


穆铁柱 - 中国专制虚无的牺牲品
Mu - A Victim of Chinese Despotic Nihilism

A Eulogy to Mu by Kai Chen

Mu's Arranged Marriage by Communist Authority (Video Link):


陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

铁柱死了。 这个与我同队六年的队友,(从国家体委集训到八一队到国家队),这个我曾动拳头与他打过架的队友,死了(5 9岁)。 我竟然找不出任何评价他的话。 他的一生是典型在专制下虚无度过的一生。 他的一生没有任何属于自己自由意志的价值。 他的身高,他的出名,他的婚姻,他的几乎一切都与他的自由意志无关。 它是一个被命运驱使的肉体存活。 他的死甚至也被专制官方利用来稳定其统治。 哀哉!

Mu died. He was my teammate for six years or more (from the National Training Camp to August 1st Team to the National Team in 1978). One time we even had a fist fight on the court in a training session. He died at age 59. The ironic thing is that, unlike the time when Coach Qian died, I can't find any words of value to comment on him. His life was an example of lives under despotic nihilism. In his life, nothing seemed to have belonged to him or up to his own free will. His height, his fame, his marriage, his promotion, etc. all were up to others and the government. He was a victim and slave of his own fate. Even his death is now being used by the official media to promote the government's agenda. Sad, isn't it?


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/9/2011)

I learned about Mu's death early in the morning (9/14/2008) from another (August 1st Team) teammate of mine. I watched the official Chinese media about his death and his life. I was in some of the photos they had shown in the video clip.

Sadly, I had very little emotional reaction to his death. Am I too cold and cruel? No. I don't think that my reaction to his death is a sign of my cruelty. Yet as I dwell deep into the origin of my emotion, I realized how meaningless Mu's life was and how nihilistic his life was about. His free will made no imprint on his own life if there was any free will on his part. Nothing was up to him at all. He merely existed in a form of slavery and nothingness to entertain a crowd of zombies/vampires. I had only pity and a bit of sadness toward him.

When we were teammates, I occasionally witnessed his rebellion against the inhuman system, throwing temper tantrum toward the authorities. I often enjoyed that. But it was the fact that one time he threw a game to the Jinan Military District, showed me that he had no principles and morals. Everything was interest-driven to him. Satisfying his physical needs/saving face was the only thing he was concerned about. He was his own worst enemy. He lived a life of humiliation with no dignity, partly because of himself, because of his own valuelessness. He bought into the official nihilism and allowed only the government and others to define him.

He started with nothingness. He went through nothingness. He served nothingness. He was defined by nothingness. Now even after he is dead, he is continuously being used by the official nothingness. He, as I now view him, is the typical representative of nothingness promoted by the Chinese despotic tyranny.

I pasted a link above and here for you to judge his life yourself. This is the official view of him from China.


By the way, have you noticed that Mu's forehead grew out two horns, a sign of out of control Gigantism. But the official conclusion is that he died of heart failure. If the heart failure was not from the Gigantism, I don't know what was. The lie continues.

Link to Official Chinese media:

http://sports.sina.com.cn/k/2008-09-...23947173.shtml "

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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王治郅和他的检讨书 Wang's Confession - A Eunuch, Slave and Whore

奴才,精神卖淫与自我阉割 - 王治郅的自我形象与独白
A SLAVE, AN EUNUCH, A PROSTITUTE - Wang Zhizhi: a twisted combination of images.

一个自由人与一个奴宦娼的自白: (Contrast a free man to a slave, a whore and an eunuch)

我宁可去做一个饥饿的苍蝇,冒着生命危险满天飞,去寻找食物与快乐;也不愿做一个蠕动在他人粪便里的蛆虫,饱食终日,苟且偷生。 --- 一个自由人的自白

I'd rather be a hungry housefly, risking my life, flying around looking for food and joy, than be a worming maggot inside others' feces, never having to worry about where I stay and where my next meal comes from. --- The self-confession of a Free Man.


我明白了没有祖国的支持做后盾,没有组织,领导的关心和爱护,个人将一事无成;我明白了个人的价值,只有在为国争光的奋斗中,才能得到真正的体现。 --- 王治郅的检讨。

I now understand that without our Motherland's support, without Communist party organization, without our leaders' care and love, an individual is nothing and will achieve nothing. I now understand personal worth and values will only be realized in our struggle for Motherland. --- Wang Zhizhi.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (再版 Reprint 7/20/2011)

Now you understand what I mean by "Slavery is a insidious codependency of the slave owners and the slaves themselves, not just slave owners oppressing the slaves. To rid of the evil of slavery, one must deal with this evil from both end, from supply and demand, from oppression and fear, from nihilistic institutions and meaningless individuals....

I don't usually call a person names, though I am very good at it and often did it when I played basketball. But today I permit myself to give few deragatory names to one of my fellow sportsman and his likes. The old habit dies hard.

Wang's self confession has raised the specter of issues such as the Chinese slave mentality. In his statement, he repeatedly claims that it is the nation, the party, the leaders that raised, supported, and reared him, and without these entities, he as an individual is nothing. Shamelessness is only too mild to describe this evil twist of truth: Who raised whom?

In a Chinese mind, due to many factors and poisonous effect, somehow it always is the nation, the motherland, the emperor, the collective that raised and protected individuals, giving them their livelihood and meaning of their lives. But a clear-thinking mind would easily reach the opposite conclusion: It is the individuals who create and produce, not the collective. It is the individuals who support and raise the government and emperors, not the opposite. It is the individuals who give meaning to the collective, to the nation, to the motherland, not vice versa.

But why the complete alienation and upside-down falsehood that dominate the Chinese mind-set? These two entirely opposite orientation of human values are the purpose of forming my forum. To clear up and clean up the Chinese mindset from thousands of years of force-fed narcotic addiction takes a long time and great deal of effort. But one must start now and must start from each and everyone of the Chinese individuals. Only this bottom-up reformation of mindset can allow the antidote take effect toward the first step of moral and spiritual rebirth, toward a cultural renaissance, toward intellectual honesty, toward getting rid of codependency between slave collective and the slaves themselves.

In Wang's vulgar and shameless self-confession, moral and spiritual degradation oozes from every pore of his being. To shield himself from humiliation, insult, self-loathing and the ultimate defeat as a professional athlete, he has no qualm in using his parents, his wife, his infant child to hide his own ugly self. To protect his decaying self, he is willing to use any others, to use America, to use China, to use party, to use army, to use his own family, to use his own soul and conscience, as long as using these will somehow alleviate the pain and suffering from the very deep recess of his mind and heart. Wang is without doubt, like many Chinese, a USER. Using other human beings, using his own profession, using his dignity, using anything in sight for his nihilistic, ugly and meaningless end is the only concern in his life.

