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毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

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Kai Chen Interview/Killer Chic 陈凯访谈/毛的魔灵/崇魔的时尚

Mao's statue in the Nixon Library 尼克松图书馆中的毛塑像

Kai Chen and Wei Jingsheng on Mao's Evil Image and the Communist Infiltration (Video Link):



Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

Devil Worship in China Leads to Vicious Dynastic Cycles

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese”

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/15/2011, Reprint 7/29/2011)

从秦始皇到毛泽东,“中国人”崇魔、尊鬼、信邪的病态扭曲导致了一个无限恶性循环的“朝代圈”。 这个邪恶虚无的“朝代圈”是由无信仰、无自由、无尊严、无正义感的人们自编、自进、自欺、自逃而建立的。 同时这个邪恶虚无的“朝代圈”又反过来将一代又一代的“中国人”奴役扭曲为“为社、为皇、为群、为族、为大家”的无灵自阉的“宦奴娼”。 “默默的绝望”是所有以虚为荣、以欺为尚、以奴为耀的“中国人”的必然心态。

大多“中国人”都认为人是环境、文化、祖宗、教育、政府的造物,而不是上苍的创造,不是有自由意志的存在。 他们看不到西方/美国的“人”是“上苍之下,上苍所创”的真实主动的存在,而“中国人”则是“皇政之下”的“祖先圣人”所灌养出来的虚无被动的“奴”,是一个“被权利用”的工具与可有可无的数字。 这就是为什么那些做着“人上人”的“中国梦”的人们到头来总会发现他们几千年来的“奴主梦”不过是一个人吃人的噩梦罢了。

许多我过去的朋友同仁也都认为“稳定”、“和谐”、“繁荣”、“富强”是“中国特色”基于族群观念的价值,“不同于”西方/美国的基于个体的普世永恒 的人的价值 – 真实、正义、自由、尊严。 由此他们都认为秦始皇、毛泽东的遗产与形象是一定要褒扬与保护的,是不能没贬辍与销毁的。 “没有秦、毛,中国就会大乱的。” 他们对真实个体价值的恐惧与对未来未知的逃避是他们自身奴役感、无奈感与绝望感的真实来源。 我实想象不出如果今天意大利的人们仍旧将凯撒作为楷模去效仿,或德国的人们仍旧将希特勒作为偶像去崇拜,或俄国的人们仍旧将斯大林作为榜样去追求,世界会是个什么样子。

“崇魔拜权”所导致的一时稳定与强权只能带来噩梦一般的灾难性后果: 纳粹德国、军国日本、共产苏俄都是这种“崇魔文化”所造成的噩梦。 中国的“共奴儒粹”的党朝将毛泽东的魔像顶礼膜拜作为它的强权合法的基点,其必然的噩梦般结局也是可以预见的。 “崇魔”的人们是“无灵毁灵”的人们。 “中国人”今天的不识真假,不辨是非,不论正邪,不讲对错就是这些无灵自阉的“宦奴娼”的真实写照。 在电影“魔戒”(Lord of the Ring) 中,西方/美国的价值文化是要销毁那个象征强权的魔戒,并杜绝它在人们中的邪恶影响与作用。 而“中国人”却一味迷恋、追求去拥有那个象征强权的魔戒,并将曾经拥有那魔戒的魔鬼们如秦始皇与毛泽东作为偶像、伪神去崇拜。 中国专制文化(腐儒毛共)的反价值就此暴露无遗。

毛像林立、毛钞泛滥、毛语横行、毛尸咒人的今日中国是一个噩梦末日即将到来的垂死党朝。 这犹如一个胭脂遍体的染着艾滋病与梅毒的妓女妄图要用与她上床的人们的众多来证实自身的价值,或一个金粉遍体的泥菩萨试图用跪拜人们的众多来证实它的泥身是真金一样。 真假、是非、正邪、好坏是绝不能用人数多少、强权财富、武力威吓、谎言欺骗而确定的。 有毛像处定无人灵。 有共产处定无正义。 有腐儒处定无尊严。 有强权处定无是非。 有专制处定无自由。 有“中国人”处定无进步与真实。


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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

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by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:

这位读者的观点反映了许多将“中共党奴朝”与“中国人”文化心态分离的人的思维谬误。 “政治上正确”被许多人用来否认真实,回避自身的怯懦。 说毛泽东身上没有秦始皇是对真实的污诋。 说“中国文化”可以用来解决中国的问题是“揪发助飞”的迷梦。 说“中国人”对当今的“中国道德黑洞”的状态没有个体责任而只有“中共”负责是长期吸食文化毒品的奴化心态的产物。 只有唤起每一个人的良知并诉诸每一个人的道德勇气,华语系的人们在能开始走上自由之路。

I am very glad to have a chance to clarify my points through this exchange with this sincere and thoughtful reader. He reflects the majority "anti-communist" people's view. Yet, "political correctness" often plays a big role in such a view. One must face the truth to solve the true problem. Avoiding the truth simply because the problem is too big will never help. My responsibility is to help people like these, with their good intentions, see the magnitude of the problem and to prepare themselves for the coming challenges. We must have will, courage and ability to see the truth to progress toward a better future.


"Ordinary Chinese" - Mao's Willing Executioners
普通“中国人”- 毛泽东的行刑者

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

A Meaningful Exchange with a Reader

(Thanks Wallace for a thoughtful message.)

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 5/22/2011)

The mistake commonly committed by people is that the fruit a tree bears has nothing to do with the tree, or with the soil, or with the climate. The truth is the fruit, in China's case, a most poisonous fruit, is the result of all the factors, not just the fruit itself, or the tree itself, but of the content of the soil and the climate.

No one wants to address the truth, because of "political correctness", or fear of its consequences. But without addressing the truth, the world will never progress. "Only truth shall set you free." There is a book on WWII Holocaust "Hitler's Willing Executioners", documenting how common Germans using Hitler's policy to benefit themselves, killing thousands of Jews in the process. By the same token, Mao himself will be never able to murder 80 million innocent lives during peace time in China. Then who killed? Now all the killers are hiding under the big umbrella of "victims" of Mao. But the truth is: The victims are often victimizers themselves, just as the willing slaves are often harboring evil intentions to become masters (not of themselves, but of others).

What I am addressing with my messages is the truth. As the Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr. Liu Xiaobo (who is still languishing in a Chinese prison) once pointed out: "The tragedies in Chinese history are made both by the victimizers and the victims. Everyone is a producer, a director and an actor in the two thousand years of Chinese tragedy." Most people don't want to face this truth, therefore don't want to face their own responsibilities in producing this tragedy. And you, Mr. Schwam, is not helping by sending a wrong message throughout your contact with the Chinese and others. You are, with your wrong messages, helping the Chinese themselves to omit/deny their own individual responsibilities, so they can go back to their nationalistic fervor against the universal values of freedom and dignity. They will continue to sing in praise of dung beetles in a culture of excrement, rejecting God's law of freedom, justice and truth.

A fish reared in a chamber pot is a sick and poisonous fish. Such a fish may not survive in the fresh water and ocean. It has long mutated into a warped state of being. To prepare the fish to live in a natural environment requires a painstaking effort. It requires will, courage and ability. I hope you pluck up your courage and moral clarity to see the truth, and help the Chinese and the oppressed in the world to wake up and bear their personal responsibilities.

