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RE: 从“文字笼罐”到“文字狱” From Chinese Language to Despotism • Author: fountainheadkc, Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:04 am

Question from Jamie Glazov (Host of Glazov Gang Show):

Kai Chen -- Can you explain how by adopting the English language, China can more easily shed itself of totalitarianism and move toward freedom. What is it about the Chinese language that has ill effects on a culture and society?
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Will Erickson All I can say is that I had a Japanese girlfriend once. She told me that she did not like to hear people speak Japanese, because it reminded her of how sexist and oppressive Japanese culture is.
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Will Erickson Language does effect the way people think. For example, Spanish does not have a word for 'earn'. They use the word 'ganar' - to win. Get it? People don't 'earn' of living. They get lucky and win, or beat it away from someone else.
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Jamie Glazov Will Erickson -- Right.....Kai Chen has some fascinating findings on this......It is very interesting how language itself either promotes or defeats individualism and pursuit of self-determination.
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Will Erickson Thanks Jamie, I will check it out.
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Jamie Glazov We will wait for Kai Chen to comment here......
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Jamie Glazov I know in my own experience with the Chinese community for some 20 years......there was a huge disapprovingness from them toward me, as my nature is very individualistic and I am always doing what I want and vigorously crystallizing my own interests and desires and pursuing them. [This is obviously not mutually exclusive with generosity and compassion…which are obviously magnified when one is free rather than enslaved] …..

In any case I didn't know it was odd to be doing what one wants to do (i.e. dating a woman that one is attracted to, and not dating a woman that one isn’t attracted to, going to a gym because one wants to, eating what one wants to, pursuing professional and recreational activities that one likes, and actually understanding that one is allowed to like and have one one’s own interests and desires etc.).

It simply horrified them that a person would be going about one’s business ……I noticed how the children of many Chinese families I knew were almost indistinguishable from one another in character....they were not encouraged and inspired to develop separate personalities and interests, etc. And it was frowned upon if they did.

I got a profound insight into this from Jung Chang and Jon Halliday's "Mao: The Unknown Story" which, in describing the terror that mass murdered 70 million people ..... entailed the phenomenon of how the Chinese were purged of the dare to be different. The book describes how under Mao people began to censor themselves, their own individual emotions, interests ..... humor ..... thoughts..... everything ......Even Intriguingly enough, several Chinese explained to me that the language itself helps to keep these chains and cages against individualism in check. .... and that it is no coincidence why communism succeeded in China.

Kai Chen speaks of the Chinese language and how it aids in imprisoning humans. I will be very interested in his thoughts on this and feedback on my own experience.
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Will Erickson Interesting. I took Japanese in college. I met a girl that helped me a little bit. She informed me that I should not 'personalize' my speech. That conformity was expected. That there is no room for individuality in the Japanese language.
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Steven Ewing Jamie, what about the Russian language? Do you feel it hindered you or your parents "yearning to breath free"? I would think considering all the great Musicians, Composers, Dancers, Writers, ect... that the Russian language is very open to expression.
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Sondra Anice Barnes July 31, 2009
Exclusive: Arabs’ Language Oppression Squelches Intellectual Growth
Dr. Sami Alrabaa Contributing Editor Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is...See More
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Sondra Anice Barnes PART 2 OF ABOVE POST:Sixty percent of Arabs are still illiterate or semi-literate and thus
they are ostracized from reading and accessing education. The majority of
Arabs sparsely read. They hate the pedantic structure of Standard Arabic....See More
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Steven Ewing Isn't the problem in Arabic speaking countries more of an Islam/religion problem than a language problem?
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Jamie Glazov Steven Ewing -- I don't know so much about my own language in this context.......in my own mind and what I see there is a lot of venue for individual expression.......but perhaps I am missing something.......several Russians have told me that they can ...See More
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Steven Ewing Jamie Glazov Do you know if there is a similar word in Russian (Русский язык) to the English word "busybody"? I heard Rush Limbaugh talking today on his show about the inclination of Socialists/Progressives to always want to control how everyone lives....See More
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Jamie Glazov Steven Ewing V kaszhdooyoo boschkoo zadeechka (Into every hole in the bucket a filling).....it is a saying in Russian to describe an asshole who thinks he has the answer to every problem and is budding his nose into everyone's business and telling them how to live.
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Sondra Anice Barnes Can you even guess how angry I was when I learned that here in Los Angeles, even if you live in a very nice apartment that is well cared for, that the "slum landlord police" (government workers) can enter your apartment even if you are not home and in...See More
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Kai Chen http://www.amazon.com/.../dp/0812237110/ref=sr_1_1...

The Writing on the Wall: How Asian Orthography Curbs Creativity (Encounters with Asia)
Students in Japan, China, and Korea are among the world's top performers on stan...
See More
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Kai Chen http://www.youpai.org/forums/viewtopic.php...

右派论坛 Youpai Forum :: 阅读主题 - 孔儒说教的邪恶与中文语言对人认知真实的危害 The Evil of Confucianism
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Kai Chen Jamie: I pasted above links to give you a little background of the complex issue you have touched by your question. I deeply appreciate your attention and curiosity on this very important issue. Every language has affected the related culture deepl...See More
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Kai Chen Morality, values, reasoning, culture are deeply related to the language one uses. Make no mistake about this.
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Steven Ewing Kai Chen--Do you believe the difference between the written Chinese and written Japanese (which is at least partly based on Chinese characters) and the resulting thinking and logic patterns is big enough to have allowed Japan to become a democratic country and prevent China from moving the same direction, or is there more/something else?
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Kai Chen There is no difference between Japanese and Chinese in that they are character-based. But there have been some reform in the Japanese language. Yet the system Japan has now is much due to the Americans after WWII, not due to the language and culture themselves. More correctly, democracy is possible not because of the Chinese character-based language, but despite it. As long as there is American influence, freedom has a chance to grow. Without American influence, no chance. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines.., are only few such examples.
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Kai Chen The Chinese government is doing everything in China to prevent American influence from taking place. They have some effective measures set to counter such influence, such as corruption of the American businesses, setting up Confucius Institutes/Classr...See More
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Steven Castle Kenney Jr III More like easily communicate to us to disarm when they come here...
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Julie Worthey What a great conversation. I have always been interested and drawn to the subject of language and how it affects a person's perspective, thoughts, understanding..... Thank you.
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