Wang's only self-worth, as the Confucian ethics dictates, is in others' eyes. He is entirely void of self-awareness, self-reflect, and self-judging. For there is no such thing in Chinese moral teachings as God and Conscience deep inside oneself. Being judged by others and especially by the power elite is the only criterion for one's own meaning. Humans are simply not humans in Chinese tradition, they are only masses composed of flesh and blood. Each individual by himself has no meaning and no inner voice and values. All the voice of moral judgement are coming from above, from motherland, from emperors, from fathers, from elders, from the collective, from everything but the person himself.

Wang as you can see, if a pathetic creature, created not by God, but by the Chinese nation, Chinese tradition, Chinese environment and collective. This is a stark contrast to American value in which each individual is created by his creator and has inalienable rights and ability to understand his own conscience, his own actions and conduct and their consequences. Thus humans are born free and meaningful themselves, regardless others and the collective, no matter how old they are, how strong they are or how many they have.

If by now you still don't get my drift about the contrast in Chinese values and American values, you are in deep voodoo.

Do you really think even after Wang made the self-demeaning confessions, the Chinese people and authorities will truly respect him? No such thing. They are only using him, just as he is using them. They all know this game of Users. In this game there is no respect, esteem, and dignity. Everybody is a whore. Everybody is a self-castrating Eunuch. Everybody is a slave to serve the omnipresent and omnipotent collective that represents absolute NOTHINGNESS. This nothingness of "blackhole" has swallowed millions of innocent lives and continues to do so, as long as we as individuals refuse to understand its nature and origin, as long as we are still immersed into its poisonous smog.

The sports authorities in China of course will praise Wang for his destruction of 'self" to please the motherland, via this dehumanizing confession. But behind Wang's back, they look down on him, they talk down on him about his failure in America, about his lack of personal dignity. One word, they absolutely loach him, as much as they loach themselves. They know in this nothingness game, everyone comes out a loser, having sold their souls to the devil, having castrated themselves to serve the emperor, having little by little sunk into the deep of the collective quick sand. They absolutely loach their own state of existence, yet they wholeheartedly work for the master of the game, the nothingness, to become the part of the Blackhole to castrate others, to swallow others, to demean others, until everyone becomes just like themselves - a soulless zombie.

This is the portrait of a Eunuch culture, a slave mentality, a prostitute's existence. This is what is called "Chinese Motherland".

Take care. Kai Chen 陈凯


I now paste Wang Zhizhi's self-confession here:

北京时间4月30日下午,中国篮协召开新闻通气会,会上宣布王治郅正式代表八一入选中国男篮,王治郅在会上发表书面的道歉信,面向社会公开致歉,至此历时4年的 ?大郅事件?在今天正式画上一个完整的句号。




  俗话说,养儿方知父母恩。在我当了父亲之后,通过体味抚育孩子的艰辛,才逐渐感受到父母对子女博大、深厚、无私的爱,才更加强烈地意识到孩子长大成人后应当知恩图报的责任和义务。回顾自己的成长历程,是八一队把我培养成为一名有潜力的运动员,把我送进了国家青年队和国家队的大门,给我提供了更广阔施展才能的舞台;是国家队让我有幸参加了奥运会和世锦赛,给我提供了更好的锻炼提高、为国争光的机会;为了我的成长进步和长远发展,在八一队和篮协领导的积极斡旋和努力推动下,我有幸成为中国篮球运动员到NBA打球的 ?第一人?。可以说,我取得的每一点进步和成绩都是国家和军队精心培育的结果。然而,当国家需要、军队召唤我的时候,作为一名军人和职业运动员,却仅仅考虑个人的得失,把个人利益看得太重,把对祖国、军队应尽的义务和责任看得太轻,把实现自我价值看得太重,把思想改造看得太轻,做出了一个非常错误的决定,不仅给国家和军队带来了难以挽回的恶劣影响,也极大地伤害了广大官兵和球迷朋友的感情。在美国的日子里,由于我个人主义思想膨胀,一心考虑如何才能上场比赛,担心回国后再返回NBA就困难了,更害怕一旦回去就出不来打球了,就会影响自己的事业和前途,加之自己的年轻和幼稚,致使许多问题没有处理好,回国的事情一拖再拖。直至八一队和篮协领导多次与我沟通,帮我打消顾虑,才有了今天的选择。回想以往的所作所为,我从内心深处感到对不起各级领导的关心和教导,对不起国家和军队对我的教育和培养,我决心用实际行动弥补自己的过失,挽回给国家和军队造成的损失,我愿意接受组织上任何形式的处理决定。在这里,我特别要向部队的战友们表示深深的歉意,作为一名军人,我没有遵守军队的纪律,没有履行自己的职责和义务,真诚地希望今后能通过为国家和军队赢得更多的荣誉来求得战友们的原谅。过去的不成熟,过去的以我为中心,让我付出了惨重的代价,我不会再糊涂、再犹豫、再耽误下去了。< /SPAN>

  回国的这段时间,全社会正在进行树立社会主义荣辱观学习教育活动,用?八荣八耻? 特别是用?以热爱祖国为荣,以危害祖国为耻;以诚实守信为荣,以见利忘义为耻?的标准进行对照、反省,我深为自己以前的表现感到羞愧。通过各级领导和同志们的教育帮助,我明白了要打好球,首先要爱国、要有诚信、要做好人;我明白了没有祖国的支持做后盾,没有组织、领导的关心和爱护,个人将一事无成;我明白了个人的价值,只有在为国争光的奋斗中,才能得到真正的体现。回国的这些天,有机会陪着家人看看快速发展中的北京,除了那些漂亮的环路和崭新的楼房外,人们脸上洋溢着的那股蓬勃向上的朝气,以及随处可见的?新北京、新奥运、同一个世界、同一个梦想?的宣传牌,都深深地打动着我。记得2001年,作为北京申奥代表团成员,在莫斯科亲眼看到北京获胜的那一刻,我的血直往头上涌,和成千上万国人一样,为自己的祖国感到自豪和骄傲,2008年在家乡为国争光的强烈愿望油然而生。前些天,我爱人说她有一个梦想,就是08年北京奥运会时,能抱着我们的儿子看我为国家打球。面对国家经济建设和体育事业蓬勃发展的大好形势,面对亲人的深切期盼,我非常庆幸在组织和大家的帮助下,终于在改正错误的道路上迈出了重要的一步,终于重新回到了自己的祖国。在此,我衷心地感谢大家为我所做的一切。< /SPAN>




  王治郅   二┅六年四月三十日

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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Some Thoughts on Yao Ming’s Early Retirement

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 7/12/11 www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

