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奴才,精神卖淫与自我阉割 - 王治郅

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:47 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


王治郅和他的检讨书 Wang's Confession - A Eunuch, Slave and Whore

奴才,精神卖淫与自我阉割 - 王治郅的自我形象与独白
A SLAVE, AN EUNUCH, A PROSTITUTE - Wang Zhizhi: a twisted combination of images.

一个自由人与一个奴宦娼的自白: (Contrast a free man to a slave, a whore and an eunuch)

我宁可去做一个饥饿的苍蝇,冒着生命危险满天飞,去寻找食物与快乐;也不愿做一个蠕动在他人粪便里的蛆虫,饱食终日,苟且偷生。 --- 一个自由人的自白

I'd rather be a hungry housefly, risking my life, flying around looking for food and joy, than be a worming maggot inside others' feces, never having to worry about where I stay and where my next meal comes from. --- The self-confession of a Free Man.


我明白了没有祖国的支持做后盾,没有组织,领导的关心和爱护,个人将一事无成;我明白了个人的价值,只有在为国争光的奋斗中,才能得到真正的体现。 --- 王治郅的检讨。

I now understand that without our Motherland's support, without Communist party organization, without our leaders' care and love, an individual is nothing and will achieve nothing. I now understand personal worth and values will only be realized in our struggle for Motherland. --- Wang Zhizhi.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (再版 Reprint 7/20/2011)

Now you understand what I mean by "Slavery is a insidious codependency of the slave owners and the slaves themselves, not just slave owners oppressing the slaves. To rid of the evil of slavery, one must deal with this evil from both end, from supply and demand, from oppression and fear, from nihilistic institutions and meaningless individuals....

I don't usually call a person names, though I am very good at it and often did it when I played basketball. But today I permit myself to give few deragatory names to one of my fellow sportsman and his likes. The old habit dies hard.

Wang's self confession has raised the specter of issues such as the Chinese slave mentality. In his statement, he repeatedly claims that it is the nation, the party, the leaders that raised, supported, and reared him, and without these entities, he as an individual is nothing. Shamelessness is only too mild to describe this evil twist of truth: Who raised whom?

In a Chinese mind, due to many factors and poisonous effect, somehow it always is the nation, the motherland, the emperor, the collective that raised and protected individuals, giving them their livelihood and meaning of their lives. But a clear-thinking mind would easily reach the opposite conclusion: It is the individuals who create and produce, not the collective. It is the individuals who support and raise the government and emperors, not the opposite. It is the individuals who give meaning to the collective, to the nation, to the motherland, not vice versa.

But why the complete alienation and upside-down falsehood that dominate the Chinese mind-set? These two entirely opposite orientation of human values are the purpose of forming my forum. To clear up and clean up the Chinese mindset from thousands of years of force-fed narcotic addiction takes a long time and great deal of effort. But one must start now and must start from each and everyone of the Chinese individuals. Only this bottom-up reformation of mindset can allow the antidote take effect toward the first step of moral and spiritual rebirth, toward a cultural renaissance, toward intellectual honesty, toward getting rid of codependency between slave collective and the slaves themselves.

In Wang's vulgar and shameless self-confession, moral and spiritual degradation oozes from every pore of his being. To shield himself from humiliation, insult, self-loathing and the ultimate defeat as a professional athlete, he has no qualm in using his parents, his wife, his infant child to hide his own ugly self. To protect his decaying self, he is willing to use any others, to use America, to use China, to use party, to use army, to use his own family, to use his own soul and conscience, as long as using these will somehow alleviate the pain and suffering from the very deep recess of his mind and heart. Wang is without doubt, like many Chinese, a USER. Using other human beings, using his own profession, using his dignity, using anything in sight for his nihilistic, ugly and meaningless end is the only concern in his life.

Wang's only self-worth, as the Confucian ethics dictates, is in others' eyes. He is entirely void of self-awareness, self-reflect, and self-judging. For there is no such thing in Chinese moral teachings as God and Conscience deep inside oneself. Being judged by others and especially by the power elite is the only criterion for one's own meaning. Humans are simply not humans in Chinese tradition, they are only masses composed of flesh and blood. Each individual by himself has no meaning and no inner voice and values. All the voice of moral judgement are coming from above, from motherland, from emperors, from fathers, from elders, from the collective, from everything but the person himself.

