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RE: 观看陈凯四集视频“我的路” "My Way"-Kai Chen Story • Author: fountainheadkc, Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:36 am

Pro-China Website Posts "My Way" (English Subtitles)


陈凯一语: Kai Chen's words:

It is truly amazing to see that a Pro-China website post "My Way" in its entirety. From the website comments you can easily see the inner/moral conflict of the website poster - the "human devil" split of personality and the "zombie" complex exhibited by most Chinese-speaking people. Nonetheless, the essential message in "My Way" has struck a core in even the most Pro-China "angry youths" -- the message of individual freedom, human dignity and the meaning of true happiness. The tortured mindset of the most Chinese, in their unsolvable conflict between their individual identity and their collective facade is revealed thoroughly here in these comments. Even they cannot deny they are human first after all. The power of "My Way" and the eternity of its message cannot be denied.

Here I want to again thank the producer of "My Way", Ms. Fiona Zhao, who fought all kinds of obstacles with determination/tenacity to have made this remarkable documentary a reality. She truly captures the essence of my life - individual freedom, human dignity and yearning and pursuit of true happiness.

(To clarify and correct the claims from the commentators: 1. I have absolutely no political aspiration and I am against the idea of having professional politicians. 2. As long as the communist party is in charge, I have absolutely no intention to go back to China, not even for a visit. I am and will remain an American citizen for the rest of my life. I am very proud to be American - my chosen identity. 3. China is and will be a slave state as long as the communist party remains in power. Yao Ming, being a tool for the state, will also remain a slave athlete for the evil regime.)

--- Kai Chen

当我发现这个“爱国”篮球网站全节转播了“我的路”,我着实有点儿吃惊。 在这个网站对我的评论中你不难察觉到转载者内心的道德冲突、“人鬼”心态与“活死人”病态情结。 但这转播本身证实了“我的路”中所表现的普世终极的人的价值(自由、尊严与对真实幸福的追求)甚至连这些“爱国者”们也不能不承认。 他们内在的个体认同(存在)与他们外在的群体表象(虚无)的不可调和的冲突在这些评论中一表无疑:即使那些“愤青”们也不得不承认他们也是人。 即使那些“爱国”的人们也不得不认可“我的路”中所体现的价值的永恒。

我在此对“我的路”的制作者赵枫再表感谢。 她在制作这个纪录片的过程中所显露的决心与顽强使我深深感动。 她确实抓住了我生命的实质 -- 自由、人的尊严与不懈地对真实幸福和人生意义的追求。

(对评论者说几句话: 1. 我反对用政治手段赚钱。 我也没有任何政治企图。 我只想说几句良心话。 2. 只要共产党当政,我就绝不会回祖地,哪怕只是临时探访。 3. 只要共产党当政,中国就只能是一个党奴朝。 中国的运动员也只能是工具奴隶。 姚明亦不例外。)

--- 陈凯


Chen Kai: From basketball star to staunch anti-CCP activist

陈凯: 从中国男篮球星到坚决反共活动人士

”爱国”篮球网站链锁: Link to the Pro-China Basketball Website:


网站评论: Comments from the Website:

Chen Kai: From basketball star to staunch anti-CCP activist

From Sinobball:

First of all, I am creating this topic for purely informative purpose. I don't agree with most of his viewpoints (in fact, I believe his hatred of the CCP made some of his opinions ludicrous.) And I'm not saying this because I'm afraid the "almighty scary" CCP is watching me (otherwise I wouldn't have opened the thread). But I believe the videos are worth a look.

For all of you communist-haters you may enjoy these videos as Chen Kai, formerly of the Chinese NT (but only briefly), talks extensively how he was abused and oppressed by the regime in the 1970s. He talked about the sports system, but his oppression was mainly a reason of his family background and that specific era. (Personally I have similar family stories -- I have "Taiwanese" relatives from my mother's side and a "leftist" paternal grandfather, and I know a lot of sad stories in that unfortunate era). However, be aware that as a dissident, he hasn't visited China in over 2 decades, and has very limited idea (or wouldn't admit) about how much CCP has changed.

Here's his personal website. In all honesty I find his opinions WAY too biased and not to be taken too seriously. Even among oversea dissidents banned from returning to China, his ideology is a little too skewed to the right. When he talks about Yao Ming still being oppressed by a Fascist regime I almost LOLed.
http://www.kaichenforum.com/ (including photos contained in his book) or www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com

But, from a basketball standpoint, he provides invaluable materials (old photos and recollections). His eldest daughter played college basketball at Yale.


From MVBlair:

Thank you very much for posting this, Sino. I was not aware of who Kai Chen until you posted this. I have not watched all the videos, but I will. I also might try to find his book. I believe you when you say some of his claims are ludicrous, which is typical for people in positions to criticize or debate. (Of course, everyone knows the CCP and the government have admitted to many horrible disasters).

There are some wonderful photographs on his forum. I appreciate that he shares them!


From Sinobball:

His story is very interesting and at times inspiring. All I'm saying is, since he has chosen politics to be his profession, you cannot expect him to be very neutral and objective in his narration.

As a people, we Chinese want democracy, just like everyone else. However, to be frank, "Chinese democracy movement" like Chen Kai's is totally a joke and is more of a means for some people to get residency in America, than actually for the Chinese people. I think I understand Chen. But stuff like "freedom torch relay" is nothing but public stunt for foreign media. Maybe they have succeeded in raising awareness of China's "human rights abuses" in WESTERN media. But does it change China? If anything, it just makes Chinese people more loyal to the CCP.

Like I said, I think I understand him. But at the same time I also feel a little pity. He'll die in America without ever being able to return.

陈凯博客 Kai Chen Blog: www.kaichenblog.blogspot.com 陈凯电邮 Kai Chen Email: elecshadow@aol.com 陈凯电话 Kai Chen Telephone: 661-367-7556
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