“杀鸡取卵”是姚明常用来形容中国体育“举国体制”现状的成语。 “杀鸡取卵”也是所有专制制度与文化自相矛盾、自相冲突的真实写照。 只要自由人才能产生的价值而要消灭自由,只要透明竞争才能产生的真实体育而要消灭透明竞争。 这就是“中国人”抽陀螺、灌尿盆的专制文化心态所相信的“中国特色”的死结,也是姚明早期退役的关键原因。

姚明-- 一个年仅30岁的球星的早期退役并没有使我惊讶。 这是他对自身利益着想的最佳选择。 我为他的这一选择高兴并为他祈祷: 祝福他在未来的生活中用良知与理性追求生命的真实意义。

一个真正的运动员的最高美德是他的“敬业精神”。 与王治郅、易建联等利用篮球取得利益与地位的那些运动员们不同,姚明是一个热爱自己职业(热爱篮球)的运动员,并在自己对篮球的激情投入中体现了自身的美德,赢得了我的尊敬。 但是,他的被动的不选择与试图在专制体育与自由体育中找中庸与平衡导致了他心态的分裂与生理能力的透支。 外伤是一个必然的后果。 姚明对篮球的热爱被一个邪恶的专制制度与奴役文化所挟持绑架了。

在中国,当一个人公开表达对任何事物、职业,兴趣或人的热爱的时候,也是他/她最易受害的,最危险的时候。 政府,族群,他人会挟持绑架他/她的爱,将其作为人质来要挟控制他/她。 “中国人”的感情不外露也是对此邪恶心态与行为的、直觉的自我保护。 我自己的篮球生涯就是从恐惧走向勇气并从专制的掌控中自由出来的心路历程,也是一个运动员激情地保卫他对自身之爱的无畏博争的史诗。 我相信姚明也必须在美国与中国之间,在自由与专制奴役之间,在陈凯与王治郅之间做出选择。


基于美国的自由文化与理念,NBA与篮球队员签约是基法律不能与任何政府有交易的。 但基于中共党朝的奴役制度 –举国体制,所有的个体人都是“国家”的财产、奴隶与工具,姚明也不例外。 2002年,姚明渴望到NBA比赛而不得不与中共党朝的“篮协”首先签了一个“卖身契”—姚明必须无条件为中共党朝(国家)效力: 在NBA的(82场比赛以上)每一年赛季后参与所有中国篮协要求他进入的的国际比赛(奥运、世锦、亚锦等)。“卖身契”中,姚明所有在海外的经济所得(包括商业广告)的50%也要被无条件上缴国家。 (中共党朝虽然与姚明签此约,并没有强迫姚明交钱,自此从心理上(用内疚感与亏欠感)掌控姚明为中共党朝站台服务 – 姚明曾在北京奥运开幕式上为中共打旗,并参与过一系列的中共所指使的政治工程/活动,如去台湾搞政宣和在天安门广场为毛泽东粉饰等等、、。 注: 姚明本人对自己被掌控,被左右也要承担必要承担的个体道德责任。)

姚明虽然身在美国的自由社会,但他并不是一个自由的个体。 一付无形隐秘的中共党朝的镣铐将他死死地拴住了。 这也是造成他多伤早退的主要原因。 2011年的亚洲锦标赛夺冠是中国队进入2012年伦敦奥运会的关键。 没有姚明中国队合格奥运的可能性不大。 中国篮协就一再用各种方式施压,要姚明参赛。 姚明的决定早退不光使他脱离了这种参赛的压力,也使他相对减轻了道德良知上的困扰与磨难。 没有人愿意违心地为一个用经济,心理与族群作托词压抑、左右运动员的体制与人们服务。 就如李娜所言: “我赢球,当官儿的晋级分房子。” 由此而言,姚明现在的早退是一个最明智,对自己最负责任的选择。 我也可以用逻辑推敲: 如没有中共党朝的奴役的“举国体制”,姚明的NBA篮球生涯很可能仍在继续。

一个优秀的运动员并不是为政治、族群、文化、肤色进入运动并有出色的表现的。 运动奇迹的出现在于纯粹的体育运动精神 – 一个人对自身选择的运动激情的爱与投入。 美国女足在2011年世界杯对巴西队的比赛中创造了一个以少胜多,反败为胜的奇迹,并不是她们为了利益,政治等进入比赛,而是她们在无情的、激烈的角逐中完整地将自身的爱与激情投入到意义之中。 与中国的精明的伪体育家相反,她们不会事先“权衡算计”地考虑输赢而决定自身投入的程度。 也不会“胜王败寇”地用输赢裁定自身与他人的生命意义。 当一个运动员激情地、完整地投入他/她所热爱的运动时,并在每一刻体验到“自身存在的意义”与“运动精神的永恒”的时候,输赢胜负的结局只是一个小小的插曲。


你固然不希望姚明成为专制中国的工具与奴隶,但用族群心态去看,去鉴别,去断定一个运动员的价值,说他是族群、文化、特定人们的代表,本身就是一种专制奴役的心态。 姚明首先属于自己,属于上苍(God)的创造,而绝不属于任何族群、政体与人们,不管他/它们是谁。 正如马丁. 路德. 金所说: “对一个人的鉴定应该是他品质的内涵,而绝不是他的外表与肤色。” 我只在此对姚明运动生涯后的日子表示祝福: 希望他能用自己的良知与理性追求生命的意义与真实的幸福。 他选择住在美国,选择在美国养育子女,选择在美国早期退役,已经走出了坚实的一步。 任何其他人都应尊重他个人的选择。 姚明的运动生涯并不能给你(品头论足者)任何个体的尊严与意义。 只有你自己的道德良知的言行才能使你获得个体的尊严与意义。

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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Voice from My Soul


"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

作者:陈凯 Kai Chen (Written 7/7/2007, Reprint 8/4/2011)


作为一个前中国国家男篮队员,我基于我的良知在此时此地向世界倾吐几句肺腑之言。 我不光要用我良知的声音反抗专制压迫与其对人类灵魂的奴役,我也要用我良知的声音唱赞人对自由,希望与美好未来的向往。 我不光要用我良知的声音为那些尚在中共政权压迫下受难的中国的人们表达他们自由的愿望,我也要用我良知的声音为所有的、全世界的尚在新的与传统的专制奴役下受煎熬的人们表达他们对自由的向往。

我们应该从1936年的柏林奥运会上汲取教训。 那时当全世界的人们都处在由纳粹的宣传机器而引起的幻觉之中时,千千万万的无辜的人们正在纳粹的罪恶统治下受着煎熬与虐杀。 历史绝不应重现。 我们热爱自由的人们应对此做出不懈的努力。 奥运会的精神只能是自由的精神,而绝不是对专制奴役纵容妥协的鸦片。 任何妄图利用奥运会达到压抑自由,持续专制的政府都应该被抛到光天化日之下,暴露它们的邪恶的本质。 2008年的北京奥运会应将是奥运精神推动人类自由事业的榜样,而不是奥运精神助长专制奴役的典范。








