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中国专制三暴虐-文字,文化与政治 Trio of Tyranny

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Trio of Tyranny in China
中国专制的三暴虐 - 文字,文化与政治

China's Despotism - From linguistic tyranny, to cultural tyranny, to governmental tyranny

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

  - The trio of tyrannies and its horrific effect on the formation of Chinese slave mindset – a treatise and indictment on the Chinese dehumanization process -  
By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 4/10/2006, Reprint 1/19/2012)
  As people puzzled over the persistence of the Chinese communist regime after the collapse of the communism as an ideology world wide, only a few saw the roots of the Chinese despotism. Many are not willing, some not able, others lacking courage to recognize the connection between the Chinese traditional culture and the current deplorable state of affairs in China. Almost all reject even the slightest suggestion that the Chinese character-based, syllabic language has something to do with the formation of Chinese mind-set which can only be properly coined “complete slavery and dehumanization of human beings”.
 Some even suggest that preservation of a Confucian culture is paramount in reforming the Chinese society and curing the ills in the Chinese mind. To me this suggestion is tantamount to saying that solution to communist tyranny and dictatorship is the communist party, and the cure of AIDS is introducing more HIV virus. Some, with various motives and deep secret complex, come in a hurry to defend the indefensible cruel Chinese feudal culture. And they defend even with more vehemence than the despotic masters the origin of the Chinese tyranny – the character-based, syllabic Chinese language. The panic feels like as if someone is digging into their ancestors’ untouchable graves. It is as if someone is touching that “sacred cow” in their hearts. No matter how much they hate the Chinese communist party and its despotic regime, they are willing to defend the roots of it with their blood and lives. Sounds comically contradictory, doesn’t it? Some, even come with more hilarious accusation against those who point out the intrinsic and inseparable connection between the Chinese language and culture with the miserable human condition in China today, calling them “traitors of the Chinese race” and “harboring ulterior motives to demean the Chinese”, and “potential dictators in the future”….
  Their entire defense not only fails to exonerate the evil culture that has been created to destroy individuals, humanity and freedom, their preposterous accusation against those who see the evil shows exactly how their mind-set of cultural, linguistic and governmental slavery has been formed. That mind-set is the living proof of the existence of evil.
  The following is a treatise to detail the process of Chinese dehumanization of individuals through this “trio of tyranny” and an indictment against this evil origin of the complete alienation and enslavement of Chinese mind over their own existence.
Chinese Linguistic Tyranny 中国文字语言的暴虐
   (Since Chinese society is patriarchal in nature, I will use “man” and “he” in the composition of this essay. This is not to demean or ignore female human beings.)
  From the moment a Chinese toddler starts to put sounds and symbols together, he is handed a brush with ink as his writing tool. (Nowadays a pen or pencil is usually the case) He is presented with a paper with lines and usually a series of rectangle boxes with four evenly divided quadrants in each box. In front of him is a text of writing samples dated maybe hundreds of years back to his ancestors. He is told that his task of learning to write is first and foremost to mimic the perfect symmetry and forms in those pictorial images his ancestors left for him. During this process of repetition, copy, mimic of his ancestors’ leftover in his initial contact with human knowledge, his own dehumanization against his own individuality has formally begun.