I thank you for your meaningful message and hope to be in touch with you.

Best. Kai Chen


Message Attachment 附读者原文:

In a message dated 1/17/2011 6:17:54 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, 1c writes:

Greetings Kai Chen,

Sometimes, when I'm reading electricshadow, I feel that there is not enough distinction made between "China", the "Chinese Gov." and the "Chinese People".

As an American, I wish the Chinese People well. I look forward to the day when they will live under a representative government that cherishes freedom. Likewise, my attitude toward "China" is not necessarily hostile. I want China to be a great nation not a hegamoniacal menace. I want to see China so free and non threatening that Taiwan will want closer relations of its own accord. Nevertheless, we have to deal with the present Chinese government; A one party system, totalitarian in its mindset, trampling on dissent, striving to become a global censor. It's this government that we must oppose if the world it to avoid an Orwellian nightmare.

For the above reasons, we must find a way to criticize the Chinese Gov., while holding out hope to the Chinese people, in all of our communications.

With Best Wishes, Wallace Schwam

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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

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全球逐毛日 - 一个价值革命的起点
Global Day to Eradicate Mao from Our Lives

- 你首先是个自由人,而不是一个族群人 -
You are first a free being, not a collective slave

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯 Kai Chen (Written 8-31-2009, Reprint 8/4/2011)

自从我与我的同仁发起将每年的共产王朝的起始日-- 十月一日作为“全球逐毛日”之后,正反两个方向的反响十分强烈。 但许多支持者们有如大多数的反对者们,并不真正了解我的动机。 我想用这篇短文简述我的动机起源与价值。

使人发笑的同时又使人悲哀愤怒的是:在法国革命与美国革命后的几百年后的今天,中国的人们仍旧走不出“激情地追求一个完美的专制”的朝代循环的病态而进入一个“价值革命”的崭新的自由人心态。 “谁代表中国,谁是否是中国人”的陈词伪值仍旧充斥着人们的头脑、统治着人们的语言。 “内外”、“敌友”、“强弱”、“谋略”、“胜败”、“忠奸”、、、仍旧主宰着人们的心灵。 让命运、出身、血缘、环境、种族、他人、地位阉割每一个人自由的心灵仍旧是大多数中国的人们的行为,思维与精神活动的认同。 将把自己作为一个兵马俑为专制中国(皇帝)殉葬作为一种骄傲而不是耻辱仍旧是大多数中国的人们教育自己子女们的俗套。 “小得张”与“小李子”式的“宦奴娼”仍旧是大多数中国的人们认为正常正统的一种生活方式。 为了升迁、讨人喜欢与从政府主子那里得到比别人多一口饭多一条毯子而进入腐败、丧失人的自由与尊严仍旧是人人都羡慕追求的“聪慧精明”。 “伦理”(rituals) 而不是“道德”(morality) 仍旧是中国的人们规范自身行为与思维的准则。

“是中国人就不会反对毛,就不会反对秦始皇,就不会反对为统一而杀人”的论调充斥了对我与“全球逐毛日”的攻击与评论。 似乎只要有像尼克松一样的名人政客看得起毛与专制中国,中国的人们就有了荣耀与存在的理由,也就有了为专制辩护并引为骄傲的脊梁骨。 也可能这些病态的现象就是我在中国的时候一直感觉要随时恶心呕吐的原因。 这也就是为什么我会向世界宣称:我虽然生在中国,我选择作一个美国人,因为我首先是一个自由人。 如果作为一个中国人(如“国人”,“华人”等名词所指)是所有中国的人们的首要追求,那“枪杆子”、“强权”、“辨别强弱”、“胜王败寇”、“亲疏内外”、“敌友谋略”就自然地成为了伪价值,成为了精神白面,成为了使人瘫痪的、丧失创造力的、阉割人的自由、正义感与尊严的手术刀。 中国的人们自然地也就成为了半人半鬼的活死人(zombies)。 他们人生的唯一目的不是追求真实、正义、自由与人的尊严,而是阉割他们身边所有的人使他们也都成为抛弃追求生命意义的“宦奴娼”。

中国的人们要走出这个邪恶的、自残自虐的、胜王败寇的阴阳怪圈,就要开始一场新的文化心态的革命。 虽然这场必要的、建立价值的革命比法国与美国晚了几百年,但晚总比无好,因为这样一场价值的革命将给予人们前行的、而不是幻觉的永远绕着伪价值怪圈而疲于奔命的希望。 我在“奥运自由衫”上所阐扬的普世终极的人的价值 (真理、正义、自由、尊严)将成为中国的价值革命的准星与指南。 中国的未来并不是在中国的所谓“繁荣、强大、昌盛”的王朝循环的过去,而是在法国革命与美国革命所代表的、走向未来与希望的、普世终极的人的价值之上。 如果说法国的革命所代表的价值是用“自由(liberty)、平等(equality)、博爱(fraternity)”的口号所代表,如果说美国的革命是以其“独立宣言”的精神 – “生命(life)、自由(liberty)、对幸福的追求(pursuit of happiness) 的上帝赋予的人的基本权利而奠定的,那中国的即将到来的价值革命就将以“全球逐毛日”所开始阐扬的人的价值所指引:真理 (truth) 、正义(justice)、自由(liberty) 与人的尊严(human dignity).


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Global Day to Denounce Mao

美国之音记者: 容易
Oct 2, 2009




* 美国总统图书馆内不应崇毛*


* 图书馆加了告示:不代表美国政府赞成毛的主张 *

尼克松总统纪念图书馆建于1989年,原先由私人基金会建立,2007年改为隶属于美国联邦政府档案管理局,现任馆长纳夫塔立 (Timothy Naftali )原是哈佛大学研究冷战的专家,他在一个多月前接到陈凯等人的投诉,经过沟通,在陈列毛像的世界领袖展厅墙上增加了一篇告示,解说为甚么会有这座塑像,并表示展示塑像不代表美国政府赞成展厅内任何塑像人物的主张。






* 陈凯: 毛的手上也沾满美国士兵的鲜血 *


信仰天主教的摩若女士 (Teresa Marie Moreau )也指责毛泽东迫害了大量的天主教徒和其他宗教人士,她说:"毛泽东应为七千万人死亡负责,我要呼吁教宗,谴责共产党的罪行。"

* 十一国庆拥毛像游行 *




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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

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Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism

(博讯北京时间2010年5月04日 转载)
World Tribune 世界焦点导报 (转载)

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/1/2011)



今天中国的人们并不认同人类的普世终极价值 – 生命、自由与人对幸福的追求。

斯德哥尔摩症是中国的人们普遍所有的病态心理。 他们来到西方但并不认同西方的价值,反而处心积虑地挖掘那些反西方的理论与伪价值(如马列主义,左派谬论,社会主义,救星政府等等)并想要用中国式专制加西方伪价值去击败西方。 他们享受着西方社会的自由,但幻想着用西方的自由去腐蚀、消灭世界上所有的自由社会。

大多数来到西方的中国学人们是被中国政府(领事馆、大使馆)的金钱与组织机构所控制。 他们也被自身的、由于长期洗脑而产生的灵残、智残与专制文化心态所控制。

大多数中国的人们,因为他们的文化传统中缺少真实的信仰,希望有一个救星般的大政府作为他们心理与生理的依靠。 他们欲求着的并不是自由与必然而来的个体对自身的道德责任。 他们宁愿建立一个所谓的在仁慈专制者下的“完美专制”。