我们并不主张抵制北京奥运会。 我们并不主张你用你的不加入来抗议中共政权的欺世盗名并以此维持其残喘。 我们希望你能去北京并用你的良知去表达你对真理、正义、自由、尊严的人类的普世价值的推崇。 我们希望你能用你的精湛的运动技能、对体育运动的热情、和人对自由的渴望与向往将希望的火炬带到北京。

我作为一个有灵魂的前中国运动员再次向你们呼吁: 用你们的良知、勇气与行动为那些热爱自由的中国的和世界的人们祈祷。 用你穿上“奥运自由衫”的行动表达你对人类普世价值的憧憬。 是的,你正在用你的所作所为创造着一个更美好的人类的明天。


Olympic Freedom T-shirt Movement


--原载:《右派网》 http://www.youpai.org _(博讯自由发稿区发稿)


Speech for the 2008 “Olympic Freedom T Shirt” movement

July 1, 2007 by Kai Chen (Reprint 8/4/2011)

As the 2008 Beijing Olympics fast approaches, we as freedom-loving people, realize as that time comes, we are standing at the threshold between human freedom in our future and human despotism from our past.

As a former Chinese National Basketball Team player, I feel compelled by my conscience to speak out, not just to speak out against oppression, slavery and human degradation, but to speak out for human freedom, for hope, for a better tomorrow. I am speaking out not just for those who still suffer under the oppressive regime of the Chinese communist government, but also for those who are suffering under all kinds of despotism, old and new, in the world.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics is the lesson we ought to heed. As the world indulged itself in the illusion of Olympic grandeur under the Nazi propaganda, millions were suffering unspeakable cruelty under the murderous Nazi regime. History should not repeat itself, and we as free people will make sure that Olympic spirit is nothing but the spirit of human freedom, not opium to induce illusions for despotism and evil. Any government that wants to use the Olympics for its own oppressive and reactionary policies against human freedom should be put into the spotlight and have its evil exposed. The 2008 Beijing Olympics should be an example of how the cause of human freedom is pushed forward by the Olympic movement, not pushed backward.

As an athlete with a conscience, I call upon all athletes, all coaches, all people in the athletic establishment in the world, all sports fans and all tourists who will participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to awaken your conscience, pluck up your courage and listen to the call from the deepest recess of your soul to join our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt” global movement:

When you participate in the competition, please wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you interact with the Chinese people, wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you peruse the artifacts in the Forbidden City, wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you walk in the gardens of the Summer Palace, wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you climb the Great Wall, wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”

When you stroll on the Tiananmen Square, under the stare of the giant portrait of Mao – the biggest mass murderer in human history, when you remember those who died in the 1989 Tiananmen massacre, wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

We do not advocate boycotting the Beijing Summer Olympics. We want you to use your presence in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to spread the message of Truth, Justice, Liberty and Dignity to all human beings on the planet earth. We want to see you use your excellence, your enthusiasm, your expression and appreciation of the human yearning for the eternal values of mankind to spread the message of hope and human freedom.

I, as a Chinese athlete with a conscience, call upon the voice in your conscience, call upon your courage, your action and your prayer for freedom for the Chinese people, for freedom for all the people in the world. In wearing our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”, you are expressing your support for the freedom-loving people in China and in the world. You are indeed building a better tomorrow for yourself and those you love.

Let Freedom Ring!

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:14 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


Yao Ming: You Can't be a Virgin-Whore

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

在自由与奴役之间是没有妥协与中间道路可走的。 奴役下的自由与自由人的被奴役是根本就不存在的幻觉。 中国的“文化白面”会使你产生此种幻觉。 姚明一定要在陈凯与王治郅,美国与中国,自由与奴役之间做出选择。 不选择其实只是选择了混乱,痛苦与内心良知的逐渐死亡。

There is no compromise, no middle-road between freedom and slavery. Freedom under despotism and tyranny, or willing slavery from a free man is only an illusion. The cultural narcotics from China has been purified through thousands of years to induce such illusions. Yao Ming must choose between Kai Chen and Wang Zhizhi, must choose between America and China, must choose between freedom and slavery. No-Choice is only a choice one chooses and it will result in moral confusion, pain and misery, and the ultimate withering-away, and eventual death of one's own conscience.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/9/2011)

In the Chinese basketball circle, there is Kai Chen, there is Wang Zhizhi, there is Yao Ming. I once wrote a fable -- "Tale of Three Turtles" (in my forum)which accurately depicts such scenario. The bog turtle, the desert turtle and the sea turtle evolve from different individual choices and values. They end up with entirely different destinies.

I will paste an article in Chinese here in which Yao Ming once again had a fight with the Chinese sports authority -- a guy named Hu Jiashi who used to be my roommate in Beijing Institute of Physical Culture. Yao Ming allegedly burst into anger: "I can't take this nonsense any longer".

I hope Yao Ming knows that as long as he refuses to make a choice between freedom and slavery, between America and China, between being a human being with dignity and being a tool, a lackey for an entity that oppresses his very own individuality, he will be forever mired in misery, pain, meaninglessness. True happiness and human dignity will forever elude him.

Before Yao Ming signed the contract with NBA, he also signed, as every Chinese athlete must, a concession to servitude to the Chinese government. He must break away from that contract of slavery, mentally, spiritually and physically, in order to be free and happy. He must choose NOT to be a virgin-whore, like his predecessor Wang Zhizhi. I coined an English word for such beings -- Eunuslawhore (宦奴娼).

Yao Ming: You must fight hard to find your passion and spark for freedom, for exactly it is that passion and spark what makes you love the game of basketball. If you lose that passion and spark because of your inner demons, your moral confusion, your fear, your ignorance and stupidity, you will live to regret it for the rest of your life.

My prayer and best wishes to you, Yao Ming. Fight, and fight hard for your freedom and to maintain your integrity and conscience.

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:16 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

奴役制体育的精髓是抹杀体育家个体的兴趣,天才,努力与尊严。 在今天的中国,道德的、纯粹的体育精神与竞技被奴役政治与腐败文化彻底地污染。 体育家的自尊与个体爱好荡然无存。 每一个运动员也要承担他吸食体育精神毒品而对自身造成伤害的个体责任。

Slave athletic culture in China is centered around one thing -- completely denying/destroying each/every athlete's personal interests, talent, effort and self-respect/dignity. Today, China's sports and athletics have been thoroughly corrupted by the slave culture and politics. The cancer has already spread to every cell of Chinese society. Each individual athlete should also bear the responsibility of buying into such a slave culture and addicting to such cultural narcotics.


Slave Athletes Serving Master in China

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 6/25/2008, Reprint 8/29/2011)

I watched HBO sports special "Real Sports" by Bryant Gumbel last night. Chinese sports machine by the government and the state of the Chinese athletes is one of the topics.