  He learns that creativity and initiatives are not important; conformity is. He learns that his own mind is not important; his ancestors’ legacy is. He learns that he as an individual is not important; competing with others to see who comes closer to the original forms left by his ancestors is. He learns that meaning and substance of the word is not important; the appearance - the formation, the image and the shell is. He is further confounded, yet not knowing consciously, with the fact that language is not a tool to comprehend and analyze phenomena to reach to reality, rather it is an artistic endeavor to please the eye, and the others. However, in this supposed artistic endeavor, he is not allowed to create and produce. He is forced to copy, to memorize, to follow… His two hemispheres of the brain are inundated with conflicting input of symbols and images. (We now know that all humans have the same structure in their brains – one hemisphere in charge of language, analysis, abstract thinking, logic, rationality.., and the other art, music, concrete images, creative impulses…) His analytical hemisphere is being force-fed with pictorial images, instead of abstract symbols, while his artistic hemisphere is starved with a strict and deliberate stifling of his instinct and impulse to create. In learning to write the Chinese characters, he is weaving and knitting an elaborate and intricate mesh to smother his own brain, to restrict his own initiatives, to deny his individual uniqueness.
  While humans are endowed by our creator to have a unique human quality to create, change and reform our surroundings and environment to serve our own purposes, as a distinctive quality from other creatures, the cruel and inhumane process of Chinese systematic stripping of this unique human quality has effectively taken place with their young, in the form of indoctrination of a confusing and crippling linguistic system. The very possibility of human creative spark is effectively eliminated. One does not have to snip the bud. The bud has never appeared for it has died long before it can ever manifest itself. The very mind of each distinct individual is thus insidiously being forced into a tiny rectangle box from which he will never be allowed to escape to return to his nature of free being.
  By the time he is taught to compose sentences, he is further stripped of concept of time by a lack of tense in the Chinese verbs. Though the adverbs are constantly put in to modify the verbs, he has been reduced to never have had a strong sense of sequential events according to time. As his study of Chinese language progresses, he has found that he lacks a distinction between individual and collective, for in Chinese verbs there is no such differentiation of plural and singular. “People” can be viewed as something like an inseparable entity while an individual’s uniqueness is severely diminished. Last time I checked, a fascist view of collective as a living entity has the same connotation. He further learns that in pronunciation of chinese third personnel, there is no distinction between genders and between humans and animals or between humans and a rock. The dehumanization process is deepening.
  He finds that he cannot read and write to communicate till he is six or seven years old, with barely enough storage of Chinese characters laden with pictorial images, memorized through repetition in his analytical hemisphere of the brain. He is forever crippled in coming up with new abstract ideas.
  As he goes further in his study of his ancestors’ leftovers/feces, he finds that he is strictly forbidden from creating any new Chinese character by himself. All 50,000 Chinese characters are all he can copy and use in his understanding of his world of reality, though only about 5,000 in normal usage. By definition, all human knowledge on earth has stopped within the confinement of these 50,000 some Chinese characters. He can only try to manipulate, combine the existing characters to describe what he sees, not to invent new concepts. Thus the primary function of Chinese language is to describe, not to prescribe, is to inherit, not to expand, is to please, not to pursue, is to control, not to discover, is to possess, not to enjoy. the alienation is thus thorough and complete – the tool has become the master to be served with total devotion of chinese human lives. The creators of the language have become the slaves of the same language.
  With the rigid and stagnant Chinese language in place and in charge, humans are not here to create; they are only here to procreate. Humans are not individuals with indivisible integrity, dignity and uniqueness; humans are only an indistinguishable blob of flesh and blood of fleeting images, banded together by a tiny rectangle box to experience excruciating pain and suffering, much like a contortionist. Conclusion: The Chinese language is an inhuman and inhumane language which only facilitates a perverse dehumanization process among the Chinese masses/population.
  In sharp contrast, English, as a multi-syllable, alphabetic language, takes the premise that humans are free and unique beings. Language is their tool to serve their lives’ purpose, not their master to dominate and control their existence. With English language, children as early as three years old can read and write and communicate effectively with their peers. The abstract, alphabetic symbols of the language – the letters can be easily and freely assembled and dissembled and resembled to create new words that represent new discoveries and new concepts. They are designed to be abstract to input information into human brain’s abstract hemisphere. and the meaning of the word and compositions, not calligraphy, is the most important aspect of learning such a language. With this language, humans are allowed to be humans – free, creative and exploratative. With the way human brain is hardwired, there is no doubt that English language (alphabetic and multi-syllable) is a human and humane language.
 Chinese Cultural Tyranny 中国专制文化的暴虐
  From the moment a spark of consciousness starts to flicker, a Chinese youth witnesses at first hand, how humans treat each other and how he is treated by these humans around him. Another dimension of Chinese dehumanization process is taking place in his perception of reality – a cultural tyranny starts to dominate his life.
  When the infant starts to observe his surroundings and tries to make sense out of them, the first thing that enters his mind is the fearsome hierarchy everyone carefully follows and obeys. In this invisible hierarchy, everyone’s identity is predetermined by his birth and gender. He discovers that one cannot open his mouth unless he does so according to the echelon he occupies in this hierarchy. He has to find out how old he is, how much money he makes, what connections his family has in relations with this classification of superiority and inferiority. He has to know his gender stratification, male as always being on top of female. He has to know every title and name in the generation differentiation and address his peers by proper titles and names. He has to know exactly all of these before he can open his mouth.
  He is conditioned to know that the highest echelon in the hierarchy is the ubiquitous officialdom in the government, and the highest judicial judge in morals and all affairs affecting him is the highest official in this government – the emperor, chairman, president. He now knows that the God in his life is China itself – a nation with a border, a population with the same racial and ethnic features, a way to behave and think – never disturbing the existing order. China is the combination of all the desirable values in his life. He will be dedicating his entire life to this invisible God.
  As he continues to grow up and further immerses himself in the Chinese literature, cultural habits and order of things, he finds that he himself as a person gradually dissolved and disappeared in the cultural soup everyone is stirring to cook into a shapeless entity. Everyone starts to behave in the same manner according to this invisible hierarchy, and no one is distinct and unique by himself. For the first time, he tastes the fearsome power of his cultural environment. That faceless everyone is called Big Family which he is obligated to preserve and please. Everyone seems to want to please everyone else and no one however, wants to initiate anything. Passivity is the order of the day and fate is everyone’s master. Learning to patiently live with desperation and helplessness is a must if he wants to survive. And it even becomes an art. He starts to cheat, lie, manipulate, intimidate, pretend… Anything he does is alright so long as he is to preserve and please the big family. Saving face is the biggest concern for everyone, from top down. The Big Family and the government that represents it has become his overlord and his entire individual worth is to be judged by only it.
