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反竞争的体育- 中国文化缩影 China Anti-Competition Sports

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反竞争的体育- 中国文化缩影
China's Anti-Competition Sports

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Anti-competition sports, anti-market trade, anti-intellect education, anti-human society, anti-logic thinking, anti-essence form, anti-freedom law and government, anti-mind face, anti-soul flesh and skin, anti-meaning existence, anti-joy and happiness philosophies, anti-individual democracy, anti-morality morals, anti-Christ religions, anti-life living.., pretty much sum up what Chinese culture is.

反竞争的体育运动,反市场的贸易,反知识的教育,反人的社会,反逻辑的思维,反实质的表象,反自由的法律与 政治, 反头脑的脸面,反灵魂的血肉,反意义的存在,反幸福的哲学,反个人的民主,反道德的说教,反基督的宗教,反 生命的存活..., 这就是中国文化的写照。


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 8/9/2011)

Confucianism is anti-human, anti-Christ in nature, due to its preaching on hierarchical human existence. And because of this exact nature of hierarchy in a Confucian societies, anti-freedom, anti-competition is the necessary outcome of such a pseudo-philosophy.

The night before,I watched a basketball game held in Guangzhou between the Chinese national team and the USA national team, in their preparation for the up-coming World Championships in Japan. The Chinese team lost to the US by 46 points. No surprise. 

I observed and detected many things that was familiar during my stay with the Chinese national team and the August 1st Team. Things have never changed in China, not as many people told me, for the culture remains anti-individual, hierarchical, stagnant…. And anti-competition sports/athletics is a logical outgrowth from such a sick culture.

The Chinese sports establishment remains anti-individual, anti-competition, anti-capitalism as ever before. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon:

The long-standing national team itself is anti-competition in nature, for all the top players are siphoned from provincial and army teams, all for the sake of Chinese "face". In NBA, it is the opposite, the weakest teams get the first chance to draft the best players, thus to ensure a higher level of competition and development of the sport/game itself.

Most players in the Chinese national team are only motivated by how to maintain their social status, NOT by their love of the sport. Therefore, doing everything and anything to ensure their longer stay on the national team, by following the orders, by NOT offending the leaders, by NOT showing any initiatives and individuality (not rocking the boat) so as not to disrupt the current order of things is the mode most players try to adhere. When I was in China, I had to fight the coaches and the leaders in order to play MY style of basketball, to initiate and create. And they did everything they could to stop me from playing MY basketball. Against many who assume that the Chinese government and sports establishment rear and develop top athletes, the truly outstanding athletes in China have to constantly break shackles and chains just to elevate their performance and raise their games. When they indeed have achieved a high level of performance, all on their own against the existing order, they immediately become a threat to the system. And everyone knows in China the despotic system has always been, is and will be more important than any one individual. Human lives and achievement mean nothing in China. It is the “Big Family” that will be honored. So the gang-rape of those who initiate and create will begin, as always.

There is no medical insurance or any other insurance for professional athletes in China, not to mention NBA style of contract with the Chinese government. Pro-athletes are viewed by all as the tools of the government and the system, tools to shine the face and message the vanity of all the Chinese. As soon as you are used up, injured or diseased, you are abandoned and disappeared without trace. No Chinese, with their despotic cultural inclination, cares what happens to these individuals. This is in sharp contrast with players in NBA, in America. So you can understand no one on the Chinese national team would be foolish enough to play with an individual love and passion for the game. “Why do I dive on the floor or sacrifice my body to draw a charge risking my health and future status on the team for a bunch of idiots I despise and a system I hate?” Every Chinese athlete secretly harbors this doubt and unsolvable conflict between his/her love of the sports and his/her hatred of the system.

Some players and athletes in China are often artificially and arbitrarily promoted and prompted up by the authorities, not because of their excellence in their respective sport, but because their obedience to the authorities. Consequently when they reach to the level of the August 1st Team and National Team, they simply stop improving their own game. Culturally, love of the game has never been their motivation to play sports, social status in others’ eyes are. This is the lethal feature in China’s Confucian mindset and it is fatal for a pro-athlete to achieve his/her true potential.

