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The Evil of Confucianism and the Harmful Effect of Chinese Language on Human Perception of Reality

(Addressed to People/parents of students of Hacienda La Puente Unified School District)

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/31/11, Reprint 9/7/2011)


Since the downfall of the Soviet Union and the world-wide recognition that communism is an evil ideology, realizing that communism has exhausted its usefulness for its tyrannical/criminal/atrocious rule over the Chinese population, the Chinese communist regime has increasingly been aggressive in promoting a native-born despotism based on an ancient totalitarian theory/ideology – Confucianism. As a result, “Confucian Socialism” (儒粹) is born and being spread around the world through hundreds “Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms”, in the name of promoting the learning of the Chinese language.

I now briefly list the evils of Confucianism and the harmful effects of Chinese character-based pictorial/syllabic language on human perception of reality and essence of human existence:

Confucianism is a political ideology and indoctrinated behavior code for stability of despotic/tyrannical regimes in China throughout its history.

1. Confucianism is intrinsically anti-freedom and anti-American.

In American Declaration of Independence, human freedom is promoted through the moral principle that all men are created equal with God-given rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. But Confucianism is promoting the exact opposite – an immoral and amoral human existence and behavior code based on inequality from one’s birth by his/her family background, by his/her race, by his/her gender, by his/her trade and profession, by his/her power in a social/cultural structure according to political power/government. According to Confucianism, emperor/power elite is at the top of the pyramid, women is below men, the young is below the old, the physical labor is below the mental labor, the powerless is below the powerful, etc.. Men with political power, not God, dictate the status of everyone else. Thus Confucianism is for absolute power by the government to control its people, exact opposite from American concept of “government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

2. Confucianism is a political doctrine, never a philosophy, for the dictators/despots against human freedom.

Confucianism instills that men with power in society – the emperor and power elite, decide what is best for the empire, without any attempt to establish any mechanism to control such power elite and the power they wield above the population. Therefore, the Chinese society has always been (for thousands of years) plagued by corruption and abuse from those who have power. Man-above/below-man, man-eating-man has always been the reality in China.

3. Confucianism is a tool for despots/tyrants to pacify/incapacitate the population and stabilize the power-elite’s control over it.

With individuals ready to accept their places in society by birth, by gender, by age, by trade/profession, by social status according to positions in government, passive acceptance of one’s fate without any struggle for one’s own freedom and happiness is the necessary result. A “zombified” population (castrated eunuchs, slaves, moral prostitutes) without soul/conscience is created. The despots/tyrants thus can better control their subjects. Confucianism, by its own very nature, is diametrically opposed to everything America stands for.

4. Some facts about Confucius:

• Confucius himself, by his belief that woman is inferior to man and despicable, had never accepted a single female student in his life time.

• Confucius himself was a murderer. He, as a government official, killed a scholar named Shao Zhengmou (少正卯), simply because he didn’t agree with him.

• Confucius himself was a petty government official and always yearned to climb the social ladder through pleasing the emperor and the court.

• Confucius himself only indoctrinated his students with his views, never allowing any questions and inquiries from others about what he thought. He ruled by his own doctrine – everything is according to birth, gender, age, power, status…, no questions asked.

The very phenomenon that the Chinese Confucian-minded School Board members – Jay Chen, Norman Hsu and Joseph Chang (Hacienda La-Puente Unified School Board) view themselves as the overlords of their constituency and somehow superior to different racial groups (Latinos, Blacks, Whites), while calling their opponents “racists” comes not as a surprise to me.

Chinese character-based pictorial syllabic language is very harmful for human perception of reality and therefore hampers human effort to understand the essence of things – the truth. Superficiality (all face) is intrinsically embedded in the very Chinese language:

1. A simple “I” can have dozens of expressions in Chinese language, according to whom you want to address in the order of Confucian society. To say that a language is neutral and does not carry moral values is a lie and an illusion.

2. Since human brain is separated by left and right hemisphere and each performs a different function, (the left side is in charge of language, mathematics, logical thinking and the right is in charge of music, image and artistic expressions, the Chinese language – a primitive, pictorial and syllabic language, confuses the function of both hemispheres by its own very method of input. As a result, logical thinking/creativity of the individual is severely harmed and hampered. Confusion, not clarity, is a necessary result often witnessed/observed by an English speaking person on/about a Chinese speaking person.

3. Inability to clarify and define concepts is a permanent/negative feature of the Chinese language users. No scientific paper has ever been written in Chinese language. As a result of such inabilities and confusions caused by the Chinese language itself, absolute power by force/violence/guns is a must to maintain temporary order. Logically, human conscience, morality, rationality have never been the foundation/focus of the Chinese population and society. Legitimacy of the government in the Chinese society thus has never had a peaceful origin and will never have, as long as Confucianism which propagates confusion and absolute unity is a dominant social/cultural doctrine, as long as Chinese language is being used to perceive and to communicate.

All societies plagued by Confucianism and Chinese character-based syllabic languages, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc., have always been experiencing a perpetual vacuum in human creativity and individual initiatives. Their progress is due to the West/American influence. Their achievement is NEVER because of Confucianism and the primitive syllabic Chinese language, but instead of them.

America is a free society and anyone can use such freedoms to propagate anything, including poisons such as Islamic fundamentalism and Confucianism. Do you, the parents, want to immerse your children to such poisons, knowing the teacher views your children as inferior by his/her race, gender, age, individuality, knowing the teacher simply wants to promote his/her racial/cultural superiority/agenda by taming, civilizing, and domesticating a lesser/barbarian human being from birth?? Do you, the female students/parents/staff/associates feel comfortable knowing your School Board members with their Confucian/Chinese belief, take you as something lesser than them because of your gender?? Do you, the parents of Hacienda La Puente District students, feel it is OK to spread Confucianism as an anti-American ideology and poison the mind of your children?? Do you, as a human being, really think that all men should Not be created equal with rights from God, but only some pitiful creatures from nowhere yearning for some benefits and handouts from government and men, from someone superior???

The choice is yours.

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