When Mr. Gumbel interviewed the former Chinese woman weightlifter in Shenyang whose husband (another Chinese weightlifter) died at age 33, she could not even tell the truth to the reporter for fear of repression from the Chinese authority. Fear permeates everything in China, even after one is harmed, he/she is still controlled by such a emotion. What a pity!

This former woman athlete only signed with resignation: "What is the use? My husband is already gone." From this expression you can sense what is on a Chinese person's mind is never any of the values (truth, justice, liberty and dignity). It is all about physical survival. No wonder the Chinese National Anthem only regards human beings as "Flesh and Blood". Each human life in China is nothing but just another physical existence consisted of nothing but cells and chemicals. "Meaning" is an alien concept in a slave culture.

The Chinese people/athletes' mindset has been heavily penetrated by the cultural narcotics produced the Chinese despotic authority. They constantly need and demand more potent "designer narcotics" in order to numb their senses and mind, in order to forget the painful past, in order to survive physically.... So the Chinese regime constantly provides such narcotics, knowing that satisfying the need of the addicts is more important to the regime's own survival. Such is the truth and reality in China today.

I now paste the following article from the Times Magazine. In this article some Chinese persons with the drugged mindset claim that today China's athletes' plight is due to the economic development. What a perverted view! I know personally such plight has never been changed and the conditions of the athletes have never been improved. They are only the toilet paper (or some chewed up gums) to be abandoned after they are used up. Nothing else.

I remember some days ago some "angry youths" came to me and accused me of betraying China. "China reared you and now you turn against her. You are a traitor." They claimed. I often wonder whether they knew anything at all about what they were saying. Who/what the fuck is China??!! How can China raise me or rear me??!! Only God created me with athletic talent and China only hijacked my love and talent to oppress me and legitimize itself. China only held my love for basketball and my family/friends as hostages against me. China has committed countless unspeakable crimes against me and many like me. Not only will I not thank China, I will do everything in my power to expose China's evil and crimes against humanity, against individuals like me. I will do everything in my power to vanquish China/Chinese regime. I do indeed have that moral obligation and I intend to fulfill that obligation. I owe nothing to China. I owe everything to myself and God, period.

I will stop here for you to read the below article.


China's Disposable Athletes

Tuesday, Jul. 17, 2007 By JODI XU/BEIJING

When Zou Chunlan left school to become a professional athlete, her recruiting coach assured the 13-year-old that the nation's huge sports bureaucracy would look after her for the rest of her life. All she had to worry about was winning. For a decade, Zou followed his advice, winning the 48-kg national weightlifting title in 1990 when she was 19 years old and pocketing four other national championships. But when she retired in 1993, Zou discovered that the coach's side of the bargain wasn't going to be met. After three years of menial jobs in the women's weightlifting team's kitchen, she was asked to leave.

With her little education and total ignorance of the real world, Zou had little choice but to turn to physical labor. After stints carrying sacks on a construction site and selling lamb kebabs in the street, she ended up as a masseuse in a public bathhouse earning $60 a month. Her fate isn't unusual. A weightlifting coach explained to the Beijing News that Zou wasn't the only retired weightlifter struggling with the real world. "Zou's national medals are worthless. There are world champions who end up jobless after retirement."

The system that is so good at churning out Olympic medalists seems to be even better at producing poverty-stricken retired athletes. Last year, China's national news agency Xinhua reported that almost half of 6,000 professional athletes retiring from competition each year end up jobless or without further schooling plans. Among them, the winner of the 1999 Beijing International Marathon Ai Dongmei, 26, who announced last year that she had no choice but to sell off her medals so that she could feed her family. Former Asian weightlifting champion Cai Li died of pneumonia at age 33 after he couldn't afford to pay his medical bills. Liu Fei, a seven-time national champion and world champion in acrobatic gymnastics, struggles to live on the $20 she earned monthly from tutoring gymnastics.

According to the China Sports Daily, nearly 80% of China's 300,000 retired athletes are struggling with joblessness, injury or poverty. Many athletes suffer from sports injuries and health problems caused by their training. Zou came out of the system with her own appalling legacy. She says the pills she was required to take made her grow a beard and develop a prominent Adam's apple and a deep voice. "My coach told me it was a nutrition booster. I trusted him," Zou says. The steroids also made her infertile. Now, she must shave every couple of days.

The root of Zou's troubles, like so many things in China today, can be traced back to the country's wholesale adoption of capitalism. Market forces were unleashed on what was once a sports system that cared for its athletes from cradle to grave, leaving Zou and tens of thousands of others out in the cold when they had passed their athletic peak and could no longer win attention and profits for their sports associations. In 2003, the changes were reinforced by a new law that shifted most responsibility for employment after retirement to the athletes themselves. "This group of athletes is the legacy of China's economic development," Liu Mingyu, deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau told the Beijing News. "I feel for them, but there is nothing we can do to help all of them." The 2003 law stipulates that "a lump sum compensation is to be given to those athletes who choose to find jobs on their own." But that amount is usually not big enough to help an athlete with injuries and without an education.

Athletes now in training, however, may benefit from a new regulation currently being considered in the country's sports bureau. It would bar recruitment of professional athletes until after they graduate high school. Some joint programs between sports teams and university departments have also been under discussion so that athletes are able to attend classes in university during training.

Since her plight became public, things have taken a turn for the better for Zou. With the help of the All China Women's Federation, she opened a laundry shop six months ago in her hometown, Changchun, capital of Jilin Province. She no longer has to work as a masseuse at a bath house. But she is still struggling. Unable to read and unfamiliar with computers, she says she can hardly manage to add up her accounts. "I gave my youth to sport," she told TIME over the phone, in a voice thick with emotion, "but in return, I was thrown out like garbage with no knowledge, no skill and a barren womb."