现在这种剧毒的专制心态开始从中国向世界的每一个角落侵袭蔓延。 二战前的专制与自由的文化较量正在今天被历史重演。 美国在中国所精心炮制的“软冷战”中首当其冲。

奥巴马被选入白宅似乎意味着一个微妙的、重大的与不可否认的在美国正在发生的文化心态的转变 – 从一个崇尚自由与个体责任的文化堕落到一个个体逃避责任并崇尚救星大政府的专制文化。

中国的专制者们看到了鸡蛋上的裂缝。 专制的苍蝇们便一拥而上,从裂缝中产下专制的卵并孕育专制的蛆虫。 “孔子学院”与“孔子课堂”就是这些专制的卵与蛆虫。


转载者注: 陈凯是一个前中国国家男篮成员,一个不动摇的反共反专制的活动家: “我反对世界上所有的专制,不管它是古代的还是现代的。” _ (博讯 boxun.com)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama supporters are trading America's culture of freedom for China-style despotism


By Kai Chen

Despotism and tyranny are the essential features of China's cultural tradition.

Today most Chinese do not identify themselves with universal values — life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Stockholm Syndrome is a very common phenomenon for most Chinese. They come to the West wanting to learn something negative in the West, in order to defeat the West. They enjoy the freedoms in the West, yet yearn to use the freedom to destroy freedom in the world.

Most Chinese students in the West are either controlled by the Chinese Consulate (with their funding and organization) or by their own despotic mindset.

Most Chinese, because of their own upbringing and a lack of faith, desire a savior-like government. They seem to prefer a perfect (gentler and kinder) despotism in which each one does not have to assume a free individual's responsibility.

Now this poisonous mindset has started to spread and is permeating every corner of the world, even contaminating America (much like what it was before WWII).

Obama's election to the White House seems to indicate a shift of a culture from freedom toward despotism.

China now sees the crack in the egg. The fly wants to exploit the crack to insert the maggots. Confucius Institutes and Classrooms around the world is only one such example.


Kai Chen is a former Chinese National Basketball Team player and a staunch anti-communist activist. "Actually I am against all despotism in the world, from ancient to modern."

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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:36 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

直到今天,中国的人们仍在迷恋建立一个完美的专制制度。 对个体认同、个体价值、个体责任的恐惧与逃避使得中国的人们不愿意付出争取自由的代价。 不销毁这种基于群体的、崇尚专制的文化,自由将永远摈弃中国的人们。

Even today, the Chinese have yet to yearn for freedom. What they are still obsessed with is how to establish a perfect despotism. They fear and always try to escape individual identity, individuality, individual responsibility. They fear paying the necessary price to achieve freedom. With such a culture of collectivism and despotism, freedom will forever abandon the cowardice Chinese.


中国人的迷恋 - 建立完美的专制
A Chinese Obsession - Perfecting Despotism

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 4/23/2009, Reprint 8/30/2011)

Freedom is an alien concept to a Chinese. The Chinese are just too familiar with despotism and tyranny. Confucius and other Chinese thinkers could not escape this pattern. They had devised their rhetoric always around how to build a perfect despotic society.

Freedom as a concept has never been originated from China. It only came from Western philosophers. Even today freedom as a value is not accepted by the general population in China. Most people there fear freedom, doubt freedom, despise freedom, jeer freedom, hate freedom and will do everything to escape freedom, for only one reason - they fear the individual responsibility implied in the very concept.

The Chinese also fear being alone. You seldom see a Chinese person enjoying the state of being alone. Without being alone, the concept of individuality that is essential to individual liberty forever escapes the Chinese. They simply do not want to pay the necessary price to achieve freedom.

Thus we have a forever turning Chinese despotic dynastic cycle. No one is free and happy in that cycle of tyranny. Yet the Chinese fear even more without that tyranny, for they ultimately fear all the unknown. Despotism/tyranny is the only thing they know and feel kinship to.

This is a sharp contrast to what America is about. Everything America does is based on the principle of Freedom. The earliest population from Europe came here for only one thing - Freedom to worship. Americans paid dearly for their freedom and therefore they deserve the very freedom.

Those who do not want to pay the price for freedom will never deserve having freedom. In case they are liberated by others, they will not treasure the freedom. Destroying a despotic culture and establishing a culture of freedom thus becomes the foremost task for us.

I hope you all know what we are doing here in Youpai.org - destroying a culture of despotism and establishing a culture of freedom.



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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:38 am
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Liu Xiaobo/Tiananmen and Individual Responsibility

2010-10-08 14:13 来源: 联合报 (Reposted by Kai Chen 9/5/2011)

  (作者:刘晓波,1993年6月5日 )













  在此过程中,有一张政治牌非打不可,那就是「六四」。任何人也无法回避「六四」事件的重新评价。「六四」牌非打不可,关键在于怎么打?在什么时机打?我以为明智的选择是不必发社论,不必开大会,不必公开声扬,只要私下里抚恤「六四」死难者的家属,释放所有在押政治犯、为因「六四」而受到各种不公正待遇的恢复地位,把靠「六四」之血上台的人逐渐降级、免职,让因「六四」而流亡海外的人安全回国……,如果某位政客在邓小平死后靠为「六四」突然平反而上台,那不仅是这位政客本人的灾难,也是中国的灾难。突然平反所带来的爆发性后果是任何人也无法控制的。(六四檔案 - 89)


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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:42 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

陈凯博客: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

将人类历史上最大的杀人魔与虐待狂毛泽东捧为圣人去崇拜说明中共党奴朝人们的道德的完全腐败与良知灵魂的彻底虚无。 这种病态与腐败必定要有其必然而来的严重致命的后果。 这是因为没有人可以自由于上苍。 但要去认知上苍,人必须自由。

Taking the biggest mass murderer (Mao) in human history as some saint/god to worship shows the complete moral corruption and a thorough nihilistic mindset/soul of the Chinese people. Such a moral corruption and pathological mindset will surely lead to mortal and disastrous consequences. This is because no one can be free from God and to know God indeed exists, one must be free.

我试想: 如果在北京天安门广场上有一个带有纳粹符的希特勒纪念堂,奥巴马是否也仍愿意向中共党奴屈从并朝跪拜磕头。 --- 李. 爱德华

I wonder: Would President Obama be so ready to kowtow to China if in the middle of Beijing there was a mausoleum of Hitler and, hanging from the gate to the Forbidden City, a giant swastika? --- Lee Edwards


Lee Edwards: History’s top murderer is China’s patron saint

01:00 AM EST on Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Can you name the greatest mass murderer of the 20th Century? No, it wasn’t Hitler or Stalin. It was Mao Zedong.

According to the authoritative “Black Book of Communism,” an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine.

For Mao, the No. 1 enemy was the intellectual. The so-called Great Helmsman reveled in his blood-letting, boasting, “What’s so unusual about Emperor Shih Huang of the China Dynasty? He had buried alive 460 scholars only, but we have buried alive 46,000 scholars.” Mao was referring to a major “accomplishment” of the Great Cultural Revolution, which from 1966-1976 transformed China into a great House of Fear.

The most inhumane example of Mao’s contempt for human life came when he ordered the collectivization of China’s agriculture under the ironic slogan, the “Great Leap Forward.” A deadly combination of lies about grain production, disastrous farming methods (profitable tea plantations, for example, were turned into rice fields), and misdistribution of food created the worst famine in history.

