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人民庙自杀案与北韩 Jonestown & North Korea • Author: fountainheadkc, Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:23 am

Jonestown & North Korea - A Comparison


The old style hypocrite was a person who tried to appear better than he actually was: the new style hypocrite tries to appear worse than he or she is. --- Charles Templeton

过去的伪君子们把自己装饰的完美无瑕。 今天的伪君子们则完全否认自己良知的存在。 --- Charles Templeton


Dear Visitors:

If you are not familiar with the murders and suicides of 913 people (mostly Americans) in 1978 in Guyana by Jim Jones and his followers of the "People's Temple" -- A commune based on socialist and communist ideology and strangely, Bible-reading, I provide with you the below links for you to find out.





The History of Jonestown

In 1978, 913 followers of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple committed a mass suicide in northern Guyana at a site called, Jonestown. The charismatic leader of Jonestown, was Jim Jones, a preacher who set up the Peoples Temple in San Francisco and ultimately moved his followers to a more clandestine site in Guyana. While Jones was preaching in San Francisco, he helped out many local and even national campaigns and was seen as a healer which much power in the community. However, once he had all of his members in Jonestown, his personality changed. Away from the constraints of American soil, Jonestown and its members became very cultish. Jones heightened regulations on his followers and their engagement to the sect. Eventually, Jones began to claim his true divinity. "Jones, for example now claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus, as well as Ikhnaton, Buddha, Lenin, and Father Divine."(Galanter, 1989) Paranoia and complete control became Jones' personality, once he obtained such a close knit group. Jones began to stage rehearsals of his eventual mass suicide plan that he would eventually enact. These drills, called "white nights" began with sirens going off in the middle of the night and none of the members of Jonestown would know if it was real or not. "A mass meeting would ensue... we would be told that the jungle was swarming with mercenaries... we were given a small glass of red liquid to drink. We were told that the liquid contained poison and that we would die within 45 minutes. We all did as we were told."(Galanter, 1989)

In 1978, U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan went to Jonestown to investigate supposed abuses by the People's Temple onto its members. After staying for a day, Ryan tried to leave, taking four of the cult members who had decided to defect. Realizing this, Jones ordered them killed, as was done. Sensing that his utopia in the jungle would surely come to an end after word got back to the states about Ryan; Jones decide to put his suicide plan into action. Telling his subjects that it was a "revolutionary death," he had a large quantity of fruit punch laced with cyanide prepared. After making all 276 children at Jonestown drink the punch, all the adults proceeded. In the end, after Jones apparently killed himself with a gunshot to the head, 914 people had died.


人民庙自杀案与北韩 -- Jonestown & North Korea

When Jim Jones ordered his 900 some followers to drink the punch laced with cyanide, it is congruent with his teaching which is combined bible-reading with communism. The poison of the mind would inevitably lead to the poison of the body. Death with eternal void is the only necessary outcome. North Korea today, with their testing nukes to blackmail the world community, is only stepping into the same self-destructive mode of the People's Temple in Jonestown. Only this time, many innocent lives will be destroyed as well outside of North Korea.

All the dictators, from Hitler to Stalin to Mao to Jones to Kim..., will coin the exact same rhetoric and conduct to lead their followers to deaths and destruction:

1. They all pretend to be God, and appear like God. (Devil always puts on God's mask)

2. They all have cunning and charisma to make their followers castrate their own ability to reason and think for themselves. They all mesmerize, hypnotize and numb people's mind, making them lose their own souls.

3. They are potent manufacturers of deadly illusions, poisons, viruses and deceptions, making their followers susceptible to addiction of their deadly products.

4. They all claim that there is an outside conspiracy against them and they all create outside enemies to cover up their own crimes against their own followers. Jim Jones claimed that "they never leave us alone". Hitler claimed "Jews are the ultimate problems". Stalin claimed "imperialist threat". Mao claimed "threat by class enemies". The Chinese now claim "enemies of the state and the Chinese race who are trying to sabotage their motherland" or "the U.S. never wants to see a strong China".

The fundamental issue here is all the evil despots and dictators will forever deny they themselves and their poisonous ideals are responsible for the misery, suffering, murders and deaths of millions of human beings. Somehow the ideals (the poisons) are never wrong, according to these evil-doers. It is because people who follow them don't have what it takes to make it work. Or it is because the enemies of their ideals are too strong for them to make it work.... Everything but themselves. Everything but their own evil ideals.... The North Koreans are doing exactly the same now.

The Chinese, too, will never admit it is their own Confucianism, their own despotic culture, their own syllabic language, their own timidity and stupidity that have lead them into today's moral degradation and spiritual morass. Before when Mao was in charge, they were drinking pure cyanide and they are fast dying. Now they want to mix cyanide and milk (socialism with Chinese despotic culture and capitalism) to prolong their lives. Yet they are only deceiving themselves.

Deaths, murders and suicides are the only result from such mixture of poison and nutrition. And the evil leaders will make sure that their evil ideals and hypocrisy which result in starvation, persecution and war will be forever covered up. The unattainable goal of communist heaven as they promised, by making individuals lose their own "self" to serve each other, will be forever veiled in a mist, not exposed as the most deadly agent to mankind. The mere thought, by Jim Jones, Mao, Hitler and now Kim of North Korea, that their lives have no meaning at all but only a whole bunch of garbage belonging to the outhouse, scared themselves out of their own skulls. So killings, murders, suicides of countless people to cover their own crime and meaninglessness become the not only the only option, but a pathological obsession. So now we are facing another People's Temple with another lunatic in charge of it -- North Korea with Kim.

The parallel between Jim Jones and his People's Temple in 1978 and Kim of North Korea in 2006 is undeniable. So brace yourself for another wave of murder and mayhem due to the evil ideals of communism and the perpetrators who propagate them.

Best. Kai Chen 陈凯

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