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:00 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


反竞争、反真实 – 中国专制文化心态的实质
Anti-Competition, Anti-Truth – The Core of Chinese Despotic Culture

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯
7/10/11 www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

反竞争的体育、反市场的经济、反多党的政治、反真实的文化、反自由与尊严的个人、、, 是我一直反复地强调的“中国人”的病态文化心理: 几乎所有的人都是“胜王败寇”的、见风使舵的“墙头草”。 “输赢”而不是“对错”,“得失”而不是“真假”, “权势”而不是“是非”是所有“中国人”关注的焦点。 “朝代的恶性循环”而不是“历史的良性演进”也就必然成为“中国”的专制特色。 这是一个逻辑的必然延伸: “中国人”迷恋在“输赢”、“得失”与“权势”的“抽陀螺”的“术”与“谋”中而不能进入追求“向前行”的哲学与智慧的开拓也就成了撰写“孙子兵法”、“三国演义”、“儒林外史”与 “厚黑学”“的动机。 “玩儿心术”、“斗心眼儿”、“杀人越权“的巫术小人如毛泽东也自然地成了“中国人”崇拜仿效的偶像。 道德与智慧的典范如林昭在中国也必然成为虚无与人所回避、敬而远之甚至诽谤唾弃的言论禁区。 推进世界历史向前演进了2011年的基督的道德智慧也被“中国人”不屑一顾地认为只是西方外来的怪物怪癖。 (例:中国的人们从不过问为什么一个星期有七天。)

为什么中国几千年的历史从没有产生过“体育运动”的概念与现象? 回答是很简单的: 因为中国“反竞争”的专制文化心态的强大禁锢。 “杀人”是消灭竞争的最佳手段。 中国的历史从一开始是一部王朝的“杀人史”。 从秦始皇到毛泽东, 谁杀人越多,谁在中国的历史上就越伟大辉煌,谁就越得到“中国人”的崇拜与青睐。 中国古代的“擂台”也都只能是一些毫无规则法律的“打死为止”的合法杀人场所。 中国的商业也只能是一个“害人、骗人、掠夺越货”的“无商不奸”的坑人场。 中国的政治当然也都是“无官不贪”的“杀人越权”的官场谋略。 自此,“杀人”也就成了“中国文化”的精髓。

“中国人”从不懂得“人被上苍(God)所创”与“人的存在的伟大”,就如中国人从不懂得体育精神的伟大并不在输赢一样: 中国体育的“举国体制”就是要消灭在中国国内的体育竞争的。 为什么中国国内的(反竞争)体育运动与中国国内的(反竞争)官僚经济一样,都是腐败的呢? 国家队、八一队的组建与长期存在就说明中国国内的体育运动是反竞争的: 政府、军队有权将最优秀的体育天才“充公”。 这样,所有的民间培养体育人才的机制就被消灭殆尽。 奴役制的文化洗脑又将这种“充公”说成是民间应有的“为国为民族奉献”的骄傲。 人们“不以为耻,反以为荣”地将这种非人(非个体)的“举国体制”说成是有“中国特色”的体育。

对比美国的NBA选材机制,你就不难鉴别自由竞争的真实文化与消灭竞争的虚假文化: 每一年的NBA的选材是由往年比赛成绩最差的队公平抽签最先取材的。 导致最大、最自由的竞争的基点是不断完善 法律与规则。 NBA的篮球竞赛规则也是不断根据竞争、娱乐与经济效益的目标不断进行新的尝试、调整与改变的。 裁判的误判漏判也因实行了“即时审查录像”的新规则而减少到最低。 客观的胜负就此成为可能与现实。 运动员、教练员的个体品质、努力、发挥与天才就此成为输赢的最关键因素。 体育的“求真”的精神实质就此被“求真”的美国政治文化逐渐完整地体现出来。

“真实”(Truth)并不总是使人高兴与快乐, 但只有对真实(Truth)的不懈追求才能使人自由,才能使历史向前演进。 体育运动本身对真实(Truth)的暴露往往是无情的与残酷的,但只有这种无情与残酷的暴露才是公正的(Just, Fair)。 在昨天女足世界杯的四分之一决赛中,日本女足以1:0战胜了东道主德国女足,以弱胜强。 德国的女足姑娘们虽然进了最大的努力,拼搏了120分钟,但终因发挥失常而败。 许多人因而懊悔落泪。 但真实毕竟是真实。 真实的、伟大的体育精神是通过真实的、公平的、客观的、透明的体育竞争而产生的。 做了手脚的体育竞争如“充公”、“黑哨”、受贿、赌博、举国、吃激素而产生的输赢胜负是腐败虚假的自欺欺人。 为了“伪政权的合法性”而建立的体育是伪体育。 在这种伪体育中,金牌是以人(个体)的道德沦丧为代价的。 “中国人”的金牌数量不过是道德腐败的人们减轻自己因道德虚无而产生的失落感不断为自己打的“吗啡针”,是因恐惧与逃避真实(Truth)麻醉自己而吸食的“可可因”罢了。

一个真正的体育家的伟大精神在于他的真实: 他真实地面对自身,真实地面对世界,无所畏惧地在客观的、无情的竞争中投入自己全部的品质、意志、能力、努力、、。 流血、流汗、伤痛、挫败、讥讽、嘲笑、、,他必须勇敢地面对这一切。 他完整地、激情地投入他的全部,但绝没有成功与胜利的保证与许诺。 当我观看一次拳击冠军赛时看到拳手的血流满面的博争,我不禁为运动家们的体育精神所深深感动。 每一次的体育竞争都是一个体育家自身品质与意义的真实体现。 他们在这种残酷、无情、公正与透明的激烈角逐中体验着自身的存在与意义。 他们在那真实的“一瞬间”体验着“人生的 永恒”。 奇怪的是,大多数的“中国人”惧怕、回避、憎恨这种残酷、无情、公正与透明的激烈角逐。 他们会用“野蛮”等字眼去描述这种体育竞争。 但扭曲与冲突的是这些“中国人”也会无条件地服从专制并接受/欣赏毛泽东杀了八千万无辜人们的“伟业”。 他们用对自由与个体责任的恐惧与逃避尊崇着那些杀人魔,也从来不认为这些无视生命、自由与尊严的杀人魔们是“野蛮”。 多么病态的人们啊!

有意义的体育是道德的、客观的竞争体育。 有意义的社会是道德的、自由的、通过竞争而体现真实的正义社会。 有意义的个体是敢于面对自己、不懈追求真实的勇者。 有意义/合法的政体是一个通过自由竞争而产生的被“赋政者们”(Government by the consent of the governed)认可同意的政体。 “中国”并不是一个有意义的“国”(Nation-state)。 “中国”只是一个非程序法(无选举)、非道德法(无真实信仰与人性)的“党政”(Party-state)或更真实地说是一个“党朝”(Party – dynasty)。 “中国”的“体育运动”也只是一个虚假的为非法的“党政”、“党朝”服务的御用工具与“吗啡针”、“可可因”罢了。 如果李娜能为60万人民币而昧着良心改嘴说假话为中共党朝唱赞歌,那她的网球冠军又能代表着什么呢? 是真实吗(Truth)? 是道德 (Morality)吗? 是意义(Meaning)吗? 是良知(Conscience)吗? 是“正义感”(Justice)吗?

如果“钱”(Money)与“权”(Power)能收买一切,如果“输赢”、“胜败”、“权势”、“地位”能决定一切,那“中国”到底是什么呢、到底代表什么呢? 这样的“中国人”不作也罢。

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:22 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


"Human Beings" are not "Country Beings"


A Person is a Free Being, not a Slave of/for a government;an athlete is a person whose loyalty belongs first to his/her chosen profession and love, not to a country or a government.