Deaths from hunger reached more than 50 percent in some Chinese villages. The total number of dead from 1959 to 1961 was 30 million to 40 million — the population of California.

Only five years later, when he sensed that revolutionary fervor in China was waning, Mao proclaimed the Cultural Revolution. Gangs of Red Guards — young men and women age 14 to 21 — roamed the cities targeting revisionists and other enemies of the state, especially teachers.

Professors were dressed in grotesque clothes and dunce caps, their faces smeared with ink. They were then forced to get down on all fours and bark like dogs. Some were beaten to death, some even eaten — all for the promulgation of Maoism. A reluctant Mao finally called in the Red Army to put down the marauding Red Guards when they began attacking Communist Party members, but not before 1 million Chinese died.

All the while, Mao kept expanding the laogai, a system of 1,000 forced labor camps throughout China. Harry Wu, who spent 19 years in labor camps, has estimated that from the 1950s through the 1980s, 50 million Chinese passed through the Chinese version of the Soviet gulag. Twenty million died from the primitive living conditions and 14-hour work days.

Such calculated cruelty fit his Al Capone philosophy: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

And yet Mao Zedong remains the most honored figure in the Chinese Communist Party. At one end of historic Tiananmen Square is Mao’s mausoleum, visited daily by large, respectful crowds. At the other end of the square is a giant portrait of Mao above the entrance leading into the Forbidden City, the favorite site of visitors, Chinese and foreign.

In the spirit of Mao, China’s present rulers continue to oppress intellectuals and other dissidents, such as human-rights activist Liu Xiaobo. He was sentenced last month to 11 years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power.” His offense: signing Charter 08, which calls on the government to respect basic civil and human rights in a democratic framework.

China presents itself as a vast market for U.S. companies and investors. But some U.S. companies are taking a second look at doing business in a country which considers Mao Zedong its patron saint. Google has said it is reconsidering its operations in China after discovering a sophisticated cyber attack on its e-mail which the government must have initiated or approved.

Google has revealed what many in the Internet world have known for some time — China routinely hacks into U.S. and Western Web sites for national security and other valuable information. Mao would have enthusiastically applauded this intellectual rape.

I wonder: Would President Obama be so ready to kowtow to China if in the middle of Beijing there was a mausoleum of Hitler and, hanging from the gate to the Forbidden City, a giant swastika?

(Lee Edwards is distinguished fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation and chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation)

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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:39 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

全球逐毛日 - 一个价值革命的起点
Global Day to Denounce Mao - A Revolution of Values

- 你首先是个自由人,而不是一个族群人
(You Are a Free Being, not a Number) -


陈凯 Kai Chen 8-31-2009 Reprint: 10/15/2011

自从我与我的同仁发起将每年的共产王朝的起始日-- 十月一日作为“全球逐毛日”之后,正反两个方向的反响十分强烈。 但许多支持者们有如大多数的反对者们,并不真正了解我的动机。 我想用这篇短文简述我的动机起源与价值。

使人发笑的同时又使人悲哀愤怒的是:在法国革命与美国革命后的几百年后的今天,中国的人们仍旧走不出“激情地追求一个完美的专制”的朝代循环的病态而进入一个“价值革命”的崭新的自由人心态。 “谁代表中国,谁是否是中国人”的陈词伪值仍旧充斥着人们的头脑、统治着人们的语言。 “内外”、“敌友”、“强弱”、“谋略”、“胜败”、“忠奸”、、、仍旧主宰着人们的心灵。 让命运、出身、血缘、环境、种族、他人、地位阉割每一个人自由的心灵仍旧是大多数中国的人们的行为,思维与精神活动的认同。 将把自己作为一个兵马俑为专制中国(皇帝)殉葬作为一种骄傲而不是耻辱仍旧是大多数中国的人们教育自己子女们的俗套。 “小得张”与“小李子”式的“宦奴娼”仍旧是大多数中国的人们认为正常正统的一种生活方式。 为了升迁、讨人喜欢与从政府主子那里得到比别人多一口饭多一条毯子而进入腐败、丧失人的自由与尊严仍旧是人人都羡慕追求的“聪慧精明”。 “伦理”(rituals) 而不是“道德”(morality) 仍旧是中国的人们规范自身行为与思维的准则。

“是中国人就不会反对毛,就不会反对秦始皇,就不会反对为统一而杀人”的论调充斥了对我与“全球逐毛日”的攻击与评论。 似乎只要有像尼克松一样的名人政客看得起毛与专制中国,中国的人们就有了荣耀与存在的理由,也就有了为专制辩护并引为骄傲的脊梁骨。 也可能这些病态的现象就是我在中国的时候一直感觉要随时恶心呕吐的原因。 这也就是为什么我会向世界宣称:我虽然生在中国,我选择作一个美国人,因为我首先是一个自由人。 如果作为一个中国人(如“国人”,“华人”等名词所指)是所有中国的人们的首要追求,那“枪杆子”、“强权”、“辨别强弱”、“胜王败寇”、“亲疏内外”、“敌友谋略”就自然地成为了伪价值,成为了精神白面,成为了使人瘫痪的、丧失创造力的、阉割人的自由、正义感与尊严的手术刀。 中国的人们自然地也就成为了半人半鬼的活死人(zombies)。 他们人生的唯一目的不是追求真实、正义、自由与人的尊严,而是阉割他们身边所有的人使他们也都成为抛弃追求生命意义的“宦奴娼”。

中国的人们要走出这个邪恶的、自残自虐的、胜王败寇的阴阳怪圈,就要开始一场新的文化心态的革命。 虽然这场必要的、建立价值的革命比法国与美国晚了几百年,但晚总比无好,因为这样一场价值的革命将给予人们前行的、而不是幻觉的永远绕着伪价值怪圈而疲于奔命的希望。 我在“奥运自由衫”上所阐扬的普世终极的人的价值 (真理、正义、自由、尊严)将成为中国的价值革命的准星与指南。 中国的未来并不是在中国的所谓“繁荣、强大、昌盛”的王朝循环的过去,而是在法国革命与美国革命所代表的、走向未来与希望的、普世终极的人的价值之上。 如果说法国的革命的价值是用“自由(liberty)、平等(equality)、博爱(fraternity)”的口号所代表,如果说美国的革命是以其“独立宣言”的精神 – “生命(life)、自由(liberty)、对幸福的追求(pursuit of happiness) 的上帝赋予的人的基本权利而奠定的,那中国的即将到来的价值革命就将以“全球逐毛日”所开始阐扬的人的价值所指引:真理 (truth) 、正义(justice)、自由(liberty) 与人的尊严(human dignity).

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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:18 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

The left-leaning Los Angeles Times, in publishing this biography about me, chose to "balance the views" by using a communist government-fearing former professor of mine, and a crony "Chinese Student Association leader" (giving him the last words in this article) to attack my positions. But I am still grateful for their attention on this issue of Chinese communist "Soft Cold War" waged against the US. I don't have much expectation on this LA Times's article about me. Confusing people's mind is what the communist apologists do. That is a sickness no one can cure.

