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RE: 后共时代的标像符号及语言/一些构想 • Author: fountainheadkc, Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:45 am


陈凯一语: Kai Chen's Words:

Where did Mao come from without China's first emperor!? Where did the Chinese communist regime come from without the Chinese ancient despotic culture!?

没有秦始皇何有毛泽东!? 没有中国专制文化何有中国共产暴政!?

All despotisms in the world are essentially the same, be it called Confucianism or Nazism or Communism headed by an emperor or a Chairman. All of them aim to destroy an individual's self identity and force individuals to adopt a collective identity based on racial, hierarchical, economic and religious groups, etc. The result is the same as well -- never ending cycles of man-eating-men-eating-man... --- Kai Chen

世界上所有的专制性质上并无区别,及时它们的名字会不同: 有的叫儒家皇权,有的叫国家社会主义,有的叫共产主义,有的叫皇帝,有的叫元首,有的叫主席等等。 它们的目的只有一个: 那就是去消灭所有个体的自我认同而强迫每个个体去建立种族认同,等级认同,阶级认同,宗教认同等等的群体认同。 这种强制群体认同的结果也都是一样的 -- 永无止息的人吃人的恶性循环。 --- 陈凯


From Chinese Despotism to Chinese Communism

By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Written 11/13/2006, Reprint 9/25/2011)

The most common misconception and misperception among the Chinese majority is that the communists in China are against Chinese cultural tradition. And they often use Mao and his Cultural Revolution as an example, citing the fact that Mao and his cohorts had destroyed much of the Chinese cultural relics.

However, a new dynasty destroying the relics of the previous dynasty has never been uncommon in China. When a new dynasty was established, even people's last names would become an issue, a liability or an honor. Mao merely modeled his new dynasty after the previous Chinese dynasties, except that he added some new elements from Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany. Mao had collected all the most despicable human garbage, the most despotic practices, present as well as past, in China and the world to build his own new dynasty. Mao was never an iconoclast. He was only another peasant rebel, another Monkey King with illusions and a big stick to destroy everything as he pleased, just like what is in the "Western Journey". He was the most traditional Chinese despot to the last drop. Only his monopoly of power was more complete than any of his predecessors. Only his poison was more potent than all the poisons accumulated altogether through the centuries of Chinese despotic rules. (Mao himself admitted that he killed more Chinese intellectuals and others than the first Chinese emperor.) From "Politburo" to "City Residential Registration" to "Control of the Military" to "Manufacturing lies to confuse and manipulate others" to "Using terrorists to eradicate opponents" to "Mob politics" to "Bandit mentality", Mao had exhibited a wide range of knowledge he learned about how to maintain his despotic power. His favorite books were not "Das Capital" of Marx as the confused Chinese claimed, but the traditional Chinese classics such as "Three Kingdoms", "Bandits in the Mountains" and "Dreams of Red Chambers" and of course the "Western Journey", and other Chinese classics he had confiscated during the raids of Red Guards on people's homes.

So where does this "communists destroying Chinese culture" come from? -- From a typical Chinese confusion and unwillingness to face the truth.

The Chinese reality has always been from one source -- authorities with power. The Chinese themselves are not only force-fed with fake reality by their own government and eunuch intellectuals bred by the despots such as Confucius, they are seeking it. Truth and reality scare the hell out of the Chinese, for truth and reality are putting individuals at the forefront to bear their own personal responsibility. But the Chinese would rather blame others for everything: They blame the foreigners for their own backwardness. They blame Mao for their own suffering and misery. They blame times and fate for their misfortune. They blame the overpopulation. They blame China's lack of resources. They blame the communists. They blame the Chinese cultural tradition.... They blame everything under the heaven, but themselves. They refuse to believe they have to be the ones to change things and bear the consequences of the changes. They are just waiting, waiting for fate to rearrange themselves, waiting for a savior to save them.

Somehow the Chinese have never believed that they are free individuals from the day they were born. They have never believed that they can determine their own fate by taking control of their own destiny. They have never believed that they are ultimately responsible themselves for their own lives and China's future. They have never attempted to empower themselves as individuals. They are too busy in classifying and describing people and circumstance. They have never had the tools to analyze, understand and formulate, and they refuse to look for and adopt new tools from overseas, simply for the fear of being called "betraying their own ancestors", or "abandoning their own cultural tradition".

So they blame the communists alone, now. And they are still unwilling to see the truth: It is they who had supported the communists in the first place and banished Western capitalism altogether in the first place. It is they who are still lack of self-identity for each Chinese individual and have to look to their ancestors for their own place in history. It is they who still fear and loath freedom. It is they who still worship power by despots.

The impotent Chinese individuals who are controlled by their own fear of truth have led to today's China, have led to all the dynasties, have led to a faithless, confusion-worshipping culture that dooms all of their offspring, generation after generation. Unless each and every Chinese realizes this single truth -- We are free individuals to master our own fate, to create our own future, to change our own culture, to decide who we are and what we want to be, we will forever be mired into helplessness and hopelessness, into a never ending nightmare and illusion.

So when you are fighting against something, you must come up with what you are for. When you want to destroy something, you must first formulate a blue-print to state what you are building. When you blame someone or something, or complain about your own environment and circumstances, you have to realize that you as an individual can do something about it. The moment you shirk your own responsibility to improve your own life and future is the moment you have effectively castrated yourself to have become a Chinese eunuch whose only goal in life is to deny others' happiness.

What are you doing now? Are you just like all the pathetic Chinese crying babies - infantile "a hundred names", waiting for some saviors to save you from the bitter sea? Or are you a dignified, decent and responsible free being actively going out there to make a positive difference in your own life, as well as in this marvelous world of ours? The choice is yours.

陈凯博客 Kai Chen Blog: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com 陈凯电邮 Kai Chen Email: elecshadow@aol.com 陈凯电话 Kai Chen Telephone: 661-367-7556
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