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假如人民就是上帝 If/When "People" Is Our God

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:13 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts

If/When "People" Is Our God

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series


陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:

上苍只通过个人的良知体现他的真实存在。 而恶魔却永远依靠群体的愚昧,暴力与专制去显示它的虚无与邪恶。 当一个人放弃了他的良知去只向群体认同的时候,他就成为了一个食人与被食的虚无走入了恶魔的怀抱。

God only manifests his true existence through each individual's conscience. But the devil will always depend upon collective ignorance, power-driven violence and group stupidity to materialize its nihilistic evil. When an individual, consciously or sub-consciously, gives up his own conscience to only identify himself with a collective or a group, he then will have logically become a victim-perpetrator, a nihilistic zombie. And he will have necessarily become part of that evil he claims he is against.


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 6/3/2011)

I have met many who claim that they are against the Chinese communists. But quite often when international issues arrive, they all invariably side with the Chinese communist regime, against West, against Japan, against Taiwan, against Israel, against America. This phenomenon is very common among a culture that worships only groups and collectives, among a culture that has no true faith in individual conscience.

All progress in the world comes only because individuals with conscience to pursue truth, individuals with faith to believe there is an objective reality and there are moral absolutes willingly risk their own lives, among collective hatred, ignorance and tendency for violence, to push history forward by discovering and revealing the truth. A society without individuals, such as China, will be perpetually mired in violent dynastic cycles and societal stagnation.

The contrast between the West and China can be said as a society (culture) willing to recognize individuals with their achievement in pursuit of truth and a society (culture) which forever denies individuals and worships only the collective.

I now list what would happen and already have happened if and when "People" is our God:

When "People" is our God, history stands still and never progresses.


When "People" is our God, reality becomes fake.


When "People" is our God, greatness becomes smallness.


When "People" is our God, the world will be void of creativeness and productiveness.


When "People" is our God, the earth would be still square and flat, and the sun would be still revolved around the earth.


When "People" is our God, oppression is a way of life.


When "People" is our God, power becomes the only obsession and happiness forgotten.


When "People" is our God, freedom becomes only an illusion and nightmare of despotism a norm.


When "People" is our God, nihilism becomes the only philosophy and existence becomes fuzzy.


When "People" is our God, public becomes private, good becomes evil, nothingness becomes existence, pain becomes pleasure, sorrow and hopelessness become joy and happiness, despotism becomes democracy, slavery becomes freedom.


I hope you all think deeply about your worship of China, worship of Chinese ancestors, worship of the collective and groups, worship of nothingness. Come back to reality, come back to your own individuality, come back to your own conscience, come back to your own "self", come back to freedom, come back to truth, come back to God.

Excellent Kai Chen!

However, it's important to understand why God came into disrepute in many human societies. It should be the job of religion to inspire the individual to seek that which is divine in his own consciousness. The God inspired individual can then contribute his "God Given" genius to his society. However, too often a dogmatic religion can beat down the individual conscience. When that happens, the individual finds himself living in just another collective led by a murderous clergy. There are plenty examples of this in today's world. If religion does not allow the individual conscience to be inspired by God, it is really no better, and may be worse, than a secular collective.

All the Best, Wally Schwam

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RE: 假如人民就是上帝 If/When "People" Is Our God

in 陈凯论坛 Kai Chen Forum 不自由,毋宁死! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:36 am
by fountainheadkc • 1.385 Posts


陈凯一语:Kai Chen's Words:

这位读者的观点反映了许多将“中共党奴朝”与“中国人”文化心态分离的人的思维谬误。 “政治上正确”被许多人用来否认真实,回避自身的怯懦。 说毛泽东身上没有秦始皇是对真实的污诋。 说“中国文化”可以用来解决中国的问题是“揪发助飞”的迷梦。 说“中国人”对当今的“中国道德黑洞”的状态没有个体责任而只有“中共”负责是长期吸食文化毒品的奴化心态的产物。 只有唤起每一个人的良知并诉诸每一个人的道德勇气,华语系的人们在能开始走上自由之路。