  He practices hard to write beautiful calligraphy, for he knows without the beautiful and unobtrusive appearance, everything else is meaningless. One will have hard time climbing the social ladder if one’s calligraphy is no good. The more he self-effacing his own being, the more likely he will climb high. He learns to entertain himself by practicing Chinese violin, but finds that the bow is stuck between the strings and he can only play one string at a time. The music that comes out of the instrument always bears a sad, lonely, helpless tone he can never escape. He picks a brush to paint a picture, but finds that only water color is available. The painting comes out will always be smeared and blurred. The human image that comes out of the water color has no spirit, no deep feelings, no facial expressions, and no passion (not to mention there is no shades and no one know where the light comes from). Even this dubious representation of humans on paper cannot last long. The water color always fades over time. A blurred image of reality for others to guess and feel is the standard of art.
  He is frustrated, trying to find and etch a permanent mark for himself in the history of China. He starts to read the Chinese classic literatures, for in there he can find all kinds of intrigues, plots, manipulation of emotions, pretentious grace.., widely applied in the chinese officialdom. He attends school to memorize and mimic all the tactics and tricks to use, abuse and manipulate others humans so he can climb over their corpses to advance in this hierarchy. He learns how to mesmerize his victims by pretending to be their savior, making them believe they are all victims of others. Like a king cobra, he wants to desensitize and distract his prey by letting them focus on his beautiful and symmetrical markings, the carefully planned, mesmerizing movements, the ingenious camouflage, and the speedy and powerful strikes. He does not want others to know his nature. He is doing everything to hide it. He has learned all these through the books he has read and observation he has made and he is well versed in all of them. None of the education process has focused on the nature, the essence, and the substance of things and phenomena. No moral judgment has ever been rendered. So he is not about to start to attract others’ attention on his deadliness and his poisonous-ness. He has become the master of all his ancestors’ teachings. His only goal: to acquire power as much as he can. The more power he has, the more he is close to the omnipotent and arbitrary head of the big family, and the more he approaches God/being God.
  However, he is very unhappy and insecure, for every step up he climbs, he is losing something - something he could not describe and may never recover. But he somehow senses that something is essential for his fulfillment and happiness. He becomes more and more drained and emptied, but the urge to climb even higher is so great that he cannot stop. It is just like, no, it is exactly like a narcotic addiction. The more you have, the more you want to have, even knowing it is killing your organs, killing your humanity. He now is in the deep grip of a powerful, enticing presence he can never escape without help from outside/divine forces.
  But the outside help never comes. All the cultural narcotic addicts never admit they are addicts. He is no exception. His mental health starts to deteriorate. He can not distinguish right from wrong, illusions from reality, truth from falsehood, what is good for him from what is harmful…. Yet he continues the path of climbing toward that illusive peak in the officialdom, knocking down adversaries ruthlessly with no mercy. He never feels safe, for everyone else is doing just the same. He is exhausted but he dares not to stop or relax. Momentary reflection of himself scares the hell out of him, for he does not have guts to admit how deep and how far he has embarked on this road of self-destruction. And he knows it is all his making. and relentlessly, the atrocious/miserable/meaningless end is coming.
  One day, a more ruthless and poisonous adversary knocks him off the ladder of officialdom. He falls and ready to give up and die. Before he dies, he curses the enemy; he curses back luck; he curses fate; he curses all others. He even curses the system for failing him, not knowing or admitting he is exactly the essential part of it, the foundation of it. His only lesson from all this is: (and he will tell all his children about it) next time, if there is ever going to be one, I will be more ruthless, poisonous and deadly. In the process of victimizing each other, everyone becomes inescapably victimized. The cycle of men-eating-men is thus completed.
  Such is a soulless life’s story. Such is a loveless life. Such is a joyless existence. Such is a zombie’s journey. Such is a definition of evil and corruption. Such is the portrait of a Chinese cultural slave - a Eunuslawhore (eunuch, slave, prostitute).
  Contrast distinctly from this cycle of dehumanization, Christian ethics stresses exactly the opposite of this men-eating. It preaches that every individual human being is an entirely unique universe, a beginning and end in himself. He is not to be used, abused and abandoned as some used-up tools by others, no matter how many they are in quantity. In short, he is not to be a mean to an end, but an end in itself. Because of such an inalienable and inseparable nature of the entity, he is endowed by god to have rights and freedom; therefore, he has the possibility to be happy and joyful. No one, no matter how powerful he is as in the case of a government, should be morally justified to define such a being. He is indeed a sacred creation and only god can design him and make possible for him to discover that sacred design. Bias, prejudice, power for the sake of control and self-degradation are detested in such an ethics and culture. Dignity and respect are coined to depict such a being as unique and irreplaceable. Nothing can be ever justified without his own individual consent, for only he knows his own values and worth. Group and government oppression is viewed as the embodiment of evil. Servitude and slavery is as insidiously detrimental to human mental and spiritual health as viruses and narcotic addiction. Equality among humans is a natural extension in the very fact that each and every one of individuals must ultimately face god and himself, not others and governments. Conscience and spiritual integrity is established in such a cultural environment. Self-direction rather than others-direction becomes the orientation of such moral being. Creativity and productivity, Not robbing, begging, cheating and stealing, flows like fountainhead, nourishing a new generation of such free beings. Values are constantly produced and nothingness inevitably sneered and discarded.
  Such is a human ethics. Such is a human culture. Such will be the humanity's future.
Tyranny of Chinese Political Institutions 中国古今政体的暴虐 
  When a crippled Chinese adult, mentally and spiritually ill-equipped, enters into the political arena characterized by the omnipresent Chinese officialdom, he painfully discovers that he is further trapped and demeaned by the very institutions his ancestors left to control him. He is viewed as nothing more than a cog on an enormous grinder aimed to mix truth with falsehood, right with wrong, black with white, existence with nothingness. Every ounce of everyone’s individual energy is absorbed and usurped to contribute to the speed of the spinning machine. In the cultural soup it produces, nothing is distinct and unique and nothing can be used as values, particles and concrete foundation to build anything. The only function of such a political machine is to drown everyone with this toxic cultural soup and make him a part of its ingredient to kill still many others.
  Fostered and boosted by the linguistic tyranny and cultural tyranny, the political machine his ancestors created and left for him is a ferocious and insatiable beast of destruction.
  As his maturing consciousness starts to question his own being in his political surroundings, he finds that no one is in charge and henceforth no one is able to change this political environment. Everyone is only operating in it, much like everyone is using the same Chinese characters to write. No one is able to create anything in this political environment, much like no one is able or supposed to create any Chinese character by himself. He is trapped. He further finds that in this political culture, government precedes people. Government is viewed to have existed even before humans appear on earth. Government authority comes from the mysterious “heaven” and it has nothing to do with human beings. So the emperors have all been called “sons of heaven” and everyone who dares to question this order and authority is doomed to “hell” and eternal ostracism.
