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我对如此奴青的回答 Kai Chen's Email to an "Angry Youth" • Author: fountainheadkc, Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:27 am


Kai Chen's Email to an "Angry Youth" - a Zombie


I now paste an email sent to me by an "angry youth" attacking CNN, and my answer to him. I hope you enjoy them.

Best. Kai Chen


Dear Charles Li:

1. Your ignorance about the word "China" is appalling. To translate China into "Middle Kingdom" has always been a gross mistake. The word "Middle Kingdom" was invented only since the last dynasty, less than 100 years ago. China, translated directly into English, should be "Land of Porcelain" to be exact, or Qin, the first dynasty.

2. China has never been a nation. China has always been a dynasty, including the current communist dynasty. No nation in the world has a constitution designating a party as the sole power source. No nation has an army, police and the court that listen only to a party. China is a Party-State. Make no mistake about it.

3. CNN has a commentator rendering some comments in a program. That is exactly what a commentator's job is. Now you and your kind of Chinese slaves come out wanting to shut people up, like what you are doing in China, eliminating all the freedoms. This is not a surprise, for you have never understood what freedom is.

4. Calling evil by its name is not only right, but necessary. Jack Cafferty was exactly right to call China a country of "goons and thugs". And you and your colleagues behavior, such as waving the despotic symbol of a tyrannic party-state - the red flag with one big star and four small stars symbolizing an illegitimate Party-state dominating individuals and minorities' lives, demonstrate how correct Jack Cafferty's words' are. You are exactly what your are: a bunch of willing slaves obeying their masters, a bunch of goons and thugs using violence, threat of blood and tears, misery, persecution to silence all different views.

5. Please do not compare China with any normal country in the world. China has never had a free election. It is not only illegitimate, it is criminal in nature. The Chinese party-state has never answered to its past atrocities and crimes against humanity that caused 70 million innocent lives under communist government. China was, has been and still is a criminal state with blood-soaked flag of despotism to symbolize it.

6. By the fact you and your goons and thugs coming out attacking and threatening the world, threatening the Chinese who hold different views, threatening those who have the guts to tell the truth, you are showing the world exactly what China is: a bunch of soulless zombies and vampires without a shred of human dignity and conscience. And the only purpose for you soulless zombies and vampires is to eat other people' flesh and drink other people's blood, like you have always been doing for the last 50 some years.

So please take your numb brain and bloody flag somewhere else. You have no qualification whatsoever to talk about rationality and morality. You will taste what is coming to you and your bunch of goons and thugs. Your actions and decisions to maintain tyranny at the cost of blood, tears, misery and deaths of innocent people will have severe consequences for you. God is watching.

So go home to your beloved party-state and try to bite other zombie's flesh and drink other vampire's blood. Then you know what I am talking about.

Have a goon's, thug's and slave's day. Your nemesis: Kai Chen


In a message dated 4/27/2008 6:18:30 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, chli2006@gmail.com writes:

I have been a translator myself and used to be a translator working at UN conferences in Geneva, Switzerland. When I look up the word "China" in my son's American Heritage Dictionary, the definition I have is "a country of E. Asia. Capital Beijing, Pop. 1,008,175,288". A Chinese-English secretary major graduate is now fabricating a new definition for the world "China" that has already an established meaning for centuries. What am I supposed to do? I will simply ignore such a comment from an incompetent source.

The CNN commentator obviously betrays a biased view toward the country and the nation under the name of China. What I see in this is:

(1) At least, a reflection of poor professional competence. If he meant the Chinese government by saying "China" and "they", he is an incompetent communicator, poor in choice of diction and grossly inaccurate in conveying his ideas.

(2) A reflection of poor personal judgment. By referring to a country and its people in general with such sensational words as "goons and thugs" in a supposedly high-brow political and economic show, it is at least bad taste if not racially discriminating to the millions of ethnic Chinese living in the U.S. and loyal to the country they are residing in.

(3) When CNN allows and tolerates shows exploiting sensational journalism, its own value as a credible news source is diminished. We expect a large media to provide quality, independent, and unbiased information. When sensationalism, racism, and bad taste gets in the way, CNN seriously tarnishes its image in the eye of an audience whose feeling is hurt by its behavior.

There is a very simple way to test if CNN has done a right thing. Let an CNN host say any of the words below and see what happens:

"The United States has always been boons and thugs in the several years. They tried to pressure its trading partners to import American beef tinted with mad cow disease. They also refused to ratify the Kyoto Accord, refusing to act responsibly toward the international community."

"Germany has been goons and thugs for the past century. They started two world wars and killed millions of Jews and other people. They are still producing neo-Nazists. We will certainly consider a different relationship with them"

"France has been goons and thugs always. They occasionally criticizes the U.S. foreign policies, like to stage street riots, and wish to show off their first ladies in nude photographs:


Until I see CNN say something above and read a comment written by an American twisting the definition of "the United States", by a German stretching the definition of "Germany", or by a Frenchman fabricating a new meaning for "France". Until then, I will remain convinced that the following comment is extremely ingenious, way too ingenious.

Charles Li

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