By the way, not like what Ni Qingqing wrote, I have never had one single day of "good life" in China --- Kai Chen

左倾的洛杉矶时报在登载这篇关于我的生平的文章时,引用了我的一位恐惧中共的前教授(UCLA政治科学系)-- (注:恐共是美国中国问题专家们的通病。 中共拒发签证会断绝他们的职业生涯。)与一个中共赡养的“宦奴娼”粪青的话去平衡攻击我的观点立场。 但我仍旧感谢洛杉矶时报的报道,因为中共对美国的“软冷战”是被提到美国公众的意识里来的时候了。 我并不对洛杉矶时报的一贯左倾亲共抱有任何幻想。 混淆视听是美国左派的一贯技俩。 左倾亲共的病不是我可以医治的。

注:不像洛杉矶时报对我的报道,我在中国没有一天不是在精神与肉体的煎熬中度过。 --- 陈凯


A revolution in thinking for Chinese athlete

LA Times' Article Link:


Basketball opened Kai Chen's eyes to civil liberties. Now a U.S. citizen, he focuses on anti-communist protest.

Kai Chen, a U.S. citizen and former professional basketball player in China, stages a protest calling for the removal of a statue of Mao Tse-tung from a place of honor at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. (Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times / October 1, 2009)

Related article:

"The past haunts Richard Nixon's library" link


By Ching-Ching Ni

October 5, 2009

For years Kai Chen enjoyed the good life of a professional basketball player in China, playing on the national team and traveling around the world.

But he was never happy representing a government that he said tore his family apart and was responsible for millions of deaths in his country. So after Chen married U.S. foreign exchange student Susan Gruenegerg in 1981, the couple moved to the United States to start a new life together.

Chen eventually earned a degree in political science from UCLA and has since become a passionate anticommunist crusader. His main target: the legacy of Mao Tse-tung, leader of the People's Republic of China from 1949 until his death in 1976.

Last week, Chen led a group of demonstrators at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda in calling for the removal of a bronze statue of Mao, part of a permanent World Leaders exhibit featuring 10 former heads of state and government.

"I'm grateful to Nixon. Without Nixon opening China, how could I have met my wife?" said Chen, 56, who has written a book about his life under communist rule that details how his family were victims of purges. "But Mao has nothing to do with freedom and people's happiness and everything to do with tyranny, power and atrocity."

As part of his campaign, Chen has called for the removal of Mao posters at restaurants and other establishments around Los Angeles and has set up a website to promote his cause. He also ran a 10-city marathon to protest the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

But some of Chen's friends are concerned that he has taken his crusade too far. They say his views of China are stuck in the past and do not reflect recent changes there and how the country continues to transform itself into a 21st century global power.

"As an old friend and teacher, I think he has gone a little out on a limb," said Richard Baum, director of the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies. "I don't feel comfortable endorsing these rather extreme ideas and gimmicks."

But fellow activists said they found Chen's outspokenness refreshing.

"Most people who support human rights and democracy see him as great," said Ann Lau, chairwoman of the Los Angeles Visual Artist Guild, a nonprofit group supporting free speech. "We certainly need more people like him."

Saved by the ball

When he was 7, Chen's parents were branded counter-revolutionaries and exiled to Tonghua, a small town in northern China. He stayed behind in Beijing with two older brothers and an ailing grandmother.

By the time Chen was 16 he had reached his full height of 6 feet 7. But he saw no future beyond joining his parents in exile, which he eventually did.

Basketball saved him.

The tallest of three brothers, Chen was recruited by a local grain depot wanting to start its own team. Soon the three were the talk of the town.

They didn't know it at the time, but the success of Ping-Pong diplomacy in introducing China to the outside world in the early 1970s had inspired the government to do the same with basketball. Recruiters were scouring the country looking for potential players for the national team.

Chen was the only one of his brothers chosen and was sent to a training camp in Beijing.

But officials determined that he could not be trusted to represent the country abroad because of his family's history, and he was ordered back to Liuhe. Chen ran away but was caught and placed in solitary confinement.

Once he returned home, Chen enlisted in the army in Shenyang, near North Korea, because he knew it had its own basketball team. In the military, he dug ditches and built dams in freezing weather while enduring near-starvation.

A serious illness and the death of a friend convinced Chen that basketball was his best hope for a better life. "My goal was to get back on the national team," Chen said. "This goal was not for basketball. It was for freedom" to choose his own fate.

He approached his training with new determination and soon became one of his team's best players.

During an exhibition match in Shenyang, the elite August First national military team saw the talented young forward in action. "They saw me and said, 'We've got to get this guy,' " Chen said.

It was 1973. Nixon had made his historic trip to China. Mao was near death.

With the August First team, Chen traveled outside the country for the first time. During a trip to Mexico City, Chen met members of a U.S. team.

"I immediately felt a kinship with the Americans," he said. "They were free. They didn't have fear in their eyes. They just spoke their minds. That was tremendously attractive to me."

In 1978, Chen joined the Chinese national team and traveled to the U.S. on a five-city tour that included Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., where team members visited the White House. After that, Chen was ready to quit.

"I no longer wanted to be a tool," he said.

Back to school

Back in China, his next goal was to get an education, so he enrolled in school. That's how he met Gruenegerg, who spoke Chinese and played on the Beijing University basketball team. Soon they were married and moved to the U.S.

Chen's mother and father eventually immigrated to the this country too. The last time Chen went back to China was to visit his brother in 1989.

During that trip, thousands of protesters gathered in Tiananmen Square in Beijing to call for democratic reforms. The demonstration ended in a deadly crackdown.

The experience cemented Chen's views of his country. "I am not going back to China again until the communist government is gone," he said.

Soon afterward he applied for U.S. citizenship. "I am happy here," he said. "In China, I was dying on the inside."

Asked about the economic and social changes China has undergone in recent years, Chen said the country had no choice. "China had to open the door to the outside world for the regime to survive," he said. "They did not do this for the people."

But Philip Young, 48, former president of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, said that although he agrees that Mao is a controversial figure, China cannot remain a prisoner of its past.

"China just celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic, and it just so happens this is the 30th anniversary of my arrival in America," he said. "I was able to look back and compare the changes between now and then. Ideologies put aside, China is completely different now. Whether you call it communism, capitalism, market economy, these are political terms. The fact of the matter is, China has changed and for the better."

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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:51 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

德國Grey使用毛澤東、希特勒、本拉登形象作避孕套廣告 German Commercial

Contrast between Germany and China


作者 : 甦曉康 2009-10-21 3:00 AM


今年法蘭克福書展很熱鬧。胡杰制作的卞仲雲死難紀錄片《我雖死去》,被譯成德語上了書展,由一個小出版社譯制,主人叫施威德茨克(Wolfgang M. Schwiedrzik),據說曾經是個“毛分子”,他的妻子則是大名鼎鼎的維也納大學漢學家甦珊娜·魏格林(Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik),文革期間留學北京,學的是中共黨史。據說他們夫婦看了這個紀錄片,很震動,找到芝加哥大學的王友琴,聯絡上胡杰。





至于民間,魏格林認為處于一種“記憶群體”分散、割裂狀態,大家各取所需、相互攻訐,因為“每一個人、每一個曾經參加過運動的階層、每一個政治團體都要從歷 史經驗中尋找出能夠支撐重建其自尊的東西,同時又要設法忘卻與此目的不相關的東西”。這個觀察很準確,但是沒說原因——因為她不會知道,這恰好是官方所樂 見的一個局面。




