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RE: 陈凯再版/自由谈 Kai Chen/On Freedom • Author: fountainheadkc, Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:34 am


Eagle and Chicken

献给我的爱 – 人的自由之灵
To My Love – the Spirit of Human Freedom

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/22/2011, Reprint 9/2/2011)


当雏鹰被孵化出来的时候,她在蹦蹦跳跳的雏鸡群中艰难地移动中,勉强获取她生命的必需。 与其他雏鸡不同,她的眼睛总是常常看着天: 她的眼前总是晃动着一个盘旋翱翔的影子。 她自己也不确定那是幻觉想象还是真实存在,是一个幽灵还是一个真神的造物。

“你看什么呢?” 短视的小白鸡嘲弄着她。 “天上除了云、雨、风、闪电、雷鸣,什么都没有。 我们必需的东西都在地上呀。 你看: 这儿有草籽、小虫、蚯蚓,还有农夫在食槽里给我们的谷物。 你的眼睛应该往地上看。 一切你想要的就在你的身边。”

雏鹰没说话。 她的锐利的鹰的目光盯在天上那个盘旋翱翔的影子。

“是呀。” 勤劳的小黄鸡用爪子飞快地扒着身下的土,并用嘴轻快地在土中挑出草籽,谷粒和小虫,津津有味地品尝着各种食品的滋味。 “你看,地上的食物真多。 在这些食物中我能体验到幸福与快乐。”

雏鹰没说话。 她的敏感的耳朵正听着那风的呼叫与海的咆哮。

“你怎么不说话? 你聋了还是哑了?” 勇敢的小黑鸡挺着自己红红的冠子,一边与另一只小雄鸡搏斗打架,一边扭着他的脖子嘲弄着雏鹰。 “看你就不顺眼: 你的嘴是那么丑,像个钩子。 你的羽毛是那么硬,那么粗,碰到谁谁都会疼。 你的眼睛是那么尖利,一下就看到其他鸡的心底。 谁见你谁都躲着走。 你不会有朋友与知音的。 你真可怜。 你会永远寂寞孤独的。”

雏鹰没说话。 她的心在激烈地跳荡着。 她的血在脉中奔涌。 她对天空的激情逐渐将鸡群们所绝不可能察觉的力量汇集到她的翅膀中、、、。

农夫来了。 他将谷物倒在鸡槽中。 鸡群一拥而上,厮打着,争抢着,吼叫着,踩踏着其他的鸡,吞咽着那槽中的食物。

雏鹰没有动。 她静静地站在地上。 她的头高傲地仰视着天空。 她的尖锐的视觉与不倦的搜寻终于使她清晰地看到了那天边翱翔的影子: 他盘旋在蓝天上,出没在云朵中,随着气流的波动而起伏翱翔,吸允着太阳的能量,俯视着地面上的一切。 他的嘴和她的一样锋利。 他的羽毛和她的一样坚硬。 他的眼睛和她的一样清纯而不妥协。 她看到了他的灵魂。 她看到了她自己。

突然间,那云朵中的精灵发出了一声撕裂长空的尖叫。 地上的鸡群被那声尖利的嘶喊震惊,吓得四下奔逃,躲入鸡棚灌木丛中。 只有雏鹰没有恐慌。 她的心被那声撕裂长空的尖叫震撼了。 她终于懂得了她自己的真实存在。 她终于懂得了她是一只雌鹰,她根本就从不属于这充满污秽肮脏的鸡棚与那低下的,虚无的,被农夫喂养与被农夫宰割的鸡的生活。 她终于懂得了那撕裂奴性灵魂的,来自天空宇宙的自由的呐喊是只为她而发出的,呼唤着她张开她强有力的双翅飞向长空,飞向自由,飞向上苍,飞向他的怀抱。

雏鹰挺起她那高傲的头,展开她那矫健的双翅,张开她那尖利的嘴,发出了她自己也难以相信的震撼长宇的呐喊。 她拼力扑打着她的双翅,冲向天空,冲向风暴,冲向闪电,冲向太阳,冲向上苍,冲向她的本质,冲向她的爱、、。

一瞬间,地上的鸡群被雏鹰的起飞惊呆了。 但他们马上就又恢复了原状 – 扒地,寻虫,啄米,争食,夺雌,排便,被屠、、、。 毕竟,他们只是些在污秽中与同伴夺食与在农夫的喂养、取蛋、屠宰中寻找安逸与满足的鸡。 他们永远不会懂得鹰的追求与爱。




Eagle and Chicken

献给我的爱 – 人的自由之灵
To My Love – the Spirit of Human Freedom

“Free Beings” vs. “Chinese” Series

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 3/22/2011, Reprint 9/2/2011)

Translation by Kai Chen 10/29/2011

No one knows who placed an eagle egg in a chicken's nest.

