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什麽是法西斯主义? What is the Fascism?

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:21 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

What is the Fascism?

Dear Mr. Kai Chen,

I have just make a question to you - what is the Fascism? Why is the Fascism classified into the Left Wing and not the Ultra-Right Wing?

How do you explain the examples of the Rule of Generalissimo Fascisco Franco in the Spain and the Military Dictator Augusto Pinochet in the Chile?

Thanks you very much!!

With Best Wishes,
Civilization Lighthouse

References are given as below -

However, as far as I know, it is true that the President Ronald Reagan and Vice-President George W. Bush I accepted some ideas of the Fascism originated from the South Korea. Their ideas do not represent the orthodox conservative values. The orthodox conservative values do not contain any Fascist values. Hence, many Americans will make some misunderstanding between the Fascism and the Orthodox Capitalism.

The Militarism may not be the extremism or the Far-Right. However, it may be a fact that many rightists are the supporters of the Militarism or they are usually the militarists as well. The Japan is the typical example to indicate the Right Militarism own many supporters in the Japan after the Year 1990, especially after the Year 2005. However, according to the Chinese Communists' false description, the Japan Militarists are the extremist as well. This is a misinterpretation.

Generally speaking, I agree that a person armed with a Bible and a gun is essentially free. I also agree that many classic liberals in the past are today's conservatives.

It is very interested on defining the term "Fascist" or "Fascism". If my estimation is correct, the Military Fascism is a typical extreme rightist. The highest leader of the Military Fascism is a military dictator as well. In other word, the Military Fascism is combined with the military dictatorship. Moreover, the Military Fascism is much closer to the Capitalism than the Socialism. If we analyze the Military Fascism, we can discover that the Military Fascism contains 40% Capitalism and 60% or more Leftist Collectivism. Hence, the Military Fascism has the Leftist inner quality with the Conservative appearance. However, until the present time, we still do not discover any successful example of such the Extreme Right Administration.

On the other hand, I want you help me to explain what has happened in the Francisco Franco Period of the Spain? Many Thanks!

In the present, I always feel that the Fascism from its beginning can be classified as the "Primary Fascism". This is still belongs to one kind of the Leftist Collectivism.

However, it is difficult for the Chinese rightists, the American Conservatives and other alleys to re-definite the attribute of the Fascism as the "Leftist" from the old classification "Far Right". The American Conservatives must spend over at least twenty years or longer to re-definite the attribute of the Fascism.

Usually, the existence period of Ultra Right organization and its ideology are usually much shorter than the Socialism or the Communism. In addition, the Fascist experiment has been proved that not as successful as the Socialism, especially the Communism. Hence, the Communism represents the evil power in typical form.

If you do not agree, you can continue to debate with me. Thanks you very much!!

Dear Lighthouse:

Since you do speak and write English, I much prefer that you go on my own forum - "Kai Chen Forum" in youpai.org. I have many articles specifically devoted to this topic. Youpai Forum is mainly in Chinese, and my forum is specifically for the English speakers. I hope you go there and we will have a great discussion and debate.

I find that you label too much and define too little. This will make any debate less meaningful. Premises and definitions are crucial to debate in clarifying issues and finding the point of contention. If there is no point of contention or there is a muddiness and confusion in discussion, meaning will be lost and everything becomes a waste of time. That is why using Chinese to debate and discuss is much more difficult since it is not a definable and precise language.

Much as socialism and communism, Nazism and Fascism, as well as today's Islamic Fundamentalism are only some other forms of collectivism. This is the opposite of Capitalism which is congruent and consistent with individual liberty and freedom. Capitalism is very new in this world of ours and much less understood and appreciated by modern day masses. Yet, capitalism has rescued many from ignorance, poverty, violence and despair. It has given so much opportunity to the less fortunate. It has given human beings a great sense of individual dignity, self-respect, meaning of existence, for it is the only system that respects individual choices and free will.

Before you render some undeserved verdict on capitalism, try to rid off the poisons all the leftists, socialists and communists brainwashed into your mind and soul. The myth of capitalism is evil and appeals to humans' dark instinct is entirely false and misleading. Unless you understand the deep morality and truth in capitalism, you will forever wander in the wilderness and desolation left by the destruction of all forms of collectivism upon humanity and never be able to pull yourself out.

I suggest you read books from Milton Friedman, John Locke and other capitalist pioneers and start to develop a full appreciation how the system works and the morals and truths that lie beneath this great human institution.

I again invite you on my forum, Kai Chen Forum, to discuss issues and debate some points.

Best. Kai Chen

Elder Brother Kai Chen, I should use the Chinese to write and reply now. I think, it is the best for us to use the English to exchange our different viewpoints on the Fascist Problem. However, do not talk other problems......
Dear Lighthouse:

Thanks for taking your time to write the messages. Any discussion and debate aimed at finding truth is always welcome on my forum.

It is funny that you mentioned the Franco regime and the Spanish Civil War. I just watched a movie depicting that period. It is based on a true story and I have learned some more about that period of time.

As far as what I have sensed from the movie, the Spanish civil war was much more like the Chinese Cultural Revolution in many aspects than anything else. The different factions among the left fighting and killing each other claiming that they were all fighting the Fascists and their own group was the most loyal and pure to revolution than others, the debate over collectivization of farmland, the endless ideological war, the fervor of the youths for excitement and revolution, the power struggle, the personal vendetta under lofty names....