還有一層不同。納粹歧視非日耳曼人,專殺猶太人,也有個專用名詞,叫著“種族滅絕”(genocide);可是斯大林、毛澤東殺的大多是自己黨內的競爭者、 自己民族和國家的老百姓,這該叫個啥,好像還沒人發明個詞出來。這個區別,不是沒有意義的,因為它使“同謀加受害者”的雙重身份,更加曖昧,直接影響魏格林說的整個民族的“道德記憶重建”。


不可忽視的還有,在現實體制層面,第三帝國徹底崩潰,希特勒沒有任何繼承者存活下來,這使得德國人的反省沒有任何制度的阻力。這在中國恰好是一個相反的情形。魏格林問道︰“年輕一代為何不起來強烈要求公開討論文革的問題,這是一個難以理解的現象”。可是,為什麼她沒有問︰“中國當局為什麼至今不允許公開討 論文革?”而且,中國當局在“六四”以後所竭力施行的“全民族遺忘運動”,難道是國際社會和西方漢學界視而不見的嗎?今天中國的年輕人,除了還知道毛澤東是誰,對劉少奇、林彪、四人幫等一概聞所未聞,連二十年前的趙紫陽都很少有人知道了。這麼一個民族,你還指望她有道德記憶,不是異想天開嗎?



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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:38 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

Obama Officials Worshipping Mao

Obama officials entering Mao's Mausoleum on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, 11/17/2009


毛是中国人民的千古罪人,是致使7千万中国人民非正常死亡的罪魁祸首,是专制暴君的登峰造极者,是共产主义恶魔的化身;对全世界基督徒来说,就是那罪大恶极的敌基督的化身。这样一个邪恶的僵尸,居然被奥巴马总统随员去瞻仰,这是这些随员对中国人民情感的摧残、是对全体中国人的侮辱、是对中国民主正义事业的打击,尤其是对海内外因中共专制虽受迫害仍从事民主运动的群体的欺辱。对 此行径,全体中国人应该表示强烈的抗议,如果在华盛顿,中国人应该到白宫前去抗议。


据星岛日报报道,美国白宫被誉为奥巴马「四大顾问」之一的白宫通讯联络办公室主任邓恩(Anita Dunn),公开承认仰慕中国已故领导人毛泽东,有网站形容她是白宫的「毛派」。邓恩本年五月向一群美国中学生发表演讲,提到「我喜欢的两个政治哲学家毛泽东和德兰修女」。霍士电视台在电视节目《格林‧贝克》(Glenn Beck)中,播放这段演讲的录像。邓恩向学生说,毛泽东和德兰修女都是坚持用自己风格改变世界的人,他们永不放弃,是当中的代表人物。霍士电视台节目主持人贝克说︰「有马克思革命主义者,把自己奉献给破坏我们国家的主义。」史丹福大学胡佛研究中心的中国问题专家拉特里夫也说,邓恩的说话令人吃惊,而且很可悲。目前不知道去瞻仰毛尸的官员中是否有邓恩,但她是应该被谴责的。

在曹长青先生的一文中写到:“ 奥巴马由于在成长过程中一路受到崇拜共产主义的导师和朋友们的影响,成为美国极左派;不仅直到今天都心仪社会主义,也明显对共产主义没有清晰深刻的认识。在他任用的官员中,曾倾心共产主义的人,能列一个可观的名单。像奥巴马的白宫联络主任竟公然宣称,杀人魔王毛泽东是她最喜欢的哲学家”。奥巴马随员去瞻仰毛尸体,虽然不会是总统的授意,但也极可能是他的纵容。


中国基督民主同盟 旧金山支盟 郭保胜

主后 2009年 11月17日

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专访特稿: "全球逐毛日”发起人陈凯 Global Day to Denounce Mao

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专访特稿: "全球逐毛日”发起人陈凯
Global Day to Denounce Mao

专访特稿: "全球逐毛日”发起人陈凯(上)
Kai Chen Launched "Global Day to Denounce Mao"

施萍 看中国特约记者 2009年08月14日

















毛泽东和共产党的罪行罄竹难书,你还数得过来吗?从共产党建立政权开始--土改,就是大肆杀人。你家里有两匹骡子,就被定为地主,就把你推出来杀掉了.... 这个斗争并不真是你有罪,而是他们借这个斗争组织所有的人让这些人恐惧它的政权,杀一儆百,杀鸡给猴看。中国共产党就是惯用这种伎俩。后来的朝鲜战争,就是用所谓的志愿军人海战术用人往上堆呀。死人无数,直到今天,中国的历史中没有记录当时中国志愿军在朝鲜战场上死多少?连个数字都没有!





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RE: 专访特稿: "全球逐毛日”发起人陈凯 Global Day to Denounce Mao

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Part II Global Day to Denounce Mao


施萍 看中国 2009年08月16日  【看中国特约记者施萍采访报导】



我再继续把那个(2007年)故事讲完: 我到市政厅画展那儿又看到几幅其他邪恶的画:有幅画叫《猪年》,弄些红卫兵的袖章举著刀枪,举着笔、叉等东西,似乎张牙舞爪的在美国土地上宣扬专制文化的精神、暴力、以多压少这样一种邪恶。 还有其他的画我都拍照下来了,将来都有记录,中国人的道德败坏到达什么样的程度。 当时那个所谓的艺术家看到市政厅把他的画拿下来后说: "噢,这是对我们中国文化的不尊重。 我们是中国人,你不能这样对我们。 你没有经过我们同意就把画拿下来,我们生气了,我们要把所有的画全部搬走"。 结果他们真的把所有的画全都搬走了。 这件事情在美国闹的很大,当时《洛山矶时报》专门派了一位记者来跟踪这件事情,采访我。 在报纸上都有。 在整个美国,甚至在电台的talk show(访谈节目)中也有交流、对话。 当时掀起了一个很大的风波。


当时这些所谓的艺术家们还想利用美国的司法制度去到法庭上告市政厅。 也就是说你可以看到,中国所谓的开放并没有学到美国和西方的自由的价值和人类的尊严,他们学到了怎么利用在西方人们对自由、对尊严的尊重来持续地进行专制的渗透,他们学到了这些东西。 直到今天在大陆的党校里、大专院校里面教的东西并不是美国的价值,教的是如何对付美国的价值。 这个现象是非常邪恶的。

当时这个事情要闹大的时候,我听说,有一个小道消息说,中共的领事馆把这个事情压下去了。 如果他们真正把这个事情告到法院去,这个事情真闹大的话,可能在美国就会掀起一个反毛的浪潮。 中共的领事馆非常害怕,他知道在美国没有人吃毛泽东这一套,如果你把这个东西交给美国所有有良知的大众、美国人的话,人们会说:毛泽东简直是暴君,杀人狂。

他们把毛潜移黙化用艺术的形式,包括像尼克松纪念馆的毛铜像这样一种形式,悄悄地,好像用吸白面的方式,每天给你碗里加点儿白面儿....。他不是一下给加的,是慢性死亡。 慢慢加,慢慢加,到你看到毛像时就麻木不仁了,他们是用这种形式腐蚀著美国的文化。 而领事馆把此事压下来,这件事情就过去了。


