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爱与性的分离-专制奴役文化的产物 Integration vs. Separation

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:43 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.371 Posts

一个好友在中国入狱服刑时发现并保留了这幅象征中国人们的真实状态的画面。 我在此深表感谢。 A good friend gives me this cartoon he preserved when he was serving a sentence in a Chinese prison for crime against the state. Here I thank him for bringing forth this poignant cartoon for everyone to contemplate.

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Integration vs. Separation

陈凯一语 Kai Chen's Words:

一个自由人是一个用自己的躯体表达自己的灵魂、用自己的行为表达自己的价值、用自己的性表达自己的爱的完整一致的自由意志体。 一个被专制奴役文化驱使的人是一个将自己的灵魂与躯体、价值与行为、爱与性分隔开的无能为力的瘫痪体。 对未知的恐惧主宰着这些可怜,可悲而又可卑的人们。 向往自由与爱而又惧怕逃避对自由与爱追求的人们充斥着中国这片古老专制的土地。 病态的中国伪爱情故事如 梁/祝和贾/林的真爱而无性与有性既无爱的传说阉割了中国男女们的完整。 在中国躯体往往被恐惧压迫而反对个体的灵魂与意志,行为往往被混乱抑制而反对个体的价值,性往往被物性荷尔蒙驱使而反对个体真实的爱情。 分裂的个体由此将性行为误解曲解为在肮脏的放纵与驯服的为专制程序传宗接代中的肉体行为。 真实的人的尊严、自由、完整与爱情的故事便由此在追求虚无假空的中国文学中彻底地缺失。 那些无灵体、无值举、无性爱、无爱性、无人信仰便有效地将所有的个体统统扯碎,变成建筑专制长城的血肉砖瓦。 无怪乎行尸走肉成了中国人的定义同义语。

激情的产生与表达只来自于个体的完整与尊严。 专制文化所导致的人格分裂只会使个体感到默默的绝望。 做一个活着的人还是做一个只呼吸着的人? 选择在于你。 在一个有着完整尊严的自由人和一个物化的崇尚虚无的人格分裂的宦奴娼之间,一个人一定要做出选择。 婊子牌坊是不能并立的。

注: 你会常常发现在专制奴役的中国,人们会时而表达他们对自由的向往。 但你会发现一旦自由与幸福向他们招手的时候,他们会在逃避责任与未知中选择专制奴役带来的暂时的安逸感。 长期的恐惧与逃避导致了中国的人们自由机能的萎缩。 思维与行为的瘫痪状态是一个普遍现象。 来到西方走入自由后的无能无力感更使得中国的人们怀念古国的专制 -- 愤青愤老就此产生。 在虚无中逃避真实自我的存在便应然成了中国的人们在种种专制的小圈子中(从家庭到各个群体)的行为思维模式。 --- 陈凯

A free being is one who uses his body to express his soul, who uses his action to express his values, who uses his sex to express his love. He is an integrated being with uncompromising free will and will never allow any force in the universe to tear him apart.

A creature by a despotic, enslaving culture is a disintegrated being with his own body separated from his own soul, his own action separated from his own values, his own sex separated from his own love. He/she is in a perpetual state of paralysis. Fear of the unknown dominates these pathetic, perverse and despicable beings. Yearning for freedom while fearing and evading freedom with their inaction/passivity characterizes those who occupy the ancient land of China. Perverted and fake "love stories" such as those in some classic Chinese literatures with sexless love and loveless sex permeate Chinese cultural landscape and have effectively castrated the Chinese males and females of any possibility of true love and happiness. One's body is oppressed by one's fear to oppose one's soul, one's action is obliterated by one's moral and intellectual confusion to oppose one's values, one's own sex is utilized by animalistic urge against one's own love and true emotions. A disintegrated individual thus takes his/her own sex as something to indulge to escape reality or something to be feared and obeyed to maintain a superficial despotic order by procreating for the collective. Human dignity, integrity, freedom and true love thus have long disappeared from the Chinese literary world. Those soulless bodies, valueless behaviors, sexless love/loveless sex, and nihilistic beliefs/faiths inundate China and very effectively turn everyone else into only some bricks of flesh and blood for building the despotic Great Wall. No wonder now zombies are synonymous with being Chinese.

Passion only comes when an individual maintains his/her integrity and dignity. A split character soaked with poisonous despotic cultural elements can only experience a permanent silent desperation. To live or to just merely breath? The choice is yours. Between a nihilistic, materialistic Chinese Eunuslawhore and an integrated, dignified free being, one must choose. There is no such thing as a virgin whore.

PS. You must have surely often observed such a phenomenon that in China most people seem to yearn for freedom. But then you will discover that when true freedom and happiness approach them they will evade the necessary responsibility and the courageous exploration into the unknown to escape into the temporary calm/safety of despotism. A long time of such a repeated pattern of behavior results in a severe atrophy of their spiritual muscles for freedom. Intellectual and behavioral paralysis prevails. Many who have come to the West find it very difficult to exercise their muscles of freedom, for they have to make extraordinary effort to restore the function of the atrophied muscles. Then the "angry youths" and "angry elders" appear. Escaping into the little circles of mini-despotism (from one's family to all kinds of groups) hence becomes the prevailing patterns of the overseas Chinese. --- Kai Chen


Dear Visitors:

The above observation and analysis surely will offend many Chinese. But then again I am not here on this earth for the purpose of pleasing people. It is this pathological and perverse urge among the Chinese to please others that disgusts me. It seems the only purpose of any Chinese is to please the family, the elders, the authorities, the state, the powerful, the rich, the majority, etc.., to please all others but himself/herself....

What about truth? Is there any Chinese left in the world who is interested in telling the truth? If there is none, then let me be the first.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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