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陈凯/我的回应 A Soft Cold War Waged against America

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:35 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


A Soft Cold War Waged against America

-China’s Insidious Plot to Distort History and Brainwash the World –

Kai Chen 陈凯 10/8/09 Reprint 10/15/2011

“Those who forget history will be doomed to repeat it.”

As the watershed of media coverage over the Mao’s statue controversy (My petition/protest to remove Mao’s statue from the Nixon Presidential Library/Museum) continues, I can’t help but realize even more how important this moral issue is. The ignorance, complacency, indifference, distortion and perversion exhibited in all the coverage and responses disturb and disgust me to no end. Welcome to the world of moral confusion and corruption in America, not just in China where I came from, I guess.

People attack me and what I represent from all angles, including the NBC’s OLSEN EBRIGHT and JOSEPH MCCARTHY’s article (The latter name was dropped recently by NBC maybe for the fear of backlash.) with a title “Pinko, Commie Statues Shock, Offend at Nixon Library”. A comprehensive response from me is now warranted.

Who is holding on to the past?

The most ridiculous charge toward me and what I am doing in my quest for justice is that I can’t let go and still hold on to my past. Seldom do I hear such an accusation lodged against/toward the Nazi hunters in the post WWII to hunt down those who were responsible for the Holocaust. Is there a statue of limitation on a mass murderer who was responsible for 80 million deaths of innocent lives, and who is still responsible today by his legacy for continued persecution and mayhem inside China today?

Whose portrait is still hanging on the Tiananmen Gate? Whose corpse is still being displayed on Tiananmen Square? Just a few days ago in China’s celebration of its 60th anniversary of despotism/tyranny, whose statue was carried out first in front of the military parade? Who is truly holding on to the past by burying all the atrocities against humanity and distorting all the historical facts from a criminal enterprise what lacks any legitimacy? Is the roar of the tanks on October 1, 2009 on Tiananmen Square not intended to drown out the roar of the tanks on June 4, 1989 that crushed the student protestors? Who is holding on to the past exactly? Me or a criminal regime bent to eliminate the memory of the world?

The murderous legacy of communism represented by Mao and his guns and bloodshed

If we say that the difference between freedom and tyranny is the difference between memory and disassociation, we will have to remember what the Chinese communist regime did to the Chinese people and to the world. And we know it has yet to change.

According to historians outside of the communist control, 70-80 million innocent lives perished in peace time under Mao and his murderous regime during his 27 years of reign of terror. The true figures and facts will only come out after the current communist regime, which is doing everything to cover up Mao’s atrocities, completely collapses. Remember, the facts of Holocaust only came to light after the Nazi regime was destroyed. As long as the communist regime in China still holds power, the truth of Mao’s murderous crime against humanity will never truly be revealed.

After Mao died, the murder and mayhem continue under the current communist regime which holds Mao’s bloody legacy to the highest esteem. Mao’s statues have been erected in all Chinese cities, universities and schools, government institutions and the like. Mao’s portraits are ubiquitous everywhere you go. Many movies have been made to exhort Mao’s greatness. A great effort is being exerted by the current communist regime to export Mao’s image overseas to contaminate the mind of the free world, especially America.

China is winning a “Soft Cold War” against America

The USSR has lost the “Hard Cold War” composed of its tanks and missiles. China’s communist regime is winning the “Soft Cold War” with its version of Neo-fascist authoritarian mercantilism. By accepting such a mutated version of communism – an economy that turns skinny pigs into fat pigs, but pigs nonetheless (not humans), America is increasingly corrupting itself, as we have witnessed today in a sickened political culture.

Human rights has been dropped from the American diplomatic rhetoric. Freedom is no longer mentioned in American Presidential debates. Justice somehow has been distorted into a matter of pocket money and free health care. Pursuit of happiness is perverted into a pursuit of security and safety. China and US, who is changing and transforming whom?