  Thus, the government has always been viewed as parents, and the masses under it have always been viewed as some infantile children in need of care. Government officials are endowed with titles such as “parental officials” and the people “children people”. A person is born not free, but underneath this parental government and the power it wields. Any limited freedom is freedom in a cage, and freedom to obey and conform, for he is reared and raised by the government and the emperors. He has been taught that when the big river has water, the small creeks will flow. Even God in heaven is with a title “jade emperor”. It is the emperor that gives people their clothes and food. It is the nation and government that give people their livelihood and meaning of life.
  He has read from all the literature that his ancestors have left that all heroes in Chinese history are “nation loving” heroes. All immortals he ever worships are ancestral officials in the emperors’ court. Everything that has any values in China is tied with officialdom. Government and officialdom is not only he depends on for his livelihood, but he depends on for his meaning of life. All the educational institutions have one aim – to produce “nation loving” and “emperor loving” officials in the echelon of governmental hierarchy. The higher he climbs in the official ladder, the more power he acquires and hence the more meaning in life he has. Thus, he stops/kills all his other interests and endeavors and focuses only on one thing – joining officialdom to climb the ladder.
  In the process of climbing the ladder, he learns further from his ancestors and the knowledge they have left via those rectangle boxes written in those thread-bond books all the official tricks, plots, deceits, maneuvers, manipulations. He is well versed in the spirit all these books and the ultimate message they espouse – “the end always justify the means”. So long as he is for others and for the helpless masses, all his excessive tactics and murderous methods are thoroughly justified. His only slogans in his heart are “loyal to the emperors, loyal to the nation/party-dynasty, loyal to the ancestors and all the language, institutions, culture they have left to him.”
  He has learned that the most effective method of controlling the masses with their infantile and meaningless existence is to hold their loved ones, their family, and anything including their own profession they love, hostage. If one offends the order of the court, the entire family suffers, the generations related to the person in anyway suffers. No one is responsible for himself anyway, so everyone else around him must be responsible. Here is the most effective weapon in his arsenal, among others like confusion, fatalism, superstition, jealousy, denial, blindness to truth… Though he himself is subjected to the same control mechanism, he is nonetheless enthusiastically enforcing the order using these means, for the illusion is the higher one climbs, the freer one becomes.
  Not only family is used to be the hostage in this scheme of things, family is used as the very control mechanism to subdue everyone in it. Family has become the very basic unit of the government, to serve the government. The very word “nation” (Guo, Jia 国家) in Chinese is simply composed with two characters – nation and family. The saint of all Chinese – Confucius has long deemed the Chinese moral order to be inviolable – “emperor to subordinates, father to sons”. The bigger the government, the better, and since family has become the basic unit of the government, the entire society does not only belong to the government, it is indeed the government itself. Separation of government and society has never existed in China. Any political order in China is only the extension of personal order of the individual and his identity. An ingenious design it is indeed, by the ancestral saint-the Confucius.
  In the later years of China's modern history, Mao only further inherited/enhanced this very Chinese tradition of building the entire China into a giant prison, in which everyone can be potential a spy to report on others to the authority, particular within the family. So why build prisons to hold those unruly scoundrels like in the USSR under Stalin? Instead, the chinese under mao have followed our ancestors under emperors and confucius: They make the entire society governmental, and make the entire population prisoners of their own family, or their own relations with others. Yes indeed this is exactly what has happened during the notorious cultural revolution. The poison has seeped through every pore of the society and the corruption via total surrender by the individuals is thorough and complete.
  America represents the exact opposite of the Chinese experience: It is based on individual freedom with a solid foundation in Christian faith; therefore each and every individual is fully aware of his or her responsibility to his own conscience and action. Its political institutions are established on the premise of human fallibility and subsequent potential abuse by government and majority. Separation of power, checks and balances within the political power structure, a constitutional base to limit government and guaranty individual rights, federalism to ensure a bottom-up direction from individual sovereignty to local autonomy to limited federal government.., all are the healthy and necessary institutions aimed at expanding individual freedom. Government is contracted to serve people’s purposes, not the other way around – people are subdued to serve the government. Legitimacy, transparency and openness are understood to be the concern of all the individual citizens in their eternal vigilance to guard their liberty and rights against tyranny. American political institutions are human institutions for human interests, freedom and happiness.
  Conclusion 结论
  Over two thousand years ago on this land that humans inhabited, a divergence of humanity began to emerge. In the East over the vast land of Asia, a process of dehumanization started with the unification by an emperor with his swords, bloodshed, and oppressive force over the population on his domain. Through the intrinsic defects of its own language, the facilitation of eunuch official intellectuals, and the state power, human beings had become the subjects and slaves of their own creation. They have been terrorized by the very alienation they created ever since and become deformed humans with twisted mind-set. A stagnant and vicious circular course of history has been the order even today.
  About the same period over on the other side of the planet, a quiet and powerful revolution to recognize and confirm humanity also began to take shape, championed not by someone with swords, but by a mild-mannered man dressed in rags who never held any official position. A new kind of values was being preached upon the population and into the very soul of humans – truth, liberty, equality, individuality, fraternity, tolerance, creativity… Through the sparks he has ignited, a torch has been lit to light up the course of human history. History would never be a circle to trap humans with their corpses and misery. History started to advance toward life, freedom and joy. Humans are no longer the slaves of their own creations. They have become their own masters over their own language, their own culture and their own political institutions. A liberation of the human souls has enables them to advance through darkness toward better and better future. America is the epitome of this very advancement.
  In the West, human beings continue to advance along the line of liberty for humanity. in the East, human beings continue to be trapped by the tyranny of their own culture and government. They are nothing but slaves of their own cultural conditioning and tools of the despotic state they have created and passively obeyed. The gap is gigantic.
  In view and analysis of what has impeded Chinese society from entering modern history and join the community of free nations, I am confident that these three mountains – the three tyrannies that have oppressed the Chinese people without them knowing the nature of the tyrannies, must be removed before any healthy human institutions can be developed. The dehumanization process via these three tyrannies must be stopped and destroyed. Human beings must be returned to their original form intended by their creator – free, full of life, joyful and creative, the masters of their own environment, their own language, their own culture, their own political institutions, their own fate, their own future. The thorough and complete alienation of individual human beings to their creations must be reversed. The vicious dynastic cycles must be reviled, condemned and eliminated. a society of individual human beings, by individual human beings, for individual human beings must be finally realized. China must join the post-historical America by emulating its examples to release the tremendous energy of human creativity and productivity of its own citizens. Let’s start to remove the three mountains and the tyranny they have imposed on the Chinese people for thousands of years. Let's start this process from ourselves as free and responsible individuals.

