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陈凯与左派朋友间的通信 Kai Chen and a Liberal Friend

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:50 pm
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

Letters between Me and a Friend from the Left

Dear Readers:

Below are some letters between me and a friend of mine from the left. They are very significant in terms of the current political atmosphere in America. I paste them here for you to read and enjoy. Best. Kai Chen


Dear S:

Since Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War (In my opinion the Cold War has never ended. It always continues in another fashion, in another arena. The challenge to human freedom from all angles/dimensions never ceases to continue.), there has developed an alarming apathy/indifference in America toward its own principles enunciated by the founding fathers. It is as though Americans have forgotten that precious motto "the price of freedom is our eternal vigilance". They somehow allow themselves to slip into a moral coma/dormancy, concerned only about their own material well-being. It is as though we are not spiritual beings creating our physical world and material values, but some material existence experiencing momentary spiritual illusions. I never came to America for my material gains (I would have stayed above others in terms of material gains if I were to remain in China). I came to America to fulfill my spiritual yearnings in pursuing my spiritual well being. And in searching and going after the meaning of my existence - true freedom and happiness, I have created great material environment for myself, my family and my fellow human beings.

Now it is all turned upside down. There is no where to retreat any more. America is the last hope and bastion for mankind to remain free on this planet earth. We must fight to keep America as what the founders intended it to be. The message I want to tell American public is invaluable for the health of this great nation, and in keeping America healthy and free, despotism and tyranny around the world will tremble and their days will be indeed numbered. I am very grateful for your assistance and enthusiasm. I only wish there were more people articulating what I want to say.

Best wishes. Kai Chen


Hi Kai,

I read these letters with much admiration and respect for both the writer and the receiver.

Although I share some of the same views that you have regarding our native countries, I DO not always agree with the party we have on the right! Too many greedy Republicans have put our country in the brink of bankruptcy. I believe the answer lies somewhere in a balance which is what i think Pres. Obama. is TRYING TO DO! I say "trying" because already he is facing harsh criticism from those who have been in power for 8 yrs and have not succeeded doing it THEIR way!!!

Unfortunately, human beings being who they are sometimes get greedy and wily and before you know it the whole system is corrupt! I dont think they do it intentionally sometimes, in fact , I am sure they do not see themselves as doing anything evil, but they just think they deserve to BE in control. Maybe they see themselves as smarter, more responsible...etc.. whatever their rationalizations it is NOT RIGHT, nor correct on their parts!

The very reason that America is so great is because we have always upheld the value of every individual. I love this country so much!!! Like you we both came here to obtain freedom (real freedom). The system here has a great foundation...set in place by our founding fathers, lets follow their lead and PROTECT the rights granted by our documents. We cannot let ourselves get motivated by FEAR! Fear doesnt come from a good place. Love and compassion and truth will always lead us down the right path.

Your friend, J


Dear J:

Thanks for a heart felt message.

I entirely agree with you that since Ronald Reagan the Republicans did a poor job articulating the values of this great nation. Somehow they are playing the same dirty games often played by the left. We are not individuals with dignity anymore in their eyes. We are only some insignificant elements belonging to some social groups/cultural racial backgrounds, like helpless infants crying for milk from some omnipotent and omnipresent presence represented only by our parental government. Mr. Bush went to Beijing to kowtow to the tyrants which greatly disappointed me. Now Mrs. Clinton did the same thing and worse in Beijing, kowtowing to the tyrants while disregarding what this country should do to expand human freedom around the globe.

That is why now my message is so important to the Americans: Do not forget what this country is about. People on the right now lack the courage President Reagan had. People on the left have always been lack a direction: Somehow they think socialism is the acceptable way to go as the current administration exhibits. You and I both know socialism/communism is a dead end. People die and suffer indignities for nothing in that kind of system. That is why I always fight hard against the left in this country and elsewhere. Being poor or rich does not give anyone rights to take things away from any others. The communism uses people's lack of education and their naivety/evil to instill a man-eating mentality in their countries: Take away from the rich then you will become rich. That is evil. Indeed all the countries which follow such doctrines only get poorer, for no one creates values anymore. No one initiate anything anymore. People don't dig into themselves to find creativity and courage to start anything anymore. People start to look around to rob/put down on others. This is what I don't want to see happen in America.

Now it seems that this China Syndrome has infected America. Martin Luther King's dream now becomes a nightmare for people like me who come into this country, not for material gains by taking away from others, but by working hard to fulfill our dreams. Now we succeeded in our American dream and beyond, but somehow we have become the guilty. I don't feel that I have anything to apologize for to anyone. But the current administration is using the scare tactics I see so often in communist countries, robbing the rich to give to the poor, for nothing but their own political gain, for power thirst.

Being rich or poor does not have any moral connotations as the socialists and communists allege. How one gets rich or poor Does indeed have moral connotations. There will be grave consequences when you use pretenses to rob those honest people who work hard to get ahead. I see some rich people who are vicious. I see also great many poor people who are vicious. I see poor people who are good. I also see great many rich people who are good. To instill moral tone in one's material state of being is evil itself. I know the current administration, giving the direction it goes, will fail, for all socialist ideas have been proven by history not only failures, but great human misery, suffering and moral degradation.

This is what I want to tell people in my story. I only want to keep this country as the founders intended - expanding individual human freedom while limiting government's power. I have yet to see a government with unlimited power over its own people, making them state-dependent slaves, to be NOT corrupt. America is not an exception. It is amazing to see that before the Cold War ended, both left and right in America have a moral direction of anti-communism. Now the communism/socialism we fought so hard against with so much sacrifice around the globe gradually seeps through our lack of vigilance, our laziness and moral confusion/corruption. Marx and Lenin must be laughing hard in their graves while American founders are being tortured, turning in their graves.

I love to discuss these issues with you and Jon sometimes extensively. I hope we keep in touch.

Best. Kai Chen

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