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尼克松与毛泽东 - 只有对照没有比较 Only Contrast

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:49 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

Nixon and Mao - Only Contrast with No Comparison
尼克松与毛泽东 - 只有对照没有比较

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陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:

尼克松图书馆/博物馆中的毛铜像陈列说明了人们道德与头脑的混乱。 尼克松的访华是基于击垮苏俄维持和平的动机、是策略的选择。 毛泽东会见尼克松只是为了维护其个体权力与中共的反人类的专制制度。 两者有本质的区别。 今天将两者混为一谈并将毛作为向美国开放的功臣不光是一个理性的混乱,而且是一个道德良知的混乱与腐败。 --- 陈凯

The display of Mao's statue inside of the Nixon Library/Museum is a manifestation of people's confusion in the realms of rationality and morality. Nixon visited China with only one purpose in mind - to defeat the Soviet Union who posed as the most dangerous threat to world peace and freedom. Mao's reception of Nixon was only motivated by expediency to secure his own power and to stabilize/maintain the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party. There was only contrast between the two with no comparison. Today to compare and to confuse the motives of Nixon and Mao is not only an intellectual dishonesty, but also a moral confusion and corruption. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

The reason I protested and plan more actions over the display of Mao's statue in the Nixon Presidential Library/Museum is a simple one - to clear some confusion and to defeat moral corruption caused by the Chinese communist infiltration in America and the Americans' complacency over the threat to freedom in the world from the "soft cold war" championed by the despotic Chinese Party-State. As far as I can see, the Chinese communist party-state is winning the "soft cold war" by turning America into China-like state with big, omnipresent and omnipotent government (government Not as servant of the people, but as savior of the people) and helpless individuals.

A simple story in my family during the Cultural Revolution tells it all:

At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, red guards started to ransack people's homes at random, based on suspicion and perceived problematic family background. My parents hang out a group photo on the most conspicuous place with my father as a staff member of the Chinese Customs with Mao, Zhu, Liu in Zhongnanhai compound. We credited our survival from that part of period partially to this photo, for people would hesitate before they destroy our home, fearing the connection between my father and Mao. But the truth is my parents were exiled by Mao and his cohorts to Manchuria. It was Mao who caused all the misery and atrocities. It is like when a doctor infects you with germs and viruses and then tries to cure you the disease he causes. Do you want to curse him to hell or do you want to thank him for trying to cure the disease? People with the Stockholm Syndrome will certainly thank him. But people with common sense and moral decency will curse him to hell.

If you understand the moral clarity in my action, you will understand the confusion and corruption both in China and in America today. I, as an American citizen, will fight for the principles established by the founding fathers - life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Despotism/tyranny has no room in America and should never be accepted as something we can tolerate, or worse, appreciate. Despotism/tyranny is the same everywhere in the world, regardless whether it is white, black, brown or yellow.... Affirmative action is just as insidious in destroying people's moral decency in the realm of education and job preference in America as in fighting against the enemies of freedom in the world.

I will always thank Nixon for I had a chance to have met and married my wife who was an American exchange student in 1978. But I will never thank Mao for anything. The world would have been much better without Mao what what he had created.

Let's pluck up our courage, clear our vision and take actions to protect and preserve the values of America.

Best wishes to you all. Kai Chen 陈凯

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RE: 尼克松与毛泽东 - 只有对照没有比较 Only Contrast

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:50 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com 陈凯博客

Call for Removal of Mao's Statue


南加华人陈凯、张汉废和郭树人15日发起撤除销毁尼克松纪念图书馆内毛泽东铜像征签活动。他们对记者表示:鉴于人类历史上最大的屠夫毛泽东,一个在和平时期杀害了7千万中国人的魔鬼,其铜像竟被放在最代表美国自由精神的尼克松总统图馆里,这种不合乎道德的行为,将会造成多少人的错误观念,将会造成多么不良的影响。因而呼吁所有良知尚存的人们,记住那些千千万万在共产专制下无辜被虐杀的受害者们, 不要让那些双手沾满了中国人、美国人与世界人们鲜血的屠夫、自由的天敌,在美国被纪念与崇拜。

陈凯表示,在加州橙县的尼克松纪念图书馆,毛与周的铜像被以一种被崇敬的姿态展示在一个最显著的位置,曾几何时人类历史上最大的屠夫、杀人狂成了一个世界领袖?为什么今天在美国利益超过了原则价值成为了人们的主宰? 一个道德罪,正在被一种道德的无知与混乱所犯下。






陈凯等发起人表示,今天我们作为热爱自由的来自中国的新移民和美国公民诚恳与愤怒的呼吁,要求尼克松纪念图书馆的负责人,将毛与周的铜像马上从图书馆中撤除, 恶魔屠夫的形象早就应该被抛到历史的垃圾堆去了。

志愿签名者请电 323-734-3071 或电邮 henryzz65@yahoo.com,Elecshadow@aol.com。

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