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陈凯简评林昭视频 A brief review by Kai Chen

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:18 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

"In Search of Lin Zhao's Soul"

A brief review by Kai Chen


Dear all: 12/13/2009

I viewed "In Search of Lin Zhao's Soul" again last night.

Something is missing in Lin Zhao's DVD with the interviewer and interviewees, as I suddenly realize after I watched "In Search of Lin Zhao's Soul" again last night:

That something is the true emotions/feelings/thoughts of a real integrated person among all the interviewees in the documentary. It seems that all the interviewees were staging some kind shows in front of the camera to the invisible others and outside world, not expressing the true feelings, emotions and thoughts from themselves. No tears shed even from her ex-lovers, besides reciting some poems with their eyes fixed on an illusory distant place. (Are all the Chinese delusional? Do they truly exist?) It seems that somehow they all blamed her (Lin Zhao) for who she was. And they all blamed the time, fate and circumstances. They all said that the time was not right then. No one analyzed what was truly wrong in China then and now. They are still circling around the truth, not getting into it.

I understand the fear from these people when they talk about Lin Zhao. But just the very Chineseness turns me off. People have to use other people's words to express themselves. They seem to have no "self" and independent thoughts at all. They all avoid the very nature of China, of the regime, of Mao. In the end, what the audience feels is not a sense of uplifting hope and yearning, but a sense of despair, pity, helplessness and sadness. The Chinese always view themselves as the victims of time, of fate, of circumstances. They all seem to admire some qualities in Lin Zhao, but they just don't want to be like her. Physical survival is still the foremost concern for the Chinese. Soul, Spirit, Courage, Justice are not in people's vocabulary. It is much safer and more beneficial if we are all like Mao - the master of the people, the god of the universe. Maybe the Chinese just want to be the overlord of others, of the world, just like Mao nowadays. Lin Zhao or Jesus Christ to the Chinese is just some unfortunate fool unable to maintain their physical existence under the powerful. What an idiot that Lin Zhao! What an idiot that Christ! We wise Chinese always admire those who have power by the muzzle of a gun. Principles? Dignity? Justice? Freedom? How much is an ounce of those strange things?

I ask myself how people will see Lin Zhao after they view the DVD. I conclude that they still admire Mao more for he succeeded in acquiring power to command others. After all by the Chinese, only those who have power write history. Lin Zhao somehow is viewed in the DVD as some unfortunate tragic, unrealistic ideologue, unable to survive the time and fate. The sentiment is dark and desperate and hopeless. Even the voice of the interviewer conveys these negative feelings. "How tragic are the Chinese! The whole world should pity them." I only have this feeling after I view the DVD again.

Maybe the Chinese just want to continue the tragedy and atrocities, so the whole world can be fascinated with China, can pity China, can feel indignant toward injustice in China, can feel better about themselves for there is always China that is worse than them. The self-pitying Chinese are wallowing in their own pain and suffering, savoring their pain and suffering, even admiring the tyrants who caused the pain and suffering. And they themselves continue to be both the creators of the pain and suffering and the receivers of the pain and suffering. Now they project that negative culture toward the world and they want the world to suffer with them, in pain and silent desperation. This is the Chinese way after all, castrated off human capacity for joy, happiness and freedom. So, in the Chinese view, the entire world should be castrated as well. Eunuch, slaves and whores should be celebrated and emulated, according to the Chinese, not to be despised and scorned.

What do you see after viewing the Lin Zhao DVD? Let me know. Best. Kai Chen

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RE: 陈凯简评林昭视频 A brief review by Kai Chen

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:20 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

崇毛并不说明毛的伟大,只说明崇毛者们的渺小与卑鄙。 只有中国的人们开始崇尚像林昭一样的人(和像耶稣基督一样的被多数人迫害杀害的但道德灵魂高尚的人-他往往是独立的个体),而不是崇尚像毛或秦皇一样的利用多数道德混乱的、胆小如鼠的宦奴娼们压抑杀害独立个体屠夫专制者的时候,中国才会开始走向自由、幸福与希望。 --- 陈凯

Worshipping Mao does not mean Mao is great. It only shows the smallness and ugliness of the devil-worshippers. Only when the Chinese people start to worship an individual like Lin Zhao, (or Jesus Christ for that sake) who is morally upright, independent and courageous (though she/he was tortured and murdered by the multitude of the morally confused and cowardice under despotism), only when the Chinese people start to abandon their cultural habit of devil-worship toward some mass murderers like Mao (or the Qin Emperor), hope, freedom and happiness can start to emerge in China. --- Kai Chen



Searching for Lin Zhao/Your Own Soul

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十月 18th, 2009 | Category: 电影书评音乐, 讲政治-中国


今天终于看了听闻已久的《寻找林昭的灵魂》。 虽然情节基本不出所料,还是被深深震动。 关键是林绝不是因“误会”而被打成右派,那些假右派多年来哭哭啼啼说自己是被冤枉的其实我特爱党妈妈求求你党妈妈别抛弃我,而林昭自始至终说的却是,我就是不爱你你杀了我我也不爱你你也不撒泡尿照照你自己瞧你那德性我凭什么爱你。




先是同情她,然后觉得who am I?凭什么同情她?如此健康强大的灵魂,谁有资格同情她。




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