Without the contrast of the Soviet Union, America soon forgets the horror of communist tyranny. With a new political correctness prevailed and a new form of “affirmative action toward communisms” implemented subtly, the “yellow communism”, the “brown communism” and the “black communism” are somehow tolerable and even promoted. The defectors from the communist blocks are replaced by the Chinese government-sent students. They aim not to learn from the American founding principles of freedom and liberty in order to transform their own toward a society with humanity and liberty, but to learn how to use such freedom to destroy it, and to learn how to use Western civilization to preserve Chinese despotism. Please do not band us Chinese all together simply because of our skin color. There are Chinese who love America and what she represents such as me. There are many others who despise America and want to destroy it. You may not know that when 9/11 happened in 2001, most Chinese students in China’s campuses simultaneously applauded and erupted in celebration, some even with tears of happiness and joy. Besides, I never consider myself Chinese anyway. I was born in China and I chose to be American. To think back, I have, in truth, always been American, only I was born in a wrong place.

Today, China’s flag that symbolizes despotism and bloody tyranny is being raised alongside with American flag, right outside of the White House. The Empire State Building shines red and yellow lights to celebrate the bloodiest tyranny in human history. Mao’s portrait, along with Che’s image, is printed on the T-shirts and hangs in restaurants, even in American government institutions. Mao’s statue is displayed in an American Presidential Library…. The list goes on.

China’s most insidious “Soft Cold War” also is waged against America through a series of political cultural infiltration and corruption: Confucian Institutes are established everywhere in the US and in the world by the Chinese government. Communist propaganda material is being provided free of charge to the Chinese language schools in America and elsewhere. Overseas Chinese associations and businesses are being bought for Chinese intelligence collection. Chinese language media is being corrupted and intimidated through Chinese government’s money to purchase ads to sustain its operation. All Chinese student associations among the American college campuses are funded and operated by the Chinese Consulates. American business people and government officials are invited to China, (Edward Nixon, brother of the former President, made more than 30 trips to China on “business ventures”.) with lavish banquets, entertainment and women provided free of charge from Chinese government security apparatus. Donations are made to the institutions such as Nixon Foundation for a platform of Chinese government to launch their indoctrination programs on Chinese and American youths. Funds are laundered and provided to American politicians through overseas Chinese groups in an effort to sway American government positions and public opinion in favor of PRC. US based China scholars are forced to sing in praise of China for fear of Visa refusal on which they depend their livelihood, etc….

China is like a prostitute infected with deadly AIDS viruses, launching her assault on the world’s conscience, inviting and luring everyone in the world to her deadly bosom. Soon the world will lose its soul and human beings will lose all their capacity to see the truth, to distinguish right from wrong. Soon the world will relinquish its faculty to judge good from evil and shed its last strand of human decency. China indeed is winning the “Soft Cold War” against America and all humanity.

What to do to defeat China’s “Soft Cold War” against America?

Am I an extremist in telling the truth about China’s “Soft Cold War” with its “Spiritual and Moral AIDS viruses”? You can make a judgment yourself. America: You must wake up to this most dangerous and insidious assault mounted against you from the most ancient and sophisticated enemy of human freedom. Indeed they know what they are doing and America is blissfully mired in its own naiveté, ignorance, complacency and moral confusion.

To safeguard what America is about, as enunciated in American Declaration of Independence and American Constitution by the founding fathers, Americans must be aware of the current danger: Big government as the savior of the people, not as the servant. Socialist mentality that only leads to competitions among consumers, and choices between misery and death, as against yearning and striving for happiness in a free capitalist society. Demagoguery that fosters a cult of personality that leads to moral corruption and degeneration. Stifling of initiatives of the individuals just to conform to the pressure from the collective. Authoritarian government as the solution of everything in society, not as the obstacle….

Maybe I came to America with a reason I didn’t know till now. Maybe America needs to listen to someone who came to this country for what it means, not what it provides. Maybe America needs to listen to an emigrant who came for truth, justice, liberty and human dignity. America should not fight for what other peoples/countries want. America should fight for God given rights all the people come to America for: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

May God bless and save this great nation – my beloved America - the last bastion of human freedom, the last hope of humanity.

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RE: 陈凯/我的回应 A Soft Cold War Waged against America

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:36 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


Thanks for your sharing and effort! Here is the article I wrote last year exactly this time…

Keep it up!