Wang as you can see, if a pathetic creature, created not by God, but by the Chinese nation, Chinese tradition, Chinese environment and collective. This is a stark contrast to American value in which each individual is created by his creator and has inalienable rights and ability to understand his own conscience, his own actions and conduct and their consequences. Thus humans are born free and meaningful themselves, regardless others and the collective, no matter how old they are, how strong they are or how many they have.

If by now you still don't get my drift about the contrast in Chinese values and American values, you are in deep voodoo.

Do you really think even after Wang made the self-demeaning confessions, the Chinese people and authorities will truly respect him? No such thing. They are only using him, just as he is using them. They all know this game of Users. In this game there is no respect, esteem, and dignity. Everybody is a whore. Everybody is a self-castrating Eunuch. Everybody is a slave to serve the omnipresent and omnipotent collective that represents absolute NOTHINGNESS. This nothingness of "blackhole" has swallowed millions of innocent lives and continues to do so, as long as we as individuals refuse to understand its nature and origin, as long as we are still immersed into its poisonous smog.

The sports authorities in China of course will praise Wang for his destruction of 'self" to please the motherland, via this dehumanizing confession. But behind Wang's back, they look down on him, they talk down on him about his failure in America, about his lack of personal dignity. One word, they absolutely loach him, as much as they loach themselves. They know in this nothingness game, everyone comes out a loser, having sold their souls to the devil, having castrated themselves to serve the emperor, having little by little sunk into the deep of the collective quick sand. They absolutely loach their own state of existence, yet they wholeheartedly work for the master of the game, the nothingness, to become the part of the Blackhole to castrate others, to swallow others, to demean others, until everyone becomes just like themselves - a soulless zombie.

This is the portrait of a Eunuch culture, a slave mentality, a prostitute's existence. This is what is called "Chinese Motherland".

Take care. Kai Chen 陈凯


I now paste Wang Zhizhi's self-confession here:

北京时间4月30日下午,中国篮协召开新闻通气会,会上宣布王治郅正式代表八一入选中国男篮,王治郅在会上发表书面的道歉信,面向社会公开致歉,至此历时4年的 ?大郅事件?在今天正式画上一个完整的句号。




  俗话说,养儿方知父母恩。在我当了父亲之后,通过体味抚育孩子的艰辛,才逐渐感受到父母对子女博大、深厚、无私的爱,才更加强烈地意识到孩子长大成人后应当知恩图报的责任和义务。回顾自己的成长历程,是八一队把我培养成为一名有潜力的运动员,把我送进了国家青年队和国家队的大门,给我提供了更广阔施展才能的舞台;是国家队让我有幸参加了奥运会和世锦赛,给我提供了更好的锻炼提高、为国争光的机会;为了我的成长进步和长远发展,在八一队和篮协领导的积极斡旋和努力推动下,我有幸成为中国篮球运动员到NBA打球的 ?第一人?。可以说,我取得的每一点进步和成绩都是国家和军队精心培育的结果。然而,当国家需要、军队召唤我的时候,作为一名军人和职业运动员,却仅仅考虑个人的得失,把个人利益看得太重,把对祖国、军队应尽的义务和责任看得太轻,把实现自我价值看得太重,把思想改造看得太轻,做出了一个非常错误的决定,不仅给国家和军队带来了难以挽回的恶劣影响,也极大地伤害了广大官兵和球迷朋友的感情。在美国的日子里,由于我个人主义思想膨胀,一心考虑如何才能上场比赛,担心回国后再返回NBA就困难了,更害怕一旦回去就出不来打球了,就会影响自己的事业和前途,加之自己的年轻和幼稚,致使许多问题没有处理好,回国的事情一拖再拖。直至八一队和篮协领导多次与我沟通,帮我打消顾虑,才有了今天的选择。回想以往的所作所为,我从内心深处感到对不起各级领导的关心和教导,对不起国家和军队对我的教育和培养,我决心用实际行动弥补自己的过失,挽回给国家和军队造成的损失,我愿意接受组织上任何形式的处理决定。在这里,我特别要向部队的战友们表示深深的歉意,作为一名军人,我没有遵守军队的纪律,没有履行自己的职责和义务,真诚地希望今后能通过为国家和军队赢得更多的荣誉来求得战友们的原谅。过去的不成熟,过去的以我为中心,让我付出了惨重的代价,我不会再糊涂、再犹豫、再耽误下去了。< /SPAN>

