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支持日本加入安理会 Support Japan's Seat

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Support Japan's Seat in UN Security Council

价值一语: Words of Value:

If there is one thing that mankind should have learned from the agonies of the last four decades it is that it's never safe to do evil that good may come of it. The good gets lost and the evil goes on. --- John Dos Passos: The Theme is Freedom

如果人类能从过去的四十年的苦难折磨中学到什么的话,那就是决不要以为好事能从做恶事衍生出来。 这样以为的结果是好事留不下,坏事永沿袭。 --- John Dos Passos: 自由的主题


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 10/9/2011)

Nothing reflects more on the Chinese pathological xenophobia,moral confusion and wickedness than issues related to Japan.

Many Chinese who despise the communist rule and rulers come in a hurry to defend the communists when the issues regarding foreign nations, particularly Japan arise. Then you just have to ask this simple but obvious question: Do the Chinese have an objective moral standard at all? And why do the schizophrenic paranoia and inconsistencies persist?

Lack of concept of objective truth and moral absolutes certainly explain a lot about the Chinese mental ill and defects. That requires a whole other chapter to address it.

It never ceases to amaze and disgust me that among the Chinese somehow people can live with this persistent amorality and immorality, as long as it is convenient to them, as long as it is NOT about themselves (or they deny it is not). Picture this scenario:

A rapist somehow suddenly turns indignant morally toward the world and accuse his neighbor sexual harasment and indecency toward his ancestors. A life long eunuch suddenly becomes full of vigor and self-respect to demand others to castrate themselves to serve the emperor as well. A begger who has just crawled out of a shit-hole with human excrement, maggots, puss and blood-stains all over his body, angrily demands his neighbor-a laundry woman, to clean a spot she has missed on her own clothes. A mass murder who has just murdered millions of innocent people in his own homeland suddenly becomes good and righteous to demand people next door to apologize for their own ancestors' crimes....

As far as the Chinese who claim to be anti-communist while supporting every move by the Chinese government in the world stage are concerned, there are some other analogies to describe their despicable mindset:

While they are gang-raped by their own government on a daily basis, somehow they have found comfort in saying to themselves "as least this rape and torture is from our own government, not from others", and they somehow have found courage to band together with their rapist government to try to rape others. While having been enslaved by their own government forever, the Chinese somehow have found peace even joy in helping their own government to enslave others. While knowing their own government constantly lie and consistently manufacture falsehood in their own history text books, they somehow are more angry about some 10 schools who adopted a defected textbook, among some 50,000 schools in Japan. While they themselves are infected with some incurable Aids virus via their incestuous sexual dance with their Aids-infected ancestral land, culture and government, they want to accuse their neighbors giving them cold by breathing into the air. Worse, they want to spread their insidious and highly contagious deadly Aids virus by seducing and raping others.... The list of Chinese insanities and hypocrisies is endless.

What a insane and sick picture I have just painted! And yet I have painted the most intimate, the exact portrait of China itself. Wanting to vomit is the only feeling a healthy person can feel toward the Chinese sick mindset and their laughable self-righteousness on the issues regard Japan and international affairs.

With American initiatives, the UN Security Council is considering to expand it membership to include Germany, Japan, India and Brazil. Along with the five existing permanent members - US, Briton, France, Russia and China, the UN Security Council will have nine permanent members, if the US initiative is to be approved. This move will boost the US position in the world stage on behalf of demoracies and freedom-loving nations and weaken the reactionary forces on the UNSC, such as Russia and China. The Chinese nation-serving eunuchs will refuse to see this one point: The threat to the world peace today comes NOT from Japan and America. It comes from countries like China, North Korea, Iran... With Japan, a firm American ally in Asia, on the UNSC, freedom-loving people and countries will have more force and power to counter the enemies of liberty such as China.

Holding Japan back on some insane demand of showing remorse and constant apology and kowtow to a despotic country like China is to ignore the progressive nature of Japanese history, as against a reactionary and regressive nature of a stagnant Chinese history. Japan, while still having some remnent of the sick Confucianism in its own society, thanks to China, has steadfastly progressed along the moral compass of human history, thanks largely to America's help and the reconstruction of Japan after WWII by American occupation forces.

Which one has more moral authority today in the world to help forward the cause of human freedom? Japan or China?

One more point: Is the Chinese seat in the UNSC legitimate at all (after China stole the seat from Taiwan who represented China in the first place)? Who will be more legitimate today on the UNSC penal? China or Japan?

The answers to these questions only reflect your own values and morals. So examine these issues and answer these questions. You may learn something about yourselves, as a moral human being, or as a self-castrated eunuch, a culprit in the Chinese scheme of murder and mayhem to dominate Asia, an amoral and immoral helper of an evil Chinese regime. You decide and bear it all with that decision.

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