这件事情虽然过去了,我从这件事情中意识到,毛像不只是中国的专制文化,不只是对专制心态的形成有这么大的作用,同时它对腐蚀整个全世界人的良知起到一个非常逆向的、非常邪恶、罪恶的作用。 所以我只要看到毛像我不可能不反。 所以在2008年的时候,Reason TV 与我做了个电视节目(在我的网站上可以看到),有8分钟。 就讲古巴的独裁者切.格瓦拉。 美国人穿他的T恤衫,不知道他是杀人狂,尤其在美国人们不了解这个东西,反而把他的形像(因为这个人长得好看)放在身上。 因为这个人可以杀人,他有力量,有强权,所以把他放在身上,当个护身符一样。 他用魔鬼来护身,也就是我把它叫作崇魔的时尚--崇拜魔鬼的时尚(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPl9Go3hHDI)。 那些人认为:我也知道他不是什么好人,但他有力量,他有强权,别人不敢动他。 中国人反而不以为耻,反以为荣地认为这就是所谓的(胜者为王的)东方文化。 看到这种情况我就开始了一个举动,我在这个节目中主要讲毛泽东的罪恶。

从土改开始就杀人,到后来包括反右,所谓百花齐放、百家争鸣。 把人打成右派后下放,家属全都受到重大的牵连、迫害,全家人在众人面前抬不起头来,就业的机会,上学的机会都没有。 杀的人,上吊的人,受不了这种污辱的人,在中国都没有记载,有多少人? 怎么死的? 在中国死人算什么! 反右就死了很多。

反右以后毛泽东就肆无忌惮的开始用合作化,用公社化强迫所有的农民成为中共政权的奴隶。 从苏联取得原子技术,大量向苏联白给粮食。 因为苏联这是一个非常邪恶的政治制度,所以也根本不出粮食。 毛泽东就把这些粮食送到斯大林的嘴里面,去讨好,为换取苏联的原子技术。 这就是中共如何取得的原子技术的原因。 最近有一个电影《是非》,就是拍摄在中国大陆的大饥荒年代致少有3,000万人丧生。 不是没有粮食,而是中共强迫把粮食拿去送到苏联,去换取原子技术为中共的强权奠定基础。 他要的就是不惜死。 所以毛泽东在叫嚣战争的时候声称,我们要跟苏联、美国打仗的时候,我可以死一半的人,我们这还有3亿。 那时中国是6亿人,他要牺牲中国的一半人来换取称霸世界。 他公开的就这样讲。中国这些民众对他们来说就是他取得那些强权野心的工具,奴隶。 这样的一种工具,这样的一种奴隶!

共产党从来没有把人做为一个人。 一个人有他的尊严,有他的自由,有他自己的选择。 我在我的博客里面说过,我在中国打球打到最高的程度,所有人都羨慕我。 但是我自己从来都没有感到有人把我作为一个人来看,我只不过是一个高级奴工。 因为我在中国长到27,28 岁,没过一天陈凯的生日。 我所过的生日都是毛泽东的生日,各种官方的生日。 在这里面我们所有有尊严的人在他们眼里就是可有可无的奴隶。中国人如果看不到这点,如果今天中国人说现在我们吃的比以前好了,你吃的比以前好并没有改变你跟这个政权之间的关系,你以前是瘦猪现在是胖猪了。你任人宰割被人奴隶的这样一种性质从来没有改变。

大跃进期间3,000万人死亡,中共说是三年自然灾害。 根本就是人祸! 哪是什么自然灾害。 在美国每年都有台风、涝灾、旱灾,从来没有在食物上有任何缺陷。 甚至连印度都没出现过饥荒,印度那么穷的社会都没出现过饥荒。 中国到最后饥荒到什么程度--家长吃自己的孩子,不忍心吃自己的孩子易子而食。 这都是我在打球的时候队友讲的故事,他们在安徽亲眼见,亲耳听过的。 这些都是罄竹难书的罪行。

还有很多的运动像三反、四清,有相当一部份无辜的人,他们在心理上、身体上受到伤害,根本就没有记录。 然后一直到文化大革命。 一直往前推进到出现89天安门事件,再往前迫害法轮功......。 每一个阶段都有相当一部分人做牺牲品--为了稳固政权而建立的假想敌人。 在每一个阶段都有,这就是专制政权性质所决定的。

所以在中国共产党执政以后,7千万人的死亡,你怎么能说它有所谓的有功有过呢? 这个没有什么功过的概念。 在中国什么三七开,四六开,这是一种邪恶的,道德混乱的专制文化的心态。 它把你都杀了,都阉割掉了,把你的尊严整个都打掉了,你还在那给他讲什么功劳,这是什么功劳啊?!你死了几千万人了,你的家庭,你的父老全都死掉了,你还在这跟他讲什么功劳?! 绝对的道德的混乱! 如果中国人不在这方面把自己的道德情感调理清楚,什么是不同,什么是邪恶,什么是自由,什么是专制。 而不是说什么:"哦,你看以前吃窝头,现在吃白面了。" 把这些作为生活的最大需求。 把在被专制奴役下多一条毯子,多一口饭,作为他整个生命的意义。 这个是专制文化最腐败的地方,这也是专制当权者们尽量地用毛泽东的肖像,尽量地用共产党的强权,用枪杆子压进整个中国民众头脑里的专制文化。

崇魔的时尚 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPl9Go3hHDI

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RE: 专访特稿: "全球逐毛日”发起人陈凯 Global Day to Denounce Mao

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Part III, Global Day to Denounce Mao

施萍 看中国 2009年08月16日 【看中国特约记者施萍采访报导】



为什么要把今年的"十•一"定为全球的逐毛日? 而且不光今年的"十•一",每一年的"十•一",都要定为全球的逐毛日。 在中共庆祝他们这个所谓共产党建立政权的日子,我们都要做出这样相应的一种行为告诉全世界:这个政权是不合法的!

它没有任何的道德基点,没有任何的道德合法性。 在程序上不合法,没有选举。 没有人同意要它(共产党)告诉我怎么做,我没有同意它。 它为什么拿着枪杆子告诉我要怎么样?!这就说明它本身是不合法的。就是说我们把毛泽东这个邪恶的肖像打下来的时候,用它来告知全世界,告诉所有在中国没有经历过文化大革命,没有经历过这些共产党大规模杀害的年轻人,告诉他们,你应该在道德上建立一个标准,你怎么看毛泽东,是衡量你这个人有没有正义感的试金石。

这样一种专制的文化,因为它不光是共产党用强权、用枪杆子压住你,同时它也阉割了中国人民对自身自由的想法,对自身尊严的这样一种追求。它完全把人们阉割到这样一种程度。有人说,"是的。 中国人是受压迫,但是你在美国......"。 你压迫美国人你试试?!"你有多少枪,有多少钱......"。 我虽然一分钱都没有,我也绝对不让你骑在我脑袋上拉屎!