Thanks Fengshi:

We have similar views on this issue and I am very glad you now share it with me and the others. The most dangerous and insidious "Soft Cold War" waged against US by China has already done its damage. With a new left (neo-socialist/communist) government in charge in America, the free world faces an unprecedented peril. We must wake up this morally dormant country by screaming louder and louder. I am glad to have you on board. Best and keep in touch.

www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com Kai Chen

Beware the New “Cold War” Employing “Soft Power”

Fengshi Yang

An American journalist asked me recently, “Has CCP purchased any English language media broadcasting or publishing in US”? The following thoughts are what I shared with him as I tried to answer his question:

As a matter of fact, the Chinese language news media in North America are almost all insidiously infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As for the English media, I do not know whether there is any actual ownership, but because of business interests and pressures through big companies, many US news media have also been influenced by CCP. I watched a recent CNN’s interview by Zakaria with China’s Premier Wen Jiao Bao. I was disappointed by some of Zakaria’s unnecessarily flattering questions. As usual, that interview allowed CCP to take advantage of another opportunity to mislead the American people. I personally feel very concerned, worried and sad. I joked with my friends, if this free land were to be “occupied” by CCP, where are we going to seek freedom on this earth next?

Some say, the “cold war” period is over, and it is time for “cooperation”, to co-exist peacefully. I do not know for how long democracy and totalitarian states can co-exist in peace; for a short period of time? Maybe. Or for short-sighted interests? But I think CCP will forever be CCP, no matter what face it is wearing now. People may also say, well, the current CCP doesn’t believe in communism anymore. However, I think as long as CCP still stands for ”Chinese Communist Party”; the “Red Sun”, “Big Savior” Mao’s portrait is still hanging on the Gate of Heavenly Peace in Tiananmen Square, its fundamental ideology will stay the same. I think it is even more dangerous when it puts on a false mask. In my view this world is still involved in a “cold war” but in a new and more deceptive fashion. When this regime appears to throw away its own original “idealism”, the only mission left for it is to hold on to power and wealth. This combination of totalitarianism and state capitalism is an even bigger danger to the world. Zakaria asked Wen, “China has the fastest growth rate of any of country in history, what’s the key to your success? What’s your model?” I wonder, don’t we understand, a totalitarian state’s “development” without the people’s consent, of course, can be much faster than that of any democratic society? What’s so impressive about that development? Would we be amazed by Hitler’s once strong economic development as well? And don’t we understand how much destruction China has endured, and the suffering and loss China’s ordinary people have experienced through this regime’s rule and its “magnificent development and glory”?

Yes, this regime has become rich, but through the exploitation and sacrifice of its own people, and by being heavily fed and infused by foreign “capitalists”. They can buy things they think are crucial to help them maintain and increase their power. They can use money to influence whatever they think is useful to them. They can spend billions to buy as many US bonds as they wish in order to put a rope on our neck waiting to be tightened whenever they feel necessary. (They may also know that the CCP ship will sink sooner or later, and that is why they want to tie the free world to the ship, so that when the ship sinks, either we all sink with them, or we have to save them in order to save ourselves…). CCP’s China can host the most expensive Olympic Games ever ($44 billions) in the world history while failing to build decent school buildings to prevent children from being killed by earthquakes. They can clear out entire neighborhoods of a city efficiently, and present a beautiful, modern, convenient and clean place for entertaining foreign visitors from all around the world while not caring for their own people’s lives and quality of life. Rather, suppressing their dissidents, ignoring and depriving their own citizens of basic rights. They can acquire the technology to walk in space, and spend millions on each astronaut’s space outfit, while not addressing coal mine tragedies and preventing poisoning of food, etc. In the interview, Zakaria asked why China does not make more efforts and put more influence in certain international political affairs, since “many people see China is a super power already,” as Zakaria pointed out. Wen then emphasized China is only a developing country, not a super power, and admitted that hundreds of millions of Chinese people are still living under poverty etc., that China needs to take care of its own problems first. I wished Zakaria would have helped us by asking Wen immediately, “How do you explain the fact that China spent billions and billions on Olympics and space programs then? Was taxpayers’ money used properly? Or should it rather be used on basic developmental needs of the Chinese people? How do you want the world to view China when China celebrates these two great victories and successes, as a wealthy country or is it a third world, developing country”?

