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后共时代的标像符号及语言的一些构想 Symbolism after Communism

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:01 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts


Symbolism after Communism/Some Thoughts

Truth, Justice, Liberty, Dignity

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

中共政权的末日即将来到。 一个重大的、急切的任务是在后共时代建立新的崇尚真理,正义,自由与尊严的文化和政体。 反映这些新的价值的标像符号及语言词汇是绝对必要的与迫切的。 这需要人的正向的清晰的道德标准和人的广博的想象力。 反映负向价值的标像符号及语言词汇一定要尽快消亡。 反映正向价值的标像符号及语言词汇一定要尽快建立。 --- 陈凯

The beginning of the downfall of the China's communist regime has already arrived. An urgent task of an utmost importance in the post-communist era will face us very soon. We must establish an entirely new form of government based on an entirely new culture that values Truth, Justice, Liberty and Human Dignity. To do so means first to establish a set of new symbols and a set of new vocabulary, possibly based on a new language. It is not easy but it must be done.

To establish this new culture and a new form of government, one must have moral clarity and abundant imaginations. Nonetheless, old symbolism, vocabulary and language that reflect the values of despotism and tyranny must be replaced by a new set of symbols and vocabulary, by a new language that reflects human yearning for freedom and happiness. And this must be done as soon as possible --- Kai Chen


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 7/20/2011)

We can all sense the coming demise of the Chinese communist regime. And they, the communists themselves, know as well that their reign of tyranny is coming to an end soon. We must now ask ourselves that whether or not we are ready for a new society, a new set of human values, an entirely new kind of culture and an entirely new form of government. We must ask ourselves whether or not our own mind is still controlled by the old symbols, old vocabulary, old language, old habits and old patterns of behavior. [b]If we are not aware of the fact that the poisons in us by our slave masters from the past still effect the way we think and behave, we are doomed to repeat the history.

I now want to establish a survey here to arouse your own imagination, to challenge your own old habits, to question your own mindset and to cleanse your own cultural poisons by generations and dynasties of despotism. By doing so, you may start a new culture yourself here. You may live in a new state of consciousness. You may finally embark on your own journey, away from the vicious Chinese dynastic cycles, toward human dignity, human freedom and human happiness.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯


[size=18]下面就是新标像符号与语言词汇的普查 (请贴回复): [/size]

The following is a survey, as well as my own view, on what you would like to establish in terms of symbolism and language in the post-communist era: (You can post your response)



[size=16]1. 国号:

The New Nation's Title:

My Own View: United Federation of East Asia (UFEA)


2. 国歌:

The New Nation's National Anthem:

My Own View: It must be newly composed. It must reflect the meaning and values of the new nation -- freedom, human yearning for dignity and happiness.


3. 国旗:

The New National Flag:

My Own View: It must reflect the values of Freedom (color blue must be added). It must reject despotic unity and social hierarchy (no big and small stars). It must reject racism (no color yellow)

象征自由的蓝色一定要有。 反映等级与专制大一统的标志(大小)一定要拒绝。 反映种族主义与狭隘族群心态的标志(黄色)一定要拒绝。

4. 政府建筑:

Governmental Structures:

My Own View: New governmental structures must be built to reflect the principles of "Separation of Powers" and "Checks and Balances" within the government. Absolutely no past palaces and old structures can be used for new government.

新的政府一定不能在旧宫殿与旧政府建筑中执政。 新政府建筑一定要体现新的分权,相互制约与服务于人的基本原则。

5. 天安门广场:

Tiananmen Square in Beijing:

My Own View: Old communist symbols on the square must be entirely eliminated. Tiananmen Gate can only be part of the old museum and can not be used for political purposes. Tiananmen Square must be a giant garden and lawn for people to enjoy life.

天安门广场上的共产时期的标像符号一定要被销毁。 天安门城楼将被立法成为非政治文物,成为只是故宫博物院的一部分。 天安门广场将被改为一个大花园与草坪供人们休闲消遣。

6. 法律与教育语言:

Language to Establish the Constitution and laws. Language for a Foundation of New Educational System:

My Own View: Constitutions and laws must be written first in English and any confusion in the vocabulary must be clarified by English first. English must be the base language in reestablishing the educational system. Chinese language must be secondary and gradually fade away to become only an art form.

