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前Lakers'中锋贾巴回复我的电邮 K. A. Jabbar Answers My Email

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by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

Posted: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jabbar Answers My Email

K. A. Jabbar Answers My Email

Jabbar's Blog Link:

To Kai Chen... May 08, 2008

Thanks for your informative e-mail that shares info on the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. Detailed information on that subject was not available to me before I heard from you. I will not be totally ignorant about that subject in the future. I hope that athletes such as yourself will be able to attain the democratic freedoms we take for granted. --- K. A. Jabbar

陈凯: 5/8/2008

感谢你的电邮。 它使我更进一步了解了中国共产党的性质。 在我接到你的电邮前我对此了解的不够。 好在读了你的电邮后我不会对此话题那么无知了。 我希望像你一样的(中国)运动员们会终将获得我们(在美国的人们)所拥有的、但常常不加珍视的自由。 --- 贾巴

[size=18]Link to my forum article in 2008: [/size]


[size=24]Kai Chen's Email to Jabbar 陈凯对贾巴的电邮[/size]

Dear Kareem: 5/5/08

"Slavery is not a matter of simple oppression. It is an insidious codependency between the slaves and the slave-owners. This is also true in today's Chinese State Slavery". I as a modern abolitionist will stand up to address the issue of the nature of the Chinese government and society, as a conscientious athlete, as a free man. --- Kai Chen

I am a former basketball player for the Chinese National Team in 1978. I published my book last year. "One in a Billion - Journey toward Freedom, the Story of a Pro-Basketball Player in China". You can go on Amazon to get it.

After I read your article in today's LA Times, I wrote a piece in my forum http://www.youpai.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=5. I will paste that article in my blog as well: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com/. My personal website is www.kaichenforum.com/.

I am very disturbed by your comparison between 1968 Mexico City Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics. To me there is no comparison, but only contrast. To compare America with China is a gross moral mistake and such a moral confusion must be addressed.

China is not a nation. China is a Party-state. The Chinese communist government is not only illegitimate but criminal in nature. If you know China's constitution, you will see that the communist party's absolute control over the Chinese population is guaranteed in it. The Chinese press, court, army, police are all under the command of the communist party, not under the government. Throughout the reign of terror under the communist regime, 70 million innocent lives have been lost over murder, torture, starvation, labor camps. Today those atrocities are still being perpetrated upon the Chinese people. Christians, Monks, Falungong practitioners, minorities..., are still being persecuted. If you truly want to compare the Olympics from the past with the Beijing Olympics, only two come to my mind: 1936 Berlin Nazi Olympics and 1980 Moscow Communist Olympics. To compare the Beijing Olympics with any other only shows your moral confusion and ignorance.

I am not advocating boycotting the Beijing Olympics for the sake of the athletes. But I do advocate boycotting the Opening Ceremony in Beijing August 8, 2008. And I strongly urge President Bush not to attend the Opening Ceremony.

I read your book "The Giant Steps" and I admire your intelligence and integrity. But your moral blind spot on this issue and your position on the Chinese communist regime will cause negative consequences for the freedom-loving people in the world. Tolerance of differences is a virtue. Tolerance of evil is beyond a vice, for such tolerance will bear grave consequences in the years to come, and will put one squarely into the camps of evil regimes. Please rethink your position on the Beijing Olympics. Or if you want to educate yourself on this issue, you can establish regular communication with me. My phone: 323-734-2544, or 323-734-3071. My email: elecshadow@aol.com

Yao Ming is facing a great moral dilemma. He, as I was, is not a free person. He signed a soul-selling contract with the Chinese government before he entered NBA. He will never reveal the extent of involvement he is with the Chinese government, in political propaganda, in slaving for a criminal state, in offering himself for a little material gain to oppress others... We are only tools and lackeys for a regime who holds our love of our profession -- basketball as hostage against our free will. I say this for all the Chinese athletes who are still under the thumbs of tyranny. I as one, one of a very few, today stand up to tell the world the truth about Chinese athletics and sports. I hope you will take a stand against evil as well.

With respect. Kai Chen, a fellow athlete.

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RE: 前Lakers'中锋贾巴回复我的电邮 K. A. Jabbar Answers My Email

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:42 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

陈凯:Kai Chen


Your email to Jabbar moves me deeply and so does his response to you, admitting his ignorance on this subject. We Chinese indeed lack such a self-reflection that is so needed in our culture.

由于美国人没有经历过共产极权的苦难,他们很难理解中共的邪恶残酷的本质。他们去中国看到的都是表面的辉煌,他们看不到中共极权政府暗地里天天都在不断地杀戮和迫害。当世界和美国都在享受廉价的中国产品时,却没有多少人知道中共政府在六十年统治中杀掉了七、八千万中国人这个事实,也很少有人想到中共极权是如何压榨中国人的血汗去生产那些廉价产品的。当我遇到这些天真善良的美国人赞成中共的“经济成就”时,我的英语水平就很难说服他们。我非常感谢你在为中国的自由人权做这个艰苦的工作,我们中国人需要你这样的有良知的运动员和民主斗士。 如果可能,请你把这封短信翻成英文发给Jabbar,我非常感谢他对中国的关心。

Indeed Americans have never gone through a communist dictatorship like the Chinese. (Kai Chen: Thank God for that.) It is natural that they are ignorant on the subject of cruelty and atrocities committed by the evil communist regime in China. Now many in the West only see the fast development and glitz put in front by the Chinese government. They have not seen what is underneath -- endless killing, torture and persecution. When the Americans and the world enjoy the low-price Chinese manufactured goods, no one stops to think 80 million lives lost and murdered during the 60 years of reign of terror under the communist regime. No one stops to think where these cheap goods come from and how they are produced. I am frustrated every time I meet some good but ignorant people in America praising the "miracle of Chinese development", for my English is not good enough to inform them about the evil of the Chinese regime. I thank you so much for giving voice for the voiceless, for fighting for freedom and human rights in China. We do indeed need people like you so very much. If possible, please translate this short message into English and send it to Mr. Jabbar and thank him for paying attention to this important issue.

Diane Liu (三妹)

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RE: 前Lakers'中锋贾巴回复我的电邮 K. A. Jabbar Answers My Email

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by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts





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