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RE: 中国专制三暴虐-文字,文化与政治 Trio of Tyranny

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:18 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts


1楼小肚肚 (楼主) (野猫) 2006-12-21 17:06:00 发表

mr. yu, your view point cannot be closer to the truth to summarize the history of china. however, in the west, i think it is a few "ideas" that change society. this is consistent with the structural differences of these two cultures: top-down vs. bottom-up; patriarchal vs. egocentric.

politics aside, i am very interested in the validity of op's declaration that chinese as a language is inferior to alphabetic languages. as a disciple of science, i tend to agree with op from my limited experience in scientific writing. i guess seasoned c/e-e/c interpreters are the best juries on this matter. i wonder any of them is interested in providing examples of confirmation or rebuttal here.

2楼小肚肚 (楼主) (野猫) 2006-12-21 17:13:00 发表

this post led to some heated exchanges between the op and another member of the board over which the op proside. although unfortunately their "dicussion" left them even further from where the two of them started with, it nonetheless revealed two distinct yet representative mindsets among overseas chinese. i am posting an abridged version here.

3楼小肚肚 (楼主) (野猫) 2006-12-21 17:19:00 发表

from member "dachuxing":

i have just read an article from the author who postulates with his specious reasoning, clumsy enumeration, and venomous effrontery the abolishment of chinese characters, written in chinese! by a chinese! (at least in his blood, skin, and his last name!) calling for the eradication of the chinese spirit! based on the authorˇs blog and his writing, one can tell that heˇs an ardent recent-converted christian turned western-centric!

i have no problem with any religion on this planet and frankly admire some of the quintessential christian virtues that made the west one of the most eminent civilizations. however, to utilize the westˇs cultural property and turn wholeheartedly against oneˇs own tradition and his nation just as mr. liu had done is utterly a spineless cowardly crime against his people! in german, thereˇs the word ¨landesverrat〃 which means treason against oneˇs motherland, and it is such a properly fitting charge for mr. liu and his company!

i have realized the plight with this so-called self-brandished chinese rightist website is that it is miserably and absurdly lacking of a general unifying principle to begin with, which can only draw laughter and ridicules from the true enemy of the right. and this is why we see so many scums and traders whoˇs posting orgiastic tirades against their own motherland! this is a capital offense against the very definition of the word ¨rightist〃, which is on the basis, be true to oneˇs birth place! (¨nation〃, the wordˇs etymological root derives from latin, ¨natio〃 which means to be born.) for those curs and their crony who really wish to see the destruction of everything thatˇs chinese, should hang around in their own domain such as ¨swinetraderofchina.com〃 or something) if these bad elements were to be nailed by those bona fide national chinese, theyˇre rightly to be round up in concentration camps and deservingly to be liquidated! for they are the unfit ones for the coming formation of a new china!

criticizing our beloved chinese character and not knowing itˇs one of the worldˇs oldest writing and indeed a cultural heritage of mankind, which imbued with our ancestors wisdom and virtue, and with providenceˇs blessing and grace, is still in practice! how come the japanese didnˇt call for an all-root-out chinese character in their language, and even view those who with a deeper knowledge of the chinese character as a respectable savant? whoˇs to say that the language curbs their creativity? and on the contrary! i shall say, it is not until the wholehearted importation of chinese culture during the period of tang dynasty when the whole europe is under the black veil of dark age that our crown jewel were injected into the neighboring societies with a vital and creative force, which we comprehensively recognized as the east asian phenomenon!

just because thereˇre a few rotten fruits and heˇs calling to dump the whole basket and replace us with the milk of an alien bred, such person is surely a disgrace to this website and indeed to our great ancestor. iˇm calling for a purge of this website and a root out of all those chinese ¨chinese-haters〃 whoˇre the worst specimen of the degenerate one can find!

to be a true nationalist one has to walk such a fine line between the red scoundrels on the one side and shameless apostates on the other!

4楼小肚肚 (楼主) (野猫) 2006-12-21 17:25:00 发表

from op "chen kai", in response to "dachuxing"

i happen to be not only in congruence with mr. liu's point of view that chinese character-based, syllabic language is intinsicly tied with the soulless state of the population today in china, i am the one who have initiated this point of view. (though i may have to at times use the same lauguage to combat the effect of the language - not an easy task)

i have just written an essay to detail the tyranny of chinese society, vehicled by its language, culture and subsquent political establishments. i am sure that this view will inevitably enrage many of my fellow-ancestral landmen.

i was chinese by birth, but now american by choice. it seems to me some of you are the opposite of my identity (you devolve rather than evolve), even with the face that you have been born or lived here in america for a long time. somehow you yearn to belong to the skin color or the ancestors more than you belong to a value system that reflect the very values humankind has struggled since the beginning of time to achieve. when you say you are chinese, what exactly do you mean? you belong to a soil? you belong to a language? you belong to a cultural habit? you belong to a tombstone by your ancestors? what?

it seems that to disrespect your ancestors for what they stand - despotism, stagnation, xenophobia, conformity, passivity, power-worship via violence, intellectual eunuchism, destruction of individual creativity and freedom, faithless superstition, blind nationalism, loyal to emperors, individual irresponsibility, hypocrasy and contradiction, dynastic cycles.., to name just a few, is the biggest betral under heaven. if that is the case, then i am the biggest traitor, and proudly so. i have finally found the roots of evil and the light of freedom. i bid proudly, as an integrated human individual, free of my cultural burdens and language constraints, farewell to my tormented past, as a butterfly breaking through its own cacoon, expressing its freedom and beauty flying into the endliss possibilities.

