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没有"I", 何为爱? No Individual Freedom, There'll be No Love

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:07 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.371 Posts

没有"I", 何为爱?
No Individual Freedom, There'll be No Love


爱只能被赢得,给予,与表达。 爱绝不能被占有,被索取,被祈求,被欺骗,被强制,被恐吓,被阉割而获得。 因此爱只能基于个体的自由意志。 在一个反个体价值,反个体意志的奴役制社会里,爱是不存在的。 恨与鄙视是奴役制社会的基点情结。 在一个奴役制社会中谈爱国只是病态的自欺欺人。 奴隶的所谓爱只是出于对没有奴隶主后的自由状态的恐慌与无助:他们深深地恐惧那种没有他人指使的自由生活。 他们害怕没有奴隶主后自身生命意义的无从。 国从而成为那奴隶主,中国人起始就是那奴隶。 --- 陈凯

Love can only be earned, given willingly and expressed without inhibition. Love can never be possessed, or be attained using deception, begging, pity, force, threat, humiliation and spiritual castration. Thus love only exists in an individual's free will.

In a society without individual freedom, in a society that is anti-individual volition and individual values, love does not exist. Hatred and contempt are two basic emotions in such a society. In a society based on slavery and tyranny, "nation loving" is a perverted state of a pathological mind designed by the state or the collective to deceive and paralyze individuals. In essence, a slave's love to the slave owner is nothing but a fear and panic emotion of irrelevance felt toward the prospect of losing the dependency and the source of his life's meaning. It is nothing but the fear of freedom. "China" indeed is such a slave owner, and the Chinese the slaves. --- Kai Chen

爱是一个人对自身生命价值追求的最高自我奖赏。 --- 安. 兰德

Love is the ultimate reward of one toward the pursuit of his own life's value and meaning. --- Ayn Rand (Not verbatim)


Dear Visitors:

Today there is a TV news that a Sichuan earthquake mother has just delivered a baby girl. She named her "爱" - Love.

In a society that is without "I", that is anti-"I", can there be truly such a pure emotion and concept as "爱"??

I am afraid that such a word "爱" - love with so much meaning is thoroughly vulgarized and laden with false/deceptive garbage. Does a "Chinese" truly know the meaning of such a word when he/she uses it? Does a mental and spiritual zombie, a virtual slave in a despotic state truly know the meaning of love when he/she professes to love their "party-state" (党政国家)? Should "爱国", 爱家" in China truly means "怕国", "怕家", or "靠国", "靠家"?? Does a state slave truly understand what "Love" entails?

Now the overseas Chinese start to wave the flag of "爱国" - Loveing China. Does a historical and moral handicap with no capacity of loving/liking anything or anyone truly love China?? This must all be just a giant joke - a cruel, deceptive de-capacitating and devastating joke of historical proportion, aimed by the jokester (the devil - the Chinese party-state) to eliminate any remnant of any individual conscience and morality in China.

I now paste this article in Chinese below to illustrate this point:


[size=18]My Comment on an Email a Friend Forwarded Me from His Contact in China[/size]


I forward this message to you from a friend of mine. You can see the point I am always making: The Chinese are entirely void of any sense of morality. Good or evil, right or wrong, truth or falsehood are never in their language. Their judge of one's value is only one thing: Power (friends or enemies, inside or outside, Chinese or foreigners, authority or nameless). No wonder China is the most corrupt society, the most evil state, with the most nihilistics mindset and the most dangerous people in the world.

Read this article then judge yourself.

Be good for goodness sake. Kai Chen



[size=20] 假如全世界是一个班 [/size]

1、美国 班长,学习好,家里有钱,人高马大,好打架。班里没几个人敢惹他。 和副班长关系不好。

2、俄罗斯 副班长,成绩优异,全班最高大,上学期光和班长顶着干。后来家里出事:分家!现在做事很消极,但在班级里有一定的影响力。

3、中国 团支书。幼儿园学习成绩很好。小学时由于体质差常被欺负,没事爱吹牛,由副班长罩着。

4、英国 学习委员,学习成绩好。家里也很富。班长的跟屁虫,做事没主见,啥都听班长的。前些天和班长把伊拉克打了一顿。

5、瑞士 美术课代表,班花。学习成绩好,清高。

6、奥地利 音乐课代表。

7、阿富汗 职务无。不爱学习。身材矮小。上学期被副班长打,班长帮忙付医药费。前几天把班长家的最高的两个家具砸了,被班长揍个半死,现在失忆中。

8、伊拉克 无职务。学习差。但人高马大,上学期排全班第四。嘴硬,上学期欺负同桌被群殴。前些天被班长和学习委员冲进他家揍个稀巴烂。

9、印度 好玩电脑,成了电脑课代表。经常和同桌巴基斯坦为一块课桌吵架。

10、巴基斯坦 职务无。成绩一般。和团支书关系不错,经常和印度吵架。

11、德国 班级活跃分子,人高马大,擅长数理化。有野心,由于上学打了2架所以现在暂无职务。但认错态度较好。

12、日本 无职位,成绩不错。思想品德很{巨}差。上学期刚被班长和团支书等人揍。现在还惦记着班长家的鱼缸。

13、越南 无职位。人品有问题,瘦弱。上学期被班长揍,幸好有副班长和团支书撑腰。后又挑衅团支书,被狂揍。

14、朝鲜 无职位。有个性。和团支书关系好。近期和班长闹矛盾,班长扬言要揍他


What do you think? I welcome your comments.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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