Is China really “rising peacefully” as CCP and some others claim? What’s the definition of the “peace” we are talking about? May I ask, should killing its own people on a mass scale, directly or indirectly, be viewed as peaceful conduct? Does war only refer to a military action between countries?

In these years of “peaceful rise”, CCP has started to invest a lot of effort and money into the so-called “soft power” in the United States and the rest of the Western world, such as enforcing, influencing and controlling press media groups, establishing, training and expanding performing arts groups and cultural organizations or associations, Chinese schools etc., all under the name of “introducing Chinese culture and building relationships between the two countries”. Anyone who studies the CCP history would know that the press media and performing arts are CCP’s two favorite weapons, which have played a big successful role in overthrowing the “old society” and establishing CCP’s rule in mainland China. I hope people will pay attention to this “soft power” phenomenon, which is now being employed by CCP in America and around the world as well. We Americans, and all the people who embrace liberty, must be aware of this delusory evil state power. We should not underestimate this “cold war” through “culture”, which could be a poison or virus that slowly paralyzes people’s minds and spirits, and ultimately damages the free society. As you all know, to have control over the people, to control everything is one of CCP’s intrinsic needs for its self preservation.

Recently, overseas Chinese news media proudly said that the CCP had accepted an invitation from the National Democratic Institute to, for the first time in history, send delegates to attend the US Democratic Party’s presidential convention, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the two political parties, Chinese and American; and the importance of having CCP’s voice heard in the international community. The CCP delegates said that, according to the overseas Chinese news media, “China’s rising in the 21st century is a significant event, and that America wishes to increase the cooperation with China.” I hope we understand that to support a developing country is one thing, and to support a dictatorial ruling party is quite another. China’s democratic development is dependent on the people’s efforts, not on a ruling party that is not elected to power; especially a regime which has no mercy in killing its own people and has never apologized for it or any other of its crimes and wrong doings. I don’t think a free world political party should trust or befriend this illegitimate dictatorial party. Instead, we should extend our support to true democratic forces led by people who are working hard in fighting for freedom and democracy for China. Like the aftermath all the former Eastern European communist countries experienced, I believe that China’s communist regime also has to eventually be terminated before the country can truly move toward democracy.

CCP’s sole purpose in “opening” China to the West, and pushing for swift economic development is to survive and stay in power, rather than for the benefit of the Chinese people or the “motherland.” I sometimes think, what if, Nixon didn’t open the door to China, would CCP have already collapsed? And might China already be a true part of the free world? Have we actually saved CCP or saved China? Some would say, without opening up, without outside contact and communication, China would not move toward a democratic society. However, take a look at Eastern European countries. Did they open up to the West in a way like China? Did they have that intense business trade with the West for over 30 years before their communist rules collapsed, or before the Berlin Wall fell? No, their doors remained closed to the last minute, in comparison to China’s continuing “open door policy”. It was the free world’s persistence, efforts and pressure that had a vital impact on these countries and eventually caused them finally to give up communism. So, in that case, I think the “isolation” may actually eventually have led to democracy. Now, again, in order to survive, to prevent a similar collapse, CCP has begun to talk about “democracy” loudly to the world (but, be aware, not to people inside China), and has put on this “peace” mask, trying to lure the world to forget its ugliness, ruthlessness and illegitimacy. I am afraid CCP is hoping to overpower the Western free world and to become a “super” state someday able to manipulate the world.

We must also understand that what they say never matches what they do, which is one of CCP’s unwavering characteristics. For example, they have always been proclaiming that they are the “people’s government”, they are “serving the people”. Yet in reality, what do the people get? Where are the people’s rights? So, no matter how beautifully they are talking about democracy as Wen Jiao Bao does, as long as they do not give up the one-party rule, all is empty lip service, old tricks for staying in power, not only in China, but in the world. I’d like to emphasis again that no matter how “noble” they try to dress up nowadays, as long as there is no fundamental change in their actions, their communist nature will remain the same.