yet you claim to be a chinese nationalist and to owe your eternal loyalty to a nation, more correctly, a party-state, that stands for exactly the none-values i listed above. do you have any shame? where is your conscience? yet when mr. liu and i dig up the roots of evil in china, you all get mad, without knowing why. it seems your nationality, your face, your skin color, your ancestral roots are more important than your conscience, your faith, your values, your individual identity, your personal integrity and decency... a godless being, maybe?!

so with you putting these fake-values above your individual conscience, you are saying that a person's content of his character is less important than his national identity, his skin color or his ethnicity. what a despicable state of being!

from the statements you have made, i have realized that you are nothing but the helpless product of exactly the despicable cultural values and environment i condemn with all my heart. you have no substance and essence of human existence. you worship exactly what the most chinese worship - nothingness, and i know you are willing to sacrifice your own life for that nothingness, blindly and proudly.

such is the soul of a cultural, language and political slave. such is an anti-freedom being. such is a proud and soulless existence. such is a pathetic expedient pretender. such is a trapped human without true identity, who has to go back to thousands of years to look for some fake glory that has never existed. such is the very integal part of chinese problem, and such is the opposite of any solution for china.

reexamine your soul, your value, your own identity as a human being and individual, (not as a member in a nihilistic group and elusive race and nation, not as a none-existence in a grand scheme of chinese illusion).

hopefully after your agony, having read my message, you will start your journey toward freedom and true happiness, as the popular song espouses: "i was blind, but now i can see."

5楼小肚肚 (楼主) (野猫) 2006-12-21 17:31:00 发表

from member "dachuxing", to "all of those western-centric apologetics and traitors of the chinese folk"

concerning the anti-reds sentiment we are on the same front. so just be clarified as in the premise that i am an authentic opponent of the reds’ totalitarianism. however, that does not commensurate my nationalistic spirit with your nihilistic vision of the destruction of chinese civilization in such a vainglorious whim that a total westernization will redeem china, for too numerous instances had attested for your ill-predicted claim. just take a look at the colonies of africa, latin america, and south asia, all of which had been so-called, “westernized” for centuries, and a majorities of them had been converted to christendom, and linguistically transformed into western languages, such as spanish, french, english, etc. and yet the contemporary plight of many of those former european colonies had testified all too obvious your short-sighted ideology of a so-called “participation into the civilized world”. (and just to revise a term by the kindhearted lamb of jesus, please do not designate so childishly the contemporary first world as the “civilized”, the term is rooted in such an imperialistic and colonial ethos that history had made too clear how much blood had been shed under such simple convenience. i’m not a critic of the west, but just to illustrate to you as an eye-opener, of whether or not you can considered the atomic bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki to be a “civilized” act and the fiasco of abu-ghraib prison to be “civilized” treatment. so please do not dismiss in such a simple indictment of one civilization to be barbarous while the other “civilized”. what about the aryan german’s of the third reich? )

indeed the idea postulated by people like you aren’t refreshing at all, and the same type of rubbish had been put forward at the beginning of 20th century, by more poignant minded members of the intelligentsia such as lu xun 鲁迅, hu shi 胡适, wu yu吴虞 and co. during post-5/4 incident, who stood in the turmoil of their era, irrationally cried out the total destruction of everything “chinese”. indeed, the whole country with its utterly abhorring low level of education among the masses actually saw the plausibility in such nonsense and manifested their foolish hope, the same craving as yours, in the realization of the reds’ foundation of prc. this is why i’m so perplexed at the fact that maggots like you, and the like-minded so-called intellects aren’t rightist at all, but a wholehearted, out-and-out left wing radicals!

one of your fellow comrades asked me what the definition of being chinese is. the simplest answer to such a fundamental and basic query, which even a ten year-old knows ten times better than lunatics like you is simply as this: be true to your people, motherland, and culture. you might oppose a form of political system, which granted to be totally acceptable under the ethos of modern civil standard, namely, freedom of speech. it’s another thing to lay invectives upon your ancestor which could only be realized by a bunch of dementia! i’m happy to see that the chinese people, with all of their resourcefulness and their unbounded creativity under extreme harsh conditions and after experiencing vicissitude of millenniums of war and peace, had survived into the modern era, and will aboard their voyage onto prosperity for time to come. for the sake of petty minds like you, the people can do away with, for they are there thousands of years ago long before your wretched little soul had “miserably” incarnated into a chinese family, which you probably really detested, and they will continue to proliferate in our beloved motherland long after your decayed body turned into ashes!

in summary, i will just have to say that you guys are onboard a ship of fools, which i have no intention to be carried away into oblivion. you might’ve called me to be vicious toward a certain individual, rightly so and so be it, and yet, you, with your dear ringleader holding tight with your hand-to-hand clutches, you’re hurling far more toxicant missiles onto our people, culture, motherland, and our great ancestor. under the auspices of free speech if you will, ten years from now, i will harangue with accentuated“sound-bites” on behalf of our culture heritage and our great ancestor on the rostrum in front of ten-thousand audiences and still condemning your evil deeds of trying to annihilate our culture. even though we are both anti-reds, you are still all-and-all a shameless traitor with no honor. even if china is to establish a bona fide republic with democratic principle, it is better off to carry on in negligence of your silly detrimental utterances. i am a born-again chinese nationalist, based on what i’ve comprehended from you, i have no resources to harbor a “conscience” you have thus far postulated. on the other hand, i will be honored to win a few diehard enemies of mine, for five venomous adversaries like you i have confronted will win me five
thousand adherents in order to establish the greater cause.

