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“孔”学堂教人灭灵饱口已取成效 Evil of Conficianism

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Ricardo Ramirez, Alexis Perez, Emily Cowan and Rafael Chavez, from left, practice their Chinese. Most students in the class are Latino. (Katie Falkenberg / For The Times / March 25, 2010)

Chinese government's funding of Southland school's language program fuels controversy/LA Times' Article

褒物欲,丧灵智 - “孔”学堂教人灭灵饱口已取成效

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

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Hitler once told the German people and the world that if you support his program of National Socialism, you would have better jobs and better food. But you should not question his policy of the Final Solution (Jewish Holocaust). Many in Germany and in the world bought into Hitler's version of better material gain for themselves and their offspring. They sold their souls for a morsel of food/a promise of better future at the cost of anti-humanity injustice. The result was tragic and disastrous.

This LA Time's article by Ni Chingching is repeating Hitler's rhetoric/promise of better jobs and food for your children once you buy into communist despotism/tyranny - Chinese version. You can have everything your body desires once you give up questioning the morals behind the communist scheme and the anti-humanity history (80 million innocent lives perished under Mao and communism without anyone today responsible for the crime), once you give up inquiring into the government crimes in Tiananmen Massacre and the current atrocities (continued persecution of dissidents, religious groups and Falungong practitioners, continued distortion and denial of its own criminal history to brainwash the Chinese youths). Now the Chinese criminal regime is selling its version of Communist/National Socialist agenda to American youths. What do you think the end result will be? --- Kai Chen

希特勒曾告诉德国和世界的人们只要你们支持认同他的“民族社会主义”,你就会你的家人后代取得更好的工作、更好的教育、更好的医疗与免费的午餐。 但你千万不要问起他的虐犹大屠杀。 德国与世界上的许多人们为了他们的物欲卖掉了他们的正义感与良知。 其结果是惨绝人寰的悲剧。

倪青青的这篇洛杉矶时报的报道正用同样的言辞重复着二战前的那段历史,只不过现在不是希特勒在用人们的物欲来许诺。 现在用着同样的诱饵,说着同样动听的言辞的是中共党奴朝。 只要你支持认同我们中国式的“共产民族社会主义”,你就会有更好的工作,更好的教育,更好的医疗与免费的午餐。 但你千万不要去追问中共的反人类罪行(八千万人在和平时期的死亡无人负责,天安门大屠杀被从历史书中抹掉,今天对异见人士、宗教人士与法轮功学员的迫害,篡改历史洗脑全人类、、、)。 现在中共党奴朝把它在中国洗脑成功的经验手段带到美国与世界去洗你与你的后代的脑,使你们都成为有肉无灵的宦奴娼。 你来想想如果中国的专制理念(尊“孔(洞穴)而灭灵智)在世界得逞,未来会是什么状态? --- 陈凯


A Hacienda Heights school will get free materials -- books, a laptop, playing cards -- from the Confucius Classroom language program. Critics see a propaganda tool, but backers say fears are unfounded

By Ching-Ching Ni

April 4, 2010

Most students in the Chinese language class at Cedarlane Middle School in Hacienda Heights have never heard of Confucius.

"Con what?" asked Ricardo Ramirez, 11, who loves to impress classmates with his loud and clear greetings of "Hello!" and "I love you!" in Mandarin.

But a proposal to bring more resources to his school's Chinese program has sparked heated debate over whether the Chinese government -- in the ancient philosopher's name -- should have a role in helping American schoolchildren learn. It's a controversy that lays bare tensions in a community that has undergone a major demographic shift and is now more than a third Asian.

In January, the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District board voted 4 to 1 to adopt a new Chinese language and culture class at Cedarlane next fall, at no cost to the district.

Confucius Classroom is paid for by the Chinese government's Chinese Language Council International, also known as Hanban.

"I am not against the teaching of foreign languages, but this is a propaganda machine from the People's Republic of China that has no place anywhere in the United States," said John Kramer, 73, a former superintendent of the district who has been vocal in the debate.

Supporters insist the concerns are unwarranted.

"A lot of people are saying it's a way for the Chinese people to brainwash our students. They are really misinformed," said Jay Chen, vice president of the Hacienda La Puente board. "From Oregon to Rhode Island, public schools have implemented the same program. As far as I can see, nothing sinister is going on."