以英文为底书写宪法与法律,以英文为底建立新的教育系统。 中文将逐渐从社会中淡化,至终只淡化为一种艺术。

7. 新标像符号取代旧标像符号:

New Symbolism Replacing Old Symbolism:

My Own View: The Chinese Statue of Liberty in 1989 should be the new symbol on Tiananmen Square and nation-wide in general. New symbols reflecting Truth, Justice, Liberty and Human Dignity, such as statues, arts, buildings, etc. must be erected nation-wide.

1989 的天安门自由女神像一定要成为在东亚大陆上人们新价值的标志。 反映真理,正义,自由与人的尊严的雕像,艺术与建筑一定要在东亚大陆各地大量广泛地建立。

8. 各独立联邦体自立称号,自立标像符号:

Each Political Entities Establish Their Own Symbolism:

My View: Each political entity under the constitution within the Federation must be independent to establish their own set of symbols such as anthems, songs, flowers, animal, flags, etc..

[size=24]Response: [/size]

Reply by Sue Jason 14 hours ago

"The beginning of the downfall of the China's communist regime has already arrived. An urgent task of an utmost importance in the post-communist era will face us very soon."

Kai, what's causing the downfall... economy collapsing, uprising by the people? Both?

Reply by Kai Chen 14 hours ago


No Chinese dynasties can escape the cyclic downfall. Communist Pary-Dynasty is the same. The end is coming soon, due not just to the economic collapse (inflation, unemployment, etc), but mostly from people's including party officials' realization that this immoral/amoral system just cannot go on. People simply feel degraded toward a morass all the time. People simple cannot live in a lie forever. Most Americans fail to appreciate the morality in the American culture (social trust based on a Christian value). So most Americans only focus on the economic issues nowadays. This is a huge mistake which can imply severe consequences.

USSR's downfall was not anticipated by the West, due to the failure to understand the role of morality in a society. China's downfall will be because of the same issue. It has already begun: If you go to Vencouver, you can see the real estate market is pumped up to overpass NY, due to the Chinese "escape money" pouring in. Officials have already sent their families overseas with their corrupt money. They know the end is near.

Best. Kai Chen www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

Reply by charles royer sr. 14 hours ago

As we say here in America "how ya gonna keep em down on the farm after they've seen Paris."

Reply by Douglas G. Pollard Sr. 13 hours ago

I of course being American cannot help with you're questionnaire except in one sense. We had the Kings of Europe to break away from. The Chinese have communism and kings before that. My early American ancestors were subjects of the King of England. They could never be anything else. No matter where they went or settled in the world that would always be the kings Subjects as would their children and Grand children. I would still be a kings pawn. The only way the could end that was a revolution and the force of arms. They would become Sovereign individuals living in sovereign states. The constitution was written to protect that condition. The country was to be a republic and a Democracy only as the second condition of the people in the hope that we individuals would protect the republic from the Democracy that was sure to become corrupted. We are always trying to get other countries to become Democracies and with out there having a Republic based on their own history they generally fail. China must build a Republic for their Great Great Great grand children to protect. It is the dedicated protection of the rights by the Chinese people that can make the Chinese people free for generations. We Americans had our own devils to escape from and china has hers. Only China can decide how and when they will do that. God love them, I hope they are successful. Freedom is a wonderful thing as we here in America are now remembering,


Reply by Luis522 13 hours ago

Great post, Mr Chen!

I'd like to say that this part of your statement stood out: "old habits and old patterns of behavior".

That does seem to be a HUMAN PROBLEM in general, doesn't it?! Getting people to change a century of behavior is a large task -- especially in a nation such as China, where tyranny and oppression has been engrained so profoundly.

Communism had been conceived in the American society decades ago. At the rate that we've been going, over the past decade-plus, the USA may be feeling its OWN BIRTH PANGS of communism easily within the next two decades.

The only visible difference between the Rs and the Ds is that the Rs want to get us there slowly (They're so kind!), and the Ds are in a MAJOR HURRY to get to their Godless "social paradise"!

More power to you, Mr Chen!
God Bless

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