  回国的这段时间,全社会正在进行树立社会主义荣辱观学习教育活动,用?八荣八耻? 特别是用?以热爱祖国为荣,以危害祖国为耻;以诚实守信为荣,以见利忘义为耻?的标准进行对照、反省,我深为自己以前的表现感到羞愧。通过各级领导和同志们的教育帮助,我明白了要打好球,首先要爱国、要有诚信、要做好人;我明白了没有祖国的支持做后盾,没有组织、领导的关心和爱护,个人将一事无成;我明白了个人的价值,只有在为国争光的奋斗中,才能得到真正的体现。回国的这些天,有机会陪着家人看看快速发展中的北京,除了那些漂亮的环路和崭新的楼房外,人们脸上洋溢着的那股蓬勃向上的朝气,以及随处可见的?新北京、新奥运、同一个世界、同一个梦想?的宣传牌,都深深地打动着我。记得2001年,作为北京申奥代表团成员,在莫斯科亲眼看到北京获胜的那一刻,我的血直往头上涌,和成千上万国人一样,为自己的祖国感到自豪和骄傲,2008年在家乡为国争光的强烈愿望油然而生。前些天,我爱人说她有一个梦想,就是08年北京奥运会时,能抱着我们的儿子看我为国家打球。面对国家经济建设和体育事业蓬勃发展的大好形势,面对亲人的深切期盼,我非常庆幸在组织和大家的帮助下,终于在改正错误的道路上迈出了重要的一步,终于重新回到了自己的祖国。在此,我衷心地感谢大家为我所做的一切。< /SPAN>




  王治郅   二┅六年四月三十日

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RE: 奴才,精神卖淫与自我阉割 - 王治郅

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by fountainheadkc • 1.387 Posts


Some Thoughts on Yao Ming’s Early Retirement

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 7/12/11 www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

“杀鸡取卵”是姚明常用来形容中国体育“举国体制”现状的成语。 “杀鸡取卵”也是所有专制制度与文化自相矛盾、自相冲突的真实写照。 只要自由人才能产生的价值而要消灭自由,只要透明竞争才能产生的真实体育而要消灭透明竞争。 这就是“中国人”抽陀螺、灌尿盆的专制文化心态所相信的“中国特色”的死结,也是姚明早期退役的关键原因。

姚明-- 一个年仅30岁的球星的早期退役并没有使我惊讶。 这是他对自身利益着想的最佳选择。 我为他的这一选择高兴并为他祈祷: 祝福他在未来的生活中用良知与理性追求生命的真实意义。

一个真正的运动员的最高美德是他的“敬业精神”。 与王治郅、易建联等利用篮球取得利益与地位的那些运动员们不同,姚明是一个热爱自己职业(热爱篮球)的运动员,并在自己对篮球的激情投入中体现了自身的美德,赢得了我的尊敬。 但是,他的被动的不选择与试图在专制体育与自由体育中找中庸与平衡导致了他心态的分裂与生理能力的透支。 外伤是一个必然的后果。 姚明对篮球的热爱被一个邪恶的专制制度与奴役文化所挟持绑架了。

在中国,当一个人公开表达对任何事物、职业,兴趣或人的热爱的时候,也是他/她最易受害的,最危险的时候。 政府,族群,他人会挟持绑架他/她的爱,将其作为人质来要挟控制他/她。 “中国人”的感情不外露也是对此邪恶心态与行为的、直觉的自我保护。 我自己的篮球生涯就是从恐惧走向勇气并从专制的掌控中自由出来的心路历程,也是一个运动员激情地保卫他对自身之爱的无畏博争的史诗。 我相信姚明也必须在美国与中国之间,在自由与专制奴役之间,在陈凯与王治郅之间做出选择。