When the young eagle was first hatched, she was weak and had very hard time surviving among the fast moving baby chickens. Yet her eyes often stared at the sky, for no apparent reason: There was something in the sky - a soaring shadow in the winds under the sun, that attracted her attention. However, she was not quite sure whether it was real or just an illusion, whether it was just a specter or a true existence created by God.

"What are you looking for up there?" The near-sighted white chick derided her. "There is nothing up there besides clouds, rain, winds, lighting, thunders.... All we need is on the ground. You see: There is grass. There are seeds to eat. There are delicacies such as earthworms and bugs. There is also the guaranteed daily portions from our master - the farmer. Our eyes should be focused on the ground. Everything we need for happiness is on the ground."

The young eagle didn't speak. Her vision was getting sharper. The shape of that soaring shadow in the sky was getting clearer.

"That is so right." The very agile yellow chick agreed, using her feet in fast motion to dig out seeds, worms and bugs, savoring the delicious snacks. "You see: There are all kinds of food here in the dirt. They are so tasty. I am so satisfied and contented. Why don't you come and dig with us."

The young eagle didn't speak. Her ears started to hear the whistling winds, the thundering storms and the violently screaming seas.

"Why don't you talk at all, like all of us? Are you deaf or mute?" The brave little black chick, with his red crown standing straight up on his head, asked, fighting with another male chick over a morsel of food. "You are so weird and odd. You look ugly as well. Your beak is not straight like all of us. It is like a hook sticking out in front. Your feather is so thick and hard. Everyone avoids contacting you for fear of getting hurt. Your eyes, yes, especially your eyes, are so sharp and uncompromising. They poke deep into others' hearts. No one can hide from you. You will never have friends. You will be forever alone. I pity you."

The young eagle didn't speak. Her heart was pounding violently. Her blood was surging fast in her veins. Undetectably, she was gathering strength in her wings.

The farmer came. He poured chicken food into the feeding container. All the chickens went crazy, fighting for the space to get a bite of the free food. They screamed, beat upon each other, trampled onto each other, extending their necks to swallow whatever the farmer fed them, being afraid of getting less than others.

The young eagle didn't move. She stood quietly by the commotion. Her head was held high and mighty with an utmost dignity. She finally saw clearly the soaring shadow in the clouds: He was real. He was extending his giant wings, gliding with the winds, penetrating the clouds with confidence and ease. He absorbed the endless energy from the sun, watching and examining all occurrences on the ground.... His beak was as sharp as hers. His feather was as firm as hers. His eyes, yes, especially his eyes, was as pure and uncompromising as hers. She actually saw the image of herself. She was looking at her own soul.

All of a sudden, that proud specter in the lofty sky uttered an incredibly heart-shuttering, ear-piercing cry. The crowd of chicken was scattering from their feasts, panicked by the horrifying sound from the sky. They ran fast toward the nearest shelter, toward the bushes and chicken houses. Only the young eagle remained calm and composed. It was as though she had always expected the battle cry, like a soldier expecting the sound of the bugle. She finally realized her true identity, her true existence. She finally realized she was an eagle. She had never belonged to the chicken houses, to the dirt and filth on the ground, to the warmth, the comfort and meaninglessness of a chicken's life, to the misery, pain, indignity and unavoidable slaughter from the master... She finally understood the powerful calling from the sky: The soul-piercing scream from the universe was uttered only for her sake, yelling at her, tearing down all the doubts and fears from her heart, injecting immense energy into her wings, prompting her to extend her wings naturally to fly toward the sky, toward freedom, toward God, toward the embrace of his passionate love.

The young eagle raised her head, extended her wings, opened her mouth to cry out the passion for life. For the first time in her life, she heard her own incredibly gut-shuttering scream. She gathered her strength, awkwardly in the beginning, to flutter her immense wings to fly toward the sky, toward the clouds, toward the rain, the lighting and the thunder, toward the sun, toward her own soul, toward her own love.....

The chickens on the ground were stupefied by the young eagle's flight and her cry of freedom. They only glanced from the corner of their eyes at the soaring eagle with fear and trepidation. Yet soon they returned to their normal routine, digging, eating, gossiping, fighting, laying eggs, being slaughtered by their master.... After all, they were only chickens settling for a chicken's life. They could never understand an eagle's yearning and love.

..... Under the sun's golden rays, the two free souls were soaring above the sky, immersed in each other's joy and passion. In the firm embrace of their own nature, in joy and love, in the endless challenge of the unknown they had to face in the future, in the passionate anticipation of coming battles in life, the two eagles kept flying higher and farther, screaming to call all the young eagles among chickens to discover the true nature of their being. They would fly around the world, screaming, wakening up all the free souls, till the end of time.

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