中国人要反省。共产党欺压人,大量杀害人,你是不是做出任何举动了呢?你有没有任何反抗呢?你有没有任何道德上的清醒呢? 这也要经常去反省,在将来中国建设一个没有共产党的社会。 要建立这样一种清醒的道德概念。


那么打毛像这件事情,或者号召全世界"十•一"逐毛运动,全世界每年"十• 一"开展大规模的全球逐毛、排毛运动,每一年都要做。 在中国现在没有可能,可以在海外搞。 每年去做这样事情的话,也就是说在中国政治文化里面注入一剂道德的清醒剂,使中国人开始苏醒。我挂一个横幅唤醒你沉睡的良知。 良知是每个人生下来上帝给我们的,放在我们身体里面的。为什么在我们生活里,看到强权,威吓、利诱,我们就把我们的良知放弃了?我们自己是有责任的。

有很多在中国被强权欺压的那些人,甚至到中南海上访这些民众,他们都承认说,我就是没有这个地位,我要是有这地位,我也做同样的事情。 这是大有人在,很多人都这样,我听得太多了! 我都不知道该怎么跟他们讲。 也就说当你已经把自己的良知整个的都泯灭了,把自己的道德观、正义感、人的尊严整个的泯灭了,你变成一个自己去利用别人或是让别人去利用你,这样一种是奴隶也是主子的心态。我也说过:梦想当主子的人都是甘心做奴隶的人。



你吸白面 - 它是把白面、鸦片都放在一块儿。 每天让你吸这东西。 吸完它这个道德鸦片、精神白面以后, 它是不能营养你的身体的,但是它给你一种幻觉甚至比你吃饭的感觉还要好。 吃饭本身那个营养进入你的身体是一种慢慢的过程,也就是说,在争取自由、争取幸福这样一条道路上是没有捷径好走的。每一个人都要付出他的代价。 你去争取自由、争取幸福,你要有个道德标准在心里。我不能这样去欺骗别人,不能压迫别人。去说谎......。不能去搞些不道德事情。不在于你的地位怎样--我即使一分钱也没有,我也不能做这样的事! 如果在中国每个人都有这种道德观,共产党末日很快就到了。

但是这不是一天、两天建立起来的。 但作为我个人来讲,把毛像的事件做为一个焦点告诉所有中国人:你如果真的想要有尊严,真的想要得到幸福,真的想要拥有真正的自由,一定要释出自己的良知和正义感。 不要把自己物质上的东西看重。就说我比别人多一块手表、冰箱,把这些东西看作比你的生命重要。中国的视野里,繁荣富强、四个现代化成了这个社会的一种标准口号,把物质上的东西做为人们追求的目标,这是绝大的邪恶。

在美国你看:"One nation, under God, indivisible , with liberty and justice for all." 也就说我们这个国家,我们这个社会在上帝的眼睛之下是不能分割的,去争取人类与个人的自由跟尊严。 在美国的视野里从来没有提到什么繁荣富强,从来没有提到过这个现代化,那个现代化,你有几个大哥大,从来没有过。 但是由于你追求这些价值,那些都是应运而来的。 你根本不用去追求这些东西,你只要把每个人的自由都保证的话,每个人都有创造的能力,他都会有创造的价值。

当然了,我也在我的博客里面讲了:伟大的社会是个道德的社会。 很多中国人说:中国是个伟大的社会 、伟大的国家。不是的! 因为你们没有道德观。你可以说它是个强大的国家,不能说是个伟大的国家。 伟大是个道德的理念!

有人打电话到我家,我问他们:你为什么加入我,你为什么要跟我交谈? 我以为他们是要签名逐毛的。 没想到是共产党那些人打电话来骂我的。 他们是骂街,你不能跟骂街的讲道理。 他们的脑子已经病了。 他们在道德上已经做了选择了。 每个人都有良知道德,上帝创造你的时候就给你放进去了。 动物是没有道德观的 ,人是有的。 动物会有为自己的种族延续的这样一种本能,但是它没有道德,只是保护自己后代的。 道德观是完全人类的,在这方面我是很清楚的。

至于今天,打开EMAIL又来几个人骂我。 哈哈,哈哈....,没关系,别担心我。 我知道我做这个事情击中了中共最重要的要害,因为我知道毛像从天安门拿走的那天,就是共产党倒台的一天。

在我脑子里是再清楚不过的,兴起全球抗毛逐毛。 中国有那么多毛像你可以上去画叉的,拿鸡蛋去砸两下;你在100元钞票的毛脸上画叉,你一样可以花。 用你自己的方式在良知里面,把毛这样专治文化的精髓从你生活中驱逐出去,那样我认为是非常有意义的事情。 但是很奇怪,没有其他人来做(这件意义重大的事)? 看到毛像竟然不觉得恶心? 你看到毛像大摇大摆坐在那儿,你可以走过去,不觉得有种恶心感? 你有没有那个胆量! 我说如果这个世界上都是道德混乱的话,那就让我道德清醒点儿;如果这个世界上都是胆小鬼的话,那就让我勇敢点儿;如果这世界都是黑暗的话,那就把我自己变成一个火炬,照亮人们通向自由的旅程。



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RE: 毛像不除,人灵焉复 Destruction of Mao’s Image is a Must

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:10 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

Artists pull works after City Hall bans Mao

-Washington print

By The Associated Press

ALHAMBRA, Calif. — Artists featured in a Chinese New Year exhibit at City Hall removed their works in anger over the city's banishment of a piece depicting communist dictator Mao Zedong next to George Washington.

The remaining 30 silk-screen prints were taken down by the artists on Feb. 20 after city staff removed a Jeffrey Ma piece pairing Mao and Washington. It was pulled because some observers found it offensive, the city said.

"They don't respect art and they don't respect artists," Ma said.

Ma and the three other artists in the exhibit decided to take everything down after the city balked at putting the Mao piece back up. The artists also retrieved the Mao piece stored in the City Clerk's office.

Four Chinese-American artists paid homage to Andy Warhol in the exhibit, which was scheduled to run through February.

"If this place is not interested in us, we are not interested in this place," artist John Kong said. "I understand people can have strong personal reactions to certain things. It's not wrong to express what he thinks when he sees this art.

"The wrong thing is that City Hall took the piece down."

It was described as "innocent, thoughtless censorship, but censorship nonetheless" by Peter Scheer, executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition.

"The appropriate response is not to suppress the original speech, but rather to encourage more expression so that the public is exposed to all these points of view," Scheer said.

It wasn't clear who made the decision to take the Mao piece down. City Clerk Frances Moore said there was a complaint and the Ma piece was removed Feb. 15 "at the direction" of organizer Pinki Chen.

"She wanted it down. They didn't want controversy," Moore said.

But Chen said city staff simply notified her as a courtesy.

"They called me and asked me if it was OK. I told them, 'It's your decision'... I would never say we should take it down because of a couple of people," Chen said.

Alhambra resident Henry Zhang, 41, says Mao is China's equivalent of Adolf Hitler and his portrait should not be displayed in public buildings. "He took away other people's freedom," Zhang said.

"I can't believe I came to America to seek freedom, to see that hanging in the City Hall lobby," said Kai Chen, 51, a Los Angeles resident who emigrated from China in 1981. "It is unbelievably politically ignorant, politically insensitive to say the least."

The print was taken down after the city received Kai Chen's complaint.

Pinki Chen said the only criteria for the artwork was a tie-in with the Year of the Boar.

The print by Ma imposes Mao and Washington's images onto four piggy banks. Their images were chosen because their faces are found on money, said Qing Nian Tang, an artist whose work was also in the exhibit.

Two other pieces show the Red Army with pig's heads, wielding paintbrushes and bayonets.

Mayor Stephen Sham, who was born in China, said last week that he was not offended by the print.

"It's an art exhibit — it's not a history exhibit," Sham said. "I think we have freedom of speech."

Alhambra is 10 miles east of Los Angeles.

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