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 6/7/2011 www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

“人”首先是有良知理性的“自由人”;“运动员”首先是忠实于自身职业所爱的有职业道德的职业家。 在一个没有自由的国度中,不光其历史是虚假的、被政府强权的伪造,所有的人也都被强权制造成或作为“奴”与“国家财产”。 被华语系人们用专制文化心态制造与常用的伪词汇“国人”也自然地成为人们自我认同的伪概念、伪认同、伪存在。

李娜、姚明等职业体育家在直觉地谴责中国的奴性“举国体育制度”的同时,又不得不“圆滑”与“中庸”地为中国的奴性体育文化辩护。 这只说明了奴性文化中的个体为了生存而表达的无奈。 “难得糊涂”不只是一般“中国人”的共同选择,也是所有在奴化体育的“举国制度”中艰难生存的中国的体育家们的必然反应。 如果说李娜、姚明是灵魂尚存的(中国的)职业运动员,那朗朗那样的职业艺术家则是选择出卖自身灵魂的、甘愿做奴的、用一切无耻的手段攀登一个“奴国”的权力地位阶梯的“活死人”/Zombie 与“吸血鬼”/Vampire. 他们的唯一目的就是要消灭所有良知人们的灵魂与自省。


因为我家庭的台湾亲属关系,我是一个不被“举国体制”信任,但被“举国体制”利用的“国家财产”。 我想那些将自己与他人作为“国人”的人们也会理解在一个“举国奴制”的国度中为什么人们会被人为地“等级化”与“工具化”(基于每个个体的“利用程度”与“被信程度”)。 因为我的出色球技我的“利用程度”很高。 但因为我的个体反叛性与家庭台湾关系我的“被信程度”很低。 所以每一次出国的时候,球队的“党小组”总会分派一个共产党员跟我在一个旅馆房间同住。 在我十余次的出国比赛旅途中每一次无一例外。 这是一个不言而喻的、无声自晓的事实与阳谋。 所有的人都认可这种等级、操控与安排。 所有的人(奴与主)都是这个奴役制的同谋者与参与者。

试想: 一个在这种“举国奴制”的压抑中生活的体育家为了自己的职业爱好要付出多大的精神代价与物质代价啊! 要么他要消灭自己的人性与情感去作一个“国家职奴”(一个消灭个性的机器人);要么他的个体人性与情感就会不可避免地与这个“举国奴制”冲突并消耗他的能量和削弱他的职业运动技术的发挥。 他生活在一个令人窒息的夹缝中: 他取得的成绩被“举国主子”们所剥夺去为一个奴国的合法性站台;他的任何挫败/创痛都只能被他个人所承受。 他被用旧、用残后的唯一下场就是被抛弃。 他的反抗与叛逆则会被所有的“国人”们(主奴们)所不齿与唾弃。

一个“国人”、“国运动员”、“国艺术家”只有“被利用”的伪价值而绝没有“被上苍/God所创的自由人”的尊严、正义感与感受真实幸福的可能。 真实的价值是与与“中国”认同的“国人”(主奴)们绝缘的。 王治郅就是这样一个“宦奴娼”式的用“国人”认同自身的伪“职业家”。 “忠于国家”而不是“忠于良知”“忠于职业道德”是这些“国人/奴”们的迷恋。 王治郅与朗朗真可谓是中国的“无睾忠君”的职业娼妓的典范。

你究竟是一个“上苍/God所创的自由人”,还是一个“自阉忠君”的“国人”? 只有你自己才是这个人生最重要的命题的回答者。 人生的“意义”与“伪意义”也必然来自你自己对这一命题的诚实回答。

Tennis Win May Bring Reforms


The victory of rebel Chinese tennis star Li Na in the French Open has caused many in China to question the state-controlled Communist Party system of training top athletes.

China's top tennis official Sun Jinfang said in an interview with official media that Li's victory—which came after she ditched both the state-backed training and management system and her husband-cum-coach—would likely prompt other young athletes to consider going it alone.

"Li Na will play a significant role in developing the future of tennis in China, and will attract more young people to the sport," Sun said.

But she said reforms of the current cradle-to-retirement selection and training system would likely follow, too.

"Li's successful experience may encourage more tennis players to go down this path," she said.

Going it alone

In 2008, Li challenged the entire Party-backed machine that trains young Chinese to become top-performing athletes.

The 28-year-old, whose rose tattoo has drawn much comment from China's gossip-ridden Internet, left the national sports system when she was denied permission to marry her coach, Jiang Shan.

Together with fellow tennis stars Peng Shuai, Zheng Jie, and Yan Zi, she negotiated a deal that won them the right to more of their own winnings, and the freedom to choose their coaches and their matches.

Li is now ranked seventh in world tennis rankings after she beat defending champion Francesca Schiavone in straight-sets on Saturday, becoming the first Asian tennis player to win a singles Grand Slam event.

Sun told China's official Xinhua news agency that there should be innovation in the centralized training system.

"The policymakers in the state sports administration weren't very proactive in preventing Li Na and the other athletes from leaving the old system," wrote sports journalist Wang Dazhao in the Communist Party's People's Daily newspaper.

"They never thought it would get to a point where there was no going back."

General public ignored

Wang said Beijing's haul of 51 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics shouldn't be taken as a sign that China has become a great sporting nation.

"There are still a lot of limitations in terms of the physical fitness and participation in sports of ordinary citizens," he wrote.

A member of a Hebei-based sports association surnamed Fan agreed. "If you want the whole sports system to earn the title of great sporting nation, then the problem still lies with the broad masses of ordinary people," he said.

China spends billions of dollars annually on its state sports development budget, but the Soviet-inspired program has been criticized for ignoring the general public.

Out of a population of 1.3 billion, only around 12 million Chinese currently play tennis regularly, a recent survey has shown.

State system criticized

China's sports development programs came in for strong criticism from a former top official during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Government talent scouts handpick promising youngsters at an early age, taking them away from their families to a life of permanent training and discipline, according to Bao Tong, former aide to late disgraced premier Zhao Ziyang.

"China's athletes are chosen as young children ... and taken away from their families, from their schools, and totally cut off from normal social activities," Bao said, in an essay bitterly critical of the Communist Party's approach to sports.

"The door is closed, and they give up their entire youth and part of their childhoods for the sole aim of entering and winning competitions, an aim for which they are totally remolded by the system," he wrote.

Bao said that while China has an unending supply of human talent, the system does little to encourage ordinary people to get fitter and healthier.

Reported by He Ping for RFA's Mandarin service. Translated and written in English by Luisetta Mudie.











