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容忍不同vs.容忍邪恶 Difference vs. Evil and Good - On Tolerance • Author: fountainheadkc, Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:09 am

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Difference vs. Evil and Good - On Tolerance

价值一语: Words of Value:

“中国人的败坏在于其对异己不同的残忍灭绝,和其对邪恶的怯懦容忍” --- 李邦定(My father, 1921-1988)

"The Chinese moral corruption is based on the cruel intolerance and persecution of difference, and a cowardly, limitless tolerance of evil." --- Li Bangding (Kai Chen's Father, 1921-1988)


By Kai Chen 陈凯 (Reprint 10/1/2011)

My father passed away in 1988, and shortly before he had a stroke and slipped into a coma, he said the above words when we just casually talked and had lunch.

Many years passed but every time I thought about him, I always thought about those words, and savored it and its profound meaning. He was a learned man, the only one with a university diploma in our family. He was also a thinking man and I think that has influence me in many ways.
Yet he was persecuted by the communists all his life for he has relatives in Taiwan. My father said those words after he immigrated to America and observed American society for some time. I still marveled about his insight and keen observation even today.

Most Chinese have never been able to distinguish what is difference and what is good and evil, (right and wrong). This moral confusion has doomed the Chinese from the very beginning, causing their "Power Worship" and forever vicious dynastic cycle. This cancerous cultural phenomenon has many reasons behind it --- language, atheist nature of Chinese culture, hierarchical society based on the amoral and immoral Confucianism, homogenious racial population, etc. I can write a whole book about the Chinese bipolarity and moral disintegrity.

Culture is a learned pattern of thinking and behavior, not ascribed as birth traits, race, gender, etc. Therefore culture is a matter of human choice and must be distinguished as such -- backward or advanced, good or evil, regressive or progressive. Due to this very nature, culture can be dislearned and reshaped to fit human nature from one that is against it. Culture is a learned trait based on a moral orientation and since it is humans who have created it, humans also have the freedom to destroy it, for Culture is NOT a God's creation, it is a human creation based on their moral direction.

It is humans, specifically, evil or confused humans, who have created a evil culture that is against God's will. God has never intended to create a society of slaves and slave-owners, a society of hierarchical nature with a man-made God -- the emperor on top, a society of victims and perpetrators, a society of moral and intellectual degenerates who choose to do everything to avoid moral judgment and clarity, who choose to ignor and defy God.

A God-following society and a God-defying society are not "different societies". They are good and bad societies, they are progressive and regressive societies, they are advanced and backward societies.... It always makes me laugh when some Chinese, in their ignorance and stupidity, comparing America and China, as though they are only "different societies". It always makes me sad to see people timidly walking around moral and intellectual clarity and creates "cultural equavelentism" and "moral relativism".

Don't you see it? If you truly believe there is objective truth for mankind ( There must be or otherwise sciences will have no basis to advance.), how can you believe there are societies what are equal in their pursuit of truth along the objective line? Competing civilizations can never be equal in its pursuit of human freedom. To misconstrue it as such is a sign of moral corruption. I have even heard many Chinese saying they don't want to be just like America with all people being free, and they want their despotism with its hierarchy just to be "different' and "diversified" from and against America, so they can somehow be "equal" with America. Freedom or despotism, in many Chinese eyes, has become a matter of difference and a matter of equality. What a joke! What a hallarious laughing stock the Chinese have exposed themselves to be! Good has to be "equal" with bad, existence has to be "equal" with Nothingness, freedom has to be "equal" with slavery, God has to be equal with Devil...

What a sick mind! What a sick people!

They want you to tolerate their intolerance. They want you to permit their anti-freedom "freedom". They want you to respect their oppressive culture. They want you to help them to maintain their slave nation so one day they can destroy you... They want their nation's sovereighty and state "rights" to kill and rape individuals in their society, but they don't want your righteous indignation to stop them...

Sick, warp-minded and schezophrenic, isn't it?

Yet it is all too real in today's Chinese mindset. Even among many who prolaim that they are anti-communist and pro-democracy, you see plenty of this moral confusion and moral-absence. This mentality of "cultural equivalence" and "moral relativism" has also been propagated in the West by the leftists, so the Chinese 郭飞雄们 often have the immoral and amoral basis to carry out their evil platforms.

To confuse what is diffrent with what is good and evil, right and wrong, is indeed itself EVIL. Using Zero to multiply anything, the result will always be Zero. Only value adding or multiplying value can result in progressive value accumulation. This is not only a mathmetical truth, but a moral truth as well --- Tolerance of evil is indeed itself EVIL. Unless we are clear morally about what is good and evil, there will be no such thing as "difference" or "tolerance of difference". Moral clarity is a must, is a prerequisite for a pluralistic progressve society.

Using forks or chopsticks is a matter of difference. Protecting despotism or protecting freedom is a matter of moral orientation, a matter of judging what evil and good. There is ONLY CONTRAST between China and America, there is NO COMPARISON. It is too bad, due part to the confusing Chinese language, today many Chinese cannot tell what is 比较, what is 对照. They confuse these two words just as they confuse "difference" with "Good vs. Evil".

The water only flows from small creeks toward big rivers and eventually into the ocean. The trees only grow with their roots in the ground and treetops toward sky. A free man only progresses from ignorance toward self-knowledge and self-perfection. A society only advances from despotism toward democracy... History from its very beginning is always linear and directional, for it is "Under God". The Chinese history is an "anti-directional" circular fake-history with zero values in it, for it is "Anti-God".

God is to clarify and to free. Devil is to confuse and to enslave. Is there any confusion here? Is this not Clear enough to you?

Let's NOT confuse "Tolerance of evil" with "Tolerance of differences". Let's move forward.

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