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谈资本主义的道德理念 On Morals of Capitalism

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:17 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

On Morals of Capitalism


只有资本主义制度是建立在个人自由意志,创造建设,与自然的人的属性上的。 只有资本主义才与民主法制的社会相吻合。 --- 陈凯

Only capitalism is established on individual human being's free will, creativeness and constructiveness. Only capitalism is human and humane. Only capitalism can go hand in hand with democracy and rule of law. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

I now paste Mr. Lighthouse's message here and then post my comments.

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:17 am Post subject:



(Elder Brother Kai Chen, I should use the Chinese to write and reply now. I think, it is the best for us to use the English to exchange our different viewpoints on the Fascist Problem. However, do not talk other problem. The following reply is written by me for answering the controversy of the Left and the Right.)

没有错,资本主义是一种很新的概念和制度。它首先在英国出现,後来扩及大部分欧洲、南北美洲及澳大利西亚(即澳纽。我自创Austnew一词,指澳大利亚及纽西兰。)。尤其是西欧是资本主义经济比较发达的地区。资本主义的出现大概只有叁百年左右的历史,而且有一段相当长的黑暗史。资本主义是随着工业革命的出现而发展。所以我对右派的资本主义制度(Capitalist System)是有保留的。顾名思义,资本主义就是市场导向和利润导向,需要较多个人主义来配合。所以美国及英国的个人主义文化比较适应资本主义制度的发展。另一方面,也是因为美国人更重视公平竞争和比较平民化,没有欧洲那种贵族和贱民之间的分别和阶级包袱,也促使资本主义在美国做得最为成功。美国是当今全世界中资本主义制度的最佳典范。







Dear Lighthouse:

First here are some links to my articles and messages specifically devoted to this subject. I now paste them here for you to refer before I respond to you.










Now I paste this article I wrote sometime ago. It is to directly address your issues and questions on capitalism.

Posted: Thu May 04, 2006 2:13 pm Post subject: 资本主义-最道德的制度Capitalism-Best System.



只有资本主义才能救中国。 --- 陈凯

Only capitalism can save China. --- Kai Chen


资本主义- 最道德的,最人性的,最进步的经济制度
Capitalism - the most moral, most humane, most progressive economic system.


Dear Visitors:

The most curious phenomenon in today's world is that the most moral and liberating system - Capitalism has been constantly demonized and the most corrupt and inhumane system such as Communism and Socialism has been constantly glorified. Most strange, isn't it?

The only economic system that is congruent with individual liberty and political democracy is Capitalism. Curiously but certainly, it is the youngest system and the least understood system in the world. Yet Capitalism has liberated millions upon millions of people from poverty and ignorance, making them independent and free.

However, most countries in the world, including many on the left in America constantly mislead people in their demeaning and demonizing remarks about Capitalism. China has termed its capitalism, not by its name for they are afraid it may run into conflict with their communist doctrine, "socialist market economy". Though the Chinese are using capitalism to save the communists' butts, they want to tell others that Capitalism is only a necessary evil. They eat, drink, use everything made by capitalism, and they curse it as a somehow immoral system. They know that only Capitalism can save China, but they hate the system, for it is intrinsic human, intrinsic free, intrinsic logical, intrinsic anti-despotic regimes, intrinsic by God to be used by humans for their benefit, not enslave humans for the benefit of some authoritarian power mongers.

All the Power-thirst, group-oriented societies are afraid of Capitalism, for it is color-blind, it is class-blind, it is cold and just to everyone, it makes individuals independent and free entities to take the benefit or consequences of their own volition and choices. It liberates the creative talent and energy among humans and elevate the most creative and most courageous and the most logical to the very top of the society, regardless their own family background, their skin colors, their own class distinction, their own age, gender, sex-orientation and other innate differences.

In a capitalist society, no one can force anyone to buy or sell. Individual interest and freedom becomes first and foremost in any transactions. Zero-sum game becomes outdated. Mutual benefit is the rule. Fairness is valued. Risk taking is encouraged. Productive materials and energy are utilized and allocated in a most efficient manner. Human and resources waste are reduced to the minimal. Environment is protected and improved. Human conditions are immensely advanced....

Most countries in the world don't usually have all the combination of the necessary ingredients to advance in the most efficient way. India has democracy, but lack social, cultural elements of equality, plus a socialist economy that made them lag behind. China has no cultural and social elements for human freedom, its political system is the most inhumane and abhorrently corrupt, but its economy is much more Capitalistic now than many other parts of the world (though the inevitable clash of its economic and political systems is within eye sight). Most European countries are democratic and culturally free, but economically socialistic. This put them back behind and drag their standard of living into stagnation.... Many African nations are still mired in tribal warfare and fantasy about socialism. Most Latin American countries lack democratic institutions and a individual culture, and many of them are still infatuated with socialism and communism.

Only America, with its democratic institutions and rule of law, a social and cultural values to treasure individual freedom, and its understanding of the most advanced, youngest, most vibrant economic system in the world - Capitalism, has the combination of all the necessary ingredients to advance the fastest, and provide human beings and the world with hope for a better tomorrow.

If the entire world becomes just like America, I have no problem, none. I am proud to be an American, and I think all the freedom-loving, capitalistic innovators of the world will have no problem calling themselves Americans as well.

God bless America. Best. Kai Chen 陈凯


Attention and caution:

Dear Lighthouse: Please do not band people together and label them by races and ethnicities. Using "group-think" to attempt to understand capitalism which is founded on the notion that "people are individuals" will get you nowhere. And before you attempt to formulate a theory, check your premises. If your premises are wrong, your theory will have no foundation to grow.

Also please check the facts before you accuse America as the biggest polluter in the world, or the biggest waster in the world. Is "wasting humans and their potentials", which all of us have experienced in a collectivist society, the biggest waste of all?!

Now America's area of forestation is larger than it was 100 years ago. What does this fact tell you?


Please read my article: 公丑私美,公恶私德 I linked here above for you.

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