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RE: 从“文字笼罐”到“文字狱” From Chinese Language to Despotism • Author: fountainheadkc, Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:32 pm

CK’s Answers to Jay’s Quetionnaire

10/9/2014 by Kai Chen www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

Mr. Chen,

Below are the questions I hope you could answer for the article.

-Why do you oppose Confucius Institutes?

There are many reasons: First it is the Confucianism itself. It is a despotic doctrine every dynasty has to adhere to stabilize its reign over the population: Confucianism artificially divides the population by the individual's ascribed identity, not by the achieved identity. By such a doctrine, each dynasty does not have to worry or allow the population to question its legitimacy. It just demands the population to behave according to each individual's birth by social status, by gender, by age, by trade, etc. It is the ultimate "Rule by Law" in which the government is the ultimate arbiter to judge and control the individual, as against "Rule of Law" in which the government has to abide with the law to ensure God-given rights for its citizens. I have examined the Confucius Classrooms' material provided by the communist regime. I couldn't believe my eyes seeing so many brainwashing stories aimed at creating new zombies in the West and America.

Secondly, the communist dynasty establishes CIs to do only one thing - to muddle the world's conscience by making the world believe that there is no such thing as freedom, as free will. Each individual has already been predestined by his/hers ascribed identity from birth. By perverting the West with its tradition of rule of law, Beijing's rulers will feel safe seeing the world become just as dark, as confused, as morally muddle-headed as the Chinese population. In other words, if the entire world is polluted, no one will notice China's stink.

Thirdly, the communist regime can use Chinese language education by CIs as a pretense to identify potential communist regime's sympathizers, especially those with potential to hold positions in the US and Western governments. Also the regime can use CIs in US and Western universities and colleges to collect valuable economic, political, military, scientific information, making CIs as a legitimate/legal spy outposts.

-Do you think they pose a threat to academic freedom on campus? Do you think this is China's way of utilizing soft power?

Freedom means one is free to exercising his/her own natural right by God. Freedom does not mean one has the "rights" to restrict, interfere and control another person's thought. CIs precisely want to accomplish the latter. By restricting the information the students should seek, by distorting China's history (omitting subjects such as Mao's crimes against humanity - Great Leap Forward/Great Famine in which 45 million innocent people perished, the Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, persecution of dissidents such as Liu Xiaobo and Fa Lungong practitioners, the atrocities due to China's "One Child" policy, etc.., CIs function as a brainwashing machine to make soulless zombies. Anyone who questions the regime's legitimacy will be ruthlessly repressed and persecuted.

China's has no soft power, for the Chinese regime was established on Mao's principle of "power comes only from guns and violence". A criminal regime that has no legitimacy and moral foundation will have no such thing as "soft power" which implies respect of an individual's free will. If you don't comply with the communist dynasty's version of history, you will be punished. That is "hard power".

-A representative from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said the institutes are part of a larger plan to change the image of China in the west, when students are forming their opinions on the world. Do you agree?

Not entirely. Using offense as defense is a traditional Chinese tactic learned from dynasties of wars and intrigues. China, to protect its own communist dynasty, is actively engaged in changing the world according to the Chinese/Confucian mindset of despotism and tyranny. If the West and America are perverted by the mind-warping Chinese propaganda machine - the CIs (and the CCs - Confucius Classrooms to pervert American younger students' mind, then China will be safe and the regime's power secured. If America remains free with a strong moral foundation, then China, and the tyrannies around the world for that matter, will be endangered and their days will be numbered.

China does not care about the image it poses around the world. China cares great deal about imposing its own despotic version of history and its tyrannical vision around the world. If you go to China, you will find that the population has no soul. Most people worship only power. They care nothing about right or wrong, good or evil, truth or falsehood. That is why Mao's image is still being worshipped and revered. Most people believe in China that to curb evil, you don't need good. You need only bigger evil.