新唐人電視台 http://www.ntdtv.com 陈凯访谈

















陈凯:刚才讲的那个概念,有一个是伪概念,就是“赋税人”的概念,赋税人在中国不存在,在中国叫抢劫,不叫赋税。赋税只有在一个有民主选举的自由人的社会里面才存在赋税,在一个专制的社会叫taxation without representation,就是没有代表权而课税,没有代表的抽税怎么叫抽税呢?只有选举的社会才有“赋税人”的概念。







真正运动家的精神不是去挣钱,而是去体现自我的这种上帝给你的价值,这是真正运动家的精神,你看 Michael Jordan他一年挣那么多钱,NBA多少球员一年挣这么多钱,他用不着在场上用自己的身体去进行那样的冲撞,受那样的危险,甚至残废的危险去做那么大的努力。为什么要去做那么大的努力?为什么要?他不想输,他不想输,第一他不是为钱打的,他是为自己对运动的一种激情去参加的。这就是真实的体育精神。






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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:39 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


The Perversion of China's Sports

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je2zJA21HzA












陈凯:"裁判处在一种非常专制的等级文化心态的时候,他脑子里想的并不是如何很公正的对待自己的职业,他想的是如何讨好上边。当你这样思考的时候,其实没有公平竞争的吹哨­了, 不可能公众的裁判了。"


新唐人记者陈汉 宋风 肖颜 采访报导

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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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“豪小子”林书豪(右)近来的表现,连NBA的总裁史腾都称是“奇迹”,是NBA的神话。(Getty Images)


Can China's Culture Produces Jeremy Lin?!




* 中国造不出林书豪





















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RE: 爱国体育是病态体育 Sports Perversion in China

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林书豪 vs.姚明 = 自由人vs. 族群人
Jeremy Lin vs. Yao Ming

Jeremy Lin as a free being has already overwhelmed Yao Min as an enslaved man

“自由人” vs. “中国人”序列
“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 2/21/2012 www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

自从林书豪在NBA的优异表现冲击了美国篮坛与世界舆论以来,我接受了来自多方位的媒体采访。 许多西方的媒体基于“政治正确”的左派倾向在采访中想用一些少数人的种族主义评论把我引入族群的争议。 一些在美的华裔政客们也想借美国少数人对林书豪的病态负面的评论为自己拉政治稻草。 但最让我反胃恶心的是大多数的华裔人士也都将林书豪作为种族、祖裔、中国专制文化的产物来为虚无的个体找认同,似乎林书豪的肤色与他家庭的来历是他取得成就的原因。 殊不知,林书豪的真正意义是在于“他是一个美国人,他是一个自由人”。 他的成就并不是“因为”他是一个亚裔人,而是“尽管”他是一个亚裔人。 (Jeremy Lin’s achievement is NOT “because” he is of Asian descendent, but “despite” he is of Asian descendent.)

林书豪的故事绝不是一个什么“亚裔人/中国人/台湾人/族群人”的故事。 林书豪的故事是一个“美国人/自由人/有信仰的人”的故事。 林书豪的故事是一个在自由世界中个体用自身的天才,努力,信念,勇气与自由意志战胜群体的无知,击败种族的偏见,冲破环境的限制,打碎人的“默默的绝望”的、充满激情与希望的“自由人”的故事。 当一位记者采访我的时候 ,她竭尽所能想用“族裔”来定位林书豪的成就。 我只是用“1+1=2”的常识逻辑向她说:

“如果你认为其他人不应该用林书豪的肤色与家族背景来贬低他的话,你为什么要用林书豪的肤色与家族背景来抬高他呢? 难道这不是一回事儿吗?”

当所有人,时常会是他的亲友们(不只是他的有种族主义倾向的怀疑者们),不相信林书豪的时候,林书豪本人并没有丧失自己对篮球的热爱,并没有丧失对自身与上苍的信念。 这难道不是他的故事的本质吗?! 当林书豪在令人难以忍受的困境之中,在眼泪、内心的挣扎中,在怀疑与失败的痛苦中,在族群的偏见与无知中愤然/奋然挺起、冲破障碍、取得成功时,他并没有因为得志得意而放弃自己的操守、信念与自省。 这难道不是他的故事的本质吗?! 当林书豪向世界证实“人绝非环境、族群、历史、贫富、文化背景、家族祖宗的产物”而是“个体的自由意志、对神的信仰、不懈的努力,勇气与毅力的自由的精灵”的时候,你难道不认为这才是林书豪的真实自我,这才是林书豪的真实故事的本质吗?

易建联曾自供:“林书豪付出得到了回报,我的付出没有得到回报。” 言外之意是我的命/运气不好。 殊不知,“求回报而付出/做好事求好报”正说明一个人没有真实的热爱与信仰,正说明易建联并不真正热爱篮球而是想从篮球中强取/偷取/骗取那些并不在自我认同/热爱中,也绝不是因为自我认同而产生的价值。 正是因为这些“中国奴”没有真实的热爱与信仰,他们可能会有因偷/抢/骗而得到的钱,而绝不会有因热爱与信仰而得到的真实幸福与对不懈意义追求的满足感。

中共党朝的官方媒体早就借各种渠道放出风来,说什么“林书豪永远不会有姚明的成就与影响”,说什么“林书豪还需要时间来证实他的实力与价值”。 一个被奴役制洗脑左右的人是绝不会懂得林书豪与姚明之间的根本对差的: 林书豪是一个自由人。 姚明是一个被奴役的非自由人(即使连他也懂得把自己的女儿生在美国成为一个美国人的重要。)。 林书豪是一个用自己的信念与品质击败了无知、偏见、怯懦与自我怀疑的人。 姚明是一个不得不在奴役体制中无奈的玩儿专制游戏、为专制站台的人。 林书豪是一个用自身的意志、勇气与能力战胜环境与背景束缚的人。 姚明是一个被环境、背景、专制强权左右的被奴人(姚明在与NBA签约之前被迫与中国篮协签了“卖身契”保证用自己的篮球、名、利为“中国/中共党朝”服务。 他也曾邀NBA队友到天安门为毛泽东站台与授意到台湾为中共党朝搞“统战”)。 林书豪向世界、向人类、向上苍证实了“人”是可以自由的。 姚明则用他的无奈与妥协向人们表达了“默默的绝望”是人生的唯一终结。 林书豪与姚明之间只有对照,没有比较。 林书豪与姚明生活在两个绝对冲突与对立的精神世界里。

姚明的八年NBA生涯是在被利用、被奴役、被迫就范的精神世界中度过的。 林书豪则正在用自身NBA成功的见证突破了历史与族群的束缚与界限,告诉着人们“人是上苍所造的自由人,而绝非政府、族群、历史、环境所造的无奈之物”,“人可以用自身的信念、勇气与努力设计自身的轨迹,书写自身的剧本,改变历史的走向与所生的环境”。 有什么能比林书豪所证实、所表达的这个真实的信息更使人振奋、更使人解放、更使人自由地去为自身的幸福与尊严无畏前行的呢?!


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