Fascist views are not originated from South Korea. It was developed over time in Europe by some intellectuals. You are wrong to say that Fascism is closer to capitalism than socialism. Nazism, an out-branch of Fascism, is the short for "National Socialism". Communism is most closely related to this classification of human beings into groups and treating them with discrimination. The only difference between Fascism and Communism is that Communism replace "national and ethnic groups" with "economic groups based on classes". Everything esle communism espouses is the same as Fascism and Nazism. They are all the same kind of evil practices under the same kind of evil ideologies that divide people artificially and arbitrarily by force. They all ignore and deny the truth that people are individuals. They all put ideas above human lives, and are willing to kill and sacrifice unlimited amount of human lives for some idiotic ideas.

An individual's life has no meaning unless he or she is serving a collective, be it a race, a nation, a government, an ethnic group, a religion, a cultural heritage, etc. If you read Wang Zhizhi's confession on my forum, you can see this is exactly what China is about -- turning everyone into a cultural and governmental slave - a zombie searching for other lives to destroy. In this sense, all collectivist ideas are the same. There is no intrinsic difference between Stalin and Hitler. Power to dominate is their only goal, nothing else. That is why the wars between these collectivists have been the most intense, cruel and inhumane.

I just created a new topic on "Morals of Capitalism", 谈资本主义的道德理念,intended for you to respond. But it seems you have not read that topic's articles. I want you to go on that topic to read some of my articles specifically devoted to this subject. Some of them are in Chinese.

Here is the link: http://www.youpai.org/forums/viewtopic.p...9bed17cff898b3a

When you define a label, you should be careful not to use another label to define it, for this will get us nowhere. All these "isms" will muddle our heads and corrupt our souls. Talk about your own experiences in life, and learn from your own every day life. I think this is a better way to learn and to find truth than anything else. Reading helps, but it is not the foundation of our knowledge. You must come down on earth from up there and start to learn about life yourself. Labels, terms, and categorizations are meaningless without you, the individual's self, putting meanings in them.

Try not to describe, but to observe. Try not to stereotype, but to analyze. Try not to label with terms from others and books, but to instill meaning in everything you say. Then we may get somewhere in our discussion and debate.

Save yourself before you set out to save the world. Make yourself free from decay and corruption of mind and soul by some muddy language and vocabulary others put in your head, you may start solid steps toward progress and truth. I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion, but make sure your direction is right and righteous.

Best wishes to you in your search for the meaning of your own life. Kai Chen
Dear Lighthouse:

Please do not attach capitalism in anyway with totalitarianism or despotism. Not only capitalism has nothing to do with the emergence of these evil ideologies, the first thing these evil regimes and governments aim to do is to abolish the very principle of capitalism -- the principle of "Self-interest" and Free will of the individuals.

To force slavery with freedom together in your mind is much like today China's "one country, two systems" illusion. Is there such thing as "free slaves"? Or is there such thing as "slaves' freedom"?

Fascism, Nazism, Socialism and Communism force individuals abandon their own self-interest and free will to serve the state and the government. In such a necessary scheme to monopolize power, capitalism in its own principle and form has to be destroyed and the facts all point to this conclusion. In many ways Nazi domination and elimination of the Jews in WWII is much more resembled with the communist revolutions in Russian and China -- Taking away the riches of the capitalists to give to the poor and the working class, all in the name of some higher interests of race and class, all in the name of serving revolution and the power of the collective. In the end, the state and the government become the slave-owners, with the help and consent by moral confusion from the poor. The result? Much more of the poor suffered and died by the hands of the state and the government, all in the name of helping the poor. Remember China's "Great Leap Forward"?

Check the logic of your theory, and check your premises as well, then you will find your orientation, both morally and factually is way off course.

Best. Kai Chen
Dear lighthouse:

Most Chinese are infected with the "Monkey King Syndrome", standing nowhere and everywhere. They call themselves liberals or centrists and take such a title as their source of power and pride. They don't know by taking such as view, they are already in a deep moral "voodoo shit", for the only basis for them to judge what is right and wrong is no longer their own conscience, but absolute Power.

From your view point, the only road you are traveling is the road toward Power, much like the communists and Mao himself. Right or wrong is no concern to you anymore. You want only Power over all others. This is not paranoia, this is ruthless logic.

Hope you take a hard look at where you are getting to. I am quite certain it is not toward life, freedom and happiness, but toward domination of one group of people over another, be it based on race, economic class, religion or ethnicity.

Good luck with your search. Maybe this is not the place for you to find friends or comrades, this site's name is "Youpai.org" -- The Rightists. We are not worried about whether or not being accepted by others or majority. We are only concerned about whether or not we are doing the "Right" things. Popularity is big among the leftists, liberals and so called centrists. The big part of their lives is aimed toward demeaning or pleasing other people. This separates them with US. We are more concerned about our own conscience, the moral absolutes based on the objective reality. If the Chinese don't accept such laws of nature, laws of morality only by God, they will fall flat on their face by jumping off a cliff, expecting to fly. Their faces have already been flattened over the centuries of jumping off cliffs, millions died with their "anti-gravity practices" such as the Great Leap Forward and others based on illusions and delusions.

If they, the Chinese, as all others who don't believe there is an absolute moral law, as there is an objective physical law of gravity, then too bad and too sad. They will continue to be mired in the eternal vicious dynastic cycles, like all of their ancestors. And their heaven is only full of misery.

Kai Chen

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