I am very glad to have a chance to clarify my points through this exchange with this sincere and thoughtful reader. He reflects the majority "anti-communist" people's view. Yet, "political correctness" often plays a big role in such a view. One must face the truth to solve the true problem. Avoiding the truth simply because the problem is too big will never help. My responsibility is to help people like these, with their good intentions, see the magnitude of the problem and to prepare themselves for the coming challenges. We must have will, courage and ability to see the truth to progress toward a better future.


"Ordinary Chinese" - Mao's Willing Executioners
普通“中国人”- 毛泽东的行刑者

"Free Beings" vs. "Chinese" Series

A Meaningful Exchange with a Reader

(Thanks Wallace for a thoughtful message.)

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 5/22/2011)

The mistake commonly committed by people is that the fruit a tree bears has nothing to do with the tree, or with the soil, or with the climate. The truth is the fruit, in China's case, a most poisonous fruit, is the result of all the factors, not just the fruit itself, or the tree itself, but of the content of the soil and the climate.

No one wants to address the truth, because of "political correctness", or fear of its consequences. But without addressing the truth, the world will never progress. "Only truth shall set you free." There is a book on WWII Holocaust "Hitler's Willing Executioners", documenting how common Germans using Hitler's policy to benefit themselves, killing thousands of Jews in the process. By the same token, Mao himself will be never able to murder 80 million innocent lives during peace time in China. Then who killed? Now all the killers are hiding under the big umbrella of "victims" of Mao. But the truth is: The victims are often victimizers themselves, just as the willing slaves are often harboring evil intentions to become masters (not of themselves, but of others).

What I am addressing with my messages is the truth. As the Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr. Liu Xiaobo (who is still languishing in a Chinese prison) once pointed out: "The tragedies in Chinese history are made both by the victimizers and the victims. Everyone is a producer, a director and an actor in the two thousand years of Chinese tragedy." Most people don't want to face this truth, therefore don't want to face their own responsibilities in producing this tragedy. And you, Mr. Schwam, is not helping by sending a wrong message throughout your contact with the Chinese and others. You are, with your wrong messages, helping the Chinese themselves to omit/deny their own individual responsibilities, so they can go back to their nationalistic fervor against the universal values of freedom and dignity. They will continue to sing in praise of dung beetles in a culture of excrement, rejecting God's law of freedom, justice and truth.

A fish reared in a chamber pot is a sick and poisonous fish. Such a fish may not survive in the fresh water and ocean. It has long mutated into a warped state of being. To prepare the fish to live in a natural environment requires a painstaking effort. It requires will, courage and ability. I hope you pluck up your courage and moral clarity to see the truth, and help the Chinese and the oppressed in the world to wake up and bear their personal responsibilities.

I thank you for your meaningful message and hope to be in touch with you.

Best. Kai Chen


Message Attachment 附读者原文:

In a message dated 1/17/2011 6:17:54 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, 1c writes:

Greetings Kai Chen,

Sometimes, when I'm reading electricshadow, I feel that there is not enough distinction made between "China", the "Chinese Gov." and the "Chinese People".

As an American, I wish the Chinese People well. I look forward to the day when they will live under a representative government that cherishes freedom. Likewise, my attitude toward "China" is not necessarily hostile. I want China to be a great nation not a hegamoniacal menace. I want to see China so free and non threatening that Taiwan will want closer relations of its own accord. Nevertheless, we have to deal with the present Chinese government; A one party system, totalitarian in its mindset, trampling on dissent, striving to become a global censor. It's this government that we must oppose if the world it to avoid an Orwellian nightmare.

For the above reasons, we must find a way to criticize the Chinese Gov., while holding out hope to the Chinese people, in all of our communications.

With Best Wishes, Wallace Schwam

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