Chinese language programs have become increasingly popular with China's rise as a superpower. In 2004, Beijing capitalized on that demand by creating the Confucius Institute to promote Chinese language and culture at the university level. The program, officials say, is much like Germany's Goethe-Institut and France's Alliance Française.

People worried in 2004 too, said Susan Pertel Jain, executive director of the UCLA Confucius Institute. "Everybody was concerned we would be told what to do, what to teach. That's not the situation at all. It's very much a partnership," she said of UCLA's program, which opened in 2007.

As of last year, there were more than 280 Confucius Institutes worldwide. Last year, Hanban expanded the idea, launching the Confucius Classroom to focus on kindergarten through 12th grade education. Already, there are about 200 Confucius Classrooms.

Although Cedarlane appears to be the first school in the Los Angeles area to sign up, at least seven are up and running around San Diego.

"The Confucius Classroom has been such a wonderful gift to our school," said Edward Park, principal of the Barnard Mandarin Chinese Magnet elementary school in San Diego, which adopted the program in October. "We've not had one single opposition."

Hacienda Heights was more than 36% Asian, primarily Chinese, when the last census was taken in 2000. The area has changed dramatically since longtime residents such as Mary Ann King arrived.

"We don't need to accept money from a Chinese government," said King, who has lived in Hacienda Heights for 42 years and once hosted the children's television show "Romper Room." "If it's funded by them, their doctrine will be part of the curriculum. It's wrong. We don't need to do this to our children."

School officials say that very little about the Mandarin program will change under the new sponsorship. Hanban will provide $30,000 to $50,000 for extra teaching materials, books, a laptop computer. The program will also provide some of its own materials and might send a teaching assistant from China to help the teacher who runs the class, said Principal Janine Ezaki.

Norman Hsu, 74, a longtime school board member who voted to adopt the program, says all teaching materials from Hanban will be reviewed by the school and will be available for public inspection. He said he has already seen some samples and found nothing inappropriate.

"They include stories and fables like the Monkey King," said Hsu. "There are also poker cards with Chinese characters for trains and cars. . . . So why are we worried?"

Asians now also dominate the school board, 3 to 2. Kramer, the former superintendent, says that could change.

"Our kids need to be taught Americanism," he said. "This board is going to pay a price. I think the community is upset enough to vote them out."

Chen, the newest and youngest member of the school board, said such comments about the program miss the point.

"People accuse us of advancing a Chinese agenda. They say the Chinese community is taking over," he said. "But one of the reasons to have the program is to make Cedarlane more attractive to all students, not just the Chinese."

At Cedarlane, most of the students in Ricardo's Chinese class are Latino.

"I already know two languages. The more languages I know, the better jobs I'll get," said Ricardo, a sixth-grader who speaks English and Spanish at home. "If I have kids, I can teach them Chinese. They can all get better jobs."


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RE: “孔”学堂教人灭灵饱口已取成效 Evil of Conficianism

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:05 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:


In this report, some argue that Confucius Classroom in American high schools is only a legal issue. Some even equate America political system with China's. Because of these moral confusions, my opposition to Confucius Classroom is even more justified, important and paramount to other issues. My position/goal is to educate America and to restore America to what the founding fathers intended, as enunciated in American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The struggle between good and evil, freedom and despotism should never be compromised. A moral issue should never be confused with other issues. --- Kai Chen

在这篇美国之音的报道中,有人为“孔学堂”辩护说这是一个合法不合法的问题。 也有人将美国的制度与中国的制度相提并论。 基于这些美国当前的道德扭曲与混乱,我在反“孔学堂”中的立场观点就更凸显出其重要意义。 我所关心的是美国的政治文化的健康与回赋真实的、美国宪法与独立宣言所代表的自由精神。 正义与邪恶、自由与专制是决不能合作与妥协的。 --- 陈凯


VOA Quotes Kai Chen

記者: 亞微 | 華盛頓 2010年 4月 12日







陳介飛說:“我們和漢辦有一個合同。當然,沒有人會隨便給你錢。他們要我們使用他們的名字-孔子學院,也要我們用他們的書。可是,我們不需要每個東西都用。最重要的是,這個合同說:我們不能反對自己的法律。所以,雖然他們有他們的要求,這個合同並沒有說我們要反對我們原來的法律。如果有什麼東西,我們不想教、不想用,我們也可以不用。如果我們想把合同解決掉,早一點把它取消,我們也有這個權利。我們沒有把我們的權利給中國。 ”









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