lastly, call me godless in your own religious perspective, and you can bear your treacherous craving every night in your meager prayer in the vain wishes that it’s gonna make a difference. my soul is totally at rest with the blessing of my great ancestor.

call me a gentile, a heathen, a pagan, a barbarian, an occultist…

6楼小肚肚 (楼主) (野猫) 2006-12-21 17:37:00 发表

from the op "chen kai", to "dear chinese nationalists:"

those who claim themselves to be anti-reds, based on their nationalistic sentiment are themselves anti-freedom, for the foundation of their position is the same as the chinese communists'. the only difference is instead of the communists in charge of china based on their own claim of being nationalistic, now these pretenders of china-savors want to take over to save china, on the same foundation of chinese nationalism.

why do any sensible chinese want them?

only a blind person, blind in their spirit and intellect, will not see the connection between communist regime and traditional chinese depotism, or between mao and chinese emperors. intellectual honesty and their claim of love of freedom should be put into question when such chinese nationalists suddenly jump out to claim their love their despotic ancestors and their despotic culture more than they love individual life and freedom. what is the difference between their yearning for collective glory and oppression and the communists' yearning for glory and collective oppression??

using numbers and majority to suppress individuals is nothing new in the world. the chinese are particularly good at it. when they cannot possibly reconcile the contradiction between their yearnings and their beliefs, they will always point to how many people they have and how big the country is to scare those who love individual freedom. but if you truly comprehend what freedom means and entails, you will find that this value is majority-free and quantity-free. values are qualitative in nature and they always will guide us through darkness imposed, sustained and manufactured by many.

my use of west and east is synonamous of progressive vs. regressive, freedom vs. despotism, individualism vs. collectivism, truth seeking vs. ancestor worshipping. i think this is a very accurate description of what is happening now in this forum and what is the nature of this debate and discussion.

someone has to have guts to come out to state the truth and affirm values, not becoming the victim of his own fear and insecurity, for he knows he is in minortiy. but wafa sultan, the arab woman, has stood up against the muslim majority and those long-bearded ancestor-worshipping mullas, to bravely state the nature of the current human struggle in the world: it is not west vs. muslims or so called imperialism vs, the indiginis cultures, it is indeed freedom vs. slavery, progress vs. darkness, enlightenment vs. ignorance, intellectual honesty vs. stupidity and denial.

those who hide behind their skin-colors, ethnicity and nationalistic sentiment and cover their own eyes to deny truth and reality should properly name themselves as such, slavery-lover, desptism-supporter, power-worshipper. they are not against despotism, they are only against certian emperors; they are not against oppression, they are only against certain oppressors; they never intend to dig the roots of darkness and evil in chinese society, they are only hoping, wishing, somehow the evil roots of slavery will be preserved and bear freedom fruits. they will never see the oppression, the misery, the blood and bones buried under the great wall and the forbidden city, they take pride in these edifices, for they forever owe their loyalty to some ancestors and mysterious past glories. their loyalty will never belong to truth, justice, freedom, equality, for those are invisible and abstract concepts. they'd rather belong to something concrete like the great wall. the chinese pictorial language is a great focilitator in their endeavor to attach their own worth to a concrete image, rather than the abstract, intagible values all humans yearn, focilitated by a multi-syllable alphabetical language.

i now only present a mirror for you to take a look at yourselves, as a secret admirer of some glorious chinese empire in the future, a scam artist posting yourself as a freedom-lover, a power-monger who only wants to replace the communist oppression with your own oppression. somehow i always sense that you have never believed china should be free, not only free from the communists, but free from ignorance, oppression, and the pretenders like you who claims to be their ultimate savior.

your motive for anti-reds is indeed opposite from my motive of anti-communism. you want to cut down the treetop, but preserve the roots, while i want to dig out the roots, change the content of soil to enable a new healthy plant to take roots and rid of slavery forever; you want to solidify the dikes of yellow river with some muddy repairs, while i intend to clear the muddy water itself; you want to save the chinese people from the communists, but not from their dependence of despotism, while i want to educate the chinese people of their own deficiencies and enable them to self-govern based on self-awareness; you want to form a new empire in which you will be in charge, while i want no such thing at all and freedom to flurish in a new system based on new culture in which every individyual's dignity will be respected.

people: be aware and beware of those who claim to give you a quick result and solution by changing the government and emperor, not to rid off the intagible evils in your own mind, for they are the pretenders that just like mao and the communists who claimed to be savior of the world, who want nothing but power. they, just like mao, believe with ultimate power, they can change china for the better. they don't even know they are falling into the very trap their beloved ancestors set up for them - they are the ultimate slaves of their own language, their own culture and they own up-bringings in their political culture, and their own despotic mind-set. they are the ultimate victims, setting out to vitmize others, like endless dynasties in china.

those who are in america but harbor anti-america sentiment will always go back, in their mind and yearnings, to their despotic ancient ancestors. yet they will never leave america physically, for they depend on the convenience america provided and the freedom they can have to yearn for despotism. i think it is better for them to go back to china to worship their ancestors, if they truly love their blood-thirst forebearers that much. i wonder why they came to america in the first place.

can anybody tell me?

7楼小肚肚 (楼主) (野猫) 2006-12-21 18:27:00 发表 tysqwtc:

i haven't absorbed mr. chen kai's article in totality yet -- i was distracted by the debate between him and mr. dachuxing which is 10 times more colorful anyway -- but i agree with you mr.chen got a little bit carried away at places. however, that is not to say mr. chen's ideas should be easily brushed away or laughed off, no matter how bold and outlandish they appear at first.