People say, it’s ok, let us work together, so the other side can learn from us. Yes, this is true. I am not against all communication, contact, exchange or relations. However, this is like an investment, you may gain, and you may also lose. When you think you are influencing them, at the same time they are also influencing you. And, unfortunately, bad things often are learned much quicker. Consider the Yahoo! Internet incident. We all are familiar with how this company cooperated with CCP to suppress the political dissidents inside China. Who influenced who? If you mix muddy and clean water, what kind of water will you get? As I said, I do not totally oppose doing business with China, but, when we do business with CCP, a regime with little morality and little respect for human rights, if we give up our principles, what legitimacy and power do we have for influencing them? Recently, so many things have happened in China, the pollution, the food poisoning, the fake or poor quality products, etc; haven’t these problems actually affected all of us, our country, and all Americans as well? The world is getting smaller. China’s problems are no longer isolated ones. They affect us too. I hope the world leaders and the United States politicians, and our new leaders would have a much broader, deeper and a longer term vision when it comes to dealing with red China. Do not be short-sighted and look only at short term benefits. If we do, the result will ultimately hurt ourselves and the whole world.

CCP tries to convince people that economics and politics can be separated. They encourage people to only develop economic trade with them, without challenging their political ideology and power. So, some of us say, ok, let’s work on economic issues first, and worry about political problems later; let CCP be happy, so we can get the business we want. I am a musician, I may not understand political and economic theories or strategies, but, from basic every day life experience, I just don’t know how to separate these two, especially when it comes to dealing with CCP. CCP controls everything, big or small in China. Take the Beijing Olympics as an example, is there any free democratic country that did what China did, that is to take the Olympics as a huge political showcase, and affect the routine lives of virtually everyone in every corner of China? Everything had to obey Beijing’s needs. Even a girl’s face was viewed as a matter of China’s image, and who should be on stage, who should be back stage, are all directed by the central CCP leaders. If sport in China is always politicized like what we have seen in the Beijing Olympics, how could economics be separated from politics in China? And how then could we avoid falling under CCP’s influence and control when we think we are only doing business with them?

Zakaria humbly asked the CCP leader’s opinion on the current American financial crisis whether “the American model has many flaws in it that we are just recognizing now.” I wonder, what model would we want to learn from CCP? Besides importing all the “Made in China” products including many poisoned foods and toys, are we also trying to import the “Made in China” system and model? I think the fundamental problem of this financial crisis emanates from people’s greed, from people’s short term interests and benefits, without thought for long term consequences. If we want to learn from this lesson, we must act now to change our attitude and priorities in doing business with China. If we remain blind folded, and play dumb, put important differences aside, ignore all the fundamental problems, and only care about seizing the short term opportunities, benefits, interests, quick monetary awards, and comfortable illusions while visiting China, we are actually preparing for a greater and much more serious crisis in the future, and for our future generations. If we want to be a responsible generation, we must insist upon our principles when doing business. We may not get what we want immediately by doing so, but we surely will be rewarded with a true victory in the end. We Americans must wake up from this crisis before it is really too late and understand the consequences of not standing firmly on principles.

And, one more thing I’d like to emphasize. That is, criticisms of CCP, the ruling party, do not hurt the Chinese people; do not hurt the Chinese feelings. This “CCP equals China” concept is something that CCP has brain washed Chinese with since the start of its rule, and it is also something CCP has tried to promote outside of China to mislead the rest of world. So, please do not fall into that trap. When we build relationships with China, when we talk to the CCP leaders, we must remind ourselves, this governmental body is not elected by its people; it doesn’t truly represent its own people’s interests. Ordinary Chinese have no voice, or their voices are twisted and manipulated through CCP’s mouth pieces. For over a half century, CCP has hijacked China and the Chinese people. The free world must take care not to enforce this hijack power. “Cold war” has morphed into a new form, employing “soft power” which appears deceptively innocuous as used by the Chinese Communist regime. Under this new type of warfare, I feel it is of utmost importance for America and American media to stay firmly on principles to keep our free voice alive, to continue pressure on the CCP dictatorship, to support Chinese human rights and democratic movements led by the people in and outside China, to give voice and hope to those whose voices are silenced, whose rights to learn the truth are deprived. Doing so is ultimately for the sake of us Americans, and for the sake of freedom and peace around the world.


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