-Other countries including France, Germany, and the UK have institutes on campuses and corporations also donate money to schools. Do you oppose these sorts of organizations as well?

Anything projected by the Chinese government which is criminal and evil in nature should be objected by all countries and peoples with conscience and soul. What has been worrying me since I came to America is seeing that Americans, evidenced by the election of Obama, gradually forget what this great nation was established for. When Ronald Reagan was the President, every time he went to USSR, he demanded to meet with the dissidents first. He believed in the meaning and the provident existence of America by God. He talked over the tyrants to the people. He was right. But nowadays, America is in mortal danger, precisely because no President since Reagan has ever talked to the oppressed people with America's founding principles. They'd rather talk with the governments that oppress their people. This tendency since Reagan has greatly weakened America's soft power around the world, and has subtly and effectively perverted not only the images of America, but the moral essence by which America has lived.

Today, Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, still sits in the Chinese jail for wanting freedom for the Chinese. Yet no Presidents of America utter any words to praise him and his spirit, for fear of the Chinese regime and for conforming with that omnipresent "political correctness". Cultures are never equal. Religions are never equal, languages are never equal, political institutions are never equal..., for they are all man-made. America's culture, language and religious background is the most close to the universal human aspirations. Therefore, America must be obliged by a moral duty to spread freedom around the world. It is not only for all the countries' good. It is fundamentally for America's health, meaning and security.

-Confucius Institutes often claim they have no influence over academics, but can rather only be involved in extracurricular programs. Do you buy into this claim?

Of course not. First, all languages carry values by themselves. The Chinese language carries a great deal of moral confusion, anti-reason illogic and despotic hierarchy in itself. It should only be studied as an art form or as an ancient linguistic phenomenon, never as a communication tool. Please check books written by William Hannas on Chinese character-based syllabic language's defects.

Do you believe any treaty made with despots and tyrants will be carried out, as the one between Hitler and Stalin? If not, then don't ever believe a word made by the Chinese government.

-UChicago and PennState recently eliminated their institutes. Do you think this is a step in the right direction?

Absolutely. It is only a logical extension of common sense. If you make a deal with the devil, you will bear all the consequences of the deal. When people start to realize the evil and insidious nature of CIs, they will logically rethink about their position of China as a normal country. The truth is: China has never been a nation state, as so many in the West imagines of fantasized. China has, from the ancient time when it came into existence, always been a despotic dynasty. Today's China? A communist party-dynasty that is just like any other dynasty in Chinese history that observes no rules but only power, that observes no borders but subjects, that has never had any moral foundation to seek freedom and happiness for its citizens, but to impose despotic rules over its population and all the subjects around its neighborhood. If possible, the party dynasty will impose its perverted culture and atrocious rule over the world.

-Anything else you would like to add?

I think I have said enough for now. But if you have any question, you can always call me or email me. I have not edited my answers. I only hope you understand my English.


Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing your answers.

Jay Panandiker



Jay: I now forward this article I wrote about Hong Kong's protests. Hope this will supplement my answers to your questions.

I am worried about America, seeing so many in America losing the founding principles, divine to mankind, of America. I, as an immigrant from a despotic country, want to wake up America to this mortal danger - a numbness and a moral confusion permeated in today's society. I will do my best, my moral duty, to alert America of this danger: As long as America is free with its founding principles intact, no despots and tyrants will feel safe, no matter how powerful they are. But if America is perverted with its founding principles subverted for no apparent reason, then the world's despots and tyrants will feel safe. And the world may be thrust into another dark ages that may last decades, even centuries.

We are at a crossroad and America must wake up to redeem herself from her recent confusion and blunder by negligence and willful dereliction of her duty by God to the world. Without America moral leadership, mankind is in deep moral confusion without direction. Recent development around the world has demonstrated my point.

If you want me to add something to my answers to your questions, above are the words from my heart.

Best and send me a link if your article is published. Kai Chen

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