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RE: 中国专制三暴虐-文字,文化与政治 Trio of Tyranny

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:53 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts


The Evil of Confucianism and the Harmful Effect of Chinese Language on Human Perception of Reality

(Addressed to People/parents of students of Hacienda La Puente Unified School District)

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/31/11, Reprint 9/7/2011)


Since the downfall of the Soviet Union and the world-wide recognition that communism is an evil ideology, realizing that communism has exhausted its usefulness for its tyrannical/criminal/atrocious rule over the Chinese population, the Chinese communist regime has increasingly been aggressive in promoting a native-born despotism based on an ancient totalitarian theory/ideology – Confucianism. As a result, “Confucian Socialism” (儒粹) is born and being spread around the world through hundreds “Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms”, in the name of promoting the learning of the Chinese language.

I now briefly list the evils of Confucianism and the harmful effects of Chinese character-based pictorial/syllabic language on human perception of reality and essence of human existence:

Confucianism is a political ideology and indoctrinated behavior code for stability of despotic/tyrannical regimes in China throughout its history.

1. Confucianism is intrinsically anti-freedom and anti-American.

In American Declaration of Independence, human freedom is promoted through the moral principle that all men are created equal with God-given rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. But Confucianism is promoting the exact opposite – an immoral and amoral human existence and behavior code based on inequality from one’s birth by his/her family background, by his/her race, by his/her gender, by his/her trade and profession, by his/her power in a social/cultural structure according to political power/government. According to Confucianism, emperor/power elite is at the top of the pyramid, women is below men, the young is below the old, the physical labor is below the mental labor, the powerless is below the powerful, etc.. Men with political power, not God, dictate the status of everyone else. Thus Confucianism is for absolute power by the government to control its people, exact opposite from American concept of “government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

2. Confucianism is a political doctrine, never a philosophy, for the dictators/despots against human freedom.

Confucianism instills that men with power in society – the emperor and power elite, decide what is best for the empire, without any attempt to establish any mechanism to control such power elite and the power they wield above the population. Therefore, the Chinese society has always been (for thousands of years) plagued by corruption and abuse from those who have power. Man-above/below-man, man-eating-man has always been the reality in China.

3. Confucianism is a tool for despots/tyrants to pacify/incapacitate the population and stabilize the power-elite’s control over it.

With individuals ready to accept their places in society by birth, by gender, by age, by trade/profession, by social status according to positions in government, passive acceptance of one’s fate without any struggle for one’s own freedom and happiness is the necessary result. A “zombified” population (castrated eunuchs, slaves, moral prostitutes) without soul/conscience is created. The despots/tyrants thus can better control their subjects. Confucianism, by its own very nature, is diametrically opposed to everything America stands for.

4. Some facts about Confucius:

• Confucius himself, by his belief that woman is inferior to man and despicable, had never accepted a single female student in his life time.

• Confucius himself was a murderer. He, as a government official, killed a scholar named Shao Zhengmou (少正卯), simply because he didn’t agree with him.

• Confucius himself was a petty government official and always yearned to climb the social ladder through pleasing the emperor and the court.

• Confucius himself only indoctrinated his students with his views, never allowing any questions and inquiries from others about what he thought. He ruled by his own doctrine – everything is according to birth, gender, age, power, status…, no questions asked.

The very phenomenon that the Chinese Confucian-minded School Board members – Jay Chen, Norman Hsu and Joseph Chang (Hacienda La-Puente Unified School Board) view themselves as the overlords of their constituency and somehow superior to different racial groups (Latinos, Blacks, Whites), while calling their opponents “racists” comes not as a surprise to me.

Chinese character-based pictorial syllabic language is very harmful for human perception of reality and therefore hampers human effort to understand the essence of things – the truth. Superficiality (all face) is intrinsically embedded in the very Chinese language:

1. A simple “I” can have dozens of expressions in Chinese language, according to whom you want to address in the order of Confucian society. To say that a language is neutral and does not carry moral values is a lie and an illusion.

2. Since human brain is separated by left and right hemisphere and each performs a different function, (the left side is in charge of language, mathematics, logical thinking and the right is in charge of music, image and artistic expressions, the Chinese language – a primitive, pictorial and syllabic language, confuses the function of both hemispheres by its own very method of input. As a result, logical thinking/creativity of the individual is severely harmed and hampered. Confusion, not clarity, is a necessary result often witnessed/observed by an English speaking person on/about a Chinese speaking person.

3. Inability to clarify and define concepts is a permanent/negative feature of the Chinese language users. No scientific paper has ever been written in Chinese language. As a result of such inabilities and confusions caused by the Chinese language itself, absolute power by force/violence/guns is a must to maintain temporary order. Logically, human conscience, morality, rationality have never been the foundation/focus of the Chinese population and society. Legitimacy of the government in the Chinese society thus has never had a peaceful origin and will never have, as long as Confucianism which propagates confusion and absolute unity is a dominant social/cultural doctrine, as long as Chinese language is being used to perceive and to communicate.

All societies plagued by Confucianism and Chinese character-based syllabic languages, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc., have always been experiencing a perpetual vacuum in human creativity and individual initiatives. Their progress is due to the West/American influence. Their achievement is NEVER because of Confucianism and the primitive syllabic Chinese language, but instead of them.

America is a free society and anyone can use such freedoms to propagate anything, including poisons such as Islamic fundamentalism and Confucianism. Do you, the parents, want to immerse your children to such poisons, knowing the teacher views your children as inferior by his/her race, gender, age, individuality, knowing the teacher simply wants to promote his/her racial/cultural superiority/agenda by taming, civilizing, and domesticating a lesser/barbarian human being from birth?? Do you, the female students/parents/staff/associates feel comfortable knowing your School Board members with their Confucian/Chinese belief, take you as something lesser than them because of your gender?? Do you, the parents of Hacienda La Puente District students, feel it is OK to spread Confucianism as an anti-American ideology and poison the mind of your children?? Do you, as a human being, really think that all men should Not be created equal with rights from God, but only some pitiful creatures from nowhere yearning for some benefits and handouts from government and men, from someone superior???

The choice is yours.

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