As I have often mentioned in my numerous essays such as "中国儒家宦官小男人“ – Chinese man himself, due to the defect of Confucian hierarchy, lacks the spirit of struggle and competition to achieve the objective and fair result. Taking short cut by cultivating relations with authorities and others, manipulating others to get ahead is the standard behavior mode in China. Chinese men especially are ill equipped to deal with the real world for they somehow by Confucian hierarchy assume they have certain privileges because they have a penis. So the usual case is that the Chinese women often work harder than the Chinese men, for the society has always put someone with a virgina on the bottom of everything.

Many basketball players in China have never played the game for fun and love of it. They are chosen to play the game by others because they are tall or talented. Seldom you see a Chinese player plays for himself/herself. Wang Zhizhi is a typical Eunuslawhore player in such a case. He has never exhibited any passion for the game, not even after he joined the NBA. Unsure what China stands for, value-wise, all the people in China as well as the athletes have an instinctive moral uncertainty as to why they should do anything for their country – one fewer motivating factor.

An athlete’s social status in a Confucian society is artificially and culturally kept low. So is the status of performing artists such as opera singers. Only government officials and scholars are put on top of the society. Artists and athletes are viewed as short-lived creatures with no future. They are there to be laughed at, to be sneered upon, to be demeaned and belittled when bad things happen. They are treated as animals, freaks, monsters and whores for others to entertain themselves, to feel something about their own existence otherwise so empty as a blackhole. Personal integrity, honor and dignity are often discarded in this vicious cultural environment. Pleasing others and higher authority becomes a preoccupation and the only goal for everyone. Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi as examples, the low social status of the Chinese athletes are on display by the sheer fact that a Chinese basketball player often marries another basketball player, simply because he/she is too tall for their own choices. So the “freak” culture continues.

Unlike American athletes in a sport system via educational establishment, for the Chinese pro-athletes, they have no chance to get a full education. They are there to serve others, to serve China, not themselves. And because of this lack of education, the Chinese athletes have little knowledge and comprehension of the world and their surroundings. This also limits their performance level. They simply lack independent thoughts and ideas. Wang Zhizhi stated himself: “I am simply lost in America without the communist party and the motherland (the Confucian culture with a certainty in an ascribed social status).” Thus, the Chinese athletes always have a tremendous “athletic inferiority complex”, viewing themselves not as individuals with integrity and dignity, but someone always dependent on the government and the collective, someone with a handicaps and a defect.

There has never been such a thing as sports history in China, not to mention NBA style of “Hall of Fame”. The existing sports history, like China’s official history, is fake in nature. Only those approved by the authorities in China will enter their fraudulent record book. History book to the Chinese government, like everything else in China, is only a tool to control the population by brainwashing them into a zombie-like existence. The most creative basketball players I know in China has never been recognized and recorded as such, for their individuality has always created embarrassment for the authorities. They just disappear into an eternal oblivion, like they have never existed. Only the Great Wall exists and has meaning, the bricks to build it has never existed with a meaning. How weird is it and how wicked is it?! In the end, only the dictators and emperors remain, never individuals with honor, dignity, creativity and integrity. How nihilistic can a culture ever be?!

Raising the level of a particular sport through pure and unadulterated competition is never the goal for the Chinese government and the Chinese people. Shining their “face” using whatever means – illegal drug use, bribe, cheating, shaving points, lying about age…, is the essence of the Chinese sports and athletics. There is no reason to expect the Chinese sports and athletics to improve and change, as long as the communist regime is in charge, as long as everything and everyone in China is viewed by such a regime as nothing but a tool and a slave.

I hope all of you take a serious, deep and meaningful look at the Chinese sports and athletics, at the Chinese existence itself. Then you can make your own judgment as what to do as an individual in your own life. Make your choice. Virgin-whore does not exist.

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