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伟大的自强人 The Left Only Creates the Weak • Author: fountainheadkc, Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:36 am

The Left Only Creates the Weak


Being strong does not mean being strong in a physical sense. It means in a spiritual, mental sense and in terms of a person's character. One who is indomitable in facing life's obstacles is our hero, for he or she is the truly strong. --- Kai Chen

强者并不意味着生理上的强壮。 强者意味着人在精神,头脑,与品质上的强。 一个绝不被生活中的挫折所压倒的不屈不挠的人是真正的强者和英雄。 --- 陈凯

Good nature is worth more than knowledge, more than money, more than honor, to the persons who possess it. --- Henry Ward Beecher

优秀的品质对一个人比知识,金钱,荣誉更重要。 --- Henry Ward Beecher


Dear Visitors:

The liberals and the leftists often claim that they are the ones for the weak and disadvantaged and they are here to save mankind from its own selfishness and cruelty. They are playing God.

The end result of the leftist ideology is that they appeal to human weakness by claiming everyone is weak and helpless. They treasure those who claim to be weak and helpless as their own political base. And they enlarge their political base by creating, in people's mind and spirit, more and more weak and helpless creatures. Being weak, in the end to the leftists, has long be a virtue and something to be desired. As Ayn Rand put it succinctly The socialists would rather spend more energy on the soulless beggers lining up in front of the government buildings, than taking a peek at the starving scientists.

Throughout my contact with people on the left, I always have a distinct feeling that they hate me because who I am -- independent, self-sufficient, clear-minded and strong. I have had no use for the left and the socialists, for they only present themselves as obstacles for individuals like me on their way toward self-fulfillment. The left never believe there is such thing as a real man in the world who does not compromise with the parasites like them. They simply don't believe that there is true happiness. They'd rather believe that everyone is miserable, and true to their words, they are out to create only smallness, weakness and misery.

The only happiness to the left is when they have power and people listen to them. Their happiness is, as everything they have mal-believed, only relative. When you ask them how they live, they always say their lives are OK (driving their BMWs and living in their mansions), they are only concerned about others' misfortune. They are only out to save others. While they advocate limitless increase in taxation, they put their underwears as donated items for tax deduction. What a bunch of hypocrites! Everything about the left and socialists is intrinsically contradictory. No wonder they worship such witchcraft as "theory of contradiction" and "dialectics".

In sharp contrast, as I have witnessed in America and elsewhere, real people -- strong, free, independent with indomitable spirit, do indeed exist.

Every time I see a person without legs who finished a marathone with his artificial limbs, every time I watch LA marathone's wheelchairpetition, every time I see people with tremendous physical handicap who refuse to give in and live a fulfilled personal life with independence and self-reliance, I will be deeply moved and spiritually elevated. I cannot help but marvel at human resilience and independent spirit. I cannot help but marvel at human strength and greatness. These are the real human beings, not whining, crying, helpless and miserable creatures (victims of their own environment and circumstances) the left promt up as their power base and heros.

The other day I watched a show "That's Incredible", in which a British woman who lost both of her arms manages to have both of her career and her family. She simply just learned to use her feet to do everything -- driving, cooking, usingputers, changing diapers for her baby. I was deeply touched by her heroic mind-set and her tenacity to ovee life's tragedies. She has be the master of her own life, not the victim of it. She has be my hero.

People like this woman with her heroics are everywhere. They inspire us and raise our spirit. Yet in the leftist media, you seldom hear people like her. What you hear is earful ofplaints from the mentally and spiritually weak about life. What you hear is how government should step in as God to save these people. What pathetic beings and what a miserable existence!

What kind of heros do you have in your own mind? That may well tell what kind of person you are. I challenge you to identify yourself in your own consciousness -- left or right.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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