基于美国的自由文化与理念,NBA与篮球队员签约是基法律不能与任何政府有交易的。 但基于中共党朝的奴役制度 –举国体制,所有的个体人都是“国家”的财产、奴隶与工具,姚明也不例外。 2002年,姚明渴望到NBA比赛而不得不与中共党朝的“篮协”首先签了一个“卖身契”—姚明必须无条件为中共党朝(国家)效力: 在NBA的(82场比赛以上)每一年赛季后参与所有中国篮协要求他进入的的国际比赛(奥运、世锦、亚锦等)。“卖身契”中,姚明所有在海外的经济所得(包括商业广告)的50%也要被无条件上缴国家。 (中共党朝虽然与姚明签此约,并没有强迫姚明交钱,自此从心理上(用内疚感与亏欠感)掌控姚明为中共党朝站台服务 – 姚明曾在北京奥运开幕式上为中共打旗,并参与过一系列的中共所指使的政治工程/活动,如去台湾搞政宣和在天安门广场为毛泽东粉饰等等、、。 注: 姚明本人对自己被掌控,被左右也要承担必要承担的个体道德责任。)

姚明虽然身在美国的自由社会,但他并不是一个自由的个体。 一付无形隐秘的中共党朝的镣铐将他死死地拴住了。 这也是造成他多伤早退的主要原因。 2011年的亚洲锦标赛夺冠是中国队进入2012年伦敦奥运会的关键。 没有姚明中国队合格奥运的可能性不大。 中国篮协就一再用各种方式施压,要姚明参赛。 姚明的决定早退不光使他脱离了这种参赛的压力,也使他相对减轻了道德良知上的困扰与磨难。 没有人愿意违心地为一个用经济,心理与族群作托词压抑、左右运动员的体制与人们服务。 就如李娜所言: “我赢球,当官儿的晋级分房子。” 由此而言,姚明现在的早退是一个最明智,对自己最负责任的选择。 我也可以用逻辑推敲: 如没有中共党朝的奴役的“举国体制”,姚明的NBA篮球生涯很可能仍在继续。

一个优秀的运动员并不是为政治、族群、文化、肤色进入运动并有出色的表现的。 运动奇迹的出现在于纯粹的体育运动精神 – 一个人对自身选择的运动激情的爱与投入。 美国女足在2011年世界杯对巴西队的比赛中创造了一个以少胜多,反败为胜的奇迹,并不是她们为了利益,政治等进入比赛,而是她们在无情的、激烈的角逐中完整地将自身的爱与激情投入到意义之中。 与中国的精明的伪体育家相反,她们不会事先“权衡算计”地考虑输赢而决定自身投入的程度。 也不会“胜王败寇”地用输赢裁定自身与他人的生命意义。 当一个运动员激情地、完整地投入他/她所热爱的运动时,并在每一刻体验到“自身存在的意义”与“运动精神的永恒”的时候,输赢胜负的结局只是一个小小的插曲。


你固然不希望姚明成为专制中国的工具与奴隶,但用族群心态去看,去鉴别,去断定一个运动员的价值,说他是族群、文化、特定人们的代表,本身就是一种专制奴役的心态。 姚明首先属于自己,属于上苍(God)的创造,而绝不属于任何族群、政体与人们,不管他/它们是谁。 正如马丁. 路德. 金所说: “对一个人的鉴定应该是他品质的内涵,而绝不是他的外表与肤色。” 我只在此对姚明运动生涯后的日子表示祝福: 希望他能用自己的良知与理性追求生命的意义与真实的幸福。 他选择住在美国,选择在美国养育子女,选择在美国早期退役,已经走出了坚实的一步。 任何其他人都应尊重他个人的选择。 姚明的运动生涯并不能给你(品头论足者)任何个体的尊严与意义。 只有你自己的道德良知的